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Association between obesity and self-reported diseases: Population-based study among adults in southern Brazil  [PDF]
Frederico Manoel Marques, Marco Aurélio Peres, Giana Zarbato Longo, Patricia Alves de Souza
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.512268

Introduction: There are few population-based studies conducted in Brazil outside the major urban centers, the prevalence of overweight, obesity and associated factors in the up country cities remains not noticed. Particularly, the characteristics of this phenomenon are unknown in the mountain regions of Santa Catarina (state of the southern region), which concentrate the lowest economic and social development of the state, where culture, dietary habits and climate are quite peculiar. Objective: To estimate the prevalence of nutritional status and its association with self-reported diseases in adults of Lages, Santa Catarina. Methods: A cross sectional study including adults was conducted (n = 2022). Demographic information was collected as well as anthropometric measurements, through a number of interviews and physical examinations. The outcome of the study was the body mass index (BMI). The descriptive statistic was performed, as well as simple associations between BMI and the independent variables by sex. Correlations between BMI, abdominal circumference and self-reported diseases for men and women were tested separately. Results: The prevalence of normal weight, overweight and obesity among men was 41%, 39% and 19% respectively. Among women, the prevalence rates were 43%, 31% and 26%. It was observed that the obesity increase is correlated with low levels of education. The greater the BMI the more negative was the self-assessment of health. It was

found a positive correlation between BMI and abdominal circumference, with diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure levels. Conclusions: There was a high prevalence of overweight and obesity in Lages, SC. Strategies involving the various sectors of the community should be considered to reverse this process.


Exposi??o ao ruído ocupacional: altera??es no exame de emiss?es otoacústicas
Marques, Frederico Prudente;Costa, Everardo Andrade da;
Revista Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-72992006000300011
Abstract: exposure to occupational noise may cause injuries to the inner ear, and the distortion product otoacoustic emissions (dpoae) may identify initial auditory alterations, thus assisting nihl early diagnosis. aim: the goal of this study was to evaluate dpoae as a method to diagnose early physiopathological alterations caused by occupational noise exposure. study design: transversal. methods: 74 workers of the university of s?o paulo, in the capital city of the state, participated in this investigation. they were divided in two age-matched groups and with tonal audiometric values within the acceptable limits: 37 were exposed to occupational noise and 37 were not exposed. results: risk estimates (odds ratio) of absent dpoae was 12 fold higher for the group exposed to occupational noise (ci 95% 3.1 - 45.9), in the frequencies of 3. 4 and 6 khz. conclusion: dpoae may be useful in the identification of physiopathological hearing alterations caused by exposure to occupational noise, even in individuals with tonal audiometric responses within acceptable limits.
Unilateral dysphotopsia after bilateral intraocular lens implantation using the AR40e IOL model: case report
Marques, Frederico Fran?a;Marques, Daniela Meira Villano;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492007000200030
Abstract: the authors report a recent complication during the postoperative period of cataract surgery. a patient was submitted to cataract surgery in both eyes with iol implantation (sensar?) inside the capsular bag. the postoperative period of right eye was uneventful, however, in the left eye the patient noted a dark shadow at the temporal visual field at the first postoperative week. this diagnosis was confirmed with the presence of a temporal scotoma revealed by the computerized visual field (first reported in this study) and also reducing the pupil area with miotic drops. the treatment of this complication was performed by using brimonidine tartrate and after 6 months this symptom completely disappeared as confirmed by the computerized visual field. the treatment should be based on reducing the pupil area with miotic drops and we also recommend to observe these cases until the 6th postoperative month before indicating an iol exchange since the capsular edge that overlaps the iol may opacify creating an optical barrier reducing or eliminating negative dysphotopsia.
Pseudophakic monovision technique with Toric IOL using the SN60T5 platform
Marques, Frederico Fran?a;Marques, Daniela Meira Villano;
Revista Brasileira de Oftalmologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-72802010000200010
Abstract: we demonstrate the combination of pseudophakic monovision technique with toric iol in patients with relevant corneal astigmatism to reduce spectacle dependence after cataract surgery. all patients achieved ucdva 3 20/30 and ucnva 3 j2 and none of them required spectacle correction on the 6th postoperative month.
Mass Transfer in Infrared Drying of Gel-Coated Seeds  [PDF]
Ant?nio M. Barbosa Neto, Luanda G. Marques, Manoel M. Prado, Dermeval J. M. Sartori
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2014.41006

