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Studies on Some Pedological Indices, Nutrient Flux Pattern and Plant Distribution in Metropolitan Dumpsites in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
Felix Ogbemudia and Emem Mbong*
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Research , 2013,
Abstract: The physical and chemical properties of soils and plants distribution in metropolitan dumpsites in Uyo,Nigeria were studied. Soil samples were collected from two popular dumpsites and analysed using standardscientific procedures. The Results showed that there were slight desparities in the nutrient profile of thesedumpsites. Generally, the nutrients levels were high and soil heavy metals concentration were found to bewithin permissible limits. This study also revealed the monospecific nature of dumpsite 1 and higherspecies presence corresponding with increased nutrient levels in dumpsite site 2. This study encourages theuse of dumpsites soils for agricultural purpose(s) when the soil heavy metal falls within permissible range.
Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly , 2010,
Abstract: Elastomers based on natural rubber (NR) and silica and clay fillers have been investigated for their physico-mechanical properties. The various mixes were compounded in a Banbury-Pullen laboratory mill and vulcanized using the efficient vulcanization system. The oscillating disc rheometer (ODR) was used for determination of cure characteristics. It was estimated that replacement of silica with clay up to 30 phr (50% replacement) increased the compound cure rate with a reduction in absolute torque level (Tmax) of the natural rubber mix. Scorch time (Ts2) was observed to be the highest at a 30/30 filler ratio. Hardness and tensile properties of obtained elastomeric materials were studied. The results show a decrease in parameters as the replacement of silica with natural clay progresses. There was improvement in elongation at break with the increase of clay content. The replacement of silica filler with clay reduced the abrasion properties (mg loss/1000 rev.)
Combined Antero-Posterior Inverted-U Metaphyseal and Open-Wedge Medial-Epiphyseal Osteotomy for Advanced Blount Disease  [PDF]
Alfred O. Ogbemudia, Anirejuoritse Bafor, Ehimwenma J. Ogbemudia, Edwin Edomwonyi
Surgical Science (SS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2015.64026

Background: Blount disease is frequently associated with deformities that may not be adequately corrected by a single metaphyseal osteotomy. This study evaluated the outcome of a combined metaphyseal and epiphyseal osteotomy in severe cases. Methods: We prospectively evaluated the outcome of combining the antero-posterior inverted-U metaphyseal osteotomy with a medial open-wedge hemi-epiphyseal osteotomy in eighteen patients (27 tibiae) with Stage IV to VI Blount disease. Results: The average age of patients was 9 years (ranging from 5 to 17). The tibio-femoral angle improved from 43° varus (Range: 34° - 78°) to 2° varus (Range: 5° valgus to 8° varus). The metaphyseal-diaphyseal angle improved from 36° to 8° varus. Internal tibial torsion improved from 39° to 2°. All the patients were able to achieve 110°?of knee flexion in a year. Conclusion: In conclusion, the combined metaphyseal and epiphyseal osteotomy satisfactorily corrected tibio-femoral and metaphyseal-diaphyseal varus and internal tibial torsion without recurrence in patients with severe Blount disease. Level of Evidence: IV.

