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Novel QoS-aware Web service recommendation model

TAO Chun-hu,FENG Zhi-yong,

计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: 服务注册中心往往推荐给用户一组等价服务,且服务的QoS来自于不同用户的反馈,如何根据用户的偏好和上下文环境推荐最合适的服务在SOA中非常重要。提出了一个QoS感知的Web服务推荐模型,该模型通过感知用户上下文克服了传统方法带来的用户QoS体验与服务注册中心QoS信息不一致的问题,使用层次分析法获得用户QoS偏好,综合评估备选服务的QoS性能,给出最适合当前用户的服务。通过实验说明了用户上下文感知的合理性,并给出了一个服务推荐的例子。
Observation of chaotic ELMs in HL-2A tokamak

Huang Yuan,Nie Lin,Yu De-Liang,Liu Chun-Hu,Feng Zhen,Duan Xu-Ru,

中国物理 B , 2011,
Abstract: The high confinement mode (H-mode) operation is recently obtained in HL-2A divertor configuration, the corresponding edge localized mode (ELM) is recognized as being of type III. Time intervals in ELM time series are analysed to obtain the information about the ELM process. Signatures of unstable periodic orbits (UPOs) are detected, which are indicators of chaos and may be used to control the big ELM events.
NsdB,a TPR-like-domain-containing protein negatively affecting production of antibiotics in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2)

ZHANG Li,LI Wen-cheng,ZHAO Chun-hu,Keith F Chater,TAO Mei-feng,
,李文成,赵春华,Keith F.Chater,陶美凤

微生物学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) domains usually mediate protein-protein interactions. NsdA, one of the 70 proteins containing TPR-like domains in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2), was previously found to negatively control sporulation and antibiotic production. Here we show that elimination of SCO7252, which encodes another of these proteins, also caused overproduction of two antibiotics, actinorhodin and CDA, but did not affect morphological differentiation. Disruption of SCO1593, encoding another of the family, had no obvious phenotypic effects. In surface-grown cultures, expression of SCO7252, which was named nsdB, was initiated at about 30 h, like that of nsdA. Analysis in silico of the 70 predicted TPR-like-containing proteins of S. coelicolor showed that 32 of them contained only TPR-like domains, and 25 of the remainder contained additional DNA-binding domains, implying that they might control gene expression directly.
Poloidal rotation of main ions in the CT-6B tokamak
Poioidai rotation of main ions in the CT-6B tokamak

Feng Chun-Hu,Li Zan-Liang,Yang Xuan-Zong,Zheng Shao-Bai,Li Wen-Lai,Wang Long,

中国物理 B , 2003,
Abstract: The poloidal rotation velocity of neutral hydrogen atoms is measured using the Doppler shift of the Hα spectral line emitted in the CT-6B tokamak. The poloidal rotation of hydrogen atoms is generated through the collisions and charge-exchanges with main ions (protons). Therefore, the rotation direction of main ions can be deduced from that of neutral hydrogen atoms. The experimental results show that the main ions rotate in the electron diamagnetic drift direction, the same as the impurity ions, in the plasma core. The neutral hydrogen atoms rotate also in the electron diamagnetic drift direction in the edge region of the plasma. However, the rotation direction of main ions in the edge region cannot be judged from the experimental result due to the long mean free path of hydrogen atoms in the edge region. An inward diffusion flux of hydrogen atoms toward the torus inside with a velocity of the same order of magnitude as their poloidal rotation is also observed.

