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Emergent Behaviors in Social Networks of Adaptive Agents
Florin Leon
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/857512
Abstract: Designing multiagent systems that can exhibit coherent group behavior based on a small number of simple rules is a very challenging problem. The evolution of mobile computing environments has created a need for adaptive, robust systems, whose components should be able to cooperate in order to solve the tasks continuously received from users or other software agents. In this paper, an interaction protocol for a task allocation system is proposed, which can reveal the formation of social networks as an emergent property. The agents can improve their solving ability by learning and can collaborate with their peers to deal with more difficult tasks. The experiments show that the evolution of the social networks is similar under a great variety of settings and depends only on the dynamism of the environment. The average number of connections and resources of the agents follows a power law distribution. Different configurations are studied in order to find the optimal set of parameters that leads to the maximum overall efficiency of the multiagent system.
Journal of Engineering Studies and Research , 2010,
Abstract: Search problems are fundamental in artificial intelligence. When domain knowledge is limited or not available, search is the only way to solve a problem. Although search algorithms have been widely implemented using structured or object-oriented programming, the design of a multiagent system for solving search problems raises a different type of challenges. In this paper, the design of such a system is presented, along with some implementation details. The performance of the system is analysed for several problems using different algorithms and parameters.
Stacked Heterogeneous Neural Networks for Time Series Forecasting
Florin Leon,Mihai Horia Zaharia
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/373648
Abstract: A hybrid model for time series forecasting is proposed. It is a stacked neural network, containing one normal multilayer perceptron with bipolar sigmoid activation functions, and the other with an exponential activation function in the output layer. As shown by the case studies, the proposed stacked hybrid neural model performs well on a variety of benchmark time series. The combination of weights of the two stack components that leads to optimal performance is also studied.
Exposure to cold environments at working places and cardiovasculare disease
Florin MITU,Maria Magdalena LEON
Revista de Cercetare ?i Interven?ie Social? , 2011,
Abstract: Cardiovascular diseases are among the most frequent causes of illness and death among the active population, especially in industrialized countries, but also in developing countries. In industrialized countries are registered between 15% and 20% of workers suffering from cardiovascular disease while risk increases with age: between 45 and 64 years more than one third of deaths are recorded in men and one fourth in women. Working in cold microclimate can lead to health problems, decrease performance and increase labor productivity determining the occurrence of accidents at work, absence from work because of sickness. The worst case working in cold conditions may be linked with deaths due to accidents related to cold or because of an acute event occur in a pre-existing condition. Cardiovascular symptoms and decreased performance occurs especially during working in cold weather, especially among patients with cardiovascular disease or cardiovascular important risk factors. Increased awareness and identification in the workplace of individual risks associated cold is the first step in assuring a proper risk management. After this assessment, sensitive population groups need individual advice regarding prevention and protection work in cold microclimate. An important asset of people is touched by an unidentified form of asymptomatic or cardiovascular disease. Working conditions and job requirements for employment can trigger brutal events, acute cardiovascular disease in asymptomatic active staff requiring the development of complex programs adaptation and/or retraining.
Creating Scenarios for Seismic Risk Reduction Using Geographic Information Systems
Florin Leon,Bogdan-Florin Popa,Gabriela-Maria Atanasiu
Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Jassy, Constructions, Architechture Section , 2007,
Abstract: This paper presents a GIS-based methodology for monitoring the seismic performance, while taking into account the deteriorations revealed during GIS-based scenarios aiming at the identification of the seismic serviceability of the structure. By applying the geographical information system (GIS) containing geo-spatial data, one can develop useful scenarios to improve the knowledge of structural vulnerability of the urban built infrastructure. Scenarios of modelling, simulation and non-linear seismic analysis are described and applied to a class of damaged models for some of the structures typical of the existing urban infrastructure of Jassy, Romania. The management of GIS-based seismic vulnerability of existing concrete structure is presented as a tool for awareness and mitigation of seismic effects of possible future events in the urban area.
Alcohol and cardiovascular disease - a social impact analysis
Florin MITU,Elena STEFANACHI,Maria Magdalena LEON
Revista de Cercetare ?i Interven?ie Social? , 2013,
Abstract: Alcohol has been considered a risk factor for over a century, but the pathogenesis and natural history of alcohol-related heart disease remains obscure. Numerous researches have demonstrated the beneficial effects of alcohol consumption as long as it is consumed in moderation. Advances have been made in our understanding of the effects of acute and chronic alcohol administration both at hemodynamic and cellular level, and recent studies have indicated that changes in heart dimensions and function are common in alcoholics. Depending on the amount consumed, alcohol increases blood pressure, which increases the risk of hypertension, cardiomyopathy, heart failure, myocardial infarction, arrhythmias etc. In terms of overall mortality, epidemiological investigations have shown that in case of young people, drinking any amount of alcohol increases the overall risk of death, the risk being greater as the amount of alcohol consumed increases. The success of the joint efforts of researchers, clinicians, psychologists and of all those whose activity is related to alcohology lies in the ability to convince the society of the importance of this health issue, and that the dependency syndrome that it creates attracts many biological, psychological, social problems.
