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Purification and Characterization of a CkTLP Protein from Cynanchum komarovii Seeds that Confers Antifungal Activity
Qinghua Wang,Fuguang Li,Xue Zhang,Yongan Zhang,Yuxia Hou,Shengrui Zhang,Zhixia Wu
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0016930
Abstract: Cynanchum komarovii Al Iljinski is a desert plant that has been used as analgesic, anthelminthic and antidiarrheal, but also as a herbal medicine to treat cholecystitis in people. We have found that the protein extractions from C. komarovii seeds have strong antifungal activity. There is strong interest to develop protein medication and antifungal pesticides from C. komarovii for pharmacological or other uses.
AtWuschel Promotes Formation of the Embryogenic Callus in Gossypium hirsutum
Wu Zheng, Xueyan Zhang, Zuoren Yang, Jiahe Wu, Fenglian Li, Lanling Duan, Chuanliang Liu, Lili Lu, Chaojun Zhang, Fuguang Li
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0087502
Abstract: Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) is one of the most recalcitrant species for in vitro plant regeneration through somatic embryogenesis. Callus from only a few cultivars can produce embryogenic callus (EC), but the mechanism is not well elucidated. Here we screened a cultivar, CRI24, with high efficiency of EC produce. The expression of genes relevant to EC production was analyzed between the materials easy to or difficult to produce EC. Quantitative PCR showed that CRI24, which had a 100% EC differentiation rate, had the highest expression of the genes GhLEC1, GhLEC2, and GhFUS3. Three other cultivars, CRI12, CRI41, and Lu28 that formed few ECs expressed these genes only at low levels. Each of the genes involved in auxin transport (GhPIN7) and signaling (GhSHY2) was most highly expressed in CRI24, with low levels in the other three cultivars. WUSCHEL (WUS) is a homeodomain transcription factor that promotes the vegetative-to-embryogenic transition. We thus obtained the calli that ectopically expressed Arabidopsis thaliana Wus (AtWus) in G. hirsutum cultivar CRI12, with a consequent increase of 47.75% in EC differentiation rate compared with 0.61% for the control. Ectopic expression of AtWus in CRI12 resulted in upregulation of GhPIN7, GhSHY2, GhLEC1, GhLEC2, and GhFUS3. AtWus may therefore increase the differentiation potential of cotton callus by triggering the auxin transport and signaling pathways.
Perturbative QCD study on the photonic penguin contributions to the decay $B\to K^* γ$
Fuguang Cao,T. Huang
Physics , 1996, DOI: 10.1007/s100520050205
Abstract: Including corrections of order $O(m_{K^*}/m_B)$, we present an analysis of photonic penguin contributions to the decay $B\to K^* \gamma$ in the perturbative QCD framework. Employing several models of the meson wave functions, we demonstrate that the corrections of $O(m_{K^*}/m_B)$ are enhanced and will providesubstantial contributions to the decay because of the B meson wave function being sharply peaked (bound state effect). The numerical predictions for the corrections are about $30%\sim 60%$ which depend on the non-perturbative inputs such as the meson wave functions and the $b$-quark mass.
Induced Expression of AtLEC1 and AtLEC2 Differentially Promotes Somatic Embryogenesis in Transgenic Tobacco Plants
Fengdan Guo, Chuanliang Liu, Han Xia, Yuping Bi, Chuanzhi Zhao, Shuzhen Zhao, Lei Hou, Fuguang Li, Xingjun Wang
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0071714
Abstract: Arabidopsis LEAFY COTYLEDON (LEC) genes, AtLEC1 and AtLEC2, are important embryonic regulators that play key roles in morphogenesis and maturation phases during embryo development. Ectopic expression of AtLEC1 and AtLEC2 in tobacco caused abnormality in transgenic seedling. When transgenic seeds germinated on medium containing 30 μM DEX, LEC1 transgenic seedlings were ivory and fleshy, with unexpanded cotyledons, stubby hypocotyls, short roots and no obvious callus formation at the shoot meristem position. While LEC2 transgenic seedlings formed embryonic callus on the shoot apical meristem and somatic embryo-like structures emerged from the surface of the callus. When callus were transferred to hormone free MS0 medium more shoots were regenerated from each callus. However, shoot formation was not observed in LEC1 overexpressors. To investigate the mechanisms of LEC2 in somatic embryogenesis, we studied global gene expression by digital gene expression profiling analysis. The results indicated that ectopic expression of LEC2 genes induced accumulation of embryo-specific proteins such as seed storage proteins, late embryogenesis abundant (LEA) proteins, fatty acid biosynthetic enzymes, products of steroid biosynthesis related genes and key regulatory genes of the embryo development. Genes of plant-specific transcription factors such as NAC domain protein, AP2 and GRAS family, resistance-related as well as salicylic acid signaling related genes were up-regulated in LEC2 transgenic seedlings. Ectopi c expression of LEC2 induced large number of somatic embryo formation and shoot regeneration but 20 d DEX induction of LEC1 is not sufficient to induce somatic embryogenesis and shoot formation. Our data provide new information to understand the mechanisms on LEC2 gene’s induction of somatic embryogenesis.
Progress of Somatic Embryogenesis in Cotton

