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Turkish Studies , 2012,
Abstract: TOBB Ekonomi ve TeknolojiWho signed the book in many literary and intellectual Rasim zden ren, fifty-five-year adventure of a writer published ten book on the short story. Many of the founders of the zden ren literary magazine, literary theory and literary works of writings about the size of the winningidea is one of the authors. Stories of Islamic civilization with its own value judgments and sensitivity to anxiety and not typing a message to the author also underlines the stories. Short story books, read as a thematic of alienation and rebellion, the economic dimensions ofdissolution, the idea of death and the hereafter, family, children, home and concentrate on mysticism is. In this article, the general assessment is made zden ren'in short story books Edeb ve fikr alanda pek ok kitaba imza atm olan Rasim zden ren, elli be y ll k yazarl k serüveninde on ykü kitab yay mlam t r. Pek ok edebiyat dergisinin de kurucular aras nda yer alan zden ren, edebiyat kuram na dair yazd yaz larla da edeb eserlerine dü ünce boyutu kazand ran yazarlardan biridir. slam uygarl n n kendine zgü de er yarg lar n ve duyarl l n ykülerine ta yan yazar, ykülerini bir mesaj verme kayg s ile yazmad n n da alt n izer. ykü kitaplar tematik olarak okundu unda yabanc la ma ve ba kald r , zülmenin ekonomik boyutlar , lüm ve ahiret dü üncesi, aile, ocuk, ev ve tasavvuf üzerine yo unla t klar g rülür. Bu makalede zden ren’in ykü kitaplar n n genel de erlendirmesi yap lm t r.
Kalite Y netimi er evesinde Bankalarda al an Personelin Tatmini ve Tatminini Etkileyen Fakt rlerin ncelenmesine Y nelik Bir Ara t rma(Job Satisfaction and its Determinants for Individuals Who Works in The Banking Sector in Quality Management Perspective)
Edip ?RüCü,Sedat YUMUAK,Yasin BOZKIR
Y?netim ve Ekonomi , 2006,
Abstract: Job satisfaction exist when the characteristics of job and desires of workers match. Positive attitude the job is eqivalent to job satisfaction. However, negative attitude towards the job is equivalent to non-satisfaction with the job. Therefore, if an individual highly satisfied with the job then one can infer from this that s/he loves his job and s/he gives a positive value to his/her job. This study aims to determine the factors, and their importance, that have an effect on the job satisfaction of workers in the banks. We found that there is a statistically significant reletion between these factors, such as management style, wage and job satisfaction.
Communication Skills Training For Emergency Nurses
Mehmet Ak, Orhan Cinar, Levent Sutcigil, Emel Dovyap Congologlu, Bikem Haciomeroglu, Hayri Canbaz, Hulya Yaprak, Loni Jay, Kamil Nahit Ozmenler
International Journal of Medical Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: To determine the effects of a communication skills training program on emergency nurses and patient satisfaction. Methods: Sixteen emergency nurses attended a 6-week psychoeducation program that was intended to improve their communication skills. The first 3 sessions of the psychoeducation program consisted of theoretical education on empathy and communication. Other sessions covered awareness, active communication, and empathic skills on a cognitive behavioral basis using discussion, role play, and homework within an interactive group. The effects of the program were assessed using a communication skills scale, empathy scale, and patient satisfaction survey and were reflected by the reduction in the number of undesirable events between nurses and patients in the emergency department. Results: The mean communication skill score (177.8±20) increased to 198.8±15 after training (p=0.001). Empathy score also increased from 25.7±7 to 32.6±6 (p=0.001). The patient satisfaction survey of 429 patients demonstrated increased scores on confidence in the nurses (76.4±11.2 to 84.6±8.3; p=0.01); the nurse's respect, kindness, and thoughtfulness (72.2± 8.1 to 82.1 ± 6,5; p=0.01); individualized attention (71.3± 6.2 to 73.2 ± 9.8; p=0.2); devotion of adequate time to listening (84.6± 9.3 to 89.8 ± 7.6; p=0.03); and counseling and information delivery (71.1± 10.2 to 80.2 ± 9.7; p=0.01). The number of undesirable events and complaints during nurse-patient interactions decreased 66 % from 6 to 2. Conclusion: “Communication Skills Training” can improve emergency nurses' communication and empathy skills with a corresponding increase in patient satisfaction and reduction of the undesirable events and complaints during nurse-patient interactions.
