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Synergies for Trains and Cars Automation in the Era of Virtual Networking  [PDF]
Francesco Rispoli, Alessandro Neri, Cosimo Stallo, Pietro Salvatori, Fortunato Santucci
Journal of Transportation Technologies (JTTs) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2018.83010
Abstract: The ERTMS (European Train Management System) has been developed by the European Union (EU) to enhance safety, increase efficiency and to cross-border interoperability creating a unique solution fulfilling a standardized certification process. The ERTMS being able to automatically stop the train to overcome human errors has achieved the highest track record in terms of safety over several billion km travelled each years. GNSS positioning, bearer-independent telecoms and ATO (Automatic Train Operation) are the new features for enhancing the ERTMS in the path to fully autonomous operations. In the same period, the automotive industry has launched ambitious plans for the connected cars and autonomous driving applications are emerging as the next wave of innovation. This paper evaluates the challenges to sharing intelligent infrastructure means, by combining the strengths of the safety benchmark achieved on the rail transport with the mass production capability of the automotive industry to lower the costs. In this scenario, rail and automotive becoming tightly intertwined can get a grip in the race towards a fully automation affordable and safe, giving birth to autonomous vehicles able to travel within virtual rails as “trains” on the road. To this aim we will introduce the two test bed in Italy respectively for validating the ERTMS with GNSS positioning and public telecoms networks and for testing FCA Ducato vans to operate at SAE level 3 automation exploiting the new GALILEO and 5 G services.
Mirando sobre y bajo el agua
Trevizan Rispoli,Juan Francisco;
Idesia (Arica) , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-34292011000200022
Abstract: abstract thanks to the properties of water life is possible; it has shaped the landscape and molded the civilizations on the face of the earth. not all regions have adequate availability of water; its relative scarcity together with climate change is generating conflicts between nations and between economic activity and environmental concerns. although this is a global conflict, it must be faced in local spheres, thus it is necessary to strengthen local capacities in all areas in which water is a factor.
Lo studio della vittimologia nell’Arma dei Carabinieri
Andrea Rispoli,Gianluca Trombetti
Rivista di Criminologia, Vittimologia e Sicurezza , 2007,
Abstract: The focal point of criminal theories has been, for some time now, uneven in regards to the study of anti-social behavior, because the tendency is to privilege the fascination of a cruel act and of its author rather than giving adequate consideration to the victim of crime and the psychological effects that crime produces on the person who has suffered an assault. Since victimology began as part of the criminology branch, along with the social-cultural-juridical evolution that followed (due also to the growth in rules and special laws that extend beyond the law code and to some very considerable international involvement), we have witnessed the progressive rise of the victim profile, to a “key figure”, worthy of the required legislative assurances. The expression of this new orientation can be found in the concept of “community policing”. This policy derives from the idea of getting closer to the community’s citizens and of filling the gap existing between actual security and sense of security felt. This is a result of having exploited the traditional motivational heritage that helps the Carabiniere Serviceman be a primary interlocutor experienced in listening, providing assistance and advising. The basic training and the skills of the Carabiniere Serviceman, of any social and military rank, for this new way of approaching a victim of crime is therefore perceived by the Institution, as an essential need in order to make the person who suffered an abuse, feel more human and more important, (often his/her privacy and family affection are violated) and bring him/her, to rely on a clear and qualified point of reference, who is a citizen that acts for other fellow citizens and in the same time, an expert capable of providing aid and support.Pendant longtemps, la recherche en criminologie s’est concentrée sur l’étude des comportements déviants, en privilégiant l’image de l’acte cruel de l’auteur plut t que de se focaliser sur la victime, en particulier sur les conséquences psychologiques du crime sur cette dernière. Depuis la naissance de la victimologie (branche de la criminologie) et l’intervention des grands noms de la victimologie, puis avec l’évolution socioculturelle et juridique sans cesse croissante, on a assisté à la prise en compte du profil de la victime comme étant un élément clé devant faire l’objet d’une attention accrue. L’Arme des Carabiniers (en raison notamment de sa dispersion sur tout le territoire) s’inscrit dans ce nouveau contexte, en participant avec les autres acteurs institutionnels de la sécurité à cette révolution culturelle ,
Constructing a spreadsheet simulation model of Chuck-a-luck: An application of logical functions
Rispoli, F.J.
