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Analysis on Long Precipitation Series in Piedmont (North-West Italy)  [PDF]
Fiorella Acquaotta, Simona Fratianni
American Journal of Climate Change (AJCC) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajcc.2013.21002

This study analyses thirteen daily precipitation series of Piedmont, region of North-West Italy. The meteorological series have been chosen because they were meteorological observatories operating continuously from the beginning of 1900 until 2011. As the first step an historical research over each station has been carried out. In this way, the potential breaks, in the series, either due to changes of locations or instruments, have been determined and the missing values have been recovered. On the precipitation daily series a quality control have been effectuated and by metadata identification it was possible to assess the homogeneity of the meteorological series. In this way we have obtained the complete and correct series on which trends have been computed. In order to better understand the consequences of climate variations on our environment and society, we have calculated the climate indices proposed by “CCL/CLIVAR Working Group on Climate Change Detection” (dry and wet days, rainy days, intensity of precipitation…) over the time. The values of precipitation have also allowed beginning the climatic analysis with the aim at defining the principle local peculiarity in Piedmont.

The Equation of State of Dense Matter : from Nuclear Collisions to Neutron Stars
Burgio, Fiorella
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2007, DOI: 10.1088/0954-3899/35/1/014048
Abstract: The Equation of State (EoS) of dense matter represents a central issue in the study of compact astrophysical objects and heavy ion reactions at intermediate and relativistic energies. We have derived a nuclear EoS with nucleons and hyperons within the Brueckner-Hartree-Fock approach, and joined it with quark matter EoS. For that, we have employed the MIT bag model, as well as the Nambu--Jona-Lasinio (NJL) and the Color Dielectric (CD) models, and found that the NS maximum masses are not larger than 1.7 solar masses. A comparison with available data supports the idea that dense matter EoS should be soft at low density and quite stiff at high density.
Salute individuale e salute pubblica. Una questione strategica di filosofia della salute
Fiorella Battaglia
S&F_scienzaefilosofia.it , 2009,
Quale epistemologia per la psicologia?
Fiorella Battaglia
S&F_scienzaefilosofia.it , 2011,
Measurements of $\mathrm{J/ψ\rightarrow e^{+}e^{-}}$ with ALICE at the LHC
Fiorella Fionda
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/509/1/012110
Abstract: The ALICE detector provides excellent capabilities to study quarkonium production at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Heavy quarkonia, bound states of charm or beauty quark anti-quark pairs such as the $\mathrm{J/\psi}$, are expected to be produced by initial hard processes. Thus they will provide insight into the earliest and hottest stages of AA collisions where the formation of a Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) is expected. Furthermore, high-precision data from pp collisions represent an essential baseline for the measurement of nuclear modifications in heavy-ions and serve also as a crucial test for several models of quarkonium hadroproduction. In addition, the study of pA collisions allows to investigate nuclear modifications due to Cold Nuclear Matter (CNM) effects. In ALICE, $\mathrm{J/\psi}$ were measured in pp and Pb--Pb collisions down to $p_{\mathrm T}$ = 0 via their di-electron decay channel in the central barrel ($|y| <$ 0.8). Results on the nuclear modification factor ($R_{\mathrm{AA}}$) at central rapidities in Pb--Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}} = 2.76$ TeV will be shown and their implications discussed. A separation of the prompt and non-prompt components is also possible down to $p_{\mathrm T}$ of the $\mathrm{J/\psi}$ of 2 GeV/$c$.
Bacillus anthracis Factors for Phagosomal Escape
Fiorella Tonello,Irene Zornetta
Toxins , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/toxins4070536
Abstract: The mechanism of phagosome escape by intracellular pathogens is an important step in the infectious cycle. During the establishment of anthrax, Bacillus anthracis undergoes a transient intracellular phase in which spores are engulfed by local phagocytes. Spores germinate inside phagosomes and grow to vegetative bacilli, which emerge from their resident intracellular compartments, replicate and eventually exit from the plasma membrane. During germination, B. anthracis secretes multiple factors that can help its resistance to the phagocytes. Here the possible role of B. anthracis toxins, phospholipases, antioxidant enzymes and capsules in the phagosomal escape and survival, is analyzed and compared with that of factors of other microbial pathogens involved in the same type of process.
