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Safety of amiodarone usage in patients with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and atrial fibrillation
D.A. Kuzhel,G.V. Matyushin,E.A. Savchenko
Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology , 2010,
Abstract: Amiodarone is one of the basic antiarrhytmic drugs for atrial fibrillation treatment. However application of amiodarone in patients with atrial fibrillation and Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome can induce ventricular fibrillation. Amiodarone usage in these patients should be accompanied by readiness for performance of resuscitation. This is confirmed by clinical case presentation.
Diagnostics and treatment of mitral valve prolapse
D.A. Kuzhel,G.V. Matyushin,E.A. Savchenko
Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology , 2010,
Abstract: The mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is one of the most inconsistent diagnose. In the most cases patients with MVP have the good long-term prognosis, and therapy is aimed at reduction in psychovegetative dysfunction. Careful follow-up and timely cardiosurgical correction should be performed, if necessary, in patients with classical MPV. The choice method in these cases is the mitral valve plasty.
The KARDIOKANON study: a way to settle the subject of clinical equivalence of generic and original drugs
S.Yu. Martsevich,N.P. Kutishenko,M.L. Ginzburg,G.V. Matyushin
Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology , 2012,
Abstract: Aim. To compare two therapies based on the use of original or generic drugs in patients with stable ischemic heart disease (IHD).Material and methods. Patients (n=120), aged 40–72 (58.7±7.7) years, 93 men and 27 women, with stable angina, functional class (FC) II (n=117, 97.5%) and III (n=3, 2.5%), were included in the multicenter open randomized study with parallel groups. Patients were randomized into 2 groups: group 1 (n=59) received therapy with original drugs only, and group 2 (n=61) — with generics ones only. Efficacy of the therapies was evaluated by the rate of achievement of target blood pressure (BP<130/80 mm Hg), heart rate (HR=55–60 beat per minute) and cholesterol of low density lipoprotein (LDL<70 mg% or 1.8 mmol/l), as well as by the degree of reduction in the angina attacks rate, the need in short-acting nitrates, and the angina FC. Treatment duration was 12 weeks.Results. After randomization both groups of patients were comparable by the main clinical indicators. The rates of target levels achievement were the following in group 1 vs group 2, respectively: for BP - 54 vs 44%, p=0.08; for HR - 51 vs 53%, р=0.66; LDL cholesterol - 27.7 vs 9.9% of patients, p=0.002. There were no significant differences between original and generic drugs effects on the angina pectoris symptoms dynamics, as well as their influence on glucose, bilirubin, creatinine, alanine and asparagine transaminases, and creatine phosphokinase blood levels dynamics. The original and generic drugs prescription rates, a total number of prescribed drugs and prescribed doses were comparable in both groups at the end of the study. Three patients dropped out of the trial, the frequency of adverse events was 3.4% in group 1 and 11.5% — in group 2 (p=0.09).Conclusion. Generic drugs with proven bioequivalence, used in the KARDIOKANON study, demonstrated their clinical equivalence to original drugs. The use of these drugs in patients with stable IHD may provide efficacy and quality of therapy comparable with these in original drugs.
Myocardial deformation and complete left bundle branch block
E.N. Pavlyukova,D.A. Kuzhel',G.V. Matyushin,N.S. Veselkova
Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology , 2012,
Abstract: Tissue Doppler imaging is evolving as a useful echocardiographic tool for quantitative assessment of left ventricular systolic and diastolic function. Over the last 10 years, myocardial deformation imaging has become possible initially with tissue Doppler, and more recently with myocardial speckle-tracking using 2D echocardiography. Unlike simple tissue velocity measurements, deformation measurements are specific for the region of interest. Strain rate or strain measurements have been used as sensitive indicators for subclinical diseases, and it is the most widely used tool to assess mechanical dyssynchrony. Left bundle branch block is a frequent, etiologically heterogeneous, clinically hostile and diagnostically challenging entity. About 2% of patients underwent cardiac stress testing show stable or intermittent left bundle branch block. Presence of left bundle branch block is associated with a lower and slower diastolic coronary flow velocity especially during hyperemia. Stress echocardiography is the best option for the diagnosis of ischemic heart disease, albeit specificity and sensitivity reduce in patients with left bundle branch block in the territory of left anterior descending artery in presence of initial septum dyskinesia.
New distribution records for the southern semiornate snake, Meizodon s. semiornatus (Peters, 1854), with a first record from the Kruger National Park and Transvaal
G.V. Haagner
Koedoe : African Protected Area Conservation and Science , 1990, DOI: 10.4102/koedoe.v33i2.438
Abstract: The southern semiornate snake, Meizodon s. semiornatus, has a fairly wide distribution in south-east Africa, but due to its secretive habits, it is seldom seen or collected. In South Africa, this species was previously known from only one specimen collected in Zululand during 1965. A second specimen was collected near Crocodile Bridge in the Kruger National Park on 8 November 1987 and constitutes the first record of the species in the Transvaal. Other distribution records for the species were obtained from museums and an updated distribution map was compiled.
