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W. Joubert,J.H. Cruywagen,G.A.J. Basson
South African Journal of Industrial Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The increased levels of competition experienced in recent times in the construction sector due to globalisation and the economic downturn highlighted the need for South African construction companies to be more competitive. This paper investigates the reasons for poor quality in the South African construction industry and whether the implementation of a Total Quality Management system in this industry will improve the situation. AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Die ho r vlakke van kompetisie wat gedurende die afgelope tydperk in die konstruksiebedryf ervaar is as gevolg van globalisering en die afswaai in die ekonomie, het die behoefte laat ontstaan dat Suid-Afrikaanse konstruksiemaatskappye meer mededingend moes raak. Hierdie artikel ondersoek die redes vir swak kwaliteit in die Suid-Afrikaanse konstruksiebedryf en of die implementering van ‘n Totale Kwaliteitsbestuurstelsel sal bydra om die situasie te verbeter.
G.A.J. Van Dyk
Scientia Militaria : South African Journal of Military Studies , 2011, DOI: 10.5787/37-1-62
Abstract: This article is an interdisciplinary publication focusing on the role and development of military psychology in the South African context. Peacekeeping operations and the results of the first and fifth deployment of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are used as background to illustrate the relevance of military psychology in such operations. Peacekeeping operations involve military and often civilian personnel. The nature of peacekeeping operations has become increasingly complex and stressful. It is hypothesised that the stressors that members experience may have a destructive effect on their morale and on the cohesion of the force, and that it could lead to alcohol and drug abuse (Ballone 2000). This article discusses peacekeeping stress theoretically and evaluates the stressors experienced by members of the first and fifth deployment of the SANDF in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The contribution of military psychology in these and other peacekeeping operations in the South African context is also explored.
Equa??es de predi??o para estimar valores da energia metabolizável de alimentos concentrados energéticos para aves utilizando meta-análise
Nascimento, G.A.J;Rodrigues, P.B;Freitas, R.T.F;Reis Neto, R.V;Lima, R.R;Allaman, I.B;
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-09352011000100032
Abstract: prediction equations were obtained for the apparent metabolizable energy (eman) values of energetic feedstuffs used in broiler chicken diets by meta-analysis. a bibliographical review of the studies carried out in brazil was performed to collect information concerning energy values and chemical composition (cp, ee, mm, cf, ndf, and adf) of feedstuffs. the effects of gender (male, female and mixed), age (1st and 2nd week, 3rd and 4th week, 5th and 6th week, and older 6th weeks or indefinite), and the metabolism assay methodology (excrete total collection or forced fed + excrete total collection) were also considered, constituting a factorial scheme (3x4x2). the stepwise procedure was used to study the association among equation variables by their importance, and proc reg (sas) was used to fit the multiple linear regression model. the equations which best estimated the eamn of the energetic feedstuffs were ame = 4,371.18 - 26.48cp + 30.65ee - 126.93mm - 52.26cf - 25.14ndf + 24.40fda (r2=0.81) and ame = 4,205.23 + 30.58ee - 130.35mm - 58.29cf - 28.31ndf + 16.71nda (r2=0.81). ndf and adf variables were important in the equations, influencing the feedstuffs energetic values.
Emotional reactions of medical doctors and students following the loss of their patients at the Dr George Mukhari Hospital emergency unit, South Africa
R.T Masia, W.J Basson, G.A Ogunbanjo
South African Family Practice , 2010,
Abstract: Background: Studies on death and dying predominantly emphasise the needs of the dying patient and the process of bereavement. Few studies have focused on the reactions of medical doctors and students when the patients they have cared for die. Methods: The aim of the study was to explore the thoughts and feelings of doctors and medical students who have lost patients while under their care at the Dr George Mukhari Hospital emergency unit in Ga-Rankuwa, South Africa. The participants included 10 medical doctors and final-year medical students. A qualitative study methodology using a phenomenological approach was used. Results: Meanings were formulated from transcriptions and themes were identified. The following themes emerged: emotional reactions, which included anger, helplessness, guilt and pain; recurrent thoughts about the incident; blame; perceived incompetence; detachment from emotions; religion; death of a paediatric patient; medical training; psychological services; work environment; coping with the family of the deceased; and facing mortality. Conclusion: From the study it was concluded that doctors needed enhanced training in communication skills and communicating death to the patients’ families. Bereavement counselling and debriefing should be available to provide them with an opportunity to share emotional responses and reflect on patients’ fatality.