A Digital Methodology for Urban Risk Management
Gabriela-Maria Atanasiu,Florin Leon
Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Jassy, Constructions, Architechture Section , 2007,
Abstract: While the overall goal is to prevent disasters as much as possible, the goal of mitigation is to reduce the risks. That is why the risk must be quantifiable in the decision support system. Geographic Informations System (GIS) support may be used for all the disaster prevention phases, but what we are concerned with here is the use of GIS for physical planning in the mitigation phase. In this paper we present a methodology and several case studies of using GIS as a tool for awareness and mitigation of seismic effects of possible future events in the urban area.
Disaster Risk Management of Urban Systems
Ana-Diana Anca?,Florin Leon,Gabriela-Maria Atanasiu
Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Jassy, Constructions, Architechture Section , 2006,
Abstract: Evaluating the risk of natural disasters is an intensely debated issue, both on national and international level. In the present paper, after a brief review of the international research in this field and an introduction in risk management, we insisted on risk analysis of an urban area, called urban system. More precisely, we investigated the evaluation of risk and the behavior of the pipelines infrastructure characteristic in an urban area during an earthquake.By taking into account a certain region in Jassy city area, we present a methodology of evaluating seismic risk of the utilities network of the region. The method consists in establishing the necessary steps to be taken in such an evaluation. These steps are also graphically displayed for the gas pipelines of the area, and emphasizing the critical points existent in that sector e.g. gas stations). Using the cellular automata technique, inspired from the artificial intelligence and complex system fields, based on the GIS map of the analysed region, we obtained a map with the risk areas in case of an earthquake, taking into account the gas pipelines network and the existing critical points.
Glaucomatous Damage Secondary to Long Term Topical Corticosteroid Use in a 7-Year-Old Female  [PDF]
Michael Greenwood, Florin Grigorian
Open Journal of Pediatrics (OJPed) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojped.2014.41008

Introduction: Topical corticosteroids are commonly prescribed for children with atopic dermatitis. Although generally well tolerated, long term unsupervised use can lead to ocular damage, including glaucoma. Much of the current literature focuses on the periorbital use in older patients. We present a case of an adolescent who suffered glaucomatous damage secondary to long term topical steroid use on her extremities. Methods: This is a case report of a child with extensive work-up for glaucoma suspect. Results: A 7-year-old African American female was found to have glaucomatous damage after using 2.5% hydrocortisone cream on her arms, legs, and back of neck twice daily continuously for 2 years. There were no other mechanisms that could have produced a secondary glaucoma. Congenital anomalous disk is a remote possibility. Discussion: Steroid cream use for atopic dermatitis is relatively common. The side effect profile of topical corticosteroids has been well documented and includes glaucoma. These patients may not have any visual symptoms, and can present at an advanced stage, with irreversible vision loss. Children with atopic dermatitis are especially susceptible to the systemic effects of steroids because of the damaged epithelial layer and also the body surface area to volume, both of which increase the bioavailability of the medication. Conclusion: Because topical steroids are commonly used, especially in children, patients need to be aware of the potentially dangerous side effects, including vision loss from glaucoma.

Family Functioning and Adolescents’ Psychological Well-Being in Families with a TBI Parent  [PDF]
Dan Florin Stanescu, Georg Romer
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2011.27104
Abstract: This study aimed at examining the interrelation between family functioning and children’s mental health in families with a brain injured parent. The first goal of this study was to investigate the predictive power of fam- ily functioning for children’s psychological well-being. Second, differential sub-dimensions of family function- ing were examined in respect of their predictive power for children’s psychological adaptation. Third, coping strategies on the family system level were differentiated in terms of their predictive power both for family func- tioning and for children’s psychosocial adjustment. 58 families were included in the current study. The following instruments were used: Youth Self Report, Family Crisis Oriented Personal Scales, and Family Assessment Device. Family dysfunction as a whole positively correlates with psychological symptoms of adolescents; four sub-dimensions of family functioning predicted children’s problems, namely affective responsiveness, affective involvement, roles, and communication. This research is all the more informative as the studies on the subject are nearly inexistent, and since it focuses on a category of utmost value—children.
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