Defective oxytocin function: a clue to understanding the cause of autism?
Fiorella Gurrieri, Giovanni Neri
BMC Medicine , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1741-7015-7-63
Abstract: The article by Gregory et al. published this month in BMC Medicine, reports on genomic and epigenetic alterations of OXTR, the gene encoding the receptor for oxytocin. The involvement of this gene was suggested by its deletion in an autistic patient. The subsequent analysis of a group of unrelated autistic subjects did not show an OXTR deletion, but rather hypermethylation of the gene promoter, with a reduced mRNA expression.These findings address two major points of the current debate on the etiology and pathogenesis of autism: the role of oxytocin, known to be involved in modeling human behavior, and the possible involvement of epigenetic mechanisms. The nature of this epigenetic dysregulation is unknown but, if proved to be true, might explain the failure to identify sequence alterations in a host of candidate genes. Practical implications of these findings may be forthcoming, however not before extension and validation on a larger scale have confirmed their value.See the associated research paper by Gregory et al: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1741-7015/7/62 webciteThis month in BMC Medicine, Gregory et al. [1] report on a potential new clue to understanding the etiology of autism.The autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of neurodevelopmental conditions characterized by impairment in social, emotional and communicative skills and by stereotyped motor and mental processes with an onset in the first 3 years of life. ASD affects approximately 0.6% of children[2]. The number of children diagnosed with this condition has greatly increased in recent decades, likely due to increased awareness, reduced stringency of diagnostic criteria and, possibly, other factors of unknown nature [3].Regarding the etiology, it is generally accepted that genetic factors play a major role and it has become clear that, with the exception of a minority of instances (about 1%) in which the phenotype is caused by a single gene alteration, the genetic component leading to autism is co
The Topos of the Disappointing Journey: The End of Exoticism? Il topos del viaggio deludente: fine dell’esotismo?
Lucia Claudia Fiorella
Between , 2011,
Abstract: As the term ‘exoticism’ describes an aesthetic appreciation of the foreign, irrespective of any substantial knowledge of it as such, the actual experience of the much longed-for Elsewhere may result in a bitter disappointment, even in a catastrophe for the imagination. This occurs because the ‘exotic’ is a (Western) self-centered, self-gratifying notion elaborated in the nineteenth century which codifies a strategic representation of the Other employed as a repository for those features from which the West has estranged itself, yet longs for. Since the representation of the Other entails an implicit representation of the Self, disappointing journeys and subsequent crises regarding the ‘exotic tension’ (in the terms of Segalen) have often been the starting point for a fundamental questioning of Western representations of Otherness as well as of their construction of the sense of identity. A case in point is the journey to the Holy Land, whose conventions have informed an impressive number of travelogues recording the disillusionment of travellers at the gap between the reality of the place and its people and their idealized, literary versions. Responses range from despairing ennui to constructive sarcasm. To account for these differences, Lucia Fiorella draws a comparison between Pierre Loti’s Jérusalem (1896) and Mark Twain’s Innocents Abroad (1869). Dal momento che il termine ‘esotismo’ descrive un apprezzamento dell’estraneo in quanto tale, a prescindere cioè da una sua cognizione effettiva, l’esperienza diretta del vagheggiato Altrove può ben tradursi in amaro disappunto, finanche in una catastrofe dell’immaginazione. Questo accade perché l’‘esotico’ è nozione eurocentrica, autocentrata e gratificante, che dalla seconda metà dell’Ottocento codifica una rappresentazione strategica dell’Altro fatto depositario di quei tratti che l’Occidente si è alienato, e che pur rimpiange. Dato che ogni rappresentazione dell’Altro sottende un’implicita rappresentazione di sé, i viaggi deludenti e le inevitabili cadute della ‘tensione esotica’ (Segalen) che ne conseguono sono spesso stati il punto di partenza per una critica radicale delle rappresentazioni occidentali dell’alterità come pure della loro costruzione del senso di identità. Esemplare il caso dei racconti di viaggio in Terra Santa di fine Ottocento, che registrano il disappunto per la scollatura fra la realtà del luogo e della sua gente e le idealizzazioni letterarie del passato. Le reazioni variano da un disperante ennui al sarcasmo costruttivo: per darne contezza, Lucia Claudia Fiorella confronta Jér
