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Software for pattern recognition of the larvae of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus
S?o Thiago, André Iwersen de;Kupek, Emil;Ferreira Neto, Joaquim Alves;S?o Thiago, Paulo de Tarso;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822002000300012
Abstract: software for pattern recognition of the larvae of mosquitoes aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus, biological vectors of dengue and yellow fever, has been developed. rapid field identification of larva using a digital camera linked to a laptop computer equipped with this software may greatly help prevention campaigns.
Software for pattern recognition of the larvae of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus
S?o Thiago André Iwersen de,Kupek Emil,Ferreira Neto Joaquim Alves,S?o Thiago Paulo de Tarso
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2002,
Abstract: Software for pattern recognition of the larvae of mosquitoes Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, biological vectors of dengue and yellow fever, has been developed. Rapid field identification of larva using a digital camera linked to a laptop computer equipped with this software may greatly help prevention campaigns.
Development of Psychic Pain in the Context of Microcephaly and Abortion: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis  [PDF]
Uilna Natércia Soares Feitosa, Danilo Ferreira de Sousa, Poliana Moreira de Medeiros Carvalho, Raquel Guimar?es Kanda, Joaquim Alves Diniz, Luis Clescivan Ferreira Nobre, Dayse Christina Rodrigues Pereira Luz, Wilma José Santana, Cícera Jaqueline Sobreira Andriola, Nélio Barreto Vieira, Antonio Souto Gouveia, Alberto Olavo Advincula Reis, Caio Parente Barbosa, Modesto Leite Rolim Neto
Health (Health) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/health.2017.92026
Abstract: Background: In the year of 2015, evidence of a relation between Zika virus and the development of microcephaly in pregnant women who acquired the infection started to come up. Thus, it is extremely necessary that the analysis of the affliction affects these women in a biopsychosocial context, in order to discuss and comprehend in a more reliable manner the affection from the perception of the disease, origin, and psychic pain mechanisms. Methods: Systematic review with meta-analysis, using the PRISMA protocol. The study period was 2016 and the keywords included “microcephaly” and “abortion”, one at a time and then combined with the Boolean operator “AND.” The statistical analysis was done using the BioEstat 5.0 program. Calculation was based on an adjustment of Mantel-Haenszel random effect. Results: 41,046 registrations were found. Of this total, 40,992 articles were excluded because they only mentioned the fact or referred to spontaneous abortion, did not analyze abortion on the eyes of microcephaly, only treated with Zika virus, or were repeated. Limitations: Psychic pain and suffering need studies in the mother/son/disease relation, which were not found in the databases. The article was based on other sources. Conclusions: The pains vary in different areas of the female life, since internal conflicts, gender violence, stress, fear, insecurity, psychologic torture, grieve, loneliness, among other kinds of psychic suffering. More studies on psycho-emotional themes need to be promoted to discuss the female suffering on a wider vision, closer to the reality faced by these women.
Degradabilidade in Situ da Matéria Seca e Proteína Bruta das Silagens de Seis Genótipos de Sorgo (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) em Diferentes Estádios de Matura??o
Molina, Lívio Ribeiro;Gon?alves, Lúcio Carlos;Rodriguez, Norberto Mário;Rodrigues, José Avelino Santos;Ferreira, José Joaquim;Castro Neto, Agenor Getúlio de;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982002000100017
Abstract: in order to evaluate the in situ degradability of the dry matter and crude protein of silages of six sorghum genotipes in different stages of maturation, four fistulated crossbred holstein-zebu steers, fed with grass hay ad libitum, were utilized. the silage samples were dried and milled at 5 mm screen and 5 g of each sample were placed in 12 x 18 cm naylon bags and 50 μm porous size, and were introduced through the fistulas. after different times of incubation (6, 12, 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours later), the naylon bags were removed, the samples from the same genotipe, animal and time of incubation were transformed in a homogenous pool and milled at 1mm screen, and were stored for further analysis of dm and cp. it was used the split-split plot design in which the parcels were the silages of different genotipes, split-plots were the periods of harvesting and split-split-plots were the six periods of incubation. in this study, there were differences on dry matter and crude protein disappearance of the sorghum silages, although these can not be attributed to the percentage of grains in the different genotipes. the age of the plant influenced the effective degradability of digestible fractions, benefiting early stages.
