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Técnicas constructivas, comunidades locales y poderes feudales
Fernández Mier, Margarita
Arqueología de la Arquitectura , 2003,
Abstract: This article makes a first approach to constructive techniques present in a series of valleys in the west of Asturias between the 11th and 13th century, relating them to the technical level of hill communities where the constructions are found and with the feudal powers that finance them. This has made it possible to prove the existence of a very similar technical environment throughout the area, as the majority of cases are works carried out with labourers’ techniques, restricting stonemason work to very specific elements within the buildings. En este artículo se realiza un primer acercamiento a las técnicas constructivas presentes en una serie de valles del occidente de Asturias entre los siglos XI-XIII, relacionándolas con el nivel técnico de las comunidades aldeanas en las que se localizan las construcciones y con los poderes feudales que las financian. Esto ha permitido constatar un ambiente técnico muy similar en toda la zona, siendo en la mayoría de los casos obras ejecutadas con técnicas de alba il, restringiéndose los trabajos de cantería a elementos muy concretos dentro de las edificaciones.
Aplicación de los ultrasonidos a la evaluación de las propiedades mecánicas de la madera en rollo de peque o diámetro
Hermoso Prieto, Eva,Fernández-Golfín Seco, Juan I,Díez Barra, M. Rafael,Mier Pérez, Rafael
Informes de la Construccion , 2007,
Abstract: In this study is shown the mechanic characterization results carried out with small round timber (diameter under 23 cm) of laricio pine (Pinus nigra subsp. Saltzmannii) from Cuenca forest. According to EN 14251:2003 445 small round timber of 8, 10, 12 y 14 cm are tested, concluding they can be assigned to C14 strength class (according to UNE-EN 338:2003). The suitability of ultrasound transmission method to grade this material is evaluated, proposing several strength grades combination (C22/C16/R, C18/C14/R ó C18/R) which are based on values of the indicating property of the ultrasound wave velocity. For each strength classes combination obtained, the grade yield is analyzed and compared with optimal ranking results developed according to UNE-EN 14081-2:2005. Finally, method feasibility related to predict the presence of growth specific singularities (juvenile wood specially) is concluded, in addition to the convenience to establish mix grading methods based on ultrasound and visual evaluation together. En el presente trabajo se presentan los resultados de la caracterización mecánica efectuada sobre madera en rollo delgada (diámetro inferior a 23 cm) de pino laricio (Pinus nigra subsp. Saltzmannii) procedente de los Montes de Cuenca. Se ensayan, de acuerdo con la norma EN 14251:2003, un total de 445 rollizos torneados con diámetros finales de 8, 10, 12 y 14 cm, concluyéndose que el material sin clasificar puede ser asignado a una clase de resistencia de C14 (según UNE-EN 338:2003). Se evalúa la aplicabilidad del método de transmisión de ondas ultrasónicas en la clasificación del material proponiendo diversas combinaciones de clases de resistencia (C22/C16/R, C18/C14/R ó C18/R) en función del valor de paso empleado para la velocidad de la onda ultrasónica. Para cada combinación de clases resistentes obtenida se analiza el rendimiento clasificatorio, el cual es comparado con los resultados de una clasificación óptima del material (Optimal Ranking) efectuada según los principios establecidos en la norma EN 14081-2:2005. Finalmente se concluye sobre la aplicabilidad del método en la predicción de la presencia de determinadas particularidades del crecimiento (en especial madera juvenil) así como sobre la conveniencia de establecer métodos mixtos de clasificación basados en el empleo conjunto de evaluaciones visuales y por ultrasonidos.
Enfermedad celiaca materna no diagnosticada y riesgo de tener hijos con bajo peso al nacimiento
Solís Sánchez,G.; Blanco Cristóbal,C.; Suárez González,A.; Román Llorente,F. J.; Fernández Rodríguez,E.; Fernández González,N.; Solís Sánchez,J. L.; Mier Lobato,L.;
Revista Espa?ola de Enfermedades Digestivas , 2008, DOI: 10.4321/S1130-01082008000600004
Abstract: aims: in order to know the prevalence of celiac disease in mothers with newborns weighing less or more than 2,500 g at birth we carried out a case-control study. patients: mothers of newborns in cabue?es hospital. case group: mothers with babies weighing less than 2,500 g at birth. controls: mothers with babies weighing more than 2,500 g at birth. one control for each case. methods: epidemiological and clinical interviews, and celiac disease serology. results: we studied 1103 women: 577 cases and 526 controls. we diagnosed 4 celiac disease cases, 2 in the case group and 2 in the control group. these 4 mothers had 3 term newborns (1 case in each 235 mothers; prevalence 0.42%) and 1 preterm newborn (1 case in each 389 mothers; prevalence 0.26%). two cases had babies with adequate birth weight for their gestational age (1 case in each 419 mothers; prevalence 0.24%) and two cases had babies with low birth weight for their gestational age (1 in each 132 mothers; prevalence 0.75%). the odds ratio for low birth weight was 0.91 (95% ci: 0.12-6.49), the odds ratio for preterm birth was 0.61 (95% ci: 0.06-5.89), ad the odds ratio for low birth weight for gestational age was 3.19 (95% ci: 0.44-22.79). conclusions: the prevalence of celiac disease in fertile women in our geographic area was 0.36% (1 case in each 275 mothers), and no differences were found between study groups.
