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Selektion weiblicher zuchtschweine unter den bedingen der industrimassigen produktion
J Fritzsche
Genetics Selection Evolution , 1978, DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-10-1-150a
Geographical and seasonal correlation of multiple sclerosis to sporadic schizophrenia
Markus Fritzsche
International Journal of Health Geographics , 2002, DOI: 10.1186/1476-072x-1-5
Abstract: The prevalence of MS and schizophrenic birth excesses entirely spares the tropical belt where human treponematoses are endemic, whereas in more temperate climates infection rates of Borrelia garinii in ticks collected from seabirds match the global geographic distribution of MS. If the seasonal fluctuations of Lyme borreliosis in Europe are taken into account, the birth excesses of MS and those of schizophrenia are nine months apart, reflecting the activity of Ixodes ricinus at the time of embryonic implantation and birth. In America, this nine months' shift between MS and schizophrenic births is also reflected by the periodicity of Borrelia burgdorferi transmitting Ixodes pacificus ticks along the West Coast and the periodicity of Ixodes scapularis along the East Coast. With respect to Ixodid tick activity, amongst the neuropsychiatric birth excesses only amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) shows a similar seasonal trend.It cannot be excluded at present that maternal infection by Borrelia burgdorferi poses a risk to the unborn. The seasonal and geographical overlap between schizophrenia, MS and neuroborreliosis rather emphasises a causal relation that derives from exposure to a flagellar virulence factor at conception and delivery. It is hoped that the pathogenic correlation of spirochaetal virulence to temperature and heat shock proteins (HSP) might encourage a new direction of research in molecular epidemiology.Schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis are distinct neuropsychiatric disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). Schizophrenia is characterised by disturbances in multiple domains of brain functioning, few in vivo or postmortem studies of which find evidence for a particular structural alteration [1]. MS typically manifests as acute focal inflammatory demyelination and axonal loss involving the immune system and culminating in the chronic multifocal sclerotic plaques from which the disease gets its name [2-4]. MS and schizophrenia, nonetheless, exhibit a
Seasonal correlation of sporadic schizophrenia to Ixodes ticks and Lyme borreliosis
Markus Fritzsche
International Journal of Health Geographics , 2002, DOI: 10.1186/1476-072x-1-2
Abstract: In the United States, Europe and Japan the birth excesses of those individuals who later in life develop schizophrenia mirror the seasonal distribution of Ixodes ticks nine months earlier at the time of conception. South of the Wallace Line, which limits the spread of Ixodes ticks and Borrelia burgdorferi into Australia, seasonal trends are less significant, and in Singapore, being non-endemic for Ixodes ticks and Lyme disease, schizophrenic birth excesses are absent.At present, it cannot be excluded that prenatal infection by B. burgdorferi is harmful to the implanting human blastocyst. The epidemiological clustering of sporadic schizophrenia by season and locality rather emphasises the risk to the unborn of developing a congenital, yet preventable brain disorder later in life.Microorganisms, including bacteria [1], are capable of transferring part of their genome into mammalian germ lines [2], and such exchange of foreign DNA has been suggested to be of mutual evolutionary advantage [3]. The Lyme disease spirochaete Borrelia burgdorferi, in particular, disposes of a unique molecular mechanism of penetrating into germ-line cells of its host, whose genes the intracellular pathogen exploits like a virus owing to its own incomplete genome [4]. Although countercurrent to established views, the neurotropic spirochaete has integrated parts of its genes into our germ line, these serving as putative templates for further recombination. If prenatal exposure to such phylogenic traces of foreign DNA reoccurs during ontogeny, a novel type of infectious mutation would occur within the 3' 'hotspot' for pathology of the human cannabinoid receptor gene CB1 [5-7]. The genetic expression of CB1 [8] would subsequently be affected in exactly those areas [9] that mirror the structural [10] and functional [11] brain abnormalities in schizophrenia.Following the identification of neurosyphilis, caused by the spirochaete Treponema pallidum, that led Kraepelin [12] to recognise the distinct
Negociando o feminismo pop na cultura jovem feminina: um estudo empírico com f?s de grupos femininos
Fritzsche, Bettina;
Revista Estudos Feministas , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-026X2004000200006
Abstract: the spice girls as one of the most successful bands of the nineteen-nineties have become particularly famous for their proclamation of 'girl power'. with reference to an interview-based study with fans and ex-fans of the girl group the article discusses to what extent 'pop feminist' phenomena like the spice girls can be considered a source of empowerment for young women and girls. the 'documentary method' is introduced as a method which allows the analysis of media reception as part of a popular culture. a mimetic approach towards the spice girls within this popular culture allows their fans to experiment in finding their own position between the contradictory demands society makes on them as adolescents. it will be shown that their complicated negotiations refer to an empowerment which cannot be adequately grasped within categories of resistance and incorporation of ideology.