Fatores clínico-patológicos de predi??o do acometimento axilar em pacientes com metástases de cancer de mama no linfonodo sentinela
Barbosa, Edison Mantovani;Francisco, Alice Aparecida Rodrigues Ferreira;Araujo Neto, Joaquim Teodoro de;Alves, Eloá Muniz de Freitas;Tavares, Márcia Garrido Modesto;Góes, Jo?o Carlos Sampaio;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032010000300008
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate which clinical, pathological or immunohistochemical factors may be predictive of metastatic involvement of other lymph nodes in patients with breast carcinoma undergoing sentinel lymph node biopsy (slnb). methods: a retrospective study carried out with 1,000 successive patients with slnb from 1998 to 2008. age, tumor size, histological grade, lymphovascular invasion, hormone receptor status and her-2, size of metastasis and number of positive sln were evaluated. the associations between the characteristics of the tumors and the types of metastases were evaluated through χ2 corrected likelihood ratio tests for insufficient samples. results: mean age was 57.6 years and mean tumor size was 1.85 cm. a total of 72.2% sln were negative and 27.8% were positive, but in 61.9% of the cases, the sln was the only positive one, with 78.4% having macrometastases, 17.3% micrometastases and 4.3% isolated tumor cells (cti). tumor size was predictive of metastases in non-sentinel lymph nodes. after 54 months of follow-up, there were no recurrences in patients with cti, but one local recurrence and two systemic recurrences were observed in the micrometastasis group, as well as four local and 30 distant metastases in the macrometastasis group. conclusions: among the clinical parameters studied, only tumor size was correlated with metastatic involvement in axillary lymph nodes. the size of the metastases and the number of positive sln also directly increased the possibility of systemic recurrence. the different rates of recurrence indicate that the biological significance of these types of metastases is different and that patients with sln metastases may also have different risks of metastatic involvement of other axillary lymph nodes.
The vertical dispersión of Anopheles (Kerteszia) cruzi in a forest in southern Brazil suggests that human cases of malaria of simian origin might be expected
Deane, Leonidas M.;Ferreira Neto, Joaquim A.;Lima, Milton Moura;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1984, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761984000400011
Abstract: by staining females of anopheles cruzi with fluorescent coloured powders in a forest in the state of santa catarina, we showed that they move from canopy to ground and vice-versa to feed. this suggests that in areas where this mosquito is a vector of human and simian malarias sporadic infections of man with monkey plasmodia might be expected.
Redu??o da dose e do volume de calda nas aplica??es noturnas de herbicidas em pós-emergência na cultura de soja
Ferreira, Marcelo C.;Machado-Neto, Joaquim G.;Matuo, Tomomassa;
Planta Daninha , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-83581998000100003
Abstract: the aim of this research was to evaluate the effect of night-time application on the reduction of spray volume and dose rate in post-emergence herbicide applications and on the selectivity to soybean plants. two field trials were settled in the experimental farm of the fcav/unesp - jaboticabal/sp, brazil, during 1994/95 and 1995/96. spray applications were carried out at 5:00 and 9:00a.m. and 2:00, 5:00 and 10:00p.m. in the first trial the herbicides lactofen and bentazon were applied at 60% of the recommended rate. in the second trial lactofen was applied at 40% of the standard rate and fomesafen at 70%. control plots were treated with the recommended rate of the herbicides. there were also settled weeded and unweeded plots. it was verified that the reduced dose and spray volume applications carried out at 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. favored the performance of lactofen with 60% of the standard rate but the contrary ocurred with fomesafen. there was no statistical difference between spray volumes studied which allowed the application of 75 or 150l/ha according to the most favorable period for each herbicide. the effect of herbicides bentazon, lactofen and fomesafen depends, besides the environmental conditions during the night-time, on the interations with these herbicides and the weeds.
Eduardo Cavalheiro Jardim,Joaquim Martins Ferreira Neto,Suzete Silveira Fichtner
Pesquisa Agropecuária Tropical , 2007, DOI: 10.5216/pat.v9i1.2358
Abstract: Neste experimento avaliaram-se os níveis séricos de transaminase glutamica oxalacética (GOT) e transaminase glutamica pirúvica (GPT), bem como proteínas totais, em cinco bovinos mesti os holandês-zebu, experimentalmente envenenados com tetracloreto de carbono (C CL4). Concluiu-se que as altera es histopatológicas do fígado n o guardaram rela o direta com o volume de tetracloreto de carbono administrado; as les es histopatológicas do fígado mostraram indícios de regenera o celular; os níveis séricos das transaminases permitem a sua utiliza o como índice de altera o físico-químicas dos hepatócitos; os níveis séricos de proteínas totais, em especial os da albumina, permitem a sua indica o como índice de incapacidade hepática de síntese protéica. The authors analyzed GOT and GPT serum levels as well as total protein in five bovines experimentally poisoned by C CL4. It was found that transaminase serum levels can be used as an index of hepatocytes physical and chemical alterations; and that total protein, specially Albumin, serve as an index of hepatic incapacity in the Protein Synthesis.
