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Turkish Studies , 2012,
Abstract: Measuring time has always been essential for humans. Until we had the modern day clocks, various techniques had been used, and time had been tried to be regulated. During this process many different types of clocks emerged. In this article, reflection of clock and its progress in the real world on the Divan poetry will be examined. Couplets revealing how the topic of clocks and time was held in the trips to the imaginations of the Divan poet will lead the way in this examination Zaman l mek, insano lu i in her zaman ok nemli olmu tur. Bugün kulland m z saatlere ula ncaya kadar, pek ok y ntem denenmi ve zaman n düzenlenmesine al lm t r. Bu a amada bir ok saat e idi de ortaya km t r. Bu makalede saatin ve saat e itlerinin ger ek dünyadaki geli iminin Divan iirine yans mas izlenmeye al lacakt r. Bunun i in Divan airinin, hayal dünyas n n yolculu unda saat ve zaman konusuna nas l yer verdi ini g steren beyitler, bu konudaki yol g stericiler olacakt r.
A case of acute lymphoblastic leukemia with additional chromosomes X and 5 associated with a Philadelphia chromosome in the bone marrow
Burak Durmaz,Asude Alpman Durmaz,Emin Karaca,Güray Saydam
Turkish Journal of Hematology , 2010,
Abstract: We report herein a very rare case of acute lymphoblastic leukemia having a chromosomal constitution of 48,XY,+X,+5,t(9;22)(q34;q11) in the bone marrow. A patient with additional chromosomes X and 5 with a Philadelphia chromosome has not been reported previously. However, no abnormal karyotype was obtained from the lymphocytes in our patient, and he did not have the characteristics of Klinefelter syndrome. He achieved a complete remission with IDA-FLAG and dasatinib therapy. The mechanism of trisomy 5 or any other chromosomal aneuploidy in the pathogenesis of leukemogenesis remains unclear. Further studies involving the genes affected by this karyotype and their products may lead to strategies to further increase the understanding of drug-resistant acute lymphoblastic leukemia and may represent the next frontier in the targeted therapy of those patients.
An antithesis of globalizing modernity: Fundamenatlism
Gülay Ercins
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: Beginning with the 1980s the notion ‘fundamentalism’ has been used generally in its accepted form and in opposition to movements implying secular modernity and particularly globalization. It has been conceptualized as a form having religious identity and consisting of individual and social protests against modernity or other sociopolitical ills. Basically, fundamentalist movements also take in modernity as they are the consequences of a conflict or dialectics with modernity. Besides, that fundamentalism is against modernity is its basic attribute. However, it sometimes feeds on modern ideas and uses modern technology while opposing to modernity, thereby catching attention.This study will focus on ‘fundamentalism’, which has sprang up as a reaction against globalizing effects and added vitality and importance to the conservativeness of tradition. As the impossibility of living in a world where ‘holiness’ has lost its importance is felt more, how religiously motivated movements get more stronger will be looked into.
ki Büyük Türk Hakan ah smail ve eybani Han Aras ndaki S z Düellosu/// The War of Word between the two Great Turkish Khan Shah Ismail and Shaybani Khan
Gülay Karada? ??nar
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2011,
Abstract: The conflict between Shaybani Khan and Shah Ismail started after these two sultans who has already achieved union in their countries and established independent countries, head for Khorasan and wanted to include it in their countries boarders.Policy of expanding their country borders of Shaybani Khan and Shah Ismail and the political developments, took place in this direction, made these two sultans come across in 1508 and formed a basis for warfare. Sultans, wrote out letters to each other for warning and giving voice to some wishes. The main subject in the letters was the ownership of the Khorasan. The other issue mentioned in the letters was religious differences between the two sides. In this sense the letters, turned into the war of word, having the thoughts of the khans about Khorasan and including their wishes and expectations from each other, are of great importance and form the subject of our study.
Identification of Candida Species from Blood Cultures with Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH), Polymerase Chain Reaction-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) and Conventional Methods
Trakya Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Dergisi , 2010,
Abstract: Objectives: Rapid and accurate identification of Candida species from blood cultures is crucial to ensure effective antifungal therapy and to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with bloodstream fungal infections. In this study, we aimed to identify Candida spp. from blood culture samples with fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) and conventional methods.Materials and Methods: A total of 50 yeast positive samples out of 325 blood culture positive samples and 50 blood culture negative samples were examined by FISH, PCRRFLP and conventional methods to identify Candida spp.Results: All three methods generally were compatible for identification of single-species Candida spp. (p<0.001). But, FISH and PCR-RFLP for the identification of multi-species Candida spp. were found more compatible than conventional methods (p<0.001). Besides, FISH is cheaper and quicker than the other two methods in the identification of Candida spp. from blood culture positive samples. The rates of multi-species candidemia with FISH, PCR-RFLP and conventional methods were 20%, 6% and 4%, respectively.Conclusion: Both PCR-RFLP and FISH methods might be preferred for the rapid identification of Candida spp. from blood culture positive samples. However, FISH is a more suitable method for the detection of multi-species candidemia.
Middle East Technical University Journal of the Faculty of Architecture , 2012,
J rg Nowak: Geschlechterpolitik und Klassenherrschaft. Eine Integration marxistischer und feministischer Staatstheorien. Münster: Verlag Westf lisches Dampfboot 2009.