The Law and the Lady between emancipation and reversion to order The Law and the Lady fra emancipazione e ritorno all'ordine
Lucia Claudia Fiorella
Between , 2012,
Abstract: As it often happens in literature, the staging of a miscarriage of justice (or allegedly so) gives occasion to criticize individual provisions of the law, and betrays a general underlying mistrust towards it, as well as an unavowed competition for discoursive authority. Fiorella’s article is a case study of The Law and the Lady (1874) by Wilkie Collins, an ambiguous detective novel which embarks on the exposure of the so-called ‘Scotch verdict’, and more importantly, of the socio-cultural law of the gender-based separation of roles, only to relapse on a seemingly traditional ending (which is expression of traditional mores), ultimately rejecting its ideological premise. Fiorella’s argument is that not only the closure but the whole of Collins’s literary project is shaped by an unresolved ambivalence of outlook, which is most evident in the attempt of a compromise between the conflicting codes of the melodrama and the detective novel. Come spesso accade in letteratura, la rappresentazione di un errore giudiziario (o presunto tale) costituisce l’occasione per contestare specifiche disposizioni di legge, ma più in generale tradisce una sfiducia per il mondo del diritto che ha la sua controparte in un’inconfessata competizione per l’autorità discorsiva. L’articolo di Fiorella è un case study di The Law and the Lady (1874) di Wilkie Collins, un romanzo investigativo ambiguo, che s’imbarca nella denuncia del cosiddetto ‘verdetto scozzese’, e soprattutto della più cogente legge socio-culturale della separazione dei ruoli su base sessuale, solo per ricadere, apparentemente, su un finale tradizionale che è espressione di valori tradizionali, e che sembra quindi negare le premesse ideologiche di partenza. La tesi di Fiorella è che non solo il finale ma l’intero progetto collinsiano è caratterizzato da un’ambivalenza di fondo, che si esprime nel tentativo di un compromesso fra i codici irrimediabilmente contrastanti del melodramma e del romanzo investigativo.
Tropes of Ascesis and Ascent in Polar Expeditions from Verne to Amundsen Figure dell’ascesi e dell’ascesa: l’esplorazione polare da Verne ad Amundsen
Lucia Claudia Fiorella
Between , 2011,
Abstract: What we know of polar expeditions coincides with a number of fictional and non fictional representations using different registers: the iconic-technical-scientific, the auto/biographical, the literary/fictional. This paper draws a comparison between texts featuring contrasting views on the character and purposes of polar expeditions, their supposed usefulness and political consequences, and the certification procedures of scientific knowledge, reflecting broader concerns about the idea of progress, the man/environment relation, and international relations. Fictional and non fictional texts are involved in this ideological confrontation in varying degrees of urgency. However, one cannot fail to note ongoing competition between the two, if only for the fact that the explorers’ accounts take pains to produce hallmarks of authenticity, veridicality and reliability in order not to be mixed up with fiction; on the other hand, fiction makes use of mimetic strategies achieving an amazing effect of realism. The contributor offers a thematic reading of ascent-related tropes, focusing on Jules Verne’s Captain Hatteras (1866) as an example of critical optimism in contrast with the apocalyptic Purple Cloud (1901) by M.P. Shiel, as well as with R.E. Amundsen’s My Polar Flight (1925) – which features an optimism that has lost its Promethean overtones and comes closer to the elation for a sporting achievement.

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