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Various Perspectives on Performance Appraisals in the Health Service  [PDF]
Frydis Vasset
Health (Health) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/health.2014.610117
Abstract: Background: The health services are facing many new challenges, including a growing number of elderly patients, and an increasing use of technology in the work place. These challenges might require flexible and reflective conversations with the employees. Aim: This study examines whether some performance appraisals (PAs) are more efficient and more effective than others. The study also shows how some performance appraisals are more suitable for home care and nursing homes in municipal health services. Methods: Two datasets are used: 1) a questionnaire was distributed to a representative sample of 600 health personnel in Norway; and 2) a questionnaire was distributed to a representative sample of 60 employees (test-group: 10 groups; control-group: 30 employees), in pre-test, post-test 1 and post-test 2. SPSS. Findings: Managers are the only ones who receive training in PA techniques (factory perspective). Nurses versus auxiliary nurses experience more frequent dyadic relationships and exchanges in PAs (family perspective). PAs for employees from nursing homes are fairer than those administered to home care employees (jungle perspective). In organizations closest to carnival perspectives, employees participating in group-PAs are more active in the conversations than employees who have individual conversations in PAs. Conclusions: Health personnel involved in PAs experience different effects of the conversational, and employees working as a member of a team in the organization need to experience a high quality of relationships (family), justice (jungle), and participation in group-conversation (carnival) during performance appraisals.
The effects of performance appraisal in the Norwegian municipal health services: a case study
Frydis Vasset, Einar Marnburg, Trude Furunes
Human Resources for Health , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1478-4491-9-22
Abstract: This article focuses on goal-setting, feedback, participation and training in performance appraisals in municipal health services in Norway; and job motivation, learning and self-assessment of performance are the dependent factors. Questionnaires were distributed to a representative sample of 600 health personnel from the Norwegian municipal health service, with a response rate of 62%. Factor analysis and regression analysis were run in SPSS 12.The study suggests that respondents learn from performance appraisal. Nurses experienced some higher job motivation from performance appraisal than auxiliary nurses. All subordinates perceived higher job motivation after performance appraisal than managers.Useful feedback, active participation and higher education are fundamental elements of discussion in performance appraisal, as well as the role of increasing employees' job motivation. In this study, nurses' job motivation seems to be more effected by PA, than for auxiliary nurses. Both nurses and auxiliary nurses indicate that there is a learning effect from PA. This study may be of interest to health researchers and managers in municipal health services.Performance appraisal (PA) is described as a search for better, more accurate, more cost-effective communication techniques for measuring job performance and job satisfaction. PA is considered to be an important technique for improving the performance of an organization [1-6]. PA has, in many sectors, become an important element of organizational practice [2-5,7-10].The main objective of the present study is to explore the health personnel's experience of PA and job motivation in municipal health service. After an introduction and a brief description of the municipal health service, various and important theories are presented- concerning goal setting, feedback, participation, knowledge and motivation - that are illustrative of how health personnel experienced PA and job motivation. The primary goal is to illuminate employ
Kreftregisteret – fra registrering av kreftinsidens og overlevelse til populasjonsbasert klinisk epidemiologi
Frydis Langmark,Jarle Norstein
Norsk Epidemiologi , 2009,
Abstract: -
Er det forskningsmessig interessant koble data fra Medisinsk f dselsregister med data fra Kreftregisteret?