Gülay ?a?lar
querelles-net , 2010,
Abstract: J rg Nowak führt die Erkenntnisse der marxistischen und feministischen Staatstheorie zusammen und entwickelt ein analytisches Begriffsinstrumentarium, womit sich die geschlechterpolitische Ausrichtung der Familienpolitik zwischen 2002 und 2007 analysieren l sst. Er vertritt die These, dass die hegemoniale Einbindung des liberalen Feminismus in die staatliche Politik ein klassenselektives Ern hrerregime hervorgebracht hat. Das Buch ist trotz einer eher kursorischen Diskussion der Familienpolitik zu empfehlen. J rg Nowak brings together insights from Marxist and feminist theories of government and thus develops an analytical set of concepts with which to analyze the gender-political bias of family politics between the years 2002 and 2007. He postulates that the hegemonic inclusion of liberal feminism in government politics brought about a class-selective regime that favors breadwinners. The reviewer recommends the book, despite its rather cursory discussion of family politics.
Okul ncesi D nemde Akran li kileri - Peer relationships in preschool years
Hülya GüLAY
Bal?kesir üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: ZArast rman n temelleri: Sosyal yasamdaki bir tak m degisiklikler ve yap lan baz arast rmalarokul ncesi egitimin nemini gün ge tik e artt rmaktad r. Okul ncesi d nemle ilgili yap lanarast rmalardaki bulgulardan biri, yasam n ilk y llar ndaki akran iliskilerinin bir ok gelisim alan üzerinde k sa ve uzun süreli etkilerinin oldugudur. Akran iliskilerinin kalitesi ocugun sosyal veduygusal gelisimi i in nem tas maktad r. Zay f akran iliskileri psikolojik uyumsuzlugun en nemlibelirleyicilerindendir. Bu nedenle, okul ncesi d nemdeki akran iliskileri ile ilgili al smalar nartt r lmas , esitlilik kazanmas olduk a gereklidir. Buradan yola karak al smada, akraniliskilerinin genel yap s , okul ncesi d nemde akran iliskilerinin gelisimi, nemi, konu hakk ndaTürkiye’ de yap lan al smalara ve konu ile ilgili nerilere yer verilmistir.Arast rman n amac : Arast rman n amac , okul ncesi d nemde akran iliskilerinin neminifarkl a lardan inceleyerek konuya dikkat ekmektir.Arast rman n veri kaynaklar : Okul ncesi d nemde akran iliskileri ile ilgili arast rmalar nbulgular .Sonu : Türkiye’de yasam n ilk y llar ndaki akran iliskilerine y nelik al sma rnekleri sony llarda art s g stermektedir. Ancak sonu lar g stermistir ki, konu ile ilgili farkl degiskenlerle ve rneklem gruplar yla ele alacak k sa ve uzun süreli arast rmalara olan ihtiya devam etmektedir.Anahtar kelimeler: Akran iliskileri, okul ncesi d nem, akran iliskilerinin nemi.ABSTRACTBases of research: Some changes are in social life and some researches are increasingimportance of preschool education passing day. Researches which related preschool period show thatchildren’s peer relations in preschool period is being the short-term and long-term influences indevelopments areas. The absence of quality peer relations also appears to be important in children’ssocial and emotional development. Poor peer relations are highly predictive of psychologicalmaladjustment. For this reason, very necessary to increase and to diversity peer relationship’sresearches which about preschool years. Because of this study include general structure of peerrelationships, development and importance of peer relationships in preschool period, studies done inTurkey and suggestions related the subject.Purpose of research: The aim of this research is to attention importance of peer relations inpreschool years according to investigate different ways.Resources of data: Results of researches which related peer relationships in preschool years.Conclusion: Peer relationships researches which is in the first years of life are in
An Examination of the Biology Teachers’ Laboratory Self-Efficacy
Gülay EK?C?
Journal of Kirsehir Education Faculty , 2009,
Abstract: This study is prepared for two basic aims: first one is to prepare a valid and reliable scale which determines laboratory selfefficacyperceptions of biology teachers and the second is to examine biology teachers’ laboratory self-efficacy perceptions from the personal characteristics points of view. The participants of this study are 126 biology teachers. In this study, to collect the data the Laboratory Self-Efficacy Scale was developed by the researcher. Frequency, arithmetic mean, t-test, factor analysis is used in evaluation of the data. At the end of the study, it was found out that laboratory self-efficacy perceptions of biology teachers are on intermediate level. In addition to this, two statically significant differences were determined between professional experience levels and laboratory self-efficacy perceptions of teachers, and betweenprofessional experience levels and laboratory self-efficacy perceptions of teachers. These differences were in favor of femaleteachers and teachers with less than 10 years experience.
Picture Sociometric Scale’s Relability and Validity Studies for First and Second Grades Students in Primary School
Hülya GüLAY
Journal of International Social Research , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of the present study was to do Picture Sociometric Scale’s relability and validity studies for first and second grades students in primary school. Picture Sociometric Scale is a peer report instrument which was developed by S. R. Asher, L. C. Singleton, B. R. Tinsley, S. Hymel in 1979 designed to evaluate children’s social status. Research working group consisted consisted of 176 first and second grades students who were attending primary schools in Denizli. Statistics of aritmetic average, standart deviation, internal consistency coefficients (Cronbach Alpha), item-total and item-remainder analysis, test-retest reliability were calculated for reliability of scale. For the validity of Picture Sociometry Scale, statistics of content validity, criterion-related validity, discriminative strength of scale were tested. These results indicated that Picture Sociometry Scale was accepted as reliable and valid for first and second grades students in primary school.
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