Análisis de componentes principales de caracteres tipo en reproductores de la raza porcina Celta
Carril,J.A.; Golmar,G.A.; Iglesias,A.;
Archivos de Zootecnia , 2011, DOI: 10.4321/S0004-05922011000300011
Abstract: celta pig breeders association (asoporcel) has introduced a linear type classification system for the classification of males. in this study the relation between the variables used in the qualification system is determined by means of principals components analysis. the used morphologic characters were: general aspect; skin, hair and pigmentation, head, neck and thorax; backs, ham, testicles, and extremities all the correlations were positive and generally moderate. the first four principal components explain 80%, of the variation. the first component represents general body size; the second with skin hair and pigmentation. the system explains the correlations between each one of the analyzed characteristics. it is necessary to extend the study to differentiate the different varieties of the breed in its stud book.
Ixodid ticks and other ectoparasites of wild ungulates in Swaziland: regional, host and seasonal patterns
G.J. Gallivan,G.A. Surgeoner
African Zoology , 2011,
Abstract: Ixodid ticks and other ectoparasites were collected from impala (Aepyceros melampus), blue wildebeest (Connochaetes ta urin us) , kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros), common duiker (Sylvicapra grimmia) and warthog (Phacochoerus aethiopicus) in the Mlawula-Mbuluzi-Simunye Nature Reserve and Protected Area complex and Hlane Wildlife Sanctuary in the Swaziland lowveld, and from blue wildebeest and warthog in Malolotja Nature Reserve in the highveld from October 1985 to August 1986. The most commonly collected ticks were Amblyosomma hebraeum, Boophilus decoloratus, Rhipicephalus appendiculatus, R. evertsi evertsi, R. maculatus, R. muehlensi and R. simus. The diversity and intensity of infestation were greater in the lowveld, where the ectoparasite community was similar to that reported from these host species in the eastern Transvaal lowveld and Kwazulu/Natal. A. hebraeum was collected throughout the year, but the largest samples were in October and November when the animals were in poor condition. The seasonal occurrence of R. appendiculatus adults on impala was later than that reported for other host species, possibly owing to seasonal changes in habitat use. Seasonal changes in habitat use and temperature effects on pre-oviposition and development of the eggs may have caused the seasonal patterns in the occurrence of B. decoloratus.
Changes in microstructure, beta carotene content and in vitro bioaccessibility of orange-fleshed sweet potato roots stored under different conditions
G.A Tumuhimbise, A Namutebi, J.H Muyonga
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development , 2010,
Abstract: Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes {OFSP} (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) contain high levels of beta carotene, an important provitamin A carotenoid. Stored sweet potato roots undergo many physiological changes that affect their beta carotene content and bioaccessibility as well as the tissue microstructure. This study investigated the changes in microstructure, beta carotene content and in vitro bioaccessibility of stored OFSP roots. Roots of two varieties of OFSP, Ejumula and SPK004/6/6 were each stored under the following conditions: in a pit (17-21 oC, RH 90-100%), saw dust (19-23oC, RH 86- 100%), dark room (24.5-28 oC, RH 68-100%) and ambient (24-27 oC, RH 68-100%). Samples were drawn monthly from each of the storage treatments and analyzed for changes in beta carotene content, in vitro bioaccessibility and tissue microstructure. Stored roots of Ejumula variety contained significantly more (P 0.05) beta carotene than those of the SPK004/6/6 variety. There was no significant difference (P 0.05) between varieties in regards to beta carotene bioaccessibility. Roots stored in pits retained higher beta carotene content compared to roots stored under other conditions. In vitro bioaccessibility was significantly higher (P 0.05) in roots stored in pits compared to roots stored under saw dust, dark room and ambient conditions. Samples of OFSP roots stored under ambient and dark room conditions retained the least amount of beta carotene and had the least amount of bioaccessible beta carotene. There was an increase in the level of cell wall lignification during storage of OFSP. The extent of lignification varied with storage method used. The roots stored under ambient and dark room conditions showed higher levels of lignification compared to those stored under sawdust and in pits. There were no differences in lignification between the different varieties studied. The study shows that storage of OFSP roots using methods that maintain low temperatures leads to higher retention of beta carotene and maintains higher in vitro bioaccessibility.