In order to contribute for a better understanding of mass transfer in drying of shrinking particles, in this study shrinkage and drying characteristics of sorghum seeds encapsulated into gel-based polymeric matrix were experimentally determined by using infrared (IR) radiation. IR drying of gel coated seeds was carried out at three different temperatures (65, 80 and 93). The shrinkage of the individual particles during drying was quantified by means of the volume and surface area changes evaluated from geometric measurements. The product quality was evaluated in terms of the changes of particle density and percent of cracks in gel coating incurred during drying. Surface area and volume of the gel-seed system decreased about 65% and 80% until the end of the process, respectively, stressing the need to take into account the surface area changes to calculate water flux density as function of moisture content and obtain an accurate interpretation of the drying mechanisms well as to include the volume shrinkage in mass transfer models to determine reliable values of moisture diffusivity. The IR drying behavior of gel-coated seeds was then characterized by the presence of three drying periods: heating up, constant moisture flux and falling moisture flux. Accelerated drying of gel coated seeds was obtained by applying higher IR radiation intensities. The effect of IR source temperature on the particle shrinkage was more pronounced at the constant moisture flux period and practically negligible at the decreasing moisture flux period. Neglecting shrinkage of individual coated-seeds during IR drying led to an erroneous absence of constant flux period and overestimation of the mass transfer by diffusion. Apparent density of the particles was greater at low-temperature IR drying than at high-temperature IR drying. Coated particles keep their original geometry, but a significant cracking of gel coating was observed at rapid drying rate conditions.

