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Cuidando de pacientes em fase terminal: a perspectiva de alunos de enfermagem
Sadala, Maria Lúcia Araújo;Silva, Fernanda Machado da;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342009000200005
Abstract: the aim of this study is to understand how nursing undergraduates perceive themselves while care delivery to terminal patients and expose the meaning of the experience they have. fourteen students were interviewed, and answered the following question: what is the image you have about caring for a terminal patient? students always consider this to be a painful experience, one that puts them face to face with their weaknesses and insecurities. they attribute their difficulties to their personal incapacity to accept death and to their lack of preparation and their inexperience. they report a lack of support from professionals with whom they share this care. in terms of professional development, for some, the experience was positive, despite the difficulties; others evaluate it as negative, resulting in a rejection of similar situations. further studies on this subject are needed with a view to a deeper and broader reflection on nursing education in brazil.
Impact of obesity and Ala16Val MnSOD polymorphism interaction on lipid, inflammatory and oxidative blood biomarkers  [PDF]
Maria Fernanda Manica-Cattani, Francine Carla Cadoná, Raul de Oliveira, Tális da Silva, Alencar Kolinski Machado, Fernanda Barbisan, Marta Maria Medeiros Frescura Duarte, Ivana Beatrice Manica da Cruz
Open Journal of Genetics (OJGen) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojgen.2012.24026
Abstract: Previous investigations suggest association between obesity and Ala16Val MnSOD gene polymorphism. The V allele produces enzyme which not catalyze the superoxide anion efficiently as occurs with A allele. As obesity is related to development of other metabolic disorders we performed a study that analyzed the effect of interaction between Ala16Val MnSOD polymorphism and obesity on lipid, oxidative and inflammatory biomarkers of adult subjects. The study enrolled 161 volunteers as categorized in six groups with different genotypes: Obeses with different genotypes (AAO, VVO and AVO) and nonobese (AANO, VVNO and AVNO). In general the group AANO presented lower values whereas VVO presented higher values of biomarkers analyzed. These results suggest that oxidative metabolism influenced by genetic status could to minimize or maximize the obesity effects on lipid, oxidative and inflammatory biomarkers that are also implicated in the genesis of important dysfunctions and diseases as atherosclerosis, diabetes 2 and cardiovascular morbidities.
Avalia??o de géis obtidos a partir da acetila??o da quitosana em meio heterogêneo
Garcia, Rosangela Balaban;Silva, Dayse Luzia Pinheiro da;Costa, Marta;Raffin, Fernanda Nervo;Ruiz, Naira Machado da Silva;
Química Nova , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422008000300004
Abstract: chitosan was acetylated during 2, 5 and 10h and physical gels were obtained at different polymer concentrations in n,n-dimethylacetamide containing 5% of licl. acetylation was confirmed by infrared spectroscopy and 13c nmr, and degrees of acetylation in the range of 0.82-0.91 were determined by nmr. the o-acetylation degree (0.12-0.15) was exclusively determined by a volumetric method. rheological studies showed that the storage modulus values were smaller for the more acetylated samples and increased with the temperature and the polymer concentration. all the gels presented storage modulus superior to loss modulus, evidencing more elastic than viscous characteristics. the results obtained in this work suggest a gelation process based on a balance between o and n-acetylation and intermolecular bonds.
Avalia o da estabilidade de bebida mista elaborada com água de coco e suco de maracujá = Evaluation of the stability of mixed beverage elaborated with coconut water and passion fruit juice
Fernanda Vanessa Gomes da Silva,Geraldo Arraes Maia,Paulo Henrique Machado de Sousa,Andréa da Silva Lima
Acta Scientiarum : Technology , 2006,
Abstract: O objetivo deste trabalho foi estudar a estabilidade de uma bebida formulada de suco de maracujá e água de coco, ao longo de 180 dias de armazenamento a temperatura ambiente. A bebida foi preparada misturando-se 20% suco de fruta de maracujá e 80% de água de coco e ado ada até 13 oBrix, tratada termicamente a 90°C durante 60 s e, emseguida, engarrafada em garrafas de vidro limpas e esterilizadas. Foram realizadas análises físico-químicas, microbiológicas e sensoriais da bebida inicialmente (zero de tempo) e durante seis meses de armazenamento a temperatura ambiente (aproximadamente 25°C) em triplicata. A bebida apresentou pH, sólidos solúveis, acidez e cor constantes. Os conteúdos de vitamina C e a úcares variaram significativamente ao longo de tempo de armazenamento. Os produtos apresentaram-se microbiologicamente seguros durante armazenamento. Oproduto apresentou boa aceita o sensorial, o que sugere seu potencial para mercado. The objective of this work was to study the stability of a beverage formulated from passion fruit juice and coconut water, throughout180 days of storage at room temperature. The beverage was prepared blending 20% passion fruit juice and 80% coconut water and sugar up to 13 oBrix, heat processed at 90°C for 60s and packed in cleaned pasteurized bottles. Physicochemical, microbiological and sensoryanalyses of the beverage were performed initially (time zero) and during six months of storage at room temperature (about 25°C) in triplicate. The beverage presented good stability regarding pH, soluble solids, acidity and color. Vitamin C and sugar contentschanged significantly throughout storage time. The products were microbiologically safe during storage. The product presented good sensory acceptance, which suggests its potential for market.
