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Retrospective self-reported weight changes during childhood and adolescence are not good predictors of metabolic syndrome risk factors in Mexican young adults  [PDF]
Flávia C. D. Andrade, Michelle Jiménez, Marcela Raffaelli, Margarita Teran-García, Celia Aradillas-García
Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (OJPM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpm.2013.38064

The purpose of the study was to examine whether retrospective self-reported weight changes during childhood and adolescence were associated with metabolic syndrome (MetS) risk factors in Mexican young adults. Mexican college applicants to the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Mexico, 18 to 25 years old (n = 4187) who had applied for the 2009 academic year were included in the study. Participants underwent a health screening—anthropometrics and blood drawn—and completed a questionnaire. Five major weight change categories were defined based on self-reported weight during childhood and adolescence: consistently normal, consistently underweight, consistently overweight/ obese, weight gain, and weight loss. Most participants self-reported being normal weight during childhood (58.7%) and adolescence (58.3%). Only a small proportion reported being overweight or obese during childhood (10.1%) or adolescence (15.9%). Weight change patterns during childhood and adolescence were marked by overall stability: 40.1% of participants were consistently normal, 15.6% underweight and 3.6% overweight/obese. Among those whose weight changed, 25.0% gained weight and 15.7% lost weight. In regression analyses, weight change categories based on self-reported weight statuses during childhood and adolescence were not associated with current metabolic syndrome risk factors after controlling for measured current BMI. Studies addressing the association between weight gains in early life with metabolic syndrome outcomes in early adulthood should not rely on recalled weight status during early life alone.

Use of Hg-Electroplated-Pt Ultramicroelectrode for Determining Elemental Sulphur in Naphtha Samples
Carlos Eduardo de Andrade,Flávia C. de Souza,Daniella R. Fernandes,Sérgio A. S. Machado,Eliane D'Elia
Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/265687
Abstract: This paper describes the applicability of a Hg-electroplated-Pt ultramicroelectrode in the quantification of elemental sulphur in naphtha samples by square-wave voltammetry. A reproducible deposition methodology was studied and is reported in this paper. This methodology is innovative and relies on the quality of the mercury stock solution to obtain reproducible surfaces required for the analytical methodology. All analyses were performed using a Hg-electroplated-Pt ultramicroelectrode (Hg-Pt UME) due to the low sensibility of such devices to ohmic drops in resistive solutions. The responses of the peak areas in voltammetric experiments were linear in all of the range studied. The method developed here is accurate and reproducible, with a detection limit of 0.010?mg?L?1 and a good recovery range for both standard solutions of elemental sulphur (85 to 99%) and real naphtha sample (79%). These results attest to the potential for the application of this electroanalytical methodology in determining elemental sulphur in naphtha samples containing mercaptans and disulphides. 1. Introduction Sulphur compounds have been studied intensively for many years due to the importance of the element in chemical, biological, and industrial areas. A keystone problem is related to the determination of sulphur and its compounds in drugs, in natural products, and in petroleum derivatives [1–7]. Sulphur is found in petroleum in several forms. In light fractions, the sulphur species are elemental sulphur, hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, and disulphides, with the acid mercaptan forms dominating [8]. The complexity of these sulphur compound mixtures depends not only on the origin of the petroleum but also on the refining process [9]. Sulphur causes corrosion and damages refining catalysts, decreasing the quality of the final product. Even in low concentrations, it is capable of catalysing the formation of other sulphur species in petroleum [9, 10]. The limit for total sulphur allowed in Brazilian naphtha samples is 500?ppm. Hydrogen sulphide, elemental sulphur, mercaptans and disulphides account for approximately 1% of the total sulphur content in naphthas. Therefore, developing methods for determining trace amounts of elemental sulphur have been an important challenge in chemical analysis [6]. The most common methods found in literature are concerned with the quantification of total sulphur [5] and sulphide compounds [1, 10]. Although elemental sulphur has been studied for many decades [11], few changes can be observed from the different methodologies developed over time.
