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Ciganos nacionais
Acta literaria , 2006, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-68482006000100007
Abstract: this article is an essay about the place of gypsy people in literary pieces produced by the western civilization. if the western?s imaginary sees the gypsies as foreigners as much as an ambiguous beings, whom, depending on the situation, they fear or are fascinated with, here we take the chance to displace this interpretation, underlining the assimilation of the gipsy figure in the identity building process of two nations: brazil and spain. using this image in assorted ways, authors from both countries restore the gypsy?s representation content into a national value itself, proving, on the other hand, the ambiguity and plasticity comprised in the gypsy?s image
El peronismo en la historia reciente: Algunas interpretaciones
Estudios de filosof?-a pr??ctica e historia de las ideas , 2008,
Abstract: this article explores the deep renovation in the ideological-cultural field that accompanies the return to democracy in the country, as well as the processes that bring about the formation of a new "cultural atmosphere". besides, through the conceptual and methodological news in the field, it analyses the production that aims at revisiting peronism at that time. in so doing, it attempts to tackle the continuity of the lines of the debate that started in previous decades, as well as a whole new line that at the beginning of the 80s began with the analyses of the "cultural battle" between politicians and intellectuals brought about by peronism after its first decline. the magnetism of peronism over the historiographical field in the 60s and 70s acquires a renewed vigour in the 80s, due to the political and ideological disputes and controversies in the interior of this political tradition in the period of the democratic transition. this new production is undoubtedly a fundamental chapter in the historiography of peronism, which continues in the following decades and inspires new readings. in this sense, this article attempts to join old and new ideas in the historiographical field, modulated by the changes in peronism as a political force since its electoral defeat against radicalism in 1983.
A constitui??o do menemismo na província de Buenos Aires
Ferrari, Marcela;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência Política , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-33522012000200005
Abstract: the victory of carlos menem in the peronist party's internal process to choose its presidential candidate allows understanding how a selection guided by democratic principles - which, according to projections by some "renovadores" had to derive in the definitive displacement of the party's traditional elements - ended in their restoration. therefore, we reconstruct the progressive advance of menem in the province of buenos aires - the peronist stronghold - between january 1986 and july 1988. we summarize the performance obtained in the elections to choose authorities and candidates for governmental positions. we also approach the reasons for this electoral advancement, emphasizing political actors and political practices regarding: (a) concerted co-opting of leadership that resulted in the construction of a political foundation capable of mobilizing the adhesion of the grassroots members; (b) instrumental use of formal aspects inherent in the electoral process; and (c) the pre-election campaign, which portrayed a representation of the "menemism" as the authentic peronism - popular, personalistic, in contact with the masses, able to claim their myths - which had a positive impact on membership in times of deep social and political crisis. that crisis was attributed to the national government, to which the governor of the province of buenos aires - the main opponent - was considered too close.
Revisando o passado e construindo o presente: o movimento gay como espa?o educativo
Ferrari, Anderson;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-24782004000100010
Abstract: a preliminary analysis of a doctoral research which is being developed with five organised gay groups in brazil, based on an understanding of the work undertaken as an educational process, since the groups under study are producing new forms of knowledge, which goes beyond the immediate interests of their members and the question of homosexuality. based on observations, it was possible to centralise the analysis of this work on the question of intimacy and its relation with past-present and public-private. an interweaving of these relations permits the conclusion that the modern heritage is more present than one imagines.
Cultura visual e homossexualidades na constitui??o de "novas" infancias e "novos" docentes
Ferrari, Anderson;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-24782012000100006
Abstract: this paper aims at establishing the meeting points between teacher's formation, children's education and their relations to gender and sexualities. for such, i take for granted a documentary produced by an association of homoparental families to the schools and mainly a reduced version of this audiovisual production directed towards children and teens. my objective is to analyze the role of visual culture in building the subjectivity. as an heir of pos-structuralism, and of the cultural, feminist, gays and lesbian studies, the visual culture is expressed far beyond the reading of images and it gets to be quite relevant to produce the subjectivity. therefore, the speechs, images and discourses from the documentary carry on and negotiate several meanings on the construction of a reality, different from "the" reality, "new" childhoods and "new" teachers.
Preferência pela via de parto nas parturientes atendidas em hospital público na cidade de Porto Velho, Rond?nia
Ferrari, José;
Revista Brasileira de Saúde Materno Infantil , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-38292010000600020
Abstract: women who come to give birth at the obstetrics center of the hospital de base in porto velho, in the brazilian state of rond?nia are from underprivileged social groups. wealthier women attend private clinics and give birth by way of caesarian section at a pre-scheduled date and time. this article addresses the question of the increase in the incidence of caesarian birth in latin countries and also in the developed world, where this has provoked necessary and urgent bioethical discussion. it also investigates the opinions of women giving birth at the obstetrics center of the hospital de base in 2006 and 2007.
Wood A. Kant
Ferrari M.
Kantovskij Sbornik , 2011, DOI: 10.5922/0207-6918-2011-1-12
La cultura russa e il Caucaso. Il caso armeno
Aldo Ferrari
Studi Slavistici , 2005,
Abstract: Russian Culture and the Caucasus. The Armenian Case The author focuses on the need to integrate Russian studies with those concerning other cultures of the Imperial, and then Soviet space. Such a topic requires a critical approach which is neither russocentric nor russophobic. As far as the Caucasus is concerned, the Armenian case can be considered relevant to this approach. Armenian-Russian cultural relations should be studied beyond contrasting, and not always convincing ideological categories such as “the progressive role of Russian culture” or Russian “colonial” attitude. In fact, the insertion in the Russian Empire has given Eastern Armenians the chance of receiving modern, European culture through the Russian mediation. At the same time, this relation was not a “cultural monologue”, since the Armenians were able to actively participate in the cultural and socio-economical life of the Empire. Therefore, Armenian-Russian relations represent a remarkable case study in the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural structure of the Russian Empire.
Libertà religiosa e nuove presenze confessionali (ortodossi e islamici): tra cieca deregulation e super-specialità, ovvero del difficile spazio per la differenza religiosa
Alessandro Ferrari
Stato, Chiese e Pluralismo Confessionale , 2011,
Abstract: Questo scritto riproduce la relazione letta in occasione del Convegno Libertà religiosa e declino dello Stato nazionale (Macerata, 28-30 ottobre 2010) ed è destinato alla pubblicazione negli Atti del convegno. SOMMARIO: 1. Preambolo: una (inevitabile) questione di termini – 2. Le minoranze religiose in Italia nell’età federalista – 3. L’associazionismo religioso: il forzato della sussidiarietà orizzontale? – 4. Mimetismo a cascata e processi di istituzionalizzazione - 5 Alcune osservazioni conclusive: riacquistare la vista
Il diritto ecclesiastico e le stagioni della giurisprudenza costituzionale
Silvio Ferrari
Stato, Chiese e Pluralismo Confessionale , 2011,
Abstract: Intervento alla Tavola rotonda sul tema “Il diritto ecclesiastico e la formazione del diritto vivente nella giurisprudenza costituzionale” tenutasi in occasione della presentazione del volume a cura di R. Botta, Diritto ecclesiastico e Corte costituzionale, Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, Napoli, 2006, per la celebrazione dei cinquant’anni di attività della Corte. I contributi citati nelle note fanno tutti parte del volume. SOMMARIO: 1. Le stagioni del passato e del presente – 2. Quale stagione per il futuro? Le risposte nell’Unione europea - 3. La situazione italiana: l’inerzia legislativa e la funzione della Corte.

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