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Nós traumáticos, jogo e simboliza??o
Análise Psicológica , 1999,
Abstract: in this article, the author intends to reflect the problem of trauma from a psychoanalytic point of view. she also tries to apply this perspective in the community observation (in angola), in a post-war situation. finally, she provides a few clinic examples of the conceptual proposals.
O véu da mente
Análise Psicológica , 1999,
Abstract: the author deals briefly with some epistemological questions, trying to establish bonds between the relativity theory, quantum mechanics (considering that the first opens the way to the latter, in spite of einstein's strong opposition) and the psychoanalytic field, namely after bion. to illustrate this point of view, she presents a small clinical vignette of a patient who has bulimic suffering, and who is elaborating very painful experiments of separation from the primary object, and she examines a few transitions in the psychic structure.
Simone Raquel Batista Ferreira
Geografares , 2010,
Abstract: Discuss o das formas de territorialidade construídas pelas comunidades afrodescendentes no Norte do Espírito Santo, cujos ancestrais ali se estabeleceram durante a coloniza o, inicialmente como trabalhadores escravizados. Com o fim da escravid o, essas comunidades passaram a reproduzir sua existência camponesa, construindo territórios que lhes foram expropriados a partir de meados do século XX pela produ o da celulose. Atualmente, ensejam formas de reapropria o dessesterritórios, onde se destacam o “facho” e a conforma o da identidade quilombola.
“Mi casa, su casa”. La subjetivación del espacio íntimo como imagen representada.
Raquel Queiroz Ferreira
Revista del Museo de Antropologia , 2010,
Abstract: What do the houses say about the persons who live them? What is to be showed and what not? How to negotiate the permission to observe/photograph them already be so private and intimate spaces?This study take an extract of registry of an amateur research – published in a blog – about the way of life inscribed in the homeloving space. It analyzes the process of creation and obtaining images in some houses. First, it examines them as space of the intimacy (Bachelard 1975) and organizated microcosms (Bourdieu 1990), observing the particularity of the object photographed about this images. Afterwards, it analyzes the preparation of the space for possibles socials interactions (Goffman 2004). The ordering ordering of objects in space is thought as photograph com- of objects in space is thought as photograph of objects in space is thought as photograph com- com com--position and frame. Finally, it treats the representations of the person in his house as an advance of image (Barthes 1980). This analysis is preliminary and takes part in the interesting subject beign developped for a master’s thesis.
Self-Controlled Feedback and Trait Anxiety in Motor Skill Acquisition  [PDF]
Raquel Maia Bokums, Cassio M. Meira Jr., Jaqueline F. O. Neiva, Thaynara Oliveira, Jusselma Ferreira Maia
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2012.35057
Abstract: This study examined the relationship between trait anxiety (TA) and self-controlled (SC) frequency of feedback in the acquisition of the overhead volleyball serve. Forty-eight adolescent girls performed 240 acquisition trials, with the provision of knowledge of results (KR). After 48 h, they performed 16 transfer no-KR trials. Although no interactions were found on either acquisition or transfer, the high-anxious girls requested more feedback than the low-anxious ones. Also, feedback was requested more after accurate than after inaccurate trials.
Exacerba??es na asma persistente grave: Impacto do controlo dos factores de risco
Ferreira,Diva; Duarte,Raquel; Carvalho,Aurora;
Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia , 2007,
Abstract: it is estimated that in developed countries between 1% and 2% of total healthcare expenditure goes on asthma treatment. the natural progression and causes of severe asthma are still not well defined. severe persistent asthma is a less common situation, accounting for 5% of total asthma patients. despite representing a small percentage of total patients, this group is largely responsible for the high health costs of asthma. consequently, the improvement of risk factors can lead to both socioeconomic and health gains. the aim of this study was to examine risk factors for exacerbations in a group of patients with severe persistent asthma. it was a retrospective study, based on patient case histories that included subjects with severe persistent asthma with follow-up in an allergy unit between 1984 and 2005. a total 27 patients were included (mean age=50.64±12.7 years), 81.5% female. main risk factors for exacerbations analysed were atopy, respiratory infections, premenstrual asthma, nasal symptoms, gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd), psychological factors and obesity. correction of these risk factors improved asthma control. the most significant impact was achieved with polypectomy and oral contraceptives in a teenager. in conclusion, correct identification of all risk factors for exacerbation in asthma, selection of those that can be controlled and their correction can improve asthma control.
