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Prospects and challenges of biodiversity in small-holder systems
SL Sharrock, EA Frison
African Crop Science Journal , 2004,
Abstract: There is a wide diversity of cultivated banana (Musa spp.) found growing in small-holder systems around the world. The main types of bananas that are important for small-holders differ from region to region. Diversity is important for small-holders for many reasons. Diversity-rich production systems help to ensure a continuous supply of food throughout the year, losses due to pest and disease attack or unfavourable environmental conditions are reduced and a diverse range of products with different uses can be produced in a small area. Most importantly, diversity-rich production systems are sustainable, flexible and adaptable to change. Several challenges exist in ensuring the maintenance of diversity in small-holder systems. These include the need to combine increased production in the face of growing population pressure, with the need to conserve diversity for the future. To address these challenges, strategies have to be developed which allow improved, high yielding varieties to become part of the farming systems without replacing traditional varieties. At the same time conservation strategies, which combine In situ and Ex situ approaches in a complementary manner must be developed. This paper reviews the various methods of conservation available and emphasises the need for farmers, as the main users, custodians and beneficiaries of diversity, to be fully involved in the development of any such strategies. Key Words: Banana, conservation, Ex-situ, In-situ RESUME Il y a une large diversité des bananes cultivées (Musa spp) trouvée plantée dans des systèmes de petits fermiers dans le monde. Les principaux types de bananes qui sont importants pour les petits fermiers différent d'une région à une autre. La diversité est importante pour les petits fermiers pour plusieurs raisons. Les systèmes de production de la riche diversité aide à assurer un approvisionnement de nourriture tout au long de l'année, les pertes dues aux attaques des pestes et maladies ou aux conditions environnementales défavorables sont réduites et une diverse gamme des produits avec différents usages peut être produite dans une petite aire. Plus important, les systèmes de production de la riche diversité sont durables, flexibles et adaptables au changement. Plusieurs défies existent pour garantir la maintenance dans les systèmes de diversité des petits fermiers. Ceux ci incluent le besoin de combiner l'augmentation de production en face de la pression de la croissance de la population, avec le besoin de conserver la diversité pour l'avenir. Pour adresser ces défies, des stratégies doivent être développées lesquelles stratégies permettent d'améliorer les variétés de production élevée pour devenir une part des systèmes de culture sans remplacer les variétés traditionnelles. En même temps des stratégies de conservation, qui combinent les approches In situ et Ex situ dans de manière complémentaire doivent être développées. Cet article révise les diverses méthodes de conservation dispo
Corpo, gênero e sexualidade na educa o infantil / Body, gender and sexuality in education child
Lourdes Maria Bragagnolo Frison
Reflex?o & A??o , 2008,
Abstract: Este artigo intenciona refletir sobre as quest es de gênero, sexualidade e corpo presentes nas práticas da educa o infantil. Pretende-se colaborar com a reflex o e a forma o dos professores em uma atua o mais significativa para todos os evolvidos na educa o infantil. AbstractThis paper aims to think about genre, sexuality and body issues, which are observed in the childhood education practices. We intend to join forces with teacher’s reflection and formation in a more significant to all ones engaged to childhood formation.
The Role of Food and Nutrition System Approaches in Tackling Hidden Hunger
Francesco Burchi,Jessica Fanzo,Emile Frison
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/ijerph8020358
Abstract: One of the World’s greatest challenges is to secure sufficient and healthy food for all, and to do so in an environmentally sustainable manner. This review explores the interrelationships of food, health, and environment, and their role in addressing chronic micronutrient deficiencies, also known as “hidden hunger”, affecting over two billion people worldwide. While the complexity and underlying determinants of undernutrition have been well-understood for decades, the scaling of food and nutrition system approaches that combine sustainable agriculture aimed at improved diet diversity and livelihoods have been limited in their development and implementation. However, an integrated system approach to reduce hidden hunger could potentially serve as a sustainable opportunity.
Agricultural Biodiversity Is Essential for a Sustainable Improvement in Food and Nutrition Security
Emile A. Frison,Jeremy Cherfas,Toby Hodgkin
Sustainability , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/su3010238
Abstract: Agricultural biodiversity has hitherto been valued almost exclusively as a source of traits that can be used in scientific breeding programs to improve the productivity of crop varieties and livestock breeds. We argue that it can make a far greater contribution to increased productivity. In particular, a wider deployment of agricultural biodiversity is an essential component in the sustainable delivery of a more secure food supply. Diversity of kingdoms, species and genepools can increase the productivity of farming systems in a range of growing conditions, and more diverse farming systems are also generally more resilient in the face of perturbations, thus enhancing food security. Diversity can maintain and increase soil fertility and mitigate the impact of pests and diseases. Diversity of diet, founded on diverse farming systems, delivers better nutrition and greater health, with additional benefits for human productivity and livelihoods. Agricultural biodiversity will also be absolutely essential to cope with the predicted impacts of climate change, not simply as a source of traits but as the underpinnings of more resilient farm ecosystems. Many of the benefits of agricultural biodiversity are manifested at different ecological and human scales, and cut across political divisions, requiring a cross-sectoral approach to reassess the role of agricultural biodiversity in sustainable and secure food production.