Ultrastructural Analysis of in Vitro Adherence and Production of Acid Proteases by Clinical Isolates of Candida parapsilosis Sensu Stricto Following Growth in the Presence of Keratinous Substrates from Human Source  [PDF]
Ana Flávia L. Specian, Luciana Furlaneto-Maia, Célia G. T. J. Andrade, Marcia Cristina Furlaneto
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2013.38A001

Candida parapsilosis is an increasingly important human pathogen. However, little is known about its potential to cause disease. The aims of the present study were to analyse the production of acid proteinases by clinical isolates of C. parapsilosis in the presence of different keratinous substrates from human sources (stratum corneum, nail and hair) and to verify the capability of yeast cells to adhere and grow as biofilm on these substrates. By scanning electron microscopy, it was observed that all C. parapsilosis sensu stricto isolates adhered to the keratinous substrates. For the isolate recovered from onychomycosis, the cell population attached to stratum corneum and hair keratin consisted mainly of blastoconidia. Differently, on nail keratin, pseudohyphae production was observed. Overall, there was a loose association between yeast cells and keratinous substrates. However, on stratum corneum, flocculent extracellular material was seen

Conhecimento, atitudes e comportamentos frente ao risco ocupacional de exposi o ao HIV entre estudantes de Medicina da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Toledo Júnior Antonio Carlos C.,Ribeiro Fávia Andrade,Ferreira Flávia Gomes Faleiro,Ferraz Rodrigo Moraes
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 1999,
Abstract: Os objetivos deste trabalho s o avaliar risco ocupacional de exposi o ao HIV entre estudantes de medicina, avaliar o conhecimento e o uso das medidas de biosseguran a e a cobertura da vacina o contra hepatite B. Questionário específico foi aplicado a 136 estudantes de medicina da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. A maioria da popula o avaliada, 87 (64%) estudantes relataram participar de procedimentos cirúrgicos, 68 (50%) já sofreram algum tipo de exposi o a sangue, 90 (66,2%) afirmaram conhecer as medidas universais de biosseguran a e 33 (24,3%) relataram conhecer os procedimentos em caso de exposi o a sangue contaminado. A popula o avaliada apresenta alto risco de exposi o a material biológico e cerca de um ter o desta tem baixo nível de conhecimento das medidas de biosseguran a, apesar de fazer uso delas. Torna-se necessário a utiliza o de estratégias como ensino formal, treinamento em servi o e cria o de servi os especializados em biosseguran a para a modifica o desta realidade.
Síndrome de Werner associada a quadro esclerodermiforme: relato de caso e revis?o da literatura
Kayser, Cristiane;Perazzio, Sandro F.;Machado, Flávia S.;Andrade, Luís Eduardo C.;
Revista Brasileira de Reumatologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0482-50042008000200013
Abstract: werner's syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disease associated with premature ageing. skin alteration must be distinguished from cutaneous manifestation of systemic sclerosis (ssc). we describe a case of a 39 years old patient with werner's syndrome admitted with an initial diagnostic hypothesis of ssc. the patient had many characteristic features associated with werner's syndrome including gray hair, hoarseness, short stature, scleroderma-like skin changes, diabetes mellitus, cataracts, hypogonadism, hypothyroidism, and hyperlipidemia. there was no raynaud's phenomenon, other typical visceral manifestation of ssc, nailfold capillary alterations or autoantibodies. werner's syndrome diagnosis notwithstanding rare, should be remember in the differential diagnosis of ssc, mainly in the presence of atypical manifestations and in the absence of typical features of ssc.
Pain and disease according to integral anthroposophical dentistry
Célia Regina Lulo Galitesi,Flaviana Bombarda de Andrade,Ana Flávia Sanches Borges
Brazilian Oral Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1806-83242012000700009
Abstract: From an academic standpoint, the university format, in general, has been nurturing a "paradigm of expertise" and, consequently, the relationship between specialties has declined. The upshot is that recent college dental graduates have adopted a clinical performance focusing on system parts and their specificities, in detriment to a more comprehensive view of the mouth and of the patient as a whole, with his/her vital, emotional and individual attributes. An interaction between the several different areas of human knowledge is needed imminently to decrease the dichotomy in professional behavior, because the demand for professionals and dental patients interested in a more comprehensive approach are increasing day by day. Patients want to know: "What, in fact, is behind the etiological extrinsic and intrinsic factors that maintain neuropathic pain, recurrent thrush, or persistent halitosis," among other questions, "even under the care of a dentist?" or "Why is this disease affecting me?" There are several issues composing the paradigm of salutogenesis: What are the essential aspects that constitute a healthy individual, overlapping the usual investigation: How to destroy, avoid and quell the pathological agents? A proposed approach is based on salutogenesis, which examines such issues. According to this approach, anthroposophical dentistry includes determinant factors, determinants of health, basic research and the development of oral health promotion, thus connecting dental academia with integrative thinking, while also complementing and gathering information that subsidizes basic research with the primordial concepts on laws governing the parameters involved in the vital processes of nature.
Impact of a physical activity program on plasma concentrations of adiponectin, leptin and ghrelin in overweight and obese schoolchildren: A randomized controlled trial  [PDF]
André Everton de Freitas, Joel Alves Lamounier, Danusa Dias Soares, Thiago Henrique de Oliveira, Débora Romualdo Lacerda, Joyce Batista Andrade, Flávia Komatsuzaki, Leida Maria Botion, Adaliene Versiani Matos Ferreira, Camilo Adalto Mariano da Silva, Dilermando Fazito Rezende
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.511245
Abstract: Introduction: Child obesity has important consequences on the child’s health and is related to the risk of developing chronic diseases. That brings up the need for research assessing the impact of obesity-and overweight-reduction programs with close attention to methodology aspects and precise indicators of the impact of such programs. Goal: Assessing the impact of a physical activity program on the plasma concentrations of adiponectin, leptin, and ghrelin in overweight and obese schoolchildren. Methods: Randomized controlled trial, double-blind, with 6-to 9-year-old overweight and obese school-children. A sample of 79 schoolchildren randomly distributed into control and intervention groups was subjected to a physical activity program. The levels of adiponectin, leptin, ghrelin, body mass index, body fat percentage, anthropometry, lipid profile and glycemia were evaluated. The program’s impact was assessed through multivariate linear regression models. Result: When comparing the groups, a significant difference was found for adiponectin, which shows an increase in the proportion of subjects with higher adiponectin concentrations for the intervention group and a reduction in body mass index and body fat percentage. Conclusion: The impact of the intervention program was positive in increasing adiponectin levels associated with a reduction in body mass index and body fat percentage.