Multifunctional Nanostructured Materials Applied in Controlled Radiopharmaceuticals Release  [PDF]
Raquel Cristina de Sousa Azevedo, Daniel Crístian Ferreira Soares, Ricardo Geraldo de Sousa, Edésia Martins Barros de Sousa
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology (JBNB) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jbnb.2012.32022
Abstract: The metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) radiopharmaceutical, an analogue of norepinephrine, has been used to diagnose certain diseases in the cardiovascular system when radiolabeled with 123I. This radiopharmaceutical can also be used to treat tumors, such as neuroblastomas and pheochromocytomas, when radiolabeled with 131I. Its clinical use is often accompanied by a slow intravenous administration, where a significant dose of radiation can directly affect workers in nuclear medicine services. To overcome this problem, the incorporation and controlled release of radiopharmaceuticals from the matrix of mesoporous systems based on silica, such as SBA-15 and hybrid [SBA-15/P(N-iPAAm)], can lead to a significant reduction in radiation doses received by workers. In the present study, silica matrices SBA-15 and hybrid [SBA-15/P(N-iPAAm)] containing the radiopharmaceutical MIBG were prepared and physicochemically characterized through FTIR, SEM, and small angle X-ray diffraction techniques. The release profiles of MIBG from SBA-15 and [SBA-15/P(N-iPAAm)] were studied in a simulated body fluid (SBF) to evaluate their potential application as vehicles for controlled releases. Furthermore, in vitro studies were performed to assess the cytotoxicity of matrices as compared to human lung fibroblast cells (MRC-5). The results revealed that the amount of MIBG incorporated within the studied matrices was indeed quite different, showing that only the hybrid [SBA-15/P(N-iPAAm)] system allowed for a more adequate release profile of MIGB. Taking all results into consideration, it can be concluded that the hybrid matrix [SBA-15/P(N-iPAAm)] can be considered a potential alternative material for the controlled release delivery of radio-pharmaceuticals.
Substrate texture properties induce triatomine probing on bitten warm surfaces
Raquel A Ferreira, Marcos H Pereira, Marcelo G Lorenzo
Parasites & Vectors , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1756-3305-4-111
Abstract: The presence of a latex cover on a thermal source induced a change in the biting pattern shown by bugs. In fact, with latex covered sources it was possible to observe long bites that were never performed in response to warm metal surfaces. The total number of bites was higher in intact versus unilaterally antennectomized insects. These bites were significantly longer in intact than in unilaterally antennectomized insects.Our results suggest that substrate recognition by simultaneous input through thermal and mechanical modalities is required for triggering maxillary probing activity.Triatomine bugs are vectors of Chagas' disease [1-3], which is caused by the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi. This disease is one of the main public health problems in Latin America. Endemic to 21 countries, the disease affects approximately 15-16 million people, while another 75-90 million are exposed to risk of transmission [4]. In Venezuela, Colombia and some parts of Central America, Rhodnius prolixus St?l (1859) is the main vector of this parasite [5].Triatomine bugs rely on a number of sensory cues that are emitted by their hosts, mainly chemical and thermal, for orienting when they search for a blood-meal. The heat emitted by warm blooded animals is the main cue used by triatomine bugs to locate a host at short distances [6,7]. Indeed, it is the only stimulus that can trigger biting in these bugs [8-10]. A sequence of behavioural responses is shown by R. prolixus when confronted with a heat source [8]. Initially, this involves only antennal movements that are followed soon after by locomotor activity during which the antennae are rhythmically flexed up and down (8). Finally, insects extend their proboscis just before they touch the source with one or both antennae [8]. This process of distance estimation is presumably mediated by triangulation based on the integration of the information obtained by both antennae [6]. More recently, it was suggested that thermal gradients form
Effect of age on the myosin-V immunoreactive myenteric neurons of rats ileum
Ferreira Schoffen,Jo?o Paulo; Mar?al Natali,Maria Raquel;
Biocell , 2007,
Abstract: alterations in the gastrointestinal neuromuscular function related to age have been demonstrated in human and animal models. this study analyzes the effects of the aging process on the area of the neuronal cell bodies of the myenteric plexus in the antimesenteric and intermediate regions of the ileal circumference of wistar, 12 month-old in comparison 3 month-old animals. the ileum was removed and whole-mount preparations immunostained by the antibody anti-myosin-v were processed. the morphometric analyses were performed using a computerized image analysis system, with a subsequent distribution of neurons by size in intervals of 100 μm2. the cellular body morphometry revealed a significant increase in the size of the myosin-v- immunoreactive myenteric neurons from 12 month -old animals when compared with 3 month-old animals. however, significant differences between the regions were not observed; these observations were not age-dependent. the implications of these results in relation to the increase of the body weight, size of the small intestine, general organization of the myenteric plexus, staining method of neurons and the possible factors involved in the regulation and/or control of the volume of neronal cells due to aging, are discussed.
Análise crítica e subjetiva dos conteúdos da anatomia topográfica ensinados na Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia da Universidade de S?o Paulo e uma proposta de adequa??o baseada na realidade profissional contemporanea
Lazinho, Raquel Cristina;Miglino, Maria Angélica;Ferreira, Jussara Rocha;
Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-95962004000300005
Abstract: our purpose was evaluate the present, through the case study, where we analyzed the program of the discipline of topographical anatomy and we interpreted the extension, depth and adaptation of these contents, starting from the observance of the interest or not of minister, as base for the clinic, surgery, technologies and others areas of performance in the generalist veterinarian graduation, where the anatomy makes herself present. we tried more and more to contemplate on the context of such teaching in relationship to the demands of the labor market, to thedemands competitive and unstable. through the documental analysis and interviews structured, we arrived to a consent that would be necessary to adapt the information among the basic and professional cycles, to implant a form of active education, where the student builds its learning and evaluation, using a pedagogic proposal that includes the educational technologies and the university extension.
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