O óbvio na rela o pedagógica =Pedagogical relations and common sense
Schwartz, Suzana,Frison, Lourdes Maria Bragagnolo
Educa??o , 2009,
Abstract: O que pode parecer "óbvio" na rela o pedagógica precisa ser desvelado. O óbvio tem sido evidenciado também pelo uso de conceitos sedimentados empiricamente ou do discurso do senso comum, n o refletidos criticamente. O objetivo deste artigo é oportunizar espa o para reflex o crítica para a percep o de que se n o considerarmos que o "óbvio do outro é diferente do meu" e n o atentarmos na prática pedagógica, para estas possíveis e prováveis diferen as, poderemos estar encaminhando a a o de "obviar" no sentido de obstar aprendizagens. Buscamos observar, ouvir, refletir e agir em busca da compreens o deste fen meno e de suas implica es na aprendizagem de alunos e professores, pois aprendemos que a palavra anunciada pode oportunizar múltiplas e diferentes compreens es.
NPR step-scaling across the charm threshold
Julien Frison,Peter Boyle,Nicolas Garron
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: Matching Non-Perturbative Renormalisation on the lattice and perturbative renormalisation would benefit from higher matching scales, which are needed for observables entering their permile era such as BK. In this work we lay down a strategy, within the Rome-Southampton framework, to push this scale higher across the charm threshold, and apply it to an exploration of the BK running from 3 GeV to 9 GeV. This is done on Nf = 2+1+1 ensembles generated by the RBC-UKQCD collaboration, and features a close study of the discretisation effects.
$N_f=2+1+1$ renormalisation of four-quark operators
Julien Frison,Peter Boyle,Nicolas Garron
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: When several four-quark operators are allowed to mix through renormalisation, this can considerably amplify the problems coming from perturbative truncation and discretisation effects. In this work we investigate whether our previous $B_K$ strategy can conveniently be generalised to a wider set of operators, corresponding to the so-called "SUSY $B_K$" basis of four-quark operators. We show that the discretisation effects, when plotted as a function of $ap$, are surprisingly independent of the lattice spacing. They appear reasonably under control up to very large energy scales. This allows us to discuss the effect of varying the intermediate scale on which the perturbative matching is done, and therefore the prospects of future high-precision studies with a Rome-Southampton renormalisation.
Abordagem (auto)biográfica – narrativas de forma o e de autorregula o da aprendizagem reveladas em portfólios reflexivos =The (auto)biographical approach – a revelation of narratives about training and self-regulated learning in future educators’ reflexive portfolios
Frison, Lourdes Maria Bragagnolo,Sim?o, Ana Margarida da Veiga
Educa??o , 2011,
Abstract: Este artigo apresenta uma reflex o sobre narrativas (auto)biográficas registradas nos portfólios reflexivos de estudantes de um curso de forma o inicial em Educa o Básica (Portugal) e de um curso de Educa o Superior em Pedagogia (Brasil). A investiga o teve como foco evidenciar o possível elo entre narrativas (auto)biográficas e aprendizagem autorregulada, no processo de forma o de professores. O material analisado permitiu visualizar quest es que emergiram, relativas às aprendizagens e ao desenvolvimento de competências: o papel dos aprendizes de professor nas aprendizagens; a apropria o dos conteúdos; a consciência dos próprios processos de aprendizagem; o comprometimento com a aprendizagem e o desenvolvimento da tomada de decis o. This article presents a reflection on (auto)biographical narratives that were registered in the reflexive portfolios by students from a Basic Education course (Portugal) and a Higher Education course, Pedagogy (Brazil). The investigation focused on highlighting the possible link between (auto)biographical narratives and self-regulated learning in teachers’ education process. The material analyzed allowed viewing issues that emerged about learning and skills development: the role of the future teacher in learning; ownership of contents, awareness of own learning processes, a commitment to learning, and how to increase decisionmaking.
Optimization of the Synthesis Procedure of LiMn2O4 Electrodes for Efficient Rechargeable Lithium Cells: Influence of the Crystallite Size and Surface Defects on the Electrochemical Performances of 3 V Li1+xMn2O4 and 4V Li1-xMn2O4 Electrodes
N. Treuil,A. Deshayes,J. C. Frison,J. C. Grenier
Active and Passive Electronic Components , 1998, DOI: 10.1155/1998/64514
Applications of Nanoscale Materials in the Fields of Electrochemistry and Photoelectrochemistry
G. Campet,A. Deshayes,J. C. Frison,N. Treuil
Active and Passive Electronic Components , 1998, DOI: 10.1155/1998/60840

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