Cuidado espiritual: componente essencial da prática da enfermeira pediátrica na oncologia
Nascimento, Lucila Castanheira;Oliveira, Fabiane Cristina Santos de;Moreno, Moisés Fargnolli;Silva, Fernanda Machado da;
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002010000300021
Abstract: this is an article that addresses spiritual care in pediatric oncology nursing, as part of the concepts for promotion of health in families who have children and adolescents with cancer. indicates subjects of nursing education that prepares nurses to offer that kind of care together with knowledge of their own spirituality. it is presented as an opportunity to discuss the theme, offering subsidies to rethink the practice of pediatric oncology nurse, also points to the need for additional research in this area.
Plantas medicinais: o saber sustentado na prática do cotidiano popular
Badke, Marcio Rossato;Budó, Maria de Lourdes Denardin;Silva, Fernanda Machado da;Ressel, Lúcia Beatriz;
Escola Anna Nery , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452011000100019
Abstract: the objective of this work was to know the daily life of people living in the community assisted by a family health unit in a rio grande do sul city, about the therapeutic use of medicinal plants in health care. this is a qualitative research, with data collection through semi-structured interview and observation as participant. the ten interviewees, users of medicinal plants, nominated to the unit, were selected by the network of relationships. thematic analysis was performed that allowed the emergence of categories. it was verified that the use of homemade tea is common among the participants and that most of the medicinal plants used by the interviewees have their popular therapeutics indications as those found in scientific literature. it is believed that the research has relevance for nurses and for society, so it points to a necessary approach between the popular and scientific knowledge, and also to create projects that work with this theme.
Uma investiga??o antropológica na terceira idade: concep??es sobre a hipertens?o arterial
Carvalho, Fernanda;Telarolli Junior, Rodolpho;Machado, José Candido Monteiro da Silva;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X1998000300019
Abstract: anthropology and sociology are joining epidemiology, clinical investigation, and pathophysiology in studies on the aging process of the brazilian population. the objectives of the present study were: a) to identify the concepts of the elderly population of the municipality of araraquara, s?o paulo, brazil, towards the etiology of arterial hypertension (ah) and the relevance of the different signs and symptoms that accompany the disease; b) to improve elderly people's concepts towards the relevance and utilization of different treatment categories for ah. structured interviews were conducted with 29 individuals, the majority aged 60 years or over, who were being treated for hypertension at the araraquara municipal gerontology outpatient clinic in august 1996. patients were properly informed by the health team about problems related to ah, as clearly perceived in the discourse of the elderly. folkloric concepts pertaining to etiology also appeared in the interviews and should be taken into consideration in the implementation of health education activities. care provided by an interdisciplinary team was valued by the elderly. the most frequent complaint was the lack of free distribution of prescription medication for ah at the clinic.
O cuidado em saúde mental no CAPS no entendimento dos profissionais
Mielke,Fernanda Barreto; Kantorski,Luciane Prado; Jardim,Vanda Maria da Rosa; Olschowsky,Agnes; Machado,Marlene Silva;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232009000100021
Abstract: this article deals with a subproject of the project for evaluation of the caps psychosocial care centers (caps) in the southern region of brazil, whose purpose was to learn how the professionals of a substitute service feel about of the mental care delivered there. the study was conducted in a caps ii using a qualitative approach. data were collected in interviews. the data were classified into three thematic groups and analyzed according to the available literature. in this article we will approach the understanding of the professionals about the care services offered in the caps. the results show that for these professionals care involves more than the biological aspects, including the family and society. we perceive that the team is extending its perception of mental health, when considering psychosocial rehabilitation the most important aspect.
