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Do Sex Differences in the Association between Work Exposure and Health in the Manufacturing Industry Depend on Work Context? Results from the WOLF-Study  [PDF]
Maria Nordin, Malin Bolin
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.58101

The aim of this study is to investigate the associations between work exposure such as psychosocial work factors and work posture, and health in men and women with the same type of occupation in the manufacturing industry. Two follow-ups with a follow-up rate of 67% from the WOrk, Lipids and Fibrinogen (WOLF) cohort from the Northern Sweden were used. The database included 1589 men and 286 women, which is representative of the proportions between men and women in the Swedish manufacturing industry. To be able to understand the importance of work context, the participants were categorized according to work tasks (working with things or symbols). Logistic regression was used for interaction analyses between sex and psychosocial work factors (such as demand, control, social support, role conflict, and work-family conflict) as well as physical work factors (such as work posture), and health outcomes (work overcommitment, fatigue, and neck and back pain). The results showed contextually different patterns of sex different associations between psychosocial work factors and health outcomes. For instance, women were at larger risk of ill-health (in the form of work overcommitment) when working with things, whereas men were at larger risk of both work overcommitment and fatigue when working with symbols. Women working with symbols had a larger risk of neck and back pain due to work-family conflict. The health outcome that was most sensitive to the sex different associations was work overcommitment. In conclusion, the work context matters for sex differences in the association between psychosocial work factors and health and since work overcommitment is a predictor of disease, it should be of interest for the Occupational Health Services and personnel departments to survey.

Preparation of Strong Cation Exchange Packings Based on Monodisperse Hydrophilic Non-Porous Resins and Their Application for Fast Separation of Proteins

ZHU Jinxia,BO Chunmiao,GONG Bolin,

色谱 , 2006,
Abstract: Monodisperse, 3.0 microm non-porous hydrophilic poly (glycidylmethacrylate-co-ethylenedimethacrylate) particles were prepared by an one-step swelling and polymerization method. The particles were modified to be a strong cation exchange (SCX) stationary phase for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) in the following steps. First, the particles were completely hydrolyzed. Second, the hydrolyzed particles were treated with epichlorhydrin followed by another hydrolysis of the newly introduced epoxide groups. Third, the particles were reacted with chlorosulfonic acid. The SCX stationary phase was evaluated in light of the ion exchange property, separability and hydrophilicity on the separation and retention of proteins in detail. Four proteins were quickly separated in 1.0 min with linear gradient elution using the synthesized SCX stationary phase. It was found that it followed ion exchange chromatographic (IEC) retention mechanism. The SCX resin was used for the fast purification of lysozyme from egg white and cytochrome-C from pig heart in 3.0 min with only one step. The results obtained were satisfactory.
Preparation of Weak Cation-Exchange Packings Based on Monodisperse Porous Poly (Chloromethylstyrene-co- Divinylbenzene) Beads and Its Applications in Separation of Biopolymers

LI Long,MA Guijuan,GONG Bolin,

色谱 , 2005,
Abstract: Monodisperse polystyrene seed particles were prepared by dispersion polymerization of styrene in ethanol and water under a nitrogen atmosphere using benzoyl peroxide as an initiator. Then the monodisperse, porous poly (chloromethylstyrene-co-divinylbenzene) beads in the range of 6 - 15 microm were prepared by one-step swelling and polymerization method. Based on this media, a new hydrophilic weak cation exchange stationary phase (WCX) for high performance liquid chromatography was synthesized by a new chemical modification method. The stationary phase was evaluated on the behavior of ion exchange, separability, and hydrophilicity. Effects of the nature of salts and pH value on the separation and retention of proteins of the stationary phase were investigated in details. It was found that the WCX resin follows ion exchange chromatographic retention mechanism. It was also used for the rapid separation and purification of lysozyme from egg white in only one step. The purity was found more than 96% and specific bioactivity of the purified lysozyme was as high as 71 184 U/mg.
Preparation of weak cation exchange packing based on macroporous monodisperse hydrophilic resins and their application for the separation and purification of protamine

YANG Chunxia,ZHOU Jing,GONG Bolin,

色谱 , 2009,
Abstract: 以自制的5.0 μm单分散大孔亲水交联聚甲基丙烯酸环氧丙酯(PGMA/EDMA)微球为基质,对其表面进行化学改性,合成弱阳离子交换色谱填料(WCX).详细考察了该填料对标准蛋白质的分离性能、表面亲水性能、稳定性和重现性以及流速对蛋白保留的影响.实验结果表明,该色谱填料对蛋白的分离性能、重现性及稳定性良好;在流速为3 mL/min 时,采用线性梯度洗脱,6 min内可分离4种标准碱性蛋白质,以溶菌酶测定的该填料的动力学吸附容量为29.86 mg/g.将其用于鱼精蛋白的分离纯化,经反相高效液相色谱测定纯化后鱼精蛋白的纯度为99.2% ;与商品Shodex IEC SP-825强阳离子交换色谱柱比较,纯化结果几乎一样.
Monodisperse thermo-sensitive chromatographic stationary phase prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization and its chromatographic properties

