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-Almost summable sequences
Fatih Nuray
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 1997, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171297001014
Abstract: King[3] introduced and examined the concepts of almost A-summable sequence, almost conservative matrix and almost regular matrix By following King, in this paper we introduce and examine the concepts of -almost A-summable sequence, -almost conservative matrix and -almost regular matrix
Lacunary Statistical Convergence of Sequences of Sets
Progress in Applied Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.3968/j.pam.1925252820120402.2264
Abstract: Several notions of convergence for subsets of metric space appear in the literature. In this paper we define lacunary statistical convergence for sequences of sets and study in detail the relationship between other convergence concepts.
On Invariant Statistically Convergence and Lacunary Invariant Statistical Convergence of Sequences of Sets
Progress in Applied Mathematics , 2013, DOI: 10.3968/j.pam.1925252820130502.1879
Abstract: In this paper, we define invariant convergence, lacunary invariant convergence, invariant statistical convergence, lacunary invariant statistical convergence for sequences of sets. We investigate some relations between lacunary invariant statistical convergence and invariant statistical convergence for sequences of sets.
Δ^{m}-Ideal Convergence
Hafize Gok Gumus,Fatih Nuray
Sel?uk Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: Statistical convergence has several applications in different fields of Mathematics: Number theory, trigonometric series, summability theory, probability theory, measure theory, optimization and approximation theory. The notion of ideal convergence corresponds to a generalization of the statistical convergence. In this paper, we define the Δ^{m}(c_{I}) spaces by using generalized sequence spaces and ideal convergence. Furthermore we establish some topological results and give inclusion relation between Δ^{m}(w_{p}^{T})-convergence and Δ^{m}-ideal convergence.
On Asymptotically Lacunary Statistical Equivalent Set Sequences
U?ur Ulusu,Fatih Nuray
Journal of Mathematics , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/310438
Abstract: This paper presents three definitions which are natural combination of the definitions of asymptotic equivalence, statistical convergence, lacunary statistical convergence, and Wijsman convergence. In addition, we also present asymptotically equivalent (Wijsman sense) analogs of theorems in Patterson and Sava? (2006). 1. Introduction In 1993, Marouf presented definitions for asymptotically equivalent and asymptotic regular matrices. In 2003, Patterson extended these concepts by presenting an asymptotically statistical equivalent analog of these definitions and natural regularity conditions for nonnegative summability matrices. In 2006, Patterson and Sava? extended the definitions presented in [1] to lacunary sequences. In addition to these definitions, natural inclusion theorems were presented. The concept of Wijsman statistical convergence is implementation of the concept of statistical convergence to sequences of sets presented by Nuray and Rhoades in 2012. Similar to this concept, the concept of Wijsman lacunary statistical convergence was presented by Ulusu and Nuray in 2012. This paper extends the definitions presented in [2] to Wijsman statistical convergent sequences and Wijsman lacunary statistical convergent sequences. In addition to these definitions, natural inclusion theorems will also be presented. 2. Definitions and Notations Definition 1 (see Marouf [3]). Two nonnegative sequences and are said to be asymptotically equivalent if (denoted by ). Definition 2 (see Fridy [4]). The sequence is said to be statistically convergent to the number if for every , In this case we write . The next definition is natural combination of Definitions 1 and 2. Definition 3 (see Patterson [1]). Two nonnegative sequences and are said to be asymptotically statistical equivalent of multiple provided that for every (denoted by ) and simply asymptotically statistically equivalent if . By a lacunary sequence we mean an increasing integer sequence such that and as . Throughout this paper the intervals determined by will be denoted by , and ratio will be abbreviated by Definition 4 (see Patterson and Sava? [2]). Let be a lacunary sequence; the two nonnegative sequences and are said to be asymptotically lacunary statistical equivalent of multiple provided that for every (denoted by ) and simply asymptotically lacunary statistically equivalent if . Definition 5 (see Patterson & Sava? [2]). Let be a lacunary sequence; two nonnegative number sequences and are strongly asymptotically lacunary equivalent of multiple provided that (denoted by ) and strongly simply
Aytekin AL?EL?K,Fatih DEN?Z,Nuray YE??LDAL,Atilla Senih MAYDA
TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin , 2005,
Abstract: Objectives: Nursing is an occupation needed renunciation, patience and physical endurance. Nurses have to prevent their physical and mental health, because they can be more beneficial to patients. A cross-sectional study was conducted on AIBU Duzce Medical School Nurses to determine health problems and nutritional habits. Materials and Methods: The questionnaires forms filled by 79 nurses(%86) and analysed the data using an statistical package programme. Results: Mean age of the study group was 23.5 ± 0.2(Standard Error)years. The answer to ‘Do you satisfied in your life?’question was reported ‘fair’ in 39.7% of the group. 65.7% reported no physical activity. Skipped meals were 80.9%. The most frequent health problems were reported as low back pain (52.9%), back pain (48.5%), stomach pain (48.5%), shoulder pain (38.2%) and neck pain (38.2%). Twenty-six and half percent of the group were not immunized against to Hepatitis B. Conclusion: Occupational health and safety unit must be established in workplace. Training about occupational risks and stress management must be given to nurses.
