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A New Image Fusion Technique to Improve the Quality of Remote Sensing images
Aboubaker Milad Ahmed,Fawzy Eltohamy Hassan Amen,Mohamed Yousry Ahmed El Nahas,Guda Ismail Salama
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2013,
Abstract: Image fusion is a process of producing a single fused image from a set of input images. In this paper a new fusion technique based on the use of independent component analysis (ICA) and IHS transformation is proposed. A comparison of this new technique with PCA, IHS, and ICA-based fusion techniques is given. Quick Bird data are used to test these techniques, the output was evaluated using subjective comparison, statistical correlation, information entropy, mean square error, and standard deviation. The results of the proposed technique show higher performance compared to the other techniques.
Polymeric biomaterial hydrogels. I. Behavior of some ionotropic cross-linked metal-alginate hydrogels especially copper-alginate membranes in some organic solvents and buffer solutions  [PDF]
Refat Hassan, Fahd Tirkistani, Ishaq Zaafarany, Ahmed Fawzy, Mohamed Khairy, Sayed Iqbal
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2012.37105
Abstract: The change in rheological and mechanical properties for some ionotropic cross-linked metal-alginate hydrogel complexes in particularly copper-alginate membranes in the presence of some organic solvents (benzene, toluene, xylene, carbon tetrachloride, ace-tone, chloroform, dichloroethane, isobutyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol) or buffer solutions (acetates, borates and universal buffers) have been investigated. The experimental results showed a remarkable tendency of the studied hydrogels for shrinking in polar solvents, whereas no influence was observed for the hydrogels in non-polar solvents. On the other hand, the gels were found to swell or shrink in the buffer solutions depending on the pH of the buffer used. The swelling extent for hydrogel spheres was found to decrease in the order Cu > Ba ≈ Ca > Zn > Pb-alginates in universal buffers of pH = 5.33. The factors affected this behavior have been examined and discussed.
Adaptive Control of a Production-Inventory Model with Uncertain Deterioration Rate  [PDF]
Fawzy Bukhari
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/am.2011.29162
Abstract: This paper studied a continuous-time model of a production maintenance system in which a manufacturing firm produces a single product selling some and stocking the remaining. The problem of adaptive control of a production-maintenance system with unknown deterioration has been presented. Using Liapunov technique, the production rate and updating rule of deterioration rate are derived as non-linear functions of inventory level perturbation. Numerical analysis for the system has been presented for a set of parameter values and demand rate.
Mothers’ Knowledge Regarding Preventive Measures of Food Poisoning in Yemen  [PDF]
Waled Amen Mohammed Ahmed
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2015.61006
Abstract: Background: The WHO considers food poisoning the main cause of morbidity and mortality in developing countries, and the responsible for high levels of loss of productivity in developed countries. Objective: The study aims to assess the mothers’ knowledge about preventive measures of food poisoning in Sharaab, Taiz, Yemen. Method: This is a descriptive study. It was conducted in Sharaab, Yemen during period extended from April to November 2014. It involved 180 mothers selected by simple random sampling. Data were collected by using designed structured and pre-tested questionnaire and then were analyzed by (SPSS) Version 20. Result: The findings showed that 60% of mothers have heard about food poisoning. The mothers’ knowledge about transmission of diseases by food was acceptable; 68.9% knew. When they were asked to detail the diseases, cholera was the most reported by about 84.4%, diarrhea 50%, and food poisoning 22.2% only. Regarding the mothers’ knowledge about causes of food poisoning, about 65.5% of them mentioned contaminated food, and 49.4% mentioned contaminated hands while 37.2% of them mentioned contaminated utensils. The total knowledge was calculated; it was about 40.72%. Conclusion: It was found that, mothers’ knowledge about preventive measures of food poisoning is not satisfactory concerning most items including: food related diseases, causes of food poisoning and preventive measures for food poisoning such as hand washing, washing vegetables and cooking appropriately. The mothers in Yemen, Taiz, Sharaab have low level of knowledge about food poisoning prevention. There is a need for strengthening the situation through educational sessions.