Türk e retiminde Metin Se imi
Firdevs Güne?
Ana Dili E?itimi Dergisi , 2013,
Abstract: Dünyam zda 1900’lü y llardan günümüze kadar dil retiminde e itli metinler kullan lm t r. Bunlar “ edebi metinler, üretilmi metinler, zgün ve zel metinler ” ba l klar alt nda toplanm t r. Metinlerin se imi dil retim yakla m ve y ntemlerine g re de i mektedir. Her yakla m kendine zgü metin kullanm t r. Geleneksel yakla mda dil bilgisi kurallar , atas zleri, edebiyat, genel kültür gibi konular n retimine a rl k verildi inden edebi metinler kullan lm t r. Davran yakla mda dil davran olarak ele al nm , tekrar, taklit ve ezberleme yoluyla retilmi tir. Bu yakla mda edebi metinler yerine üretilmi metinler kullan lm t r. Bili sel yakla mda “dil ileti im arac d r” g rü ü yay lm ve zgün metinler kullan lmaya ba lanm t r. Günümüzde ise yap land r c yakla mdan hareketle “Dil, sosyal etkile im arac d r.” anlay gündeme gelmi tir. Bu yakla mda zgün ve zel metinler kullan lmaya ba lanm t r. B ylece dil retiminde edebi metinlerden üretilmi metinlere ard ndan da zgün ve zel metinlere ge ilmi tir. Dünyam zdaki bu geli meler Türk e retiminde de g rülmektedir. Eskiden edebi metinlerle Türk e retimi yap l rken yeni Türk e retim programlarda zgün ve zel metinlerden yaralan lmakta, yküleyici, bilgilendirici ve iire yer verilmektedir.
The Relationship between the Self-efficacy and Life Satisfaction of Young Adults
Firdevs Savi ?akar
International Education Studies , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ies.v5n6p123
Abstract: The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between self-efficacy and life satisfaction of young adults. This study is cross-sectional study and variables. Data were collected between March 2012 and April 2012 from young adults who were bachelor degree and attending the Celal Bayar University Pedagogical Formation Program the academic term in 2011-2012. Participants consist of 405 young adults who selected by the simple random sampling. The number of women was determined to be 224 (57%) and that of men to be 181 (44%). Their mean age was 26.4. Data were collected by General Self–Efficacy Scale and The Satisfaction with Life Scale. Data was analyzed by ANOVA and regression analysis. It was determined that the self-efficacy of young adults significantly predicted their life satisfaction (48%, p=.05); also, self-efficacy and life satisfaction didn’t significantly differ among the groups in accordance with the perceived level of income. Depending on the results of this study, to raise self-efficacy of young adults can help to achieve their developmental tasks, this is vital for their healthy development and life satisfaction. It can be examine the longitudinal studies of the relationship between self-efficacy and life satisfaction in the young adulthood. Also, the factors that are effective in increasing life satisfaction can be determined through experimental studies to be performed with young adults.
Firdevs GüNE?
Zeitschrift für die Welt der Türken , 2010,
Abstract: Lullabies have a great importance in our culture. It was thought that lullabies just helping the babies and children with falling into sleep, in old times. According to the new researches, it is understood that lullabies are told to educate the children. Lullabies provide a contribution on linguistic, mental, emotional, social and physical and mental development of children. Especially in the early age, like babies, lullabies help the improvement of the mental development. For the children it helps to improve the skill of discovering the sound features of language, recognizing the sounds, and noticing syllable and words. Thus, it constitutes a base for the listening, speaking and reading. So, lullabies should be considered very important and necessary information about lullabies are given to the mothers.
Skills and Competencies Set Forth by Bologna Process in Higher Education
Firdevs GüNE?
Yüksek??retim ve Bilim Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: Scientific and technological advances of today, force the universities to train more qualified individuals. That needs to increase the quality of educational programs and practices, and requires constant updating in universities. So within the framework of the “Bologna Process” higher education programs have been started to be updated in our country. These studies, carried out to develop the skills and competencies of students' knowledge with student-centered educational approach. Besides a variety of knowledge and skills, ability to work independently and assume responsibility, learning, communication and social competence skills, such as domain specific competencies and professional competence is intended to gain to the students. This approach needs to teaching cognitive (logical, intuitive and creative thinking) and practical (manual skills, methods, materials, tools to use) skills, that is to say language, mental, social and emotional skills in higher education. Teaching of skills is different from teaching of the information in methods and practice. Therefore the universities should be developed for the assessment of teaching and coaching skills. Otherwise, the rote teaching of information will inevitably grow and achieving the goals of higher education will be difficult.