Emergency Caesarean delivery in prolonged obstructed labour as risk factor for obstetric fractures - A case series
Alfred O Ogbemudia, Ehimwenma J Ogbemudia
African Journal of Reproductive Health , 2012,
Abstract: Birth fractures predominantly affect the clavicle, humerus or femur. Brachial plexus injury may co-exist with humeral or clavicular fractures. From January 2002 to December 2010, 8 neonates with fractures after caesarean section were treated under the supervision of the first author following obstructed labour and caesarean delivery. The most classical of the cases is a vertex-presenting neonate who was delivered by caesarean section for obstructed labour in a primipara in whom ipsilateral klumpke’s palsy and fractures of the clavicle and humerus were confirmed. Literature review did not consider emergency caesarean delivery as one of the predisposing factors for such birth injuries. This case series, in addition to presenting emergency caesarean section as a predisposing factor for birth injuries, offers to suggest a manoeuvre that may reduce severity and rate of birth injuries in caesarean section for obstructed labour in our environment where obstructed labour is still rife. (Afr J Reprod Health 2012; 16[3]: 118-121).
VALERIE Solomon,EMEM Inyang
Journal of Central European Agriculture , 2001,
Abstract: The study was conducted to fi ll the gap in the dearth of information on systematic approach to ascertain the severity as well as the magnitude of the constraints responsible for the sub-optimal operation of fi sh farming in Nigeria. 120 randomly selected fish farmers from a list of 186 fi sh farmers in the state were interviewed. Participatory appraisal technique and econometric technique were adopted to ascertain the most severe major constraints and also the severity index of each of the sub-constraints that are responsible for the sub-optimal aquaculture operation in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and the cause of withdrawal from aquaculture by some fi sh farmers. The sub-constraints severity within the major constraints, across the region gave more insight into the causes of the high rate of withdrawals from aquaculture and the decline in aquaculture productivity in the region. How productive the regional aquaculture would be, even in the nearest future, would depend to a large extent on these major factors: production, marketing and advancement in related technology. Unless pragmatic approach is used to reduce the constraints responsible for the high rate of withdrawal, fi sh food security in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria would still be elusive.
Open interlocked nailing without a targeting device or X-ray guidance for non-union of the femur: a case series
Alfred O. Ogbemudia,Anire Bafor,Efosa Igbinovia,Peter E. Ogbemudia
Strategies in Trauma and Limb Reconstruction , 2010, DOI: 10.1007/s11751-010-0095-7
Abstract: From October 2005 to August 2007, we operated on six patients who had femoral non-unions and performed interlocked intramedullary nailing without X-ray guidance or a targeting device. There were three fractures of the distal femur, two fractures of the mid-shaft and one of the proximal femur. Fatigue failure of a non-interlocked Kuntscher nail and one nail migration were the presenting features in two patients. The presence of sclerosis of the bone ends in four cases and a need for cancellous bone grafts at the site of non-union in all patients made wide dissection and open reduction unavoidable. There was a limb length discrepancy in all patients before surgical intervention. Partial weight bearing was commenced at 6 weeks post-operation. There was no case of wound infection. There was no misplaced screw. Minimum range of knee flexion was 105° at 2 months post-operation. These early results call for a closer look at this cheap, safe and effective means of handling femoral non-union in third world societies where there is paucity of instrumentation and implants for interlocked nailing.
Incidence of rubella IgM antibodies in individuals with febrile rash illness attending clinics in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, 2006-2009  [PDF]
Bassey Enya, Moses Anietie Effiong, Udo Sunde Moffat, Bassey Emem
Health (Health) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/health.2011.36061
Abstract: Background: Rubella is an infectious disease of public health importance because infection ac-quired during early pregnancy often results in foetal abnormalities that are classified as con-genital rubella syndrome (CRS). The burden of rubella infection in most developing countries is however not well documented because of lim-ited epidemiological data. Methods: Between 2006 and 2009, 781individuals with febrile rash illness seen in clinics in Akwa Ibom State were screened for rubella specific IgM antibodies using the ELISA technique. Statistical analysis was done using Graph prime version 5.3 statis-tical package at 95% confidence interval. The level of significance was established at P = 0.05 using Fisher’s exact two-tailed values. Results: Of 781 individuals screened for rubella specific IgM antibodies, 94 (12%) were found to be posi-tive. Incidence of 8.7% recorded in 2006 gradu-ally rose to 9.3% in 2007, 11.6% in 2008 and 14.3% in 2009. Those in the reproductive age group (> 16 years) were most affected (51.7%). However, this was not statistically significant (P = 0.228). Females (17.4%) were more suscepti-ble than males (6.2%) (P < 0.0001) an rural dwellers (12.8%) more susceptible than urban dwellers (10.5%) (P = 0.416). Conclusion: The study shows that the incidence of rubella in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria is high. The lowest incidence was however found among individu-als below the reproductive age. Thus, the find-ings of this study can be used by policy makers to model the introduction of routine rubella vaccination into the country’ Expanded Program on Immunization Schedule (EPI).
Morpho-Syntactic Analysis Framework for Tone Language Text-to-Speech Systems
Moses Ekpenyong,Emem Obong Udoh
Computer and Information Science , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/cis.v5n4p83
Abstract: This paper presents a morpho-syntactic analysis framework using data-driven methodology. The proposed framework complements the front-end design of a recent text-to-speech (TTS) project and is generic for other tone language systems. We experiment the design for Ibibio (ISO 693-2: nic; Ethnologue: IBB), a Lower Cross language of the (New) Benue Congo language family, widely spoken in the south-eastern region of Nigeria. Implementation shows that the design is sufficient for morpho-syntactic parsing and useful for prosody improvement in TTS systems. Also, the methodology adopted detaches a greater part of the linguistic features specification from the program code. This allows for easy morphological alterations of utterances and replication of the synthesizer for other languages.
HIV Quadruple Limb Gangrene: An Unusual Presentation and Review of Literature  [PDF]
Edwin Omon Edomwonyi, John Enekele Onuminya, Alfred Oghogho Ogbemudia, Osita Chizoba Nwokike, Emeka Blessius Kesieme
Surgical Science (SS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2013.410080