Steinar Tretli,Tom Grotmol,Frydis Langmark
Norsk Epidemiologi , 2007,
Abstract: Medisinsk f dselsregister og Kreftregisteret inneholder personidentifiserbare data som via f dselsnummeret kan kobles sammen innenfor de rammer som lovverket gir. Denne sammenkoblingen gir oss interessante muligheter til studere f dselskarakteristikas betydning for risikoen for f kreft senere i livet. P den m ten vil vi ogs kunne f informasjon om hvilke mekanismer som er med p virke v r kreftrisiko. Det gir oss ogs muligheter til studere hvilke konsekvenser kreftforekomst med p f lgende behandling kan ha b de for senere svangerskap og barn som blir f dt.Per 2006 er det akkumulert 12 443 krefttilfeller blant de barn som er registrert i Medisinsk f dselsregister siden det ble etablert i 1967. Selv om dette er et betydelig antall krefttilfeller, er de fordelt p mange krefttyper, noe som har begrenset nytteverdien i kreftforskningen s langt. Imidlertid vil forskningsmulighetene ke med alderen til registeret. Ogs andre nordiske land har muligheter for slike koblinger, og til sammen gir dette unike muligheter til gjennomf re interessant forskning.I denne fremstillingen gis en kort presentasjon av gjennomf rte og p g ende vitenskapelige studier basert p sammenkobling mellom data fra Medisinsk f dselsregister og Kreftregisteret
The Link between Peer Relations, Prosocial Behavior, and ODD/ADHD Symptoms in 7–9-Year-Old Children
Muirne C. S. Paap,Ira R. Haraldsen,Kyrre Breivik,Phillipa R. Butcher,Frydis M. Hellem,Kjell M. Stormark
Psychiatry Journal , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/319874
Abstract: Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are characterized by symptoms that hinder successful positive interaction with peers. The main goal of this study was to examine if the presence of symptoms of ODD and ADHD affects the relationship between positive social behavior and peer status found in 7–9-year-old children who show symptoms typical of ADHD and/or ODD. Furthermore, the possible interaction with sex was investigated. We used data collected in the first wave of The Bergen Child Study of mental health (BCS), a prospective longitudinal total population study of children’s developmental and mental health. The target population consisted of children in the second to the fourth, in all public, private, and special schools in Bergen, Norway, in the fall of 2002 ( ). All 79 primary schools in Bergen participated in the study. Both teacher (8809 complete cases) and parent (6253 complete cases) report were used in the analyses. ADHD and ODD scores were estimated using the Swanson Noland and Pelham rating scale version IV (SNAP-IV), and peer problems and prosocial behavior were assessed using the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ). We replicated the relationship between peer problems and prosocial behavior found previously in typically developing children. Our results showed that the relationship between peer problems and prosocial behavior became weaker as the ODD symptoms increased in number and severity. For ADHD this effect was only found in the teacher report of the children. A sex effect for ODD symptoms was found only using the parent report: boys with ODD symptoms showed less prosocial behavior than girls with similar levels of ODD symptoms. Since this effect was not found using the teacher data, it may imply a situational effect (school/home) for girls with high levels of ODD. The moderator effect of ODD/ADHD was comparable for boys and girls. Our findings suggest that even if children with ADHD/ODD symptoms have the opportunity to practice their social skills in peer relationships, this is not necessarily accompanied by an increase in prosocial behavior. 1. Introduction Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are characterized by symptoms that, by their very nature, are likely to hinder successful positive interaction with peers (see [1]). While negativistic, defiant, disobedient, and hostile behavior toward authority figures is central to the definition of ODD [2], other characteristics such as the tendency to blame or deliberately annoy
Development of satiating and palatable high-protein meat products by using experimental design in food technology
Hanne Kristine Sivertsen,ydis Ueland,Frank Westad
Food & Nutrition Research , 2010, DOI: 10.3402/fnr.v54i0.5114
Abstract: Background and objectives: Foods high in protein are known to satiate more fully than foods high in other constituents. One challenge with these types of food is the degree of palatability. This study was aimed at developing the frankfurter style of sausages that would regulate food intake as well as being the preferred food choice of the consumer. Design and measures: 16 sausage varieties with commercial (PE% 20) or higher amount of protein (PE% 40), being modified with vegetable fat (3% of rapeseed oil), and smoked or not, underwent a sensory descriptive analysis, in which the information was used to choose a subsample of four sausages for a satiety test. Twenty-seven subjects were recruited based on liking and frequency of sausage consumption. The participants ranged in age from 20 to 28, and in body mass index (BMI) between 19.6 and 30.9. The students were served a sausage meal for five consecutive days and then filled out a questionnaire to describe their feelings of hunger, satiety, fullness, desire to eat an their prospective consumption on a visual analogue scale (VAS) starting from right before, right after the meal, every half hour for 4 h until the next meal was served, and right after the second meal. Results and conclusion: The higher protein sausages were less juicy, oily, fatty, adhesive, but harder and more granular than with lower amount of protein. The high-protein sausages were perceived as more satiating the first 90 min after the first meal. Some indication of satiety effect of added oil versus meat fat. No significant differences in liking among the four sausage varieties.
