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Leer versos con los ojos de la historia: literatura y nacion en Ricardo Rojas y Jorge Luis Borges
Funes, Patricia;
História (S?o Paulo) , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-90742003000200006
Abstract: the article analyzes the representations of "argentinity"/"argentine identity" from the construction of the literary canon in the twenties. in this opportunity we chose to confront the essayistcs by ricardo rojas and jorge luis borges. to our opinion, the bases on the existence or the voluntary construction of a "history of the national literature" discovers its selection mechanisms, hermeneutics and supports, the conflict to define the meanings of the national identity. particularist or universalist, traditionalist or vanguardist, the matter goes beyond the field of literature and it establishes the basis of images, symbols and stereotypes which are poured onto the representations of society and politics.
Cuestiones de ecdótica en torno al Mio Cid
Olivar , 2007,
Abstract: this article proposes a revision of certain issues related to the critical edition of the poema de mio cid, such as the discussion about how to consider or use the results of previous editors or the contemporary debate launched by partisans of hiper-conservative editions. it also discusses specific points of the editorial task, such as guides and criteria for enmendatory practice, and ilustrative loci selected from my own experience in editing the poem.
A description of hereditary skew group algebras of Dynkin and Euclidean type
Revista de la Uni?3n Matem??tica Argentina , 2009,
Abstract: in this work we study the skew group algebra λ[g] when g is a finite group acting on λ whose order is invertible in λ. here, we assume that λ is a finite-dimensional algebra over an algebraically closed field k. the aim is to describe all possible actions of a finite abelian group on an hereditary algebra of finite or tame representation type, to give a description of the resulting skew group algebra for each action and finally to determinate their representation type.
Ingenieros del alma: los informes sobre canción popular, ensayo y Ciencias Sociales de los servicios de inteligencia de la dictadura militar argentina sobre América Latina
Funes, Patricia;
Varia Historia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-87752007000200011
Abstract: the paper aims to trace, to reconstruct and to analyze the records of the intelligence services regarding the production of latin-american social sciences in the period 1976-1983. the object "latin america" is to the services of intelligence a priori associated with and connoting "communist", "revolutionary" or "subversive". all the above led to an exhaustive work of exegesis and research on the production of latin-american social sciences describing a double process: introducing professionalism in politics and political radicalization. the documents found in the archive of the former direction of intelligence of the police of the province of buenos aires [dipba] -(containing reports of other services of intelligence) allow to infer the importance and the degree of "danger" that the dictatorships attributed to this production. this research will analyze reports issued by intelligence offices on popular music, essays and, particularly, classic works produced by latin american social sciences.
Desarchivar lo archivado. Hermenéutica y censura sobre las ciencias sociales en Latinoamérica
Patricia Funes
Iconos : Revista de Ciencias Sociales , 2008,
Abstract: El artículo analiza los informes de los servicios de inteligencia acerca de la producción académica sobre América Latina durante la última dictadura militar argentina (1976-1983). Parte de la hipótesis que el concepto “América Latina” es connotado a priori como “subversivo”, “comunista”, “revolucionario”. Lo anterior podría explicar la profusión de informes de inteligencia sobre las ciencias sociales latinoamericanas de los a os sesenta y setenta, así como también los centros de estudio, las revistas e incluso la canción popular encontrados en el Archivo de la ex Dirección de Inteligencia de la Policía de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (DIPBA), fondo privilegiado para la reconstrucción de las formas y significados de la construcción de la categoría “delincuente subversivo” por parte de los servicios de inteligencia en el campo cultural argentino.
Reflexiones en torno a una poética del relato cronístico
Leonardo Funes
Bulletin du Centre d’études Médiévales d’Auxerre , 2009, DOI: 10.4000/cem.10813
Abstract: La crónica medieval en lengua romance ha sido un objeto recurrente en mis investigaciones del período medieval hispánico durante los últimos veinte a os. Pero lo que ha vertebrado esa labor no ha sido tanto (no ha sido sólo) el intento de trazar una historia de la historiografía medieval hispana , sino fundamentalmente aportar a una mejor comprensión de la manera en que se elaboró el relato cronístico en ese período, para lo cual me centro en el análisis de los procedimientos narrativos y ...
Muestreo y análisis de desechos de talla. Un caso de estudio: Capa 2 Pe?as de la Cruz 1.1 (Antofagasta de la Sierra, Catamarca)
Funes Coronel,Jorge Alejandro;
Intersecciones en antropolog?-a , 2012,
Abstract: this paper explores the incorporation of sampling techniques in lithic débitage analysis. the overall objective is to obtain samples representative of the entire set from which they originated, in this case, débitage recovered from layer 2 from pe?as de la cruz 1.1 site in antofagasta de la sierra, catamarca. in order to accomplish this goal, the limitations of three types of sampling applied to the same lot were evaluated. with the goal of revealing the lithic production activities carried out at the site, the results of the technological analysis of a sample of materials (n= 300) collected from a larger lot (n= 2377) are presented.
El significado de la preposición 'de': un enfoque cognitivo-prototípico
Funes,María Soledad;
Boletín de filología , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-93032012000100005
Abstract: the lexical nature of the preposition 'de' has not always been recognized duly. this is because prepositions cannot work independently and also because of the variety of meanings that they convey. in view of this theoretical gap, the present study -in line with the prototypical-cognitive approach (lakoff 1987, langacker 1987, 1991, hopper 1988, geeraerts 2007, among others)- formulates the following hypotheses: a) the different semantic values of the preposition 'de' (in nominal constructions) are systematically organized and constitute a polysemous item; b) the polysemous item 'de' is characterized by being organized (1) by a radial structure (lakoff 1987), (2) on the basis of the idealized cognitive model of 'reference point' (langacker 1991); and (3) through taylor's (1995) attributes for possessive use, which is its prototypical meaning. finally, the constructions with 'de' which deviate from the prototypical values maintain a semantico-pragmatic relationship with them by means of the notion of 'family resemblance' (wittgenstein 1988[1953]; lakoff 1987). this resemblance relationship includes both the loss and addition of attributes not present within the prototypical area. in order to test hypotheses, different examples of the semantic extensions derived from the central meaning of possession were analysed qualitatively. the data being described was selected from an oral corpus of buenos aires spanish.
Azúcar, deforestación y paisajes agroindustriales en Cuba, 1815-1926
Monzote, Reinaldo Funes;
Varia Historia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-87752005000100006
Abstract: between 1815 and 1926, cuban landscapes went through great transformations as a result of the sugar industry.s expansion into its natural regions. the most visible result was a rapid deforestation giving way to the needs for fertile and combustible lands and wood for construction. this paper offers a general view of this process, which is characterized by the coincidence of two decisive factors: the concession to private individuals of the absolute right to fell trees within their properties and the introduction of technological progress from the industrial revolution era in sugar production.
Factores que inciden en la inversión privada en El Salvador
Palacios,René; Funes,Nerys;
Revista de Matemática Teoría y Aplicaciones , 2012,
Abstract: according to many empirical studies, one aspect that determines the foundations of economic cycles in the short and medium term is the investment of capital goods since it belongs to an aggregate demand and explains the changes in phase and scope of the productive cycle in the economy. here we establish factors that are determinant of the private investment in el salvador. this study was prepared based on historic economic records from the period 1958-2008 and using dynamic regression techniques of time series. the methodology implemented is the following: a univariate analysis is undertaken of each series, with the goal of adequately identifying a proper arima model that corresponds and adjusts to the dynamic regression model for the private investment. the objective of this study is to contribute to the establishment to the economic policies for el salvador and to offer orientation for the modeling of phenomena in which time series are involved

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