Spreadsheets in Education , 2004,
Abstract: Chuck-a-luck is an inviting game played at carnivals in the Midwestern United States and England. A player picks a number from 1 to 6 and an operator rolls three dice. If the number chosen by the player comes up on all three dice, the player wins $3; if it comes up on two of the three dice, the player wins $2; if it comes up on one of the three dice, the player wins $1. Only if the chosen number does not appear at all does the player pay anything, which is just $1. We would like to know if Chuck-a-luck is a fair game, and what is its average payoff? In addition, we are interested in simulating this game using logical functions built into spreadsheet software as well as other computer programming languages.
Riflettendo sull’andare a piedi Thinking about Going on Foot
Costanza Caniglia Rispoli
TeMA : Journal of Land Use, Mobility and Environment , 2008,
Abstract: La mobilità pedonale non è che una componente della mobilità, fenomeno tramite cui una società si “impadronisce” del proprio territorio. Da tempo mobilità è sinonimo di traffico e circolazione ed è classico tema ingegneristico di pianificazione dei trasporti, mentre già con la Carta di Atene è una della quattro funzioni base dell’insediamento umano. Nella cultura più avanzata oggi l’attenzione in campo urbanistico converge sui perché della mobilità e in quello ingegneristico si è spostata dalla mobility-oriented analysis alla accessibility-based analysis. L’andare a piedi integra in modo determinante il sistema urbano dei trasporti. Ma spesso, non solo in Italia, c’è confusione sul concetto di pedone: nella classificazione delle strade urbane prevale una separazione rigida degli usi mentre piani dei trasporti e piani urbanistici restano operazioni separate. Interessanti esempi anche italiani dimostrano che perseguire migliori condizioni di vita in un territorio richiede attenzione ai problemi di mobilità unitamente a quelli di uso dello spazio. Occorre uno studio convergente tra competenze che vanno anche oltre trasporti e urbanistica e capire che c’è un rapporto ecologico tra soggetti e luoghi, tra società umane e ambiente della loro vita. The pedestrian mobility is only a component of mobility, a phenomenon through which a society “takes possession” of her territory. Since a long time mobility has become the synonym of traffic and circulation as well as the classic engineering subject of transport planning, while already in the Athens Charter it is considered one of the four basic functions of human settlement. In the most advanced culture, the attention is paid, from the town planning point of view, to the causes of mobility and in the engineering one it has been shifted from the mobility oriented- analysis to the accessibility-based analysis. Walking integrates the urban transport system in a crucial way. But often, not only in Italy, there is confusion about the concept of pedestrian: in the classification of urban roads there is a strict separation of the uses, while transport plans and town planning ones remain separate tools. Interesting examples, also of Italian case-studies, highlight that pursuing better conditions of life in a territory asks for attention to mobility problems together with those related to the use of space. There is a need for a study which would join competences that go also beyond transports and town planning and it is necessary to understand that there is an ecological relationship between people and places, between human
Mirando sobre y bajo el agua Looking over and under water
Juan Francisco Trevizan Rispoli
IDESIA , 2011,
Abstract: RESUMEN El agua es un compuesto que gracias a sus propiedades ha posibilitado la vida, ha conformado el paisaje y ha moldeado las civilizaciones en la faz de la tierra. No todas las regiones poseen la misma disponibilidad y su escasez relativa; junto con el cambio climático está generando conflictos entre pueblos y actividades económicas y medioambientales, pero siendo un conflicto global, se debe enfrentar en la esfera local, para lo cual se deben fortalecer las capacidades locales en todos aquellos ámbitos en que el agua participa. ABSTRACT Thanks to the properties of water life is possible; it has shaped the landscape and molded the civilizations on the face of the earth. Not all regions have adequate availability of water; its relative scarcity together with climate change is generating conflicts between nations and between economic activity and environmental concerns. Although this is a global conflict, it must be faced in local spheres, thus it is necessary to strengthen local capacities in all areas in which water is a factor.