Joaquim Maria Ferreira Antunes Neto,Larissa Barbosa de Paula
Brazilian Journal of Biomotricity , 2011,
Abstract: ANTUNES NETO, J. M. F.; PAULA, L. B. Indices of oxidative stress in subjects with different levels of body composition and tack the practice of physical activity.Brazilian Journal of Biomotricity, v. 5, n. 2, p. 117-131, 2011. The reactive oxygen species (ROS) are derived from exogenous sources or produced endogenously, as a normal consequence of cellular functions. The unbalance caused by the excess in the production of these species associated with the fall in the cellular antioxidant capacity provokes what we call oxidative stress; a process that generates, over all, alterations in the cellular membranes and in the genes structures, at extreme circumstances. The objective of this work consisted in investigating the oxidative stress potential in sedentary obese subjects, since the obesity became a public health problem, over all in industrialized countries. Thirty men volunteers (age 26,6 ± 3,5) participated of the study and have divided in three groups, in accordance with corporal composition and active style of life: sedentary group with normal body mass index (BMI) (IMC-NS), n = 10; sedentary group with elevated BMI (IMC-ES), n = 10; and physical activity practitioner group with normal BMI (IMC-NPAF), n = 10. The analyses have divided in antropometrics – BMI, arterial pressure, waist-hip relation and fat percentage; biochemistry – hemoglobin dosage; antioxidant markers – catalase (CAT) and total sulphydril groups (TSG); oxidant markers – thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARs); and cellular alteration markers – creatine kinase (CK). The results had shown that the subjects of IMC-ES group, when compared to the other groups, have lower levels of CAT (0,19 ± 0,10 k/gHb/min), TSG (298,0 ± 67,0 μM), TBARS (1,60 ± 0,40 nmol/mL) and CK (45,0 ± 25,0 U/L), probably for the sedentary condition where if they find. The subjects of IMC-NS group, although also sedentary condition, had presented significantly bigger values of CAT (0,30 ± 0,04 k/gHb/min, p<0,05), TSG (450,0 ± 111,0 μM, p<0,01), TBARS (2,30 ± 1,0 nmol/mL, p<0,05) and CK (100 ± 25, p<0.05), in relation to obese, suggesting that the physical condition can determine the cellular regulatory adjustments. In relation to IMC-NPAF group, the significant increases of CAT (0,40 ± 0,10 k/gHb/min, p<0,01), TSG (503,0 ± 121,0 μM, p<0,01), TBARS (2,80 ± 1,40 nmol/mL, p<0,05) and CK (150,0 ± 45,0 U/L, p<0,05), when compared to IMC-ES group, reflects the influence of the physical activity in the adaptive answers. In conclusion, the oxidative stress levels can be more dangerous to the sedentary obese subjec
Seguran?a na aplica??o de agrotóxicos -em cultura de batata em regi?es montahosas
Oliveira, Maurício Leite de;Machado Neto, Joaquim Gon?alves;
Revista Brasileira de Saúde Ocupacional , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0303-76572005000200003
Abstract: the aim of the present study was a) to quantify exposure in the application of pesticides on potatoes with a conventional sprayer on sloped areas, b) to determine the areas of the body where workers are most exposed, c) to assess the effectiveness of protective measures both individual and collective, and d) to classify the working conditions with regard to work safety in the recommended use of pesticides registered for this crop. the following results were obtained. the greatest occupational exposure occurred via the dermal route. the worker was found to have the greatest exposure when using a crop sprayer. the knapik was the most efficient collective safety measure in controlling exposure of the worker, while the roupa unesp was the most efficient individual safety measure. the worker's legs were the area of the body most exposed to the spray. without utilizing any of the safety measures evaluated, all of the 54 recommendations for the application of pesticides on this crops would be classified as unsafe for the worker. however, when the sprayer prototype with manual boom was used, only two turned out to be safe, whereas only three with the knapik sprayer, nine with the azr, and 16 with the roupa unesp.
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