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Challenges of the Knowledge Society , 2012,
Abstract: The crime in the financial and banking system, through the disasters it produces, damages and large amount of victims, generates the largest economy damages, both national and international level. This phenomenon occurs and is manifested in a specific environment, the economy and finances one, takes different forms and operates with appropriate techniques. Most of the times, the banking system from Romania, has been used for personal grounds, which leads to serious damage of the Romanian economy. Insufficiently matured economic or imperfect judicial environments are only some of the factors that led to the commission of crimes in this area. Also, this type of crime has been determined, among other things, by the economic status, the social structure or the stage of development of the society.
Optimal investment level for increase the capacity of an transportation network
Dorel Dusmanescu,Daniela Enachescu,Mirela Matei
Communications of the IBIMA , 2009,
Abstract: In this paper we presents an algorithm for minimizing the investments for increase the capacity of a transportation network. A transportation network is a graph that simulates a real network like roads network of a country, pipes network for fluid transportation etc. In this paper we consider the case when we need to increase the transportation capacity of the network with a specified quantity from the substance transported. The problem was previously treated in [1] for the case of a simple transportation network. In real life we work with complex network, with many inputs and many outputs (i.e. transportation network for water or gas distributions etc.). When we need to increase the capacity of the network we have two solutions: increase the capacity of one or many existing arcs or installing a new arc between two nodes. This problem involves a total cost of the operations that depend on the selected solution. The aim of this work is to refine the algorithm from [1] for increasing the capacity of a transportation network with a determined value including the internal requests and restriction of the network.
Globalization and Money Laundering
George Dorel Popa
EIRP Proceedings , 2012,
Abstract: Twentieth century has been characterized by many structural changes on the planetary level. Thechanges were caused by social revolutions, the communist bloc collapse, huge technological advances, notleast the significant increase of the international trade volume. The second part of the century brought theglobalization as a major feature of our world. Globalization has manifested first in the Economical field andthen gradually in other areas of the social life. This phenomenon brought undeniable benefits and a number ofrisks and negative effects for the countries of the world. The biggest threat in this respect is the extent oftransnational organized crime. The originality of this paper is consisting in understanding of moneylaundering using the factors that define the formation and development of this crime, as well the favor factors.The added value of the paper comes from interdisciplinary presentation of this crime. This paper highlightsthe conditions and factors that cause serious consequences in this respect. Studying this crime and its featurescould be a key for solving many problems in the area of Economical crimes. This paper could contribute tothe work of police officers, prosecutors or judges on daily bases fight against crime and its socialconsequences.
Variational and topological methods for operator equations involving duality mappings on Orlicz-Sobolev spaces
George Dinca,Pavel Matei
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations , 2007,
Abstract: Let $a:mathbb{R} o mathbb{R}$ be a strictly increasing odd continuous function with $lim_{t o +infty }a(t)=+infty $ and $A(t)=int_{0}^{t}a(s),ds$, $tin mathbb{R}$, the $N$-function generated by $a$. Let $Omega $ be a bounded open subset of $mathbb{R}^{N}$, $Ngeq 2$, $T[u,u]$ a nonnegative quadratic form involving the only generalized derivatives of order $m$ of the function $uin W_{0}^{m}E_{A}(Omega )$ and $g_{alpha }:Omega imesmathbb{R} omathbb{R}$, $| alpha | Keywords A priori estimate --- critical points --- Orlicz-Sobolev spaces --- Leray-Schauder topological degree --- Duality mapping --- Nemytskij operator --- Mountain Pass Theorem
Analyses of foreign portfolio investment at Bucharest Stock Exchange in Global Financial Crisis
Daniela En?chescu,Mirela Matei,Dorel Dusm?nescu
IBIMA Business Review , 2009,
Abstract: The globalisation of financial markets, facilitated by new technology, under which a shock in one region is rapidly transmitted to other centres all over the globe, had ensured that, in less than a year, the USA financial crisis has spread across the continents, including countries that are not so very linked regarding financial markets. The capital market in Romania is a market of shares, bonds market being in a process of development, a phenomenon specific to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, the weak integration of our stock exchange on international and European financial market and a poor transparency of the transaction at BSE established a masive turmoil of the BSE activity. In this paper the authors will try to analyse the impact of the USA financial crisis in Romanian Stock Exchange markets, especially the foreign portfolio investment in BSE.