Factores asociados con el cambio temprano de catéter de diálisis peritoneal en Veracruz, México
Martínez-Mier,Gustavo; Luna-Castillo,Marisol; Ortiz-Enríquez,Jorge J.; ávila-Pardo,Sandro F.; Fernández,Vicente; Méndez-López,Marco T.; Budar-Fernández,Luis; González-Velázquez,Felipe;
Nefrología (Madrid) , 2012,
Abstract: introduction: catheter-related complications in patients on peritoneal dialysis lead to decreased effectiveness and discontinuation of the technique, conversion to haemodialysis, hospitalisation, and surgical interventions to replace the catheter. objectives: determine risk factors for early catheter dysfunction that result in the need for replacement. methods: we analysed 235 catheters placed by open surgery using an infra-umbilical midline incision. possible risk factors included the following: age, sex, body mass index, body surface area, diabetes, polycystic kidney disease, previous surgery, time of surgical procedure, omentectomy, omentopexy, wound infection and postoperative incisional hernia. results: during the first year, 47 patients (20%) required a catheter replacement due to poor function. the most common complications were catheter migration and peritonitis (4.3% in both cases), followed by obstruction from omental wrapping (3.7%). univariate analysis showed that patients with catheter dysfunction or requiring catheter replacement were younger, with a lower body mass index and body surface area (p<.05). there was a significant association of wound infection and post-operative incisional hernia with catheter replacement. omentectomy was associated with a low incidence rate of catheter dysfunction/replacement in the univariate and logistical regression analyses (odds ratio: 0.275; 95% confidence interval: 0.101-0.751; p<.012). conclusions: our catheter placement technique offers a low complication rate and good results in the first year after surgery. except for omentectomy, we did not discover any risk factors for catheter replacement in our study population. omentectomy had a protective effect in terms of catheter replacement.
Patient State Index Detects Changes in Cerebral Blood Flow and May Predict New Ischemic Lesions during Carotid Stenting—Case Report  [PDF]
Ana B. Fernández
Open Journal of Anesthesiology (OJAnes) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojanes.2015.51004
Abstract: Carotid angioplasty and stenting (CAS) was developed to be a less invasive and complex procedure compared to carotid endarterectomy (CEA). It has emerged as an alternative for patients who are considered to have high surgical risks due to medical comorbidities or anatomical high-risk features [1]. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia with light sedation, with the subsequent expectation of less neurologic injury, venous thromboembolisms, and myocardial infarctions—all well-known clinical risks of undergoing surgical procedures under general anesthesia. CAS, however, carries some increased risks of arterial dissection, dislocation of atherothrombotic debris and embolization to the brain or eye, late embolization due to thrombus formation on the damaged plaque, and bradycardia and hypotension as a result of carotid sinus stimulation. Electroencephalography can detect cerebral ischemia and hypoxia along with measuring hypnotic effects, but has not been reported to be used during CAS to signal impending neurological deficit and allow for intervention to prevent stroke. We report on the use of patient state index (PSI), an electroencephalographic (EEG) derived variable used by SEDLine monitor (Masimo Inc., San Diego, CA) to monitor changes in cerebral blood flow during carotid angioplasty and stenting in an awake patient under local anesthesia. PSI was developed to measure the level of hypnosis and sedation during anesthesia and in the ICU. The PSI is based on quantitative electroencephalogram features, recorded from anterior and posterior scalp sites, as input to a multivariate algorithm that quantifies the most probable level of anesthesia or sedation. The PSI is reported as a range from 0 to 100, with decreasing values indicating increasing levels of anesthesia or sedation. Adequate depth of anesthesia is reflected by PSI value of 25 - 50, and a fully awake state by a PSI of 100 [2]. Other EEG analysis techniques have been explored to detect changes in cerebral blood flow during carotid surgery [3], such as entropy described by Khan and Ozcan in his recent work entitled Disagreement in Bilateral State Entropy Values in Carotid Artery Disease [4], but there are no previous reports of the use of PSI during procedural sedation in carotid angioplasty and stenting in an awake patient.