OUYANG Kanglong,CAO ying,WANG Fuqiang,GONG Bolin,

色谱 , 2010,
Abstract: 以α-溴异丁酰溴为引发剂,CuCl/CuCl2/2,2′-联二吡啶(Bpy)为催化体系,在室温条件下通过原子转移自由基聚合(ATRP)使N-异丙基丙烯酰胺(NIPAM)键合在单分散交联聚甲基丙烯酸环氧丙酯树脂(PGMA/EDMA 树脂)表面,制备了具有温敏性的聚合物色谱填料,并用元素分析、红外光谱等对其进行了表征;详细考察了该填料对芳香烃化合物的分离性能、温敏性能、稳定性和重现性。元素分析得出NIPAM单体的接枝率为10.4%;通过改变温度,可以有效地分离对羟基苯甲醛、邻甲酚和4-丁基苯胺3种混合物。结果表明,所合成的固定相具有很好的色谱性能和温敏性能,稳定性和重现性良好。
Preparation of affinity chromatographic packings by immobilization of Cibacron Blue F3GA based on monodispersed non-porous hydrophilic poly (glycidylmethacry-co-ethylenedimethacrylate) particles and their application

BO Chunmiao,WANG Youxian,GONG Bolin,YAN Chao,

色谱 , 2008,
Abstract: An affinity chromatographic packing was prepared by the immobilization of Cibacron Blue F3GA as dye ligands on the base of monodispersed, 3.0 microm non-porous hydrophilic poly glycidylmethacry-co-ethylenedimethacrylate) particles. The effects of the ionic strength, organic solvent in the mobile phase and flow rate on protein retention were investigated on the chromatographic stationary phase. The apparent dissociation constant between the immobilized Cibacron Blue F3 GA and lysozyme (Lys) was 5.26 x 10(-5) mol/L which was evaluated by frontal chromatography. Purifications of Lys from egg white and bovine serum albumin (BSA) from blood were performed on the dye-ligand chromatographic column, separately, and the purities of the obtained fractions were determined by sodium dodecylsulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). The purities of the purified Lys and BSA were determined to be 5% and 92%, respectively.
Ligand Exchange Chromatographic Separation of DL-Amino Acids Based on Monodisperse Resin-Bonded Chiral Stationary Phase

MA Guijuan,CHANG Xuan,GONG Bolin,YAN Chao,

色谱 , 2007,
Abstract: L-Proline chiral stationary phase for ligand exchange chromatography was prepared in the following steps. First, the particles were completely hydrolyzed. Second, the hydrolyzed particles reacted with epichlorhydrin to obtain chlorinated beads. Third, the chlorinated beads reacted with L-proline. The chiral stationary phase was characterized by elemental analysis. Chromatographic resolutions of DL-amino acids were achieved on the chiral stationary phases by using 0.1 mol/L NaAc with 0.1 mmol/L Cu(Ac)2 solution as mobile phase and detection at 254 nm. The elution order of D-isomer before L-isomer was observed for all the DL-amino acids resolved except DL-proline. For DL-proline the elution order was different from the others because of its five membered ring structure. The influences of the mobile phase pH, concentration of Cu(II), flow rate of eluent and temperature of column on the resolution of DL-amino acids by ligand exchange chromatography were investigated for the optimization of chromatographic conditions. The results showed that enantioseparation of some DL-amino acids was performed by ligand exchange chromatography on this chiral stationary phase with satisfactory results.
Bolin Zhu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812033454
Abstract: The title compound, [Ru2(C22H34Si2)(CO)4], contains two RuI atoms linked by a bridging (η5-tBuC5H2)2(SiMe2)2 ligand (tBu is a tert-butyl and Me is a methyl group) with an Ru—Ru bond length of 2.8401 (7) . The dihedral angle between the planes of the cyclopentadienyl rings of the ligand is 123.13 (19)°. The four terminal carbonyl ligands are bound in a symmetrical and staggered array. In the crystal, molecules are linked via pairs of C—H...O hydrogen bonds, forming inversion dimers.
Modified Access to Academic Disciplines through Online Journals: Downloading a New Metaphor Journaux en ligne et disciplines universitaires : Le téléchargement d’une nouvelle discipline ?
Bill Bolin
Revue LISA / LISA e-journal , 2009, DOI: 10.4000/lisa.3032
Abstract: Cet article examine comment les journaux universitaires en ligne ont transmis la recherche universitaire en s’harmonisant avec les nouvelles pédagogies plus participatives et en offrant aux lecteurs l’occasion d’inventer leurs propres stratégies de lecture, ainsi que de dialoguer avec les auteurs d’articles. En s’intéressant surtout aux journaux universitaires en Amérique du Nord et en Europe, cet article traite des avantages et des inconvénients de l’utilisation des journaux en ligne pour la recherche et de la publication dans de tels journaux.
Spatial Matérn fields driven by non-Gaussian noise
David Bolin
Statistics , 2012,
Abstract: The article studies non-Gaussian extensions of a recently discovered link between certain Gaussian random fields, expressed as solutions to stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs), and Gaussian Markov random fields. The focus is on non-Gaussian random fields with Mat\'ern covariance functions, and in particular we show how the SPDE formulation of a Laplace moving average model can be used to obtain an efficient simulation method as well as an accurate parameter estimation technique for the model. This should be seen as a demonstration of how these techniques can be used, and generalizations to more general SPDEs are readily available.
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