The Construction of Masculinity in International Relations
Nora Fritzsche
The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies , 2011,
Abstract: International politics is characterized by a lack of women. The few women holding high political positions are more likely to be criticized and judged based upon, what the author calls, ‘the construction of masculinity in international relations’. Tracing the origin and logic of this construction, the article critiques the dominant theories of international relations (namely, realism and liberalism) and argues for the aptness of a radical feminist social constructivist approach to the study of international politics. The article also illuminates the strong focus on men and men’s perspectives of these influential mainstream theories on their conception and interpretation of war. An examination of the concept of war reveals how masculinity and femininity are portrayed on matters of war and national security and what side effects this has on women in politics, particularly women with political positions.
Agile Methods and CMMI: Compatibility or Conflict?
Fritzsche Martin,Keil Patrick
e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal , 2007,
Universal quantum Controlled-NOT gate
Michael Siomau,Stephan Fritzsche
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2010-00226-1
Abstract: An investigation of an optimal universal unitary Controlled-NOT gate that performs a specific operation on two unknown states of qubits taken from a great circle of the Bloch sphere is presented. The deep analogy between the optimal universal C-NOT gate and the `equatorial' quantum cloning machine (QCM) is shown. In addition, possible applications of the universal C-NOT gate are briefly discussed.
Entanglement dynamics of three-qubit states in noisy channels
Michael Siomau,Stephan Fritzsche
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2010-00189-1
Abstract: We study entanglement dynamics of the three-qubit system which is initially prepared in pure Greenberger-Horne- Zeilinger (GHZ) or W state and transmitted through one of the Pauli channels $\sigma_z, \, \sigma_x, \, \sigma_y$ or the depolarizing channel. With the help of the lower bound for three-qubit concurrence we show that the W state preserves more entanglement than the GHZ state in transmission through the Pauli channel $\sigma_z$. For the Pauli channels $\sigma_x, \, \sigma_y$ and the depolarizing channel, however, the entanglement of the GHZ state is more resistant against decoherence than the W-type entanglement. We also briefly discuss how the accuracy of the lower bound approximation depends on the rank of the density matrix under consideration.
Pure spin-angular momentum coefficients for non-scalar one-particle operators in jj-coupling
G. Gaigalas,S. Fritzsche
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1016/S0010-4655(02)00589-1
Abstract: A revised program for generating the spin-angular coefficients in relativistic atomic structure calculations is presented. When compared with our previous version [G.Gaigalas, S.Fritzsche and I.P.Grant, CPC 139 (2001) 263], the new version of the Anco program now provides these coefficients for both, scalar as well as non-scalar one-particle operators as they arise frequently in the study of transition probabilities, photoionization and electron capture processes, the alignment transfer through excited atomic states, collision strengths, and in many other investigations. The program is based on a recently developed formalism [G.Gaigalas, Z.Rudzikas, and C.F.Fischer, J. Phys. B 30 (1997) 3747], which combines techniques from second quantization in coupled tensorial form, the theory of quasispin, and the use of reduced coefficients of fractional parentage, in order to derive the spin-angular coefficients for complex atomic shell structures more efficiently. By making this approach now available also for non-scalar interactions, therefore, studies on a whole field of new properties and processes are likely to become possible even for atoms and ions with a complex structure.
Maple procedures for the coupling of angular momenta. VI. LS-jj transformations
G. Gaigalas,S. Fritzsche
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1016/S0010-4655(02)00591-X
Abstract: Transformation matrices between different coupling schemes are required, if a reliable classification of the level structure is to be obtained for open-shell atoms and ions. While, for instance, relativistic computations are traditionally carried out in jj-coupling, a LSJ coupling notation often occurs much more appropriate for classifying the valence-shell structure of atoms. Apart from the (known) transformation of single open shells, however, further demand on proper transformation coefficients has recently arose from the study of open d- and f-shell elements, the analysis of multiple--excited levels, or the investigation on inner-shell phenomena. Therefore, in order to facilitate a simple access to LS <-> jj transformation matrices, here we present an extension to the Racah program for the set-up and the transformation of symmetry-adapted functions. A flexible notation is introduced for defining and for manipulating open-shell configurations at different level of complexity which can be extended also to other coupling schemes and, hence, may help determine an optimum classification of atomic levels and processes in the future.
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