The Graph of the Hypersimplex
Fred J. Rispoli
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: The (k,d)-hypersimplex is a (d-1)-dimensional polytope whose vertices are the (0,1)-vectors that sum to k. When k=1, we get a simplex whose graph is the complete graph with d vertices. Here we show how many of the well known graph parameters and attributes of the complete graph extend to a more general case. In particular we obtain explicit formulas in terms of d and k for the number of vertices, vertex degree, number of edges and the diameter. We show that the graphs are vertex transitive, hamilton connected, obtain the clique number and show how the graphs can be decomposed into self-similar subgraphs. The paper concludes with a discussion of the edge expansion rate of the graph of a (k,d)-hypersimplex which we show is at least d/2, and how this graph can be used to generate a random subset of {1,2,3,...,d} with k elements.
Investigations on diurnal and seasonal variations of Schumann resonance intensities in the auroral region
C. Rossi,P. Palangio,F. Rispoli
Annals of Geophysics , 2007, DOI: 10.4401/ag-4421
Abstract: Measurements of the magnetic component of the Schumann resonance in the frequency range 6-14 Hz were performed at high latitude location (TNB Antarctica; geographic coordinates: 74.7°S, 164.1°E; geomagnetic coordinates: 80.0°S, 307.7°E; LT=UT+13; MLT=UT 8; altitude=28 m a.s.l.), during the two years 1996-1997. TNB is a particularly important observation site located in a region characterised by a high electromagnetic activity in the ELF and VLF bands. Moreover its remote location in Antarctica provides the important advantage that electromagnetic background noise is not corrupted by anthropogenic noise and that the continental lightning activity is very low. The combination of low additional anthropogenic electromagnetic radiation and low atmospheric noise in this area allows detailed investigations into wave generation and amplification in the polar ionosphere and magnetosphere not possible anywhere else in the world. This paper reports the study of the magnetic power of the 8 Hz Schumann resonance mode. For both the years considered diurnal and long-term seasonal variations were observed.
Implicit-Explicit Runge-Kutta schemes for the Boltzmann-Poisson system for semiconductors
G. Dimarco,L. Pareschi,V. Rispoli
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper we develop a class of Implicit-Explicit Runge-Kutta schemes for solving the multi-scale semiconductor Boltzmann equation. The relevant scale which characterizes this kind of problems is the diffusive scaling. This means that, in the limit of zero mean free path, the system is governed by a drift-diffusion equation. Our aim is to develop a method which accurately works for the different regimes encountered in general semiconductor simulations: the kinetic, the intermediate and the diffusive one. Moreover, we want to overcome the restrictive time step conditions of standard time integration techniques when applied to the solution of this kind of phenomena without any deterioration in the accuracy. As a result, we obtain high order time and space discretization schemes which do not suffer from the usual parabolic stiffness in the diffusive limit. We show different numerical results which permit to appreciate the performances of the proposed schemes.
N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) mediates vascular relaxation via nitric oxide (NO) in rats but not in mice  [PDF]
Francesco Crespi
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2010.14045
Abstract: Amperometric studies have indicated that substance P as well as NMDA stimulates release of NO in rat aortic rings. These data have been confirmed by functional observations of vaso-relaxant action of NMDA within noradrenaline pre-contracted aortic rings, supporting the presence of NMDA receptor in rat aortic rings. It is known that the enzyme endothelial NO synthase (eNOS) mediates vasodilatation not only in rats, but also in C57BL6 mice aortic ring, indicating that in this blood vessel NO is the endogenous endothelium-derived vasodilator. In this work, amperometry together with specifically nitrites insensitive micro-biosensors have been applied to examine the effect of NMDA and substance P upon NO release in rat and in two strains of mice aortic rings. The electrochemical data monitored demonstrate that NMDA mediates vascular relaxation via NO in rats but not in mice. These results are supported by functional data, therefore they suggest that NMDA receptors are “not responding” within these experimental conditions in mice aortic rings.
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