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Multi –Media Educational Communication Strategies for English. A Case Study of an Online Chat Room for EFL as Platform of Applied Language Learning
Fee-Alexandra HASSE
Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala , 2012,
Abstract: This paper is part of a cross-cultural study on the difficulties of English dialogues between non-native speakers in a special context where both sides share different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The paper describes the characteristics of online dialogues by multiple-participants quantitatively comparing them with conditions of non-online dialogue criteria. Everyday communicative activities involve not only two-participant communicative situations, but also those of more than two-dialogue partners. A chat room can serve as a platform for such situations with speech communication. The first part of this paper introduces a general methodology for the development and study of conversational learning process. Our research is interested in a demonstration how online communication can be integrated into a classroom for EFL learning.
Peirce's Law of Triviality: The Implementation of the Trivium of Logic, Rhetoric and Grammar. Basic Categories for Linguistics and Literature Studies from a Universal Semiotic Theory
Fee-Alexandra Haase
Lodz Papers in Pragmatics , 2010, DOI: 10.2478/v10016-010-0003-0
Abstract: This article focuses on the aspects that refer to linguistics in the works of Charles S. Peirce. His pragmatic philosophy implemented many other sciences and among them is the traditional trivium of logic, grammar, and rhetoric, which Peirce divided into different kinds of logic, grammar, and rhetoric. While the impact of the work of Peirce on theses sciences is weak, the integration of the sciences in his philosophy is interesting as a step in the history of science and his work is an example for ecclecticism and historism of science in the 19th century and the universalism of science deducted from a philosophy that uses the sign as an unitarian principle. Triple constructions are a very common feature in the writings of Peirce, and the trivium is an example of an academic construction Peirce implemented.
The Linguistic Representation of Economic Breakdowns in the Mass Media Language as Inverted Rhetoric of Vivity
Haase, Fee-Alexandra
Argumentum , 2010,
Abstract: This article examines the description of economic crisis in The New York Times with examples of articles that appeared in the years 2008 and 2009. There are three dimensions the crisis as an event is described; one of them is the description of crisis as a movement or a development of international and global extension (spatial dimension). The second is the metaphorical one actually describing the crisis as a natural force. The third one is the description of the crisis as a more or less globally appearing crisis. Our question is “How is the crisis as medial event described, if there is no concrete reference object to refer to, but just a, semantically expressed, concept denoting a non-material and non-perceptible entity described as crises?” Taking the examples from The New York Times we will demonstrate that such a lack of a concrete object does not alter the language of journalism, except that a (for the news language uncommon) metaphoric production takes part. The activity of the object represented by the noun is the agent of activities, even though the processes are highly abstract. On a meta-level, the language in the news becomes an allegorical network with the metaphorisized object crisis as the agent of movement in an intertextual setting of texts using the expression.
The Cases of the Reception of Political Speeches and Discourses in the Online Journals 'New York Times Online' and 'Spiegel Online'
Haase, Fee-Alexandra
Argumentum , 2010,
Abstract: Challenging the assumption that communication patterns are not created each time new and ad hoc, but are defined by a certain framework, we will show that communication patterns depend on the way they are represented in a medium. For this examination we will use the example of political speeches and their representation in the news of the online news journals New York Times and Spiegel Online. One of the most significant current discussions in mass media and communication studies circulates around the question of the representation of news and their presentation within the framework of specific media. This is also the cutting edge for communication studies asking the question of the conditions of discourses in the mass media. Both perspectives are in this study considered as tools for the access to the discursive communicative patterns in mass media. We will examine in examples the text structures of political speeches in the framework of their media and describe the influence and persuasive communicative perspective of the news journals in specific cases.
Die Tradition der Beredsamkeit und deutschsprachiger Rhetoriklehre im 19. Jahrhundert. Mit einem bibliographischen Anhang “Deutschsprachige Rhetorik-Handbücher des 19. Jahrhunderts”
Fee-Alexandra Haase
Studia Theodisca , 2011, DOI: 10.6092/1593-2478/1366
Abstract: This article focuses on rhetorical handbooks written in Germany during the 19th century. It traces back the tradition of rhetorical handbooks, which started in ancient Greece and developed into a branch of literature in Europe, where it is attested in various languages of the young national states. The books written and edited during the 19th century contribute to the history of rhetoric in Europe and demonstrate how rhetoric was implemented into the German educational system of the 19th century. A list of handbooks published during this period is a complementary element of research presented in this article.