CAI Jian-ping,LIU Ming,LUO Zhen-hua,LI Bin,ZHANG Xiao-yun,LU Feng,TAO Chun-hu,

腐蚀科学与防护技术 , 2005,
Abstract: Comprehensive environmental tests(CET) for simulation of atmospheric corrosion of aluminum alloys were carried out by electrochemical and scanning electron microscopy(SEM) techniques.The difference between CET and continuous salt spray test(CSST) was also compared.Results showed that,raining/spray comprehensive test can simulate dry/wet features and also the electrochemical process in atmospheric corrosion.Meanwhile,corrosion morphology and kinetics characteristics of aluminum alloys may be simulated by raining/spray test.It follows that raining/spray test provides better simulation for atmospheric corrosion of aluminum alloys.
Relationship between symptom stratification and syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine for depressive episode
Sui-yu Hu,Chun-hu Zhang
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2011,
Abstract: On the basis of medical literature review and clinical research experience, the authors analyzed the reasons for low recognition rate of depression and poor progress of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) differentiation of depression in this paper and put forward that depressive episode symptoms and the corresponding common terminology classification of Chinese and Western medicine should be the breakthrough points. Through symptom stratification and combination, as well as distinguishing between primary and secondary symptoms, the comprehensive integrative medicine clinical assessment of depression was explored so as to further obtain expert consensus and provide a methodology reference for the TCM differentiation of depression and the research of etiology and pathogenesis.
Effects of Chaihu Shugan San on behavior and plasma levels of corticotropin releasing hormone and adrenocorticotropic hormone of rats with chronic mild unpredicted stress depression
Yun-hui LI,Chun-hu ZHANG
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2009,
Abstract: Objective: To investigate the effects of Chaihu Shugan San (CHSGS), a compound traditional Chinese herbal medicine, on behavior and plasma levels of corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) of rats with chronic mild unpredicted stress depression.Methods: Forty male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into 4 groups: normal control group, untreated group, fluoxetine group and CHSGS group. Except the normal control group, rats were singly housed and exposed to an unpredicted sequence of mild stressor for continuous 4 weeks to induce depression. Since the fifteenth day, rats were intragastrically administered with equal volume agents respectively for 2 weeks [normal saline for the normal control group and the untreated group, fluoxetine (1.8 mg/kg) for the fluoxetine group and CHSGS (5.9 g/kg) for the CHSGS group]. Behavioral scores of rats were detected by open-field test and sucrose preference test, and the plasma levels of CRH and ACTH in different groups were detected by radioimmunoassay.Results: Compared with the normal control group, body weights of the rats in the untreated group were significantly decreased. Scores of crossing, rears and grooming in open-field test were reduced significantly. Pure water consumption in sucrose preference test was increased significantly. The levels of plasma CRH and ACTH were significantly increased. The depressive behaviors of the rats were improved significantly and the levels of plasma CRH and ACTH were obviously reduced in the CHSGS group.Conclusion: Chronic mild unpredicted mild stress can affect the neuroendocrine and behavior and cause depression in rats. CHSGS can regulate HPA hyperactivity of rats caused by chronic stress and has antidepressive effects.
Investigation on activated semi-coke desulfurization
SHANGGUAN Ju,LI Zhuan-li,LI Chun-hu,
,LI Zhuan-li,LI Chun-hu

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2005,
Abstract: An activated semi-coke with industrial-scale size was prepared by high-pressure hydrothermal chemistry activation, HNO3 oxidation and calcination activation in proper order from Inner Mongolia Zhalainuoer semi-coke, which is rich in resource and cheap in sale. SO2 adsorption capacity on this activated semi-coke was assessed in the fixed bed in the temperature range of 60-170 degrees C, space velocity range of 500-1300 h(-1), SO2 concentration of 1000-3000 ppmv, and N2 as balance. The surface area, elemental and proximate analysis for both raw semi-coke and activated semi-cokes were measured. The experimental results showed that the activated semi-coke has a high adsorption capacity for sulfur dioxide than the untreated semi-coke. This may be the result of increase of surface area on activated semi-coke and surface oxygen functional groups with basicity characteristics. Comparison to result of FTIR, it is known that group of -C-O-C- may be active center of SO2 catalytic adsorption on activated semi-coke.

LIU Ming,ZHANG Xiao-yun,LU Feng,TAO Chun-Hu,WANG Yong-zhe,CAI Jian-Ping,LI Mu-zheng,

腐蚀科学与防护技术 , 2005,
Abstract: Periodic rain tests have been carried out for simulation of atmospheric corrosion of LC4CS aluminum alloy.The effects of drying time,raining time,wetting time,relative humidity,depolarizing agent,accelerating agent and pH of artificial rainwater on results of simulation and acceleration were analyzed by orthogonal experiments.Finally,favorable parameters were acquired,i.e.the composition of artificial rainwater is 0.05%NaNO_3+0.8%Na_2S_2O_8+4%NaCl,and the pH is 4,and the cycle time is 30 minutes,and the drying time of every cycle is 2 minutes,and the raining time of every cycle is 30 seconds,and the relative humidity(R.H.) of wetting is 70%.

SUN Zhi-hua,LIU Ming-hui,ZOU Li-ming,ZHANG Xiao-yun,LU Feng,TAO Chun-hu,WANG Jia,

腐蚀科学与防护技术 , 2006,
Abstract: Atmospheric corrosion of aluminum, aluminum alloy TB04 without and with coatings used widely in aviation industry was investigated in this paper. The variation of surface potential versus ambine temperature and relative humidity for pure aluminum, and the surface potential distribution of 7B04 aluminum alloy without and with coatings before and after the atmospheric exposure for certain period, as well as those after cycleic dry-wet accelerated test exposure were studied using homemade Kelvin Probe atmospheric corrosion test device. The surface morphology of the corroded surfaces was observed by SEM. It shows that the corrosion potential of aluminum samples decreases with the increasing of humidity when there was not visual water film on the its surface. The corrosion potential increases with the decreasing of thickness of visual water film. The potential of naked 7B04 exposed in Beijing atmospheric environment did not change much and it was almost the same on the whole surface. Coated samples of TB04 alloy are first corroded on the sits with defect, and then the coating are delaminated in the initial period of corrosion, the potential on the sit with defect will drop to more negative value and change greatly, but the change rate will decrease and there is a tendency that the corrosion potential shifted towords positive with time.
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