Variables Associated with Cirrhosis Diagnosis in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C: A Case-Control Study  [PDF]
Gilmar Amorim de Sousa, Iris do Céu Clara Costa, Dyego Leandro Bezerra de Souza, Fabia Barbosa de Andrade,via Medeiros Soares Celani, Ranna Santos Pessoa, Marlon César de Souza Filho, Daniel Fernandes Mello de Oliveira, Luana Lopes de Medeiros, Lucila Samara Dantas de Oliveira, Maria Flávia Monteiro
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.712176
Abstract: The diagnosis of liver cirrhosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C has not always been easy, since the gold standard method is the liver biopsy, which is an invasive procedure with interobserver accuracy problems and there have been reports of complications including records of deaths due to hemoperitoneum. Cirrhosis changes the prognosis of the subject with hepatitis C and requires a different clinical management. This study aimed to identify clinical and laboratory variables associated with the diagnosis of cirrhosis in the ultrasonography of patients infected with hepatitis C. In a case-control study, we evaluated 70 cirrhotic patients with chronic hepatitis C compared to a control group of 70 non-cirrhotic people with positive HCV. The results showed, through logistic regression analysis, that the variables blood donor and professional athlete, adjusted for alcohol consumption, showed OR 0.24 and 0.18, with p values of 0.044 and 0.035, respectively. We conclude that the diagnosis of cirrhosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C remains challenging, but the patients with the condition of blood donor or professional athlete prove to be less likely to cirrhosis in ultrasonography in the initial consultation.
O uso da fontanela posterior no diagnóstico ultra-sonográfico das hemorragias periintraventriculares
Gauzzi, Luciana D. V.;Tavares, Eduardo C.;Xavier, César C.;Corrêa, Flávia F.;
Jornal de Pediatria , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0021-75572008000700006
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the use of the posterior fontanelle in premature neonates (< 37 weeks) with a birth weight < 1,500 g in the ultrasound diagnosis of intraventricular/periventricular hemorrhage and to assess whether the use of the anterior fontanelle associated with the posterior fontanelle changes the interrater agreement. methods: eighty-five premature neonates were evaluated in this prospective study. ultrasound was performed using the anterior fontanelle, and later, the posterior fontanelle. a consensus diagnosis between two raters was used to analyze the agreement between the anterior fontanelle alone and in association with the posterior fontanelle. if there was no consensus, a third observer was involved to decide. results: agreement between the first two raters had a kappa of 0.80 (95%ci 0.76-0.84). however, when the anterior fontanelle was evaluated alone, kappa was 0.74 (95%ci 0.70-0.78). thirty-seven hemispheres had grade ii hemorrhage, of which 17 (45.9%) had their diagnosis performed using the anterior fontanelle; in 10 (27%), diagnosis was suspected by the anterior fontanelle and confirmed by the posterior fontanelle; and in 10 (27%), diagnosis was exclusively performed using the posterior fontanelle. of the 454 hemispheres, in 20 (4.4%) the diagnosis of intraventricular hemorrhage was performed exclusively by the posterior fontanelle (p < 0.001). conclusions: in this study, the anterior fontanelle associated with the posterior fontanelle was better than the use of the anterior fontanelle alone in the identification of intraventricular/periventricular hemorrhage. ultrasound using the posterior fontanelle allowed diagnosis of unsuspected grade ii hemorrhage by the anterior fontanelle. use of the posterior fontanelle was also useful to clarify presence of hemorrhage in inconclusive examinations by the anterior fontanelle.
Conhecimento, atitudes e comportamentos frente ao risco ocupacional de exposi??o ao HIV entre estudantes de Medicina da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Toledo Júnior, Antonio Carlos C.;Ribeiro,via Andrade;Ferreira, Flávia Gomes Faleiro;Ferraz, Rodrigo Moraes;Greco, Dirceu Bartolomeu;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86821999000500007
Abstract: the objectives of this study were to evaluate the occupational risk of medical students, their knowledge and practice of universal biosafety measures and hepatitis b immunization coverage. a specific questionnaire was applied to 136 medical students of the universidade federal de minas gerais: 87 (64%) students were involved in surgical procedures, 68 (50%) had been exposed to blood, 90 (66.2%) knew the universal biosafety measures and 33 (24.3%) knew the procedure in case of blood exposure. thus, this population has a high risk of blood exposure and although there is a low formal knowledge about universal biosafety measures, most of these were generally used. new strategies, such as formal teaching of universal biosafety measures, in loco supervision, and biosafety teams, are necessary to change this situation.
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