A numerical study of Penrose-like inequalities in a family of axially symmetric initial data
J. L. Jaramillo,N. Vasset,M. Ansorg
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1051/eas:0830039
Abstract: Our current picture of black hole gravitational collapse relies on two assumptions: i) the resulting singularity is hidden behind an event horizon -- weak cosmic censorship conjecture -- and ii) spacetime eventually settles down to a stationarity state. In this setting, it follows that the minimal area containing an apparent horizon is bound by the square of the total ADM mass (Penrose inequality conjecture). Following Dain et al. 2002, we construct numerically a family of axisymmetric initial data with one or several marginally trapped surfaces. Penrose and related geometric inequalities are discused for these data. As a by-product, it is shown how Penrose inequality can be used as a diagnosis for an apparent horizon finder numerical routine.
Application of initial data sequences to the study of Black Hole dynamical trapping horizons
José Luis Jaramillo,Marcus Ansorg,Nicolas Vasset
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1063/1.3141305
Abstract: Non-continuous "jumps" of Apparent Horizons occur generically in 3+1 (binary) black hole evolutions. The dynamical trapping horizon framework suggests a spacetime picture in which these "Apparent Horizon jumps" are understood as spatial cuts of a single spacetime hypersurface foliated by (compact) marginally outer trapped surfaces. We present here some work in progress which makes use of uni-parametric sequences of (axisymmetric) binary black hole initial data for exploring the plausibility of this spacetime picture. The modelling of Einstein evolutions by sequences of initial data has proved to be a successful methodological tool in other settings for the understanding of certain qualitative features of evolutions in restricted physical regimes.
Solving the transport equation by the use of 6D spectral methods in spherical geometry
Silvano Bonazzola,Nicolas Vasset,Bruno Peres
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: We present a numerical method for handling the resolution of a general transport equation for radiative particles, aimed at physical problems with a general spherical geometry. Having in mind the computational time difficulties encountered in problems such as neutrino transport in astrophysical supernovae, we present a scheme based on full spectral methods in 6d spherical coordinates. This approach, known to be suited when the characteristic length of the dynamics is much smaller than the domain size, has the potential advantage of a global speedup with respect to usual finite difference schemes. An analysis of the properties of the Liouville operator expressed in our coordinates is necessary in order to handle correctly the numerical behaviour of the solution. This reflects on a specific (spherical) geometry of the computational domain. The numerical tests, performed under several different regimes for the equation, prove the robustness of the scheme: their performances also point out to the suitability of such an approach to large scale computations involving transport physics for mass less radiative particles.
A spectral method for the wave equation of divergence-free vectors and symmetric tensors inside a sphere
Jerome Novak,Jean-Louis Cornou,Nicolas Vasset
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.jcp.2009.09.033
Abstract: The wave equation for vectors and symmetric tensors in spherical coordinates is studied under the divergence-free constraint. We describe a numerical method, based on the spectral decomposition of vector/tensor components onto spherical harmonics, that allows for the evolution of only those scalar fields which correspond to the divergence-free degrees of freedom of the vector/tensor. The full vector/tensor field is recovered at each time-step from these two (in the vector case), or three (symmetric tensor case) scalar fields, through the solution of a first-order system of ordinary differential equations (ODE) for each spherical harmonic. The correspondence with the poloidal-toroidal decomposition is shown for the vector case. Numerical tests are presented using an explicit Chebyshev-tau method for the radial coordinate.
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