Patient perceptions about anesthesia and anesthesiologists before and after surgical procedures
Leite, Fernanda;Silva, Leopoldo Muniz da;Biancolin, Sckarlet Ernandes;Dias, Adriano;Castiglia, Yara Marcondes Machado;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31802011000400005
Abstract: context and objective: anesthesiologist-patient relationships are established preoperatively and intraoperatively. these are opportunities for providing correct information about anesthesia/anesthesiologists, thereby improving outcomes. the aim here was to evaluate patients' perceptions about anesthesiologists before anesthesia and to identify whether the anesthetic care would change such perceptions. design and setting: prospective cross-sectional study using data obtained in 2007-2008, at a tertiary university hospital. methods: 518 patients aged 16 years or over were interviewed before and after anesthesia exposure. a questionnaire was used to determine patient characteristics and perceptions of anesthesia/anesthesiologists. results: the patients were 16-89 years of age and 59.8% had attended elementary school. 79.1% said that anesthesiologists were specialized physicians. anesthesiologists' roles were associated with loss of consciousness (35.5% pre-anesthesia; 43.5% post-anesthesia), pain relief (29.7% pre-anesthesia, 31.7% post-anesthesia), vital sign monitoring (17.6% pre-anesthesia, 35% post-anesthesia; p < 0.05); and drug administration (10.8% pre-anesthesia, 43.9% post-anesthesia; p < 0.05). the level of confidence in the physician was rated high (82.2% and 89.8% pre- and post-anesthesia, respectively; p < 0.05) or intermediate (5.8% and 6.6% pre- and post-anesthesia, respectively; p < 0.05). the care provided by anesthesiologists was classified as: elucidating (52.8%), encouraging (52.6%), neutral (10.2%) and careless (0.8%). conclusion: patients' perceptions of anesthesiologists' roles were fairly good, but improvements in this relationship still need to be pursued, to achieve better outcomes. anesthetic care was important in providing information, confidence and reassurance among patients, regarding their perceptions. anesthesiologists should not miss opportunities to provide excellent professional care for patients, thereby improving anesthesia outcome
Prevalence of Oestrus ovis (Diptera: Oestridae) in sheep from the S o Paulo Central region, Brazil Prevalência de Oestrus ovis (Diptera: Oestridae) em ovinos da regi o Central de S o Paulo, Brasil
Bruna Fernanda da Silva,Gustavo Puglia Machado,Thiago Braga Izidoro,Alessandro Francisco Talamini do Amarante
Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia Veterinária , 2013,
Abstract: The heads of 139 slaughtered sheep were examined with the aim of determining Oestrus ovis prevalence and infestation intensity in the central region of the State of S o Paulo, Brazil. Heads from slaughtered sheep were examined and the first (L1), second (L2) and third (L3) O. ovis larval instars were recovered from the nasal and sinus cavities. O. ovis larvae were detected in 13.7% of the sheep analyzed. The monthly mean intensity of infestation ranged from 1 to 10.2 larvae per infested head, with general mean intensity of 4.5 larvae/infested head. Of the total of 85 larvae, 21.2% were L1, 37.6% L2 and 41.2% L3. In conclusion, all different O. ovis larvae instars were recovered from slaughtered animals, which demonstrates the existence of favorable climatic conditions for the fly activity and larval development of O. ovis in sheep raised in the Central region of the State of S o Paulo. Com o objetivo de determinar a prevalência e intensidade de infesta o por larvas de Oestrus ovis na regi o Central do Estado de S o Paulo, 139 cabe as de ovinos obtidas de um abatedouro foram examinadas. As larvas O. ovis foram recuperadas da cavidade nasal e seios frontais, identificadas de acordo com o estádio larval e quantificadas. As larvas de O. ovis foram detectadas em 13,7% das cabe as examinadas e a intensidade média mensal de infesta o variou entre 1 a 10,2 larvas/cabe a infestada, com média geral de 4,5 larvas/cabe a infestada. Do total de 85 larvas recuperadas, 21,2% eram larvas de primeiro estádio (L1), 37,6% de segundo (L2) e 41,2% de terceiro (L3). Em conclus o, todos os diferentes instares larvais de O. ovis foram recuperados de animais abatidos, o que demonstra a existência de condi es climáticas favoráveis para a atividade da mosca bem como o desenvolvimento larval em ovinos criados na regi o Central do Estado de S o Paulo.

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