Fee-Alexandra Haase
Nómadas , 2009,
Abstract: This article examines elements of discourse in professional communication using examples of marketing, PR, and advertising focusing on the communicative functions that serve the major aims of each of the professional communication fields we define as values. It follows the rhetorical definition of communication as a persuasive figure of speech and demonstrates this impact in examples. This professional mass media communication in marketing, PR, and advertising serves commercial interests. It aims to incorporate the audience into the flow of discourses that is set up for serving the commercial interests.
Fee-Alexandra Haase
Nómadas , 2010,
Abstract: This article focuses as a survey on the qualities of Critical Thinking on reviewing its definitions in recent history of academic research and compared to other intellectual processes. On the one hand we will compare the basic characteristic qualities of Critical Thinking with other types of thinking. On the other hand we will give examples how Critical Thinking is a part of the decision making processes both in personal human issues and institutional decision making processes. Since Critical Thinking is an intellectual skill, we show the applications of this intellectual skill within contemporary life. Critical Thinking has several academic roots of philosophy, rhetorical argumentation, logic and social science, but also is an auxiliary tool in other academic disciplines. Coming from these roots Critical Thinking also finds its applications in contemporary private and professional life. Based on this historical and exemplifying discourse of criticism, we will argue for a general importance of Critical Thinking contrary to contemporary predominance as an applied skill and educational tool.
Waves in The Communication Flow. The Interplay of Constitution, Legislative, and Governmental Institutions in Mass Media
Fee Alexandra Haase
Nómadas , 2007,
Abstract: This article compares in case studies regarding the constitution, written laws, and other national institutions the influence of the state regarding the production and function of mass communication and related values in different countries. Our interest is to demonstrate the differences between countries under the aspects of a) national constitution and governmental institutions that provide or not provide guidelines in terms of the use and protection of communication; b) national organisations that provide additonal guidelines; c) international organisations for the use of mass communication media in a country. The interplay of national constitution, legislative body, and governmental institutions is the framework for the existence of national mass communication. Under the title Waves in The Communication Flow we will face this framework of exterior institutions for different national states regarding their influence on mass communication. As mass communication we can define all institutions producing information for a wide audience delivered in mass media. As a process we can define mass communication as a flow of any information delivered by mass media. This flow can be promoted or prohibited by the framework of institutions named above. This article examines the forms, extent, and nature of the use of laws and constitutional systems with an interest in the methodology of comparative studies in constitutional law.
Divórcio entre teoria e prática: o sistema de treinamento em saúde pública nos Estados Unidos
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232008000300007
Abstract: many analysts have complained about the severe disconnect between public health as it is taught in schools of public health and public health as it is practiced in health departments. at least in the united states, few faculty members teaching in schools of public health have ever worked in public health departments. by the same token, few of those working in public health departments have degrees from schools of public health; most receive on-the-job training. this history traces the roots of this disconnect or "divorce between theory and practice." it finds that the 1930s were the prime years of community-based public health education, when the pressure of the depression and the funding newly made available from the federal government by new deal legislation encouraged practical training programs linked to local communities and health departments. the "divorce" began in the post-war period as an unintended consequence of the system for funding medical education and research at a time of general unpopularity of public health during the mccarthy era. schools of public health were generally ignored in the 1950s and they began to adapt the strategy that continues today, of using research grants, primarily from the national institutes of health, to grow their faculty and facilities.
Elderly Onset of Weakness in Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy
Dominic B. Fee
Case Reports in Neurological Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/726984
Abstract: A 77-year-old male is presented. He had onset of proximal weakness 10 years earlier. His course was slowly progressive. Despite having phenotypic features of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSH), genetic testing for this was delayed because of his age of onset, lack of family history, and benign appearing muscle biopsy. This case is one of the oldest onset of weakness in genetically confirmed FSH and highlights the recognized expansion in phenotype that has occurred since the advent of genetic testing.
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