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Exploration of Antifouling Potential of the Brown Algae Laminaria ‘Sanhai’ Exploration of Antifouling Potential of the Brown Algae Laminaria ‘Sanhai’
LI Xiangmin,LI Fengchao,JIAN Huimin,SU Rongguo
- , 2018,
Abstract: Seaweeds are one of the largest producers of biomass in the marine environment.It has been well known that marine algae,especially brown algae was a rich source of biogenic compounds with antifouling potential that could be ideal alternatives of tributyltin(TBT).In this paper,antifouling potential of the brown algae Laminaria ‘sanhai' was explored.Firstly,the dried alga was extracted and the antialgal and antilarval activities were investigated.The EC_(50) and LC_(50) values of crude extract of Laminaria ‘sanhai' against diatom(Skeletonema costatum) and barnacle larval(Chthamalus challengeri) were 8.9 μg mL~(-1) and 12.0 μg mL~(-1) respectively.Then,guided by bioassay,the bioactive substances were isolated by liquid-liquid extraction.The antialgal and antilarval activities of isolated fraction were improved with the EC_(50) value of 7.4 μg mL~(-1) against S.costatum and LC_(50) value of 9.7 μg m L~(-1) against C.challengeri larvae.Identification by IR,Q-TOFMS and GC-MS of the isolated bioactive substances revealed the abundance of fatty acids.These fatty acids,most with 16,18 or 20 carbon atoms,contained myristic,hexadecanoic,oleic,linolenic,arachidonic and eicosapentaenoic acids.The results indicated that both the crude extract and the isolated bioactive substances had high antialgal and antilarval activities with no highlighted cytotoxicity which made the brown algae Laminaria ‘sanhai' a promising source of the environmentally friendly antifoulants
Diversity and ecological function of free\|living heterotrophic flagellates

li fengchao,

生态学报 , 2009,
Abstract: As increasing attention has recently been paid to the structure and function of the water ecosystems, the ecological function of free\|living heterotrophic flagellates in water ecosystems has emerged as a central issue in water ecological research. Researches have shown that heterotrophic flagellates are being important members of microbial food webs. Strengthen and expand the researches on heterotrophic flagellate diversity, community structure and their function in nutrient recycling will contribute to understanding on the structure, function and the process of water ecosystems. In this paper, species diversity, community structure and feeding ecology of heterotrophic flagellate were summarized. The mechanism in nutrient recycling and the function in water ecosystem of heterotrophic flagellate were also discussed.
Organochlorine compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in surface sediment from Baiyangdian Lake, North China: Concentrations, sources profiles and potential risk
Organochlorine compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in surface sediment from Baiyangdian Lake, North China: Concentrations, sources profiles and potential risk

Guocheng Hu,Xiaojun Luo,Fengchao Li,Jiayin Dai,Jianyang Guo,Shejun Chen,Cao Hong,Bixian Mai,Muqi Xu,
Guocheng Hu
,Xiaojun Luo,Fengchao Li,Jiayin Dai,Jianyang Guo,Shejun Chen,Cao Hong,Bixian Mai,Muqi Xu

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2010,
Abstract: Organochlorine pesticides(OCPs),polychlorinated biphenyls(PCBs),and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAHs) were determined in nineteen surface sediment samples collected from Baiyangdian Lake and its inflowing river(Fuhe River) in North China.Total concentrations of OCPs,PCBs and PAHs in sediments ranged from 5.4 to 707.6 ng/g,2.3 to 197.8 ng/g,and 101.3 to 6360.5 ng/g,respectively.The levels of contaminants in Fuhe River were significantly higher than those in Baiyandian Lake.For hexachlorocyclohexane(HCHs...
Bone Marrow Derivation of Interstitial Cells of Cajal in Small Intestine Following Intestinal Injury
Dengqun Liu,Fengchao Wang,Zhongmin Zou,Shiwu Dong,Junping Wang,Xinze Ran,Chunxue Li,Chunmeng Shi,Yongping Su
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/164986
Abstract: Interstitial cells of Cajal (ICCs) in gastrointestinal tract are specialized cells serving as pacemaker cells. The origin of ICCs is currently not fully characterized. In this work, we aimed to study whether bone marrow-derived cells (BMDCs) could contribute to the origin of ICCs in the muscular plexus of small intestine using GFP-C57BL/6 chimeric mice.Engraftment of BMDCs in the intestine was investigated for GFP expression. GFP positive bone marrow mononuclear cells reached a proportion of 95.65%±3.72% at different times in chimerism. Donor-derived cells distributed widely in all the layers of the gastrointestinal tract. There were GFP positive BMDCs in the myenteric plexus, which resembled characteristics of ICCs, including myenteric location, c-Kit positive staining, and ramified morphology. Donor-derived ICCs in the myenteric plexus contributed to a percentage ranging 9.25%±4.9% of all the ICCs in the myenteric plexus. In conclusion, here we described that donor-derived BMDCs might differentiate into gastrointestinal ICCs after radiation injury, which provided an alternative source for the origin of the ICCs in the muscular plexus of adult intestine. These results further identified the plasticity of BMDCs and indicated therapeutic implications of BMDCs for the gastrointestinal dysmotility caused by ICCs disorders.
Elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration decreases the indirect defense of Medicago truncatula against the pea aphid by suppressing volatile release