Method for Improving the Lateral Resolution of Near-Infrared (NIR) Single Optods: Application to Subcutaneous Vein Detection and Localization  [PDF]
Yasser S. Fawzy
Optics and Photonics Journal (OPJ) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/opj.2012.24044

NIR backscattering measurements using single source-detector optical probe (optods) can detect absorption areas within deep tissue layer. However, such optods, are characterized by large separation distance between the source and detectors (>2 cm) and poor lateral resolution (>1 cm), which limits its usage for the localization of small absorption volumes embedded deep within the tissue such as subcutaneous veins. In this work a method to improve the accuracy of locating such absorption volumes (areas) using backscattered NIR measurements is suggested and investigated with the aim of developing an optical sensor for detecting and localizing large subcutaneous veins. The method is based on measuring the differential signal from three overlapping source-detector pairs arranged within the probe such that the total photon sensitivity profile of the probe is maximized along a narrow width area (within the central of the probe) and minimized along its sides. The location of the absorption areas is then determined when a peak maximum of the measured signal is detected. Monte Carlo simulation and light transport modeling was used to determine the optimum arrangement of each source-detector pair within the probe to create the required spatial sensitivity profile and demonstrate the validity of the method. The results showed that the differential optode has more than two times improvement in the lateral resolution compared to the standard optode. The result also showed that the differential probe can locate subcutaneous veins with diameter ~5 mm and embedded at ~1.5 cm depth. The method could have a potential for designing and developing an optical backscattering sensors for detecting and localizing large subcutaneous veins embedded <2 cm depths

Characterization of a Post Orogenic A-Type Granite, Gabal El Atawi, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt: Geochemical and Radioactive Perspectives  [PDF]
Khairiya M. Fawzy
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2017.71007
Abstract: The alkali feldspar granite of Gabal El Atawi is post orogenic granite originated from subalkaline magma in extensional suite. It is developed within plate tectonic setting and has A2-type character which generated from apparent crustal source. The petrographic, geochemical and radioactive characteristics of El Atawi granite meet and fulfill the requirements of being fertile granite and it can be considered as promising uraniferous granite. Fluid inclusion studies of the altered granite elucidated two different solutions acting on the host granitic pluton. The first is NaCl-CaCl low temperature fluid with a wide range of salinity. The second is high temperature and salinity Fe-Mg-Na chloride solution. Different fractures in the granite acted as good channels for the hydrothermal fluids that leached uranium from its bearing minerals disseminated all over the host granite and redeposited it in the alteration zones.
Effect of Strain, Type of Natural Antioxidant and Sulphate Ion on Productive, Physiological and Hatching Performance of Native Laying Hens
Mohamed N. Ali,Magdy S. Hassan,Fawzy A. Abd El-Ghany
International Journal of Poultry Science , 2007,
Abstract: A total number of 480 hens and 48 cocks from Inshas and Dokki4 strains of 32 weeks old were divided into 12 groups with 2 replicates each (20 hens+2 cocks). The experiment had a 2×3×2 factorial arrangement of treatments with two strains (Inshas and Dokki4), three types of natural antioxidants in the diet (control, 0. 25% thyme and 0. 25% anise) and two levels of sodium sulphate (0 and 0.5%). The experimental groups were fed on the experimental diets from 32 to 44 weeks of age. After 4 weeks of the experiment, the eggs were collected from each treatment were incubated weekly in the incubator. Fertility % and hatchability % of the total eggs and fertile eggs were calculated and the main results obtained can be summarized as follows: Addition of thyme or anise to laying hens diet numerically increased egg number and improved feed conversion. Addition of thyme or anise increased antioxidant capacity in plasma, while decreased LDL, HDL, total cholesterol, triglyceride and total lipids in blood plasma, liver and yolk extract. Addition of thyme tended to improve fertility and hatchability while anise tended to decrease these parameters. The response to sulphate depended on the strain and type of natural antioxidant. The combination of thyme and sulphate is the most successful additive for improving fertility and hatchability under the condition of this study.