Vasculitis is one of the less common but important consequence in patients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections and presentation with multiple limb gangrene is rare. We therefore report a novel case of quadruple limb gangrene in a patient with HIV infection.

Dynamic Behaviour under Moving Distributed Masses of Nonuniform Rayleigh Beam with General Boundary Conditions
Emem Ayankop Andi,Sunday Tunbosun Oni
Chinese Journal of Mathematics , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/565826
Abstract: This paper investigates the flexural vibration of a finite nonuniform Rayleigh beam resting on an elastic foundation and under travelling distributed loads. For the solution of this problem, in the first instance, the generalized Galerkin method was used. The resulting Galerkin’s equations were then simplified using the modified asymptotic method of Struble. The simplified second-order ordinary differential equation was then solved using the method of integral transformation. The closed form solution obtained was analyzed and results show that, an increase in the values of foundation moduli and rotatory inertia correction factor reduces the response amplitudes of both the clamped-clamped nonuniform Rayleigh beam and the clamped-free nonuniform Rayleigh beam. Also for the same natural frequency, the critical speed for the moving distributed mass problem is smaller than that for the moving distributed force problem. Hence resonance is reached earlier in the former. Furthermore, resonance conditions for the dynamical system are attained significantly by both and for the illustrative end conditions considered. 1. Introduction This paper is sequel to an earlier one by Oni and Ayankop-Andi in [1] that considered the response of a simply supported nonuniform Rayleigh beam to travelling distributed loads. In particular, this paper is a generalization of the theory advanced in [1]. For more than a century, the analysis of continuous elastic system subjected to moving systems has been the subject of interest in many fields, from structural to mechanical to aerospace engineering. Various structures ranging from bridges and roads to space vehicles and submarines are constantly acted upon by moving masses and hence the problem of analyzing the dynamic response of these structures under the action of moving masses continues to motivate a variety of investigations. In most of the studies available in literature, such as the works of Sadiku and Leipholz in [2], Oni in [3], Gbadeyan and Oni in [4], Huang and Thambiratnam in [5], Lee and Ng in [6], Adams in [7], Chen and Li in [8], Savin in [9], Rao in [10], Shadnam et al. in [11], and Oni and Awodola in [12], the scope has been restricted to structural members having uniform cross-section whether the inertia of the moving load is considered or not and the load modelled as moving concentrated load. In practice, cross-sections of elastic structures such as plates and beams are not usually uniform and the moving loads are commonly in distributed forms. To this end, in [13] an attempt was made on the studies concerning

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