The Paradigms of Traditional Educational Culture in the Context of Liquid Modernity: An Empirical Study  [PDF]
Francisco Alberto Severo de Almeida, Paula Cinthia de Oliveira Marques, Jorge Manoel Ad?o, Zenaide Dias Teixeira, Marcelo Duarte Porto
Creative Education (CE) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2019.104058
This scientific essay presents the results of the empirical research on the relations between traditional educational culture and the postmodern context in Luziania’s high schools, where the aim is to comprehend the contradictions between traditional pedagogical and contemporary tendencies applied to public schools. It reviews bibliographically from the perspective of different Brazilian education thinkers to discuss the paradox between traditional educational culture and the postmodern context, with a goal to investigate the relationship between the theoretical basis that supports the characteristics of traditional liberal pedagogical culture and the current scenario. The field research was held through the application of a structured questionnaire, as a basis in the construct denominated Conceptual Model of study of the paradigms of traditional educational culture in the context of liquid modernity, with questions closed and based on the Likert scale. At last, it highlights that the empirical evidences of research indicate that in light of the social, economic and cultural context of the rapid and complex transformations of postmodern society, there is still a predominance of traditional liberal pedagogical thinking. Thus, based on this research, it is inferred that the paradigms of traditional education overlap with the thoughts and dynamics of society inserted in the context of liquid modernity.
Tratamento de água residuária de curtume com utiliza o de sementes de moringa (Moringa oleifera L.). = Treatment of residuary water from tannery utilizing moringa(Moringa oleifera L.) seeds.
Lucas Moreira Santos,Edson Marques dos Reis,Frederico Fonseca Silva,Frederico Fonseca Silva
Agro@mbiente On-line , 2010,
Abstract: A partir da comprova o por vários estudos que as sementes de Moringa (Moringa oleifera L.) apresentam a capacidade de clarificar e purificar água potencialmente fora de especifica es para consumo humano. Objetivou-se com o presente projeto avaliar se a semente de moringa tem capacidade de purificar água residuária de curtume. Foi utilizada água residuária bruta, coletada antes das esta es de tratamento de dois curtumes no município de Maringá, Paraná. As sementes de moringa foram obtidas nos municípios de Umuarama e Floraí, Paraná. As sementes foram retiradas do fruto antes do processo de deiscência e trituradas em meio de água destilada. O sistema foi realizado em sistema descontínuo de tratamento, utilizando vasos de 25litros, onde foram utilizados 15 litros de água residuárias de curtume. Foram feitos uma testemunha e três tratamentos com a mesma concentra o 8,0 g L-1 variando a fra o em fun o do tempo de 4, 8 e 12 horas. Foram avaliados os parametros: pH, nitrogênio amoniacal, turbidez, DBO e DQO. Os melhores resultados obtidos foram no parametro nitrogênio. = The evidence from several studies have indicated that the seeds of Moringa (Moringa oleifera L.) have the ability to clarify and purify water potentially out of specification for human consumption. The objective of this project was to evaluate whether the seeds of moringa are capable of purifying wastewater from tannery. Untreated wastewater was used, collected before entering the treatment plants of two tanneries in the city of Maringá, Paraná, Brazil. The moringa seeds were collected in the municipalities of Umuarama and Floraí, Paraná, Brazil. Seeds were removed from the fruit before dehiscence and crushed within distilled water. The system was carried out in batch processing, using 25-liter pots, and 15 liters of wastewater from the tannery. One control and three treatments were used. All groups contained the same concentration 8.0 g L-1 but were done in 4, 8 and 12 hours. The following parameters were evaluated: pH, ammonia nitrogen, turbidity, BOD and COD. The best results were obtained in the parameter nitrogen.
Chromosomal characterization of the bonytongue Arapaima gigas (Osteoglossiformes: Arapaimidae)
Marques, Debora Karla;Venere, Paulo Cesar;Galetti Junior, Pedro Manoel;
Neotropical Ichthyology , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-62252006000200007
Abstract: the mitotic chromosomes of the pirarucu arapaima gigas inhabiting the middle araguaia river and collected in the municipality of araguaiana (mt, brazil) were studied. the chromosomes were analyzed through giemsa staining, c-banding, ag-nor staining and in situ hybridization using an 18s rrna gene probe. the karyotype had 2n=56 comprising 14 biarmed and 14 uniarmed chromosome pairs in both sexes. no cytologically distinguishable sex chromosome was identified. a single nor-bearing chromosome pair was detected by ag-nor staining and confirmed by 18s rdna- fish. faint constitutive heterochromatin was c-banded in the centromeric region of some chromosomes.
Passagens do livro "Itinerário para Párocos de índios", de Pe?a Montenegro (1668), em um confessionário jesuítico setecentista da Amaz?nia
Barros, Maria Candida Drumond Mendes;Fonseca, Vitor Manoel Marques da;
Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi. Ciências Humanas , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1981-81222010000300007
Abstract: the proposal of the article is to transcribe and analyse the final passage of an anonymous manuscript manual of penitence in circulation in missions of pará in 1751. the manual was written in tupi, but the conclusion is in portuguese. the missionary addresses himself to other confessors recounting the difficulties encountered in confessing indians and suggesting solutions for the clergy to save their consciences. the author of the manual of penitence was influenced intellectually by the book "itinerary for parish priests of indians", by alonso de la pe?a montenegro, archbishop of quito, published in 1668. the manuscript is to be found in the national library of rio de janeiro. the transcription is annotated with references to the book by the archbishop of quito.
Passages from the book Itinerary for Parish Priests of Indians, by Pe a Montenegro (1668), contained in a 17th Century Jesuit manual of penitence from the Amazon
Maria Candida Drumond Mendes Barros,Vitor Manoel Marques da Fonseca
Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi. Ciências Humanas , 2010,
Abstract: The proposal of the article is to transcribe and analyse the final passage of an anonymous manuscript manual of penitence in circulation in missions of Pará in 1751. The manual was written in Tupi, but the conclusion is in Portuguese. The missionary addresses himself to other confessors recounting the difficulties encountered in confessing Indians and suggesting solutions for the clergy to save their consciences. The author of the manual of penitence was influenced intellectually by the book Itinerary for Parish Priests of Indians, by Alonso de la Pe a Montenegro, archbishop of Quito, published in 1668. The manuscript is to be found in the National Library of Rio de Janeiro. The transcription is annotated with references to the book by the archbishop of Quito.
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