Synthesis, structure characterization and biological evaluation of new 6,8-dichloro-2-methyl-4H-chromen-4-one derivatives
Marwa Sayed Salem,Magda Ismail Marzouk,Salma Nasser Ali,Hassan Mohamed Fawzy Madkour
European Journal of Chemistry , 2012, DOI: 10.5155/eurjchem.3.2.220-227.592
Abstract: The typical active methyl functionality of 6,8-dichloro-2-methyl-4H-chromen-4-one is utilized to obtain 2-styrylchromones, pyruvate ester and phthalide via reactions with aromatic carboxaldehydes, diethyl oxalate and phthalic anhydride respectively. The phthalide provides illustrative example to convert a heterocyclic compound to an aliphatic one via the effect of alcoholic sodium methoxide. Bromination and cycloaddition reactions of 2-styrylchromones afford vicinal dibromide and adducts respectively. This work presents to the art a typical example of heterocyclic systems transformations through the conversion of the starting chromone to coumarin under the influence of thionyl chloride followed by aqueous potassium hydroxide. Some heterocyclic systems like pyrazole, isoxazol and quinolinone are obtained from the target chromone by treatment with hydrazines, hydroxylamine hydrochloride and ammonium acetate respectively. Thiation of starting chromone interestingly affords a dithiated product instead of the expected monothiated one. Antibacterial and antifungal activities of some synthesized compounds have been screened.
Utility of 2-cyano-3-phenyl-2-propenoyl chloride as Michael’s acceptor in heterocyclic synthesis with mono- and bi-dentate nucleophiles
Sayed Ahmed Shiba,Hassan Mohamed Fawzy Madkour,Ashraf Ahmed Hamed,Hatem Mohamed Sayed
European Journal of Chemistry , 2011, DOI: 10.5155/eurjchem.2.2.200-205.365
Abstract: (E) 2-Cyano-3-phenyl-2-propenoyl chloride reacts with nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur mono- and bi-dentate nucleophilic reagents to give the amide derivatives, the ester derivatives, as well as some heterocyclic systems, namely quinazolinone, pyridopyrimidine and benzothiazepine. Cyclization of some obtained amides affords the benzoxazinones, quinazolinone, whereas that of other amides yields oxadiazole and benzoxazole, respectively.
Synthesis and reactions of (Z)-2-imino-5-(3,4,5-trimethoxy benzylidene)thiazolidin-4(H)one
Mahmoud Refaee Mahmoud,Hassan Mohamed Fawzy Madkour,Eman Abd El-Fattah El-Bordany,El-Sayed Ahmed Soliman
European Journal of Chemistry , 2011, DOI: 10.5155/eurjchem.2.4.475-479.193
Abstract: 5-Arylmethylene-2-imino-4-oxo-2-thiazolidine 3 was obtained as the sole product from the reaction of α-cyano-3,4,5-trimethoxy cinnamonitrile and/or ethyl-α-cyano-3,4,5-trimethoxy cinnamate (1a,b) with 2-imino-4-oxo-2-thiazolidine 2. The reaction of 3 with benzyl amine gave the imidazolidin-4(H)one derivative 4 while with hydrazine hydrate afforded the dimeric product 5. Also, reaction of thiazolidinone derivative 3 with piperidine gave thiazol-4(5H)one derivative 6 which on treatment with Grignard reagent and active methylene compounds afforded thiazolidin-4-one derivatives 7-9, respectively. Compound 6 was converted to the potassium salt 10 which treated with acetic acid, ethyl chloroacetate and furoyl chloride to give the compounds 11-13, respectively. The structures of all new compounds were evidenced by microanalytical data and spectral data.
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