原二亮,郭慧娟,李凤超,孙玉诚,Yuan Erliang,Guo Huijuan,Li Fengchao,Sun Yucheng
- , 2017, DOI: 10.13802/j.cnki.zwbhxb.2017.2016183
Abstract: 大气CO2浓度升高增加了豆科植物的光合作用和生物固氮能力,从而改变植物对初生和次生代谢产物的资源配置,进而影响植物与昆虫互作。为了明确CO2浓度升高条件下豆科植物对蚜虫间接防御的影响,利用蒺藜苜蓿Medicago truncatula固氮突变体dnf1和野生型植株Jemalong研究CO2浓度升高对不同固氮能力蒺藜苜蓿挥发物释放的影响,从而改变蒺藜苜蓿对豌豆蚜Acyrthosiphon pisum的间接防御。结果表明,豌豆蚜为害显著诱导蒺藜苜蓿野生型和固氮突变体中单萜类化合物4-蒈烯、倍半萜类挥发物(E)-β-法呢烯以及绿叶挥发物顺式-3-己烯-1-醇的释放。CO2浓度升高降低了野生型Jemalong受害植株上2-蒈烯和柠檬烯以及绿叶挥发物顺式-3-己烯-1-醇的释放量,却没有改变固氮突变体dnf1上这几种单萜类及绿叶挥发物的释放。正常CO2浓度下,固氮突变体dnf1受害植株上2-蒈烯、4-蒈烯、柠檬烯的释放量与野生型Jemalong受害植株显著差异,而CO2浓度升高条件下固氮突变体dnf1受害植株上2-蒈烯、4-蒈烯、柠檬烯的释放量显著高于野生型Jemalong受害植株。表明CO2浓度升高条件下豆科植物对蚜虫的间接防御降低。
Elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration increases the photosynthesis and biological nitrogen fixation of legume plants, which would change the resource allocation of primary and secondary metabolites, and subsequently change the interactions between plants and insects. In the present study, the Medicago truncatula nitrogen fixation mutant dnf1 and its wild type Jemalong were used to study how elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration affects the indirect defense of legume plants against the pea aphid by altering the release of plant volatiles. The results showed that aphid infestation significantly induced the release of monoterpenoids 4-carene, sesquiterpenes (E)-β-farnesene as well as green leaf volatiles (E)-2-hexenol and Z-3-hexen-1-ol of both genotypes. The atmospheric CO2 concentration decreased the release of monoterpenoids 2-carene, α-phellandrene and limonene and green leaf volatiles Z-3-hexene-1-ol in the infested wild-type plant Jemalong, but there was no change in nitrogen-fixing mutant dnf1. The infested nitrogen-fixing mutant plant dnf1 released similar amount of 2-carene, 4-carene and limonene to the infested wild-type plant Jemalong under ambient CO2, but emissions of 2-carene, 4-carene, and limonene were higher than the infested wild-type plant Jemalong under elevated CO2. Thus, this study provided a scientific evidence that indirect defense of legume plants against aphids would be decreased with increasing concentrations of atmospheric CO2 in the future.
In Vivo Near-Infrared Imaging of Fibrin Deposition in Thromboembolic Stroke in Mice
Yi Zhang,Shufeng Fan,Yuyu Yao,Jie Ding,Yu Wang,Zhen Zhao,Lei Liao,Peicheng Li,Fengchao Zang,Gao-Jun Teng
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0030262
Abstract: Thrombus and secondary thrombosis plays a key role in stroke. Recent molecular imaging provides in vivo imaging of activated factor XIII (FXIIIa), an important mediator of thrombosis or fibrinolytic resistance. The present study was to investigate the fibrin deposition in a thromboembolic stroke mice model by FXIIIa–targeted near-infrared fluorescence (NIRF) imaging.
Analysis on Common Mistakes by Chinese Authors in Writing Sci-tech Papers in English