Gluttony Causes Death in Juvenile Puff Adder Bitis arietans
G.V. Haagner
Koedoe : African Protected Area Conservation and Science , 1988, DOI: 10.4102/koedoe.v31i1.497
Abstract: Little is known about the predator/prey relationship in reptiles. The puff adder Bitis arietans is known to feed on a variety of food items, their diet consisting mainly of rodents, while birds, lizards and toads may be included (Broadley 1983, FitzSimons' Snakes of Southern Africa, Johannesburg: Delta Books). Pitman (1974, The Snakes of Uganda, Glasgow: Wheldon and Wesley) recorded larger prey for puff adders in East Africa, while Robertson, Chapman & Chapman (1965, Puku 3: 149-170) reported on the diet of puff adders in Tanzania and Zambia, respectively. A gravid puff adder was collected in the Manyeleti Game Reserve in the Mhala district (24@38'S, 31@28'E) of Gazankulu. On 12 February 1986 she gave birth to 28 young. The average length of the fry was 219,12 mm (S.D. 9,72 mm) and their average mass 15, 72 g (S.D. 0,67 g). The young were separated from the mother and placed in another cage. The first ecdysis was com- pleted within 24 hours. After 10 days some newly weaned mice were placed in the cage. On subsequent inspection, it was found that a young snake gorged itself to death. The young puff adder contained three young mice with a total mass of 13,8 g, while the post-mortem mass of the snake was 14,2 g. Having swallowed 97,2 of its own body weight, the snake evidently died of suffocation. The specimen was preserved and is now part of the Transvaal Museum collection in Pretoria (TM 64088).
The Natal hinged tortoise Kinixys natalensis: a new record for the Kruger National Park
G.V. Haagner
Koedoe : African Protected Area Conservation and Science , 1992, DOI: 10.4102/koedoe.v35i1.397
Abstract: The Natal hinged tortoise Kinixys natalensis: a new record for the Kruger National Park
Epidemiological assessment of vaccine efficacy
G.V. Asokan
Veterinary World , 2009,
Abstract: The success of an epidemiological program against infectious diseases depends on an effective prophylactic vaccine. Although efficacy and effectiveness are used interchangeably, effectiveness depends upon efficacy. Few methods are in use to assess the efficacy of the vaccine, a randomized double blind controlled trial is the least ambiguous method for evaluation. Observational designs for vaccine efficacy include cohort and case control and are useful when comparing vaccines with very large effectiveness. Modeling helps in designing vaccine. Serologic responses to antigens in combination vaccine differ from those obtained with separate administration of the components. Creation of a vaccine advisory and control authority is imminent. [Vet. World 2009; 2(3.000): 118-122]
On the Uncanny Subjectivity of Art
G.V. Loewen
Meta : Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology and Practical Philosophy , 2012,
Abstract: A critical phenomenology is paired with qualitative data in order to understand the character of subjective experiences of uncanniness through the encounter with art. We are confronted by art as the beings we have been, without recourse to the use of art as a way in which our beings might concretely improve themselves, either through rewriting themselves as part of the larger world or by giving ourselves a dedicated auto-history. It is this feeling of insubstantiality, borne on the currents which move us away from all solid projects or monuments, that disconcerts us the most. The experience of this non-presence in art uncovers the absence of presence in being and world. We have been absented from ourselves in some ethically culpable manner, and to be fully present as beings who live on in the face of death, is to take into an interiority of being the Nothing which stands as our alterity.
Management and current treatment of irritable bowel syndrome
G.V. Papatheodoridis .
Annals of Gastroenterology , 2007,
Abstract: SUMMARY Treatment of patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) should be individualised on the basis of patient s symptoms and needs. The management of IBS starts with its safe diagnosis based on the patient s symptoms and a limited work-up for exclusion of organic diseases. The physician should always try to establish a good therapeutic relationship with the patient, explain the benign nature of IBS, and clarify potential triggering factors for IBS exacerbations. Dietary and lifestyle changes may help a very small number of IBS patients with mild symptoms, while highfiber diets or supplements are recommended only for patients with severe constipation. Loperamide is the drug of choice for episodes of diarrhea and/or urgency, while smooth muscle relaxants may be used for IBS exacerbations with abdominal pain, bloating and/or distention. Antidepressants are currently used for the treatment of diarrhea- or abdominal pain-predominant IBS patients who are refractory to other forms of drug therapy, while psychological therapies may help refractory IBS cases, but their availability is rather limited, their cost high, and their efficacy unproven. In the future, novel agents, which have resulted from the better understanding of IBS pathophysiology, may prove to be more effective and safe therapeutic options for our IBS patients. Key words: Irritable bowel syndrome, diet, fiber, loperamide, smooth muscle relaxants, antidepressants
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