Xiuming Wu,Chuanliang Liu,Chaojun Zhang,Fuguang Li,

植物学报 , 2008,
Abstract: Over the past 30 years, somatic embryogenesis induction and plant regeneration has been successful in many different cotton cultivars. However, the efficient conversion of callus into embryogenic callus is still a restricting step during cotton tissue culture and genetic transformation, because embryogenic callus induction is affected by many factors. This paper reviews the research into cotton embryogenic callus in terms of the origin, intrinsic and extrinsic factors affecting callus differentiation, as well as the techniques used to investigate the differential gene expression in the conversion process. We also discuss the problems encountered during the research.
mRNA-seq Analysis of the Gossypium arboreum transcriptome Reveals Tissue Selective Signaling in Response to Water Stress during Seedling Stage
Xueyan Zhang, Dongxia Yao, Qianhua Wang, Wenying Xu, Qiang Wei, Chunchao Wang, Chuanliang Liu, Chaojun Zhang, Hong Yan, Yi Ling, Zhen Su, Fuguang Li
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0054762
Abstract: The cotton diploid species, Gossypium arboreum, shows important properties of stress tolerance and good genetic stability. In this study, through mRNA-seq, we de novo assembled the unigenes of multiple samples with 3h H2O, NaCl, or PEG treatments in leaf, stem and root tissues and successfully obtained 123,579 transcripts of G. arboreum, 89,128 of which were with hits through BLAST against known cotton ESTs and draft genome of G. raimondii. About 36,961 transcripts (including 1,958 possible transcription factor members) were identified with differential expression under water stresses. Principal component analysis of differential expression levels in multiple samples suggested tissue selective signalling responding to water stresses. Venn diagram analysis showed the specificity and intersection of transcripts’ response to NaCl and PEG treatments in different tissues. Self-organized mapping and hierarchical cluster analysis of the data also revealed strong tissue selectivity of transcripts under salt and osmotic stresses. In addition, the enriched gene ontology (GO) terms for the selected tissue groups were differed, including some unique enriched GO terms such as photosynthesis and tetrapyrrole binding only in leaf tissues, while the stem-specific genes showed unique GO terms related to plant-type cell wall biogenesis, and root-specific genes showed unique GO terms such as monooxygenase activity. Furthermore, there were multiple hormone cross-talks in response to osmotic and salt stress. In summary, our multidimensional mRNA sequencing revealed tissue selective signalling and hormone crosstalk in response to salt and osmotic stresses in G. arboreum. To our knowledge, this is the first such report of spatial resolution of transcriptome analysis in G. arboreum. Our study will potentially advance understanding of possible transcriptional networks associated with water stress in cotton and other crop species.
Stabilization of an Underactuated Surface Vessel Based on Adaptive Sliding Mode and Backstepping Control
Fuguang Ding,Jing Wu,Yuanhui Wang
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/324954
Research on TPL Service Level and Pricing Models in Supply Chain Coordination and Benefits Allocation
Ju Chunhua,Bao Fuguang,Wang Zongge
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: Research on the method to strengthen the cooperation among members to achieve win-win result is an important subject in SCM. Nevertheless, most studies to date on supply chain pricing have only assumed that the market demand is only influenced by retail price but not by logistics service level. That is why our work is concerned with logistics service and product pricing strategies in supply chain consisting of the manufacturer, the retailer and the TPL provider. For three-echelon supply chain system with TPL service level, use game theory to analyze its pricing, production, service levels and profit allocation. Three different models are discussed which are based on Stackelberg games and cooperative game. We find that the whole supply chain profit brought by collaborative decision-making is much higher than it independent decision-making brings based on the research. And it can increase the whole profit through reasonable setting of allocation proportion of profit. The study proposes multiple effective distribution methods of supply chain profit and takes an example to perform empirical analysis on the results to proof effectiveness.
Discovery of the Late Silurian volcanic rocks in the Dazhonghe area, Yunxian-Jinggu volcanic arc belt, western Yunnan, China and its geological significance

MAO XiaoChang,WANG LiQuan,LI Bing,WANG BaoDi,WANG DongBing,YIN FuGuang,SUN ZhiMing,

岩石学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 云县-景谷火山弧带大中河地区新识别出一套晚志留世中基性-中酸性火山岩组合,其LA-ICPMS锆石U-Pb年龄为421.2±1.2Ma和417.6±5.1Ma。该套火山岩具有富铝(12.73%~16.63%)、富钠(K2O/Na2O=0.56~0.99)和高Mg#(46.0~50.0)的特征,属于钙碱性系列岩石;同时富集轻稀土,Eu具有不同程度的弱亏损,亏损高场强元素(Nb、Ta、Ti),具有正εNd(t)值(3.86~4.39)和较高的Th/Ta比值(15~17),显示与活动大陆边缘岛弧型火山岩相似的地球化学性质。大中河晚志留世火山岩很可能是俯冲沉积物流体交代地幔楔物质部分熔融的产物,并在岩浆上升过程中经历了一定的分离结晶作用和浅部地壳物质的同化混染;结合区域同期(410~420Ma)岩浆活动及相关的高压变质事件分析,应为原-古特提斯洋在早古生代末期向东俯冲消减作用的产物,从而为扬子陆块西部边缘晚古生代"三江"多岛弧盆系的形成演化提供了前锋弧发育的岩石学证据及其动力学机制。
Oral Implant Orientation of 3-D Imaging Based on X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT)
Mi Deling,Wei Biao,Feng Peng,Yao Fuguang
Asian Journal of Information Technology , 2012,
Abstract: Through 3-dimension (3D) Computed Tomography (CT) images, a virtual stomatological implantation orientation Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) navigation system is proposed in this study. The system reconstructs the 3D images and the multi-plane image of the teeth with the combination of spiral X-CT, computer graph and image and 3D visualization. The height, width, shape of the (alveolar bone) of jaw bone, the accurate position of lost teeth and mentum aperture, the density of ossicles, the orientation of submaxillary, the position and shape about the bottom of nasal cavity and antrum maxillary can be got.The maxillary evaluation in terms of radiography before the tooth implantation and the guidance about the clinic localization of false tooth can be provided in the system, in which the doctor can not only greatly reduce the risk of implantation operation but also improve the stability and security of tooth implantation.
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