The Criminality and its Psychological Features
George Dorel Popa,Carmen Mariana Neagu
EIRP Proceedings , 2012,
Abstract: Preventing and fighting crime preoccupied and concerned humanity along its history. This concernis fully justified because the crime is serious harm of the human interests, endangering fundamental valuesand it is affecting the proper functioning of the social system. But what constitutes criminal behavior and howthe individual gets the specialized skills in the area of criminality? What is its specificity? Any societyappreciates the behavior of its members in terms of their compliance to the moral and legal rules. Failure tofollow these rules will lead to coercive or punitive measures. The collective programming of the mind givespattern for the individual behavior and about how the individual reacts. The reaction is observable in thediversity of cultural patterns of individuals forming a society. A study recently elaborated by the Journal ofthe Association for Psychological claims that people belonging to the different cultures perceive the aspectsof reality in a different way. The researchers found differences in how different cultures think about othercultures. The originality of this paper is consisting in understanding of criminality using the three factors thatdefine the formation and development of human personality. The added value of the paper come frominterdisciplinary presentation of the scourge of this age - criminality.
Optimization and comparative evaluation of nucleic acids extraction protocols
Lucian Negura,George Popoiu,Mioara Matei,Doina Azoica
Analele ?tiin?ifice Ale Universit??ii Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Ia?i,Sectiunea II A : Genetica si Biologie Moleculara , 2011,
Abstract: Modern molecular applications have grown the need of biobanks, which contain DNA and RNA of high purety, quality, and quantity. Nucleic acid extraction methods have widely variate and evolve in time, from methods using toxic reagents to enzymatic protocols, and furthermore to DNA or RNA-binding polymers, separating membranes or highly eulogized commercially kits. In order to establish a constant, reproducible and ergonomic system in generating biobanks, we compared different available methods for the extraction of genomic DNA and total RNA, from peripheram blood or solid tumoral tissues. We evaluated the cost/effectiveness and time consumption of each method, tracking RNA/DNA quantity, quality and integrity. We imagined a “E-ratio” value to define these parameters, and a “NA- estimation” to integrate “E-ratio” with quality and integrity data.
Solid or Liquid ? - Kinetically induced phase transition of a confined liquid
Shivprasad Patil,George Matei,Ahmet Oral,Peter M. Hoffmann
Physics , 2005,
Abstract: There has been long-standing debate about the physical state and possible phase transformations of confined liquids. In this report we show that a model confined liquid can behave both as a Newtonian liquid with very little change in its dynamics or as a pseudo-solid depending solely on the {\it rate} of approach of the confining surfaces. Thus, the confined liquid does {\it not} exhibit any confinement induced solidification in thermodynamic equilibrium. Instead, solidification is induced kinetically, when the two confining surfaces are approached with a minimum critical rate. This critical rate is surprisingly slow, of the order of 6 \AA /s, explaining the frequent observation of confinement induced solidification.
Dynamic Solidification in Nanoconfined Water Films
Shah H. Khan,George Matei,Shivprasad Patil,Peter M. Hoffmann
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.105.106101
Abstract: The mechanical properties of nanoconfined water layers are still poorly understood and continue to create considerable controversy, despite their importance for biology and nanotechnology. Here, we report on dynamic nanomechanical measurements of water films compressed down to a few single molecular layers. We show that the mechanical properties of nanoconfined water layers change dramatically with their dynamic state. In particular, we observed a sharp transition from viscous to elastic response even at extremely slow compression rates, indicating that mechanical relaxation times increase dramatically once water is compressed to less than 3-4 molecular layers.
A generalization of a contraction principle in probabilistic metric spaces. Part II
Dorel Mihe
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2005, DOI: 10.1155/ijmms.2005.729
Abstract: A fixed point theorem concerning probabilistic contractions satisfying an implicit relation, which generalizes a well-known result of Hadžić, is proved.
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