Central Neurogenic Hyperventilation Secondary to a Critic Thyroid Status after Aortoaortic Bypass: A Peculiar Case Report  [PDF]
Ana Belén Fernández
Open Journal of Anesthesiology (OJAnes) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojanes.2017.75013
Abstract: Central neurogenic hyperventilation (CNH) is a rare condition and defined as a syndrome comprising normal or elevated arterial oxygen tension, decreased arterial carbon dioxide tension, respiratory alkalosis with hyperventilation even during sleep, and the absence of a peripheral respiratory stimulus. The diagnosis of CNH requires the exclusion of pulmonary, cardiac, metabolic-immunological disorders and some medicines that can result in hyperventilation. We detailed the case of CNH in the 4th day after vascular surgery probably secondary to acute metabolic acidosis with hyperlactatemia, due to severe hypothyroidism in the context of critically ill patient.
Fisiopatología del intercambio gaseoso en el SDRA
Fernández Fernández,R.;
Medicina Intensiva , 2006,
Abstract: ards is produced in a pulmonary edema picture due to increased vascular patency. in this way, the initial alteration consists in an alveolar occupation due to protein rich edema. this occupation reduces the alveolar surface available for gas exchange, increasing the pulmonary areas with poor or null v/q ratio. as ards progresses, vascular phenomena occur that affect the gas exchange differently, giving rise to heterogeneity in the v/q ratio. this situation worsens due to the appearance of areas with null ventilation in relationship with the appearance of atelectasis in lung dependent zones. all these factors form the hypoxemia picture refractory to the increase of the inspired oxygen fraction characteristic of this clinical entity. in this article, we make a review of these physiological mechanisms and the effect on the oxygenation of different ventilatory and drug maneuvers.
Nuevos tiempos para el movimiento sindical : balance y retos a comienzos del siglo XXI
Fernández Fernández, Roberto
Pecunia : Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales , 2008,
Abstract: Las transformaciones operadas en las relaciones colectivas de trabajo no sólo obstaculizan la agrupación de los trabajadores en torno a unos intereses comunes, sino que implican la aparición de modernos escenarios en los cuales habrá de desarrollarse la acción colectiva y en cuyo seno los marcos de actuación aparecen conformados de forma más difusa, tal y como ocurre en los grupos de empresa, sectores descentralizados o empresas auxiliares.De esta manera, los sindicatos deben asumir como propios nuevos retos destinados a adaptar su organización a la coyuntura actual y satisfacer las heterogéneas necesidades de los distintos grupos presentes en el mercado laboral, ofreciendo soluciones frente a las siguientes circunstancias: ganar una dimensión supranacional para estar presentes en determinadas instancias internacionales que les permitan participar en una mejora de las condiciones de vida y laborales de los trabajadores; poner remedio a la escasa afiliación sindical presente en el modelo espa ol, superando la resistencia que un buen número de trabajadores han mostrado hacia la representación obrera; en fin, analizar el modelo de representatividad sindical espa ol, que al girar en torno al procedimiento electoral ha fortalecido la posición de los sindicatos más representativos, quienes, al controlar su convocatoria, pueden gobernar tranquilamente el proceso y esperar unos resultados capaces de preservar el panorama actual.The transformations in the collective labour relations, as well as obstruct the workers' union round their joint intereses, also imply the appearance of modern contexts where the collective action has to operate; and in whose interior the frameworks of actuation appears in more blurred ways.So, the trade unions have to take on like own new challenges aimed to adapt their organization to the current situation and to satisfy heterogeneous necessities, offering solutions to the next circumstances to gain a global dimension, with the objective of be present in certain international headquarters (to take part in the improvement of living and working conditions); to remedy the low affiliation rates characteristic of the Spanish model,getting over the traditional working-class resistance to the labour representation; well, to analyse the Spanish model, which, on the basis of an electoral method, has strengthened the position of the most representative unions, which, since control its call, can govern quietly the process and expect to preserve the nowadays panorama.
La iglesia de base Chilena vista con ojos de mujer. Perspectiva histórica a través del testimonio de Francisca Morales
Fernández Fernández, David
Hispania Sacra : Revista de Historia Eclesiástica , 2001,
Abstract: The article analyzes the recent history of the Church in Chile through an interview with a nun, who militated in Cristianos por el Socialismo. The interviewed person describes the Christian revolutionary action in the Sixties. It identifies itself with the socialist program of Unidad Popular. It narrates the opposition to Pinochet and shows a certain delusion by the political evolution from the dictatorship to democracy. The interview was made the 4 of December of 1993 in Santiago of Chile. El artículo analiza la historia reciente de la Iglesia en Chile a través de una entrevista con una religiosa, que militó en Cristianos por el Socialismo. Describe la acción revolucionaria cristiana en los a os sesenta. Se identifica con el programa socialista de Unidad Popular. Narra la oposición a Pinochet y manifiesta una cierta desilusión por la situación actual. La entrevista se realizó el 4 de diciembre de 1993 en Santiago de Chile.
A Bilingual Literacy Experience in Tertiary Education: A Study
Raquel Fernández Fernández
Humanising Language Teaching , 2011, DOI: 17559715
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