In vitro Gas Production Profiles in Some Concentrate Ingredients
A. Taghizadeh,H. Janmohamadi,G.A. Moghadam,J. Shodja
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012,
Abstract: The in vitro gas production technique was used for determine of fermentation characteristics of barley grain and corn grain. Triplicate samples were used for measuring gas production. The data were fitted by equation of P = A(1-ect) that P is gas production at time t, A is gas production of soluble and insoluble fraction, c is rate of gas production and t is time of incubation. The gas production was measured at 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 36 and 48 h. The gas production of corn grain at 2 h was lower than barley grain (p<0.05), that can be resulted from slow degradation of starch in corn grain compared to barley grain. However, the sum of gas production of soluble and insoluble (a+b) in corn grain was significantly more than barley grain. The rate of gas production of barley grain was higher than the corn grain. The pattern of fermentation for corn grain differed from that in the barley grain.
History of the Blue Duiker Cephalophus monticola population in the Tsitsikamma forests, Republic of South Africa
R.J.M Crawford,G.A Robinson
Koedoe : African Protected Area Conservation and Science , 1984, DOI: 10.4102/koedoe.v27i1.551
Abstract: Blue duiker Cephalophus monticola appear to have been historically plentiful in indigenous forests of the southern Cape, Republic of South Africa. There was a marked decline in their abundance during the late 1940's, a prolonged dry period in which caracal Felis caracal became more frequently observed. Numbers of blue duiker remained low throughout the 1950's and 1960's in spite of an apparent reduction in numbers of caracal. Following the proclamation of the Tsitsikamma National Parks in 1964 and strict control of poaching and access by dogs, numbers of blue duiker increased markedly from the mid 1970's. Only four sightings of blue duiker were recorded during a two-year period in the mid 1960's, whereas for an equivalent time interval in the early 1980's there were 651 sightings representing at @ least 49 individuals.
G.A.L. Ambrose,S.J. Claasen
South African Journal of Industrial Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The article describes the development of a framework for the implementation of a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach in the civil consulting industry through the five phases of the typical civil engineering project. For any project to be successful the project team members must take collective and individual responsibility for their role in the project implementation. The organisational goal is “to make money now and in the future”. To achieve this goal the organization must provide value to its clientele. The clients are searching for the silver bullet; double the performance at half the price. TQM provides a means to achieve this goal. AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Die artikel beskryf die ontwikkeling van 'n raamwerk vir die implementering van 'n gehaltebestuurstelsel vir die siviele raadgewende bedryf soos dit deelneem aan die vyf fases van 'n tipiese siviele ingenieursprojek. Vir die suksesvolle afhandeling van 'n projek is dit noodsaaklik dat alle projekspanlede gesamentlik en afsonderlik verantwoordelikheid moet aanvaar vir hulle eie betrokkenheid by die projekimplementering. Die organisasie se oogmerk is om “nou en in die toekoms geld te maak”. Ten einde hierdie oogmerk te bereik moet die organisasie waarde vir sy kli nte bied. 'n Gehaltebestuurstelsel voorsien die gereedskap om hierdie doelwit te bereik.
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