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Latinoamericanos en el mercado de trabajo espa ol, 2000-2005
Fernando Gil Alonso,Andreu Domingo i Valls
Papeles de población , 2008,
Abstract: El objetivo de este artículo es el análisis de la inserción laboral de la población latinoamericana en Espa a durante el periodo 2000-2005, utilizando dos oleadas de la Encuesta de Población Activa (EPA). Los resultados muestran que el colectivo latinoamericano ha experimentado un proceso de rejuvenecimiento, de masculinización (aunque la población femenina continua siendo mayoritaria) y de empeoramiento de su nivel educativo medio, aunque el colectivo con nivel secundario sigue siendo predominante. Los resultados confirman la hipótesis de partida sobre la existencia de una relación entre la llegada de inmigrantes y la promoción laboral y social de la población espa ola, en un contexto de constante mejora del nivel educativo de las generaciones jóvenes autóctonas (especialmente de las femeninas).
Laíz R,Domingo; Urzúa V,Fernando;
Revista chilena de obstetricia y ginecología , 2006, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-75262006000100006
Abstract: it is showed the case of a patient with complete genital prolapse with a heavy uterine component; besides, the woman shows a secondary sexual dysfunction but she wants to preserve the uterus because of the incomplete parity. a cervicosacropexia is carried out with a prolene mesh. because of repairing a paravaginal imperfection a good uterine suspension is achieved. six months after the operation, the patient does not have prolapse. she does not show any sign of her previous dysfunction. the woman is in good sexual condition and plans a future pregnancy
Domingo Laíz R,Fernando Urzúa V
Revista Chilena de Obstetricia y Ginecología , 2006,
Abstract: Se presenta el caso de una paciente con diagnóstico de prolapso genital completo con marcado componente uterino y disfunción sexual secundaria, quien desea conservación de este órgano por paridad incompleta. Se realiza cervicosacropexia con malla de prolene y reparación de defecto paravaginal logrando buena suspensión uterina. La paciente a los seis meses de operada se encuentra sin prolapso. Se mantiene asintomática con buena función sexual y en planificación de un próximo embarazo It is showed the case of a patient with complete genital prolapse with a heavy uterine component; besides, the woman shows a secondary sexual dysfunction but she wants to preserve the uterus because of the incomplete parity. A cervicosacropexia is carried out with a prolene mesh. Because of repairing a paravaginal imperfection a good uterine suspension is achieved. Six months after the operation, the patient does not have prolapse. She does not show any sign of her previous dysfunction. The woman is in good sexual condition and plans a future pregnancy
Elena Vidal Coso,Fernando Gil Alonso,Andreu Domingo i Valls
Papeles de Geografía , 2008,
Abstract: Utilizando datos del segundo trimestre de 2006 de la EPA, el objetivo de este artículo es el análisis estadístico (análisis factorial, regresión lineal múltiple) de los factores que determinan la distribución provincial de la población femenina extracomunitaria en edad activa (16-64 a os). Los resultados muestran la relación existente entre el porcentaje provincial de extracomunitarias y las características propias de cada provincia en lo que se refi ere tanto a su estructura demográfica y laboral como a las peculiaridades de su mano de obra femenina autóctona (nivel educativo, grado de cualificación ocupacional, tasas de actividad). Junto a otros factores como la terciarización o el grado de envejecimiento, los porcentajes provinciales de extracomunitarias están en parte determinados por la existencia de un mayor nivel de instrucción y una mayor actividad de las mujeres espa olas, validando de esta manera la hipótesis de partida: la existencia de complementariedad entre la llegada de inmigrantes extranjeros y el proceso de promoción educativa, laboral y social de la población autóctona (especialmente femenina).
Pyoderma gangrenosum and anticardiolipin antibody
de Godoy Jose Maria,Batigalia Fernando,Braile Domingo
Indian Journal of Dermatology , 2006,
Abstract: Pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) is a rare ulceronecrotic inflammatory cutaneous disorder and is frequently associated with systemic diseases. The authors report a 22-year-old male patient with pyoderma gangrenosum, thrombosis of both popliteal arteries, ischemic stroke and seropositivity for anticardiolipin antibody. Despite intravenous treatment with antibiotics, corticosteroid and heparin, pyoderma gangrenosum caused necrosis of his right lower limb which resulted in amputation. It was concluded that the anticardiolipin antibody may have contributed to the gravity of this case.