The personality traits of parents and parents reports of adolescents problems
Firdevs Savi,Rengin Akboy
Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of this study is to determine the relationship between personality traits of parents and parents’ reports of adolescentproblems. The samples consisted of 389 adolescences whose ages range from 12–15 years old and their parents. Instrumentsare used Child Behaviour Check List/4–16 and Eysenck Personality Questionnaire in order to analyze the data, correlationanalysis were employed. Independent t-test, MANOVA and Pearson correlation coefficient were utilized in analyzing the datacollected. As a result of this study, it has been determined that behavioural problems of adolescents reported by their parentssignificantly vary depending on the gender of such adolescents as well as their parents’ education level. It was found out thatthere is positive relationship between mothers’ and fathers’ psychoticism and neuroticism levels and parents’ reports ofadolescents’ problems. Based on this fact, it has been determined that adolescents were reported to exhibit more behaviouralproblems as the psychoticism and neuroticism levels of the parents go higher. According to this result, while examiningadolescent behavioural problems, one must take into account the personality traits of parents as densely used resources ofinformation and also the adolescent inclination for problematic behaviour and how different information resources might beutilized.
Self-Esteem and Hopelessness, and Resiliency: An Exploratory Study of Adolescents in Turkey
Zeynep Karatas,Firdevs Savi Cakar
International Education Studies , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ies.v4n4p84
Abstract: Adolescence is a time of rapid development and change. In this developmental period, adolescents have to struggle with a large number of stress factors. In this process resilience is important to have as an adaptive, stress-resistant personal quality. The recent research considers that numerous factors contribute to resilience in adolescents; the internal characteristics associated with resilience include such as self-esteem, self-efficacy, perseverance, internal locus of control, coping and adaptation skills. The purpose of this study is to explore self-esteem and hopelessness as the predictor of resiliency of adolescents. The participants in this study are 223 high school school students (90 females and 133 males). Main instruments are Beck Hopelessness Scale, California Healthy Kids Survey Resilience-Youth Development Module High School Questionnaire and Coopersmith Self-Esteem Scale. The data has been analyzed by regression analysis. The findings showed that self-esteem and hopelessness is a significant predictor of resilience in adolescents. There was a positive relationship between self-esteem and resilience, but there was a negative relationship between hopelessness and resilience. In accordance with the results obtained from this study, there is a correlation between adolescents’ self-esteem, hopelessness and resilience levels. Finally, findings warrant further investigation of the interaction effects of self esteem and hopelessness on resilience.
Prevalence of the Pathological Internet Use in a Sample of Turkish School Adolescents
S Canbaz,A Tevfik Sunter,Y Peksen,MA Canbaz
Iranian Journal of Public Health , 2009,
Abstract: "nBackground: The Internet addiction, also described as pathological Internet use (PIU), is conceptualized by an individual's in-ability to control his or her use of the Internet, which eventually causes marked distress and/or functional impairment. The aim of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of the PIU among adolescence, in relation to different Internet ac-tivities, and to excessive use of the Internet in Samsun, Turkey."nMethods: A cross-sectional study was conducted between October 1 and 31, 2005 in Samsun, Turkey. In total, 1315 high school students (760 male, 555 female; mean age, 15.2±1.1 years) were recruited. A self-administered questionnaire and Young's Internet Addiction Scale (IAS) was applied to the participants."nResults: Although only 506 (38.5%) of the participants have a computer at their home, total 1054 (80.2%) used a computer at home or public, such as an internet cafe. Eight hundred and ten (76.9%) of the participants, used a computer, to access to the Internet. Of the internet users, 10(1.2%), 161 (19.9%) and 639 (78.9%) were Internet addicts (IAs), possible Internet ad-dicts (PAs), and nonaddicts (NAs), respectively. It is found that males were more likely than females to be pathological us-ers in this study (P< 0.05)."nConclusion: Our results still demonstrate that the Internet plays an important role in the lives of Turkish adolescents.
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