ZHAO FengChao,

中国科技期刊研究 , 2008,
Abstract: 结合作者多年的英文科技论文审读与编辑工作,搜集了一些中国作者在英文科技写作中经常出现错误和值得商榷的表达;从词法、句法、中式英语、惯用法等方面针对实例进行了整理与分析,并分别提出了改进建议。
Scaling up for transpiration of Pinaceae schrenkiana stands based on 8hm2 permanent plots in Tianshan Mountains

ZHANG Yutao,LIANG Fengchao,CHANG Shunli,SHI Qingdong,LI Xiang,LU Jianjiang,

生态学报 , 2011,
Abstract: An 8 hm2 Picea Schrenkiana forest permanent plot was established in the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains. Severn individuals of Picea Schrenkiana were chosen in the plot to detect changes of the transpiration by measuring the sap flow velocity (SFV). The quadratic model was used to analyze the relationship between diameter at breast height (DBH) and SFV, while the power model was used to analyze the relationship between DBH and sap wood area. Based on the two models, we calculated the transpiration of the plot, and detected the minimum sampling area of the transpiration. We found that highest transpiration and mean transpiration of the forest are closely related to stand density, which can be fit well in the Extrem function. The maximal transpiration is about 77.27 t/hm2d when stand density increases to 1200 per hm2. In addition, the transpiration of the forest showed significantly positive relationships with sampling size. The sampling size also varies with spatial location of sampling points. The sampling size is about 4 hm2 in the highest and lowest altitude of the plot, and about 2.56 hm2 in the middle altitude.
Intestinal Subepithelial Myofibroblasts Support the Growth of Intestinal Epithelial Stem Cells
Nan Ye Lei, Ziyad Jabaji, Jiafang Wang, Vaidehi S. Joshi, Garrett J. Brinkley, Hassan Khalil, Fengchao Wang, Artur Jaroszewicz, Matteo Pellegrini, Linheng Li, Michael Lewis, Matthias Stelzner, James C. Y. Dunn, Martín G. Martín
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0084651
Abstract: Intestinal epithelial stem cells (ISCs) are the focus of recent intense study. Current in vitro models rely on supplementation with the Wnt agonist R-spondin1 to support robust growth, ISC self-renewal, and differentiation. Intestinal subepithelial myofibroblasts (ISEMFs) are important supportive cells within the ISC niche. We hypothesized that co-culture with ISEMF enhances the growth of ISCs in vitro and allows for their successful in vivo implantation and engraftment. ISC-containing small intestinal crypts, FACS-sorted single ISCs, and ISEMFs were procured from C57BL/6 mice. Crypts and single ISCs were grown in vitro into enteroids, in the presence or absence of ISEMFs. ISEMFs enhanced the growth of intestinal epithelium in vitro in a proximity-dependent fashion, with co-cultures giving rise to larger enteroids than monocultures. Co-culture of ISCs with supportive ISEMFs relinquished the requirement of exogenous R-spondin1 to sustain long-term growth and differentiation of ISCs. Mono- and co-cultures were implanted subcutaneously in syngeneic mice. Co-culture with ISEMFs proved necessary for successful in vivo engraftment and proliferation of enteroids; implants without ISEMFs did not survive. ISEMF whole transcriptome sequencing and qPCR demonstrated high expression of specific R-spondins, well-described Wnt agonists that supports ISC growth. Specific non-supportive ISEMF populations had reduced expression of R-spondins. The addition of ISEMFs in intestinal epithelial culture therefore recapitulates a critical element of the intestinal stem cell niche and allows for its experimental interrogation and biodesign-driven manipulation.
Weighted Sum Transmit Power Minimization for Full-Duplex System with SWIPT and Self-Energy Recycling
Zhongwei Hu,Chaowei Yuan,Fengchao Zhu,Feifei Gao
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: This correspondence considers a full-duplex (FD) point-to-point system consisting of one multi-antenna full-duplex access point (FD-AP) and one two-antenna full-duplex mobile station (FD-MS). We adopt simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) scheme and apply the self-energy recycling at FD-MS. In order to minimize the weighted sum transmit power, we jointly design the transmit beamforming vector of FD-AP, the receive power splitting (PS) ratio of FD-MS, as well as the transmit power value of FD-MS. Since the original problem is non-convex, we apply semidefinite relaxation (SDR) and obtain a new convex problem. We further prove that both problems have exactly the same solutions. Finally, simulations are provided to verify our analysis, and the comparison with a half-duplex (HD) system demonstrates the significant performance gain from self-energy recycling.
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