Appendiceal Colic in Children: Is It A True Surgical Entity?  [PDF]
Jason Marone, Domingo Alvear
Surgical Science (SS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2012.38079
Abstract: Background/Purpose: For decades children have been crowding the offices of Pediatricians’ and Pediatric Surgeons with a common complaint of unexplained recurrent right lower quadrant pain. For years the topic of appendiceal colic as a cause for this recurrent abdominal pain has remain controversial. This paper highlights the experience of a single surgeon over a 5 years period using an algorithmic approach to diagnose and treat children with appendiceal colic. Methods: This is a retrospective review of 31 consecutive cases of patients experiencing recurrent unexplained right lower quadrant abdominal pain for greater than three weeks. All patients were evaluated by a single surgeon at the same institution. The patients meeting the criteria for appendiceal colic had an elective open appendectomy. The data included was compiled by a retrospective chart review from Jan 1, 2006 to December 31, 2010. Results: Twelve percent or 31 of the 238 elective appendectomies done between Jan. 2006 to Dec. 2010 where done for appendiceal colic. Sixteen were females and 15 where males ranging in age from 5-17 years of age. Average duration of symptoms was 3 weeks to 5 years. All patients had previous work up most of which where inconclusive for an organic cause. All patients presented with colic and McBurney’s point tenderness. On pathological examination the presence of a fecalith, inspissated stool or fibrosis were the most common findings. A normal appendix was observed in 14% of the cases. 100% of the patients were symptom free with three months of operation. Conclusion: Appendiceal colic proves to be true in a small subset of patients presenting with unexplained right lower quadrant abdominal pain. A high index of suspicion coupled with a thorough history and physical exam is needed to identify these patients. Classically they will present with recurrent right lower abdominal pain at McBurney’s. In our experience an elective appendectomy has been curative.
Michael E. DeBakey and Denton A. Cooley— Mike, the Master Assembler; Denton, the Courageous Fighter: A Personal Overview Unforgettable Past Remembrances in the 1960s  [PDF]
Domingo S. Liotta
Open Journal of Thoracic Surgery (OJTS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojts.2012.23010
Abstract: Domingo S. Liotta discovered Assisted Circulation at the Department of Surgery of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston in 1961 and opened up a new medical therapy: Prolonged mechanical Cardiocirculatory Assistance (LVASs) for the treatment of Refractory and Irreversible Heart Failure. The American Society of Cardiology selected Liotta’s work for the “Young Investigator Award” granted in Denver in May 1962: ”This prolonged left ventricular bypass decompresses the left ventricle, reduces left ventricular work, decreases left ventricular wall tension and increases coronary circulation” (D. Liotta, D. A. Cooley, M. E. DeBakey et al. Prolonged assisted circulation during and after cardiac or aortic surgery: prolonged partial left ventricular bypass by means of intracorporeal circulation (Am J Cardiol 1963; 12: 399-405). Indeed, there is a lucky occurrence in science; I had the good luck to start this research at a moment when initially unrelated developments were actively taking place in cardiac surgery, long before any rigor or fine statistics were produced. The first observation was to recognize an interaction between the overstretched myocardial fibers and the result of cardiac assistance causing their shortening within the normal values when the excess of blood volume retained in the heart chamber was unloaded, and the second one was that the oxygen consumption of the heart (a measurement of its energy use) decreases during Cardiac Assistance. With the collaboration of Michael E. DeBakey, Liotta started the clinical experience of Cardiocirculatory Assistance and on August 6 1966 they succeeded in the first survival of a patient in postcardiotomy cardiogenic shock. Today, after 50 years, LVASs are in force in the medical practice worldwide and contrarily to transplantation practices, they have an unlimited future; they are continuously fed back by the scientific advances of general technologies. On April 4 1969 Cooley and Liotta implanted the first clinical Total Artificial Heart (TAH) as a bridge to heart transplantation. So far, this has been the case of TAH use in which the patient could be extubated and weaned off the ventilator the following morning. This is a sort of historical document. The venerable visit of Mike DeBakey to Argentina in 1996 was evidence of his majestic peace harmonized in the memory and veracity of useful years.
Determination of One Unknown Thermal Coefficient through the One-Phase Fractional Lamé-Clapeyron-Stefan Problem  [PDF]
Domingo Alberto Tarzia
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/am.2015.613191
Abstract: We obtain explicit expressions for one unknown thermal coefficient (among the conductivity, mass density, specific heat and latent heat of fusion) of a semi-infinite material through the one-phase fractional Lamé-Clapeyron-Stefan problem with an over-specified boundary condition on the fixed face \"\". The partial differential equation and one of the conditions on the free boundary include a time Caputo’s fractional derivative of order \"\". Moreover, we obtain the necessary and sufficient conditions on data in order to have a unique solution by using recent results obtained for the fractional diffusion equation exploiting the properties of the Wright and Mainardi functions, given in: 1) Roscani-Santillan Marcus, Fract. Calc. Appl. Anal., 16 (2013), 802 - 815; 2) Roscani-Tarzia, Adv. Math. Sci. Appl., 24 (2014), 237 - 249 and 3) Voller, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 74 (2014), 269 - 277. This work generalizes the method developed for the determination of unknown thermal coefficients for the classical Lamé-Clapeyron-Stefan problem given in Tarzia, Adv. Appl. Math., 3 (1982), 74 - 82, which is recovered by taking the limit when the order \"\" .
A Practical Solution to the Small Sample Size Bias and Uncertainty Problems of Model Selection Criteria in Two-Input Process Multiple Response Surface Methodology Datasets  [PDF]
Domingo Pavolo, Delson Chikobvu
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2019.91010
Abstract: Multiple response surface methodology (MRSM) most often involves the analysis of small sample size datasets which have associated inherent statistical modeling problems. Firstly, classical model selection criteria in use are very inefficient with small sample size datasets. Secondly, classical model selection criteria have an acknowledged selection uncertainty problem. Finally, there is a credibility problem associated with modeling small sample sizes of the order of most MRSM datasets. This work focuses on determination of a solution to these identified problems. The small sample model selection uncertainty problem is analysed using sixteen model selection criteria and a typical two-input MRSM dataset. Selection of candidate models, for the responses in consideration, is done based on response surface conformity to expectation to deliberately avoid selection of models using the problematic classical model selection criteria. A set of permutations of combinations of response models with conforming response surfaces is determined. Each combination is optimised and results are obtained using overlaying of data matrices. The permutation of results is then averaged to obtain credible results. Thus, a transparent multiple model approach is used to obtain the solution which gives some credibility to the small sample size results of the typical MRSM dataset. The conclusion is that, for a two-input process MRSM problem, conformity of response surfaces can be effectively used to select candidate models and thus the use of the problematic model selection criteria is avoidable.
Diel variation in the ascent of fishes up an experimental fish ladder at Itaipu Reservoir: fish size, reproductive stage and taxonomic group influences
Fernandez, Domingo Rodriguez;Agostinho, Angelo Antonio;Bini, Luis Mauricio;Pelicice, Fernando Mayer;
Neotropical Ichthyology , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-62252007000200016
Abstract: in this study, we evaluated the fish ascent in the experimental ladder at itaipu reservoir (paraná state, brazil), in relation to diel variation, fish size, reproductive stages and species composition. the study was carried out from october, 1995 to february, 1996 and from november, 1996 to january, 1997 at two points on the ladder (boxes at heights of 10 and 27 m). twenty-two species were recorded, and prochilodus lineatus, pimelodus maculatus, leporinus obtusidens, schizodon borellii and leporinus friderici accounted for 86.6 % of the total catch. fish length did not differ between diel periods and boxes. on the other hand, fish abundance of the main species was significantly influenced by box position, reproductive stage and diel period. the higher box showed lower abundance, suggesting some selectivity in ascension. the ability to ascend the ladder did not show any relationship with reproductive migration, since non-reproductive adults comprised most of the catch. an interesting finding is that the major taxonomic groups showed specific diel preferences in ascending the ladder: characiformes ascended the ladder predominantly during daylight, whereas siluriformes migrated at night. these results emphasize how complex ladders are as management tools, and stress the need to acquire information on several aspects as a condition to achieve conservation goals.
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