The comparison of anterior preperitoneal mesh and Lichtenstein mesh techniques in inguinal hernia repair
Ahmet Nuray Turhan,Selin Kapan,Serkan Fatih ?pek,Sinan Hatipo?lu
Medical Journal of Bakirk?y , 2005,
Abstract: Aim: Inguinal hernia repair is currently one of the most common operations in general surgery. In this prospective randomized study we compared the novel technique of anterior preperitoneal mesh repair with Lichtenstein mesh repair. Material and methods: Between January 2004 and December 2004 inguinal hernia repair was performed in 188 cases, under general or spinal anesthesia. The two methods were compared regarding operation time, postoperative pain via visual analogue scores (VAS) on the 1st, 7th, 30th and 90th days postoperatively, mean hospital stay, mean period for returning to daily activities, early complication and recurrence rates. The parameters were evaluated by Anova: single variate and Chi-Square (Fischer’s exact test) tests and p<0.05 was accepted to be statistically significant. Results: Forty-two of the cases had bilateral hernia and the male to female ratio was 172/16. According to Nyhus Classification 26 cases had Type II hernia, 72 cases had Type III a hernia, 117 cases had Type III b hernia and the remaining 15 cases had Type IV hernia. Anterior preperitoneal mesh repair was performed in 104 cases and Lichtenstein mesh repair was performed in the remaining 84 cases. Mean age of the patients was 50.38 ± 1.16 (18-85). Mean follow up period was 8.40 ± 0.27 (3-15) months. Early complication and recurrence rates were 22/104 (21.15%) and 1/104 (0.9%) in cases with anterior preperitoneal mesh repair and 12/84 (14.28%) and 2/84 (2.3%) in cases with Lichtenstein repair respectively. Main complications were wound site infection and hematoma. When the two techniques were compared regarding mean time of operation, VAS, mean hospital stay, mean time for returning to daily activities, early complication and recurrence rates, VAS of postoperative 7th day in the Lichtenstein group was found to be significantly lower (p=0.01) whereas time for returning to daily activities was significantly shorter in the anterior preperitoneal mesh repair group (p=0.001). Early complication and recurrence rates were found to be similar in both groups. Conclusion: The anterior preperitoneal mesh repair had similar results with Lichtenstein mesh repair regarding postoperative pain, mean hospital stay, early complication and recurrence rates. The advantage of a significantly shorter period for returning to daily activities make this novel technique a safe, easy and reliable alternative in open hernia surgery.
Understanding The Historic City= Tarihi ehiri Anlamak
Nuray ?zaslan
tasar?m + kuram , 2003,
Abstract: The primary aim of this paper is to develop anew perspective in the contemporary urbandesign problem of the historic city. It willargue that the city is not an object of ideologicaland economic choices but rather the subjectof architectural phenomenon. In this sense oneof the main differences between the pre-industrialand modern city is the role and appearanceof architecture. The lack of architecturalquality and duality appears because of discontinuityin the intrinsic rules of the city buildingitself which are the result of accumulatedarchitectural culture of its society as its makerand user. This paper is based on the argumentthat new interventions in those ancient citiesshould follow their own architectural rules,which can be grasped by careful analysis of theurban structure. Bu yaz n n konusu a da ba lamdaki tarihsel kentin gelece e ait tasar m sorununa yeni bir perspektif nermektir. Kent yap evresinin kompleks bir bi imi olarak mimarl k olgusunun ortas nda yer al r. Yaz n n temas n olu turan ‘ a da ba lam’ ve ‘tarihsel kent’ birbiriyle uzla maz g rünen temel olgulard r. Farkl sistemleri temsil eden bu iki kavram nesnel olarak da farkl yap lar tan mlar. Bu farkl l k kentsel doku ve g rünümde bir ikilik olarak ortaya kar. Bütünlü ünü ve giderek de mimar kimli ini yitiren tarihsel kentin gelece i nemli bir tasar m problemidir ayn zamanda. Bu yaz tarihsel kente yap lacak her türlü müdahale de tasar m belirleyeninin kentin kendi i sel kurallar olmas gerekti ini iddia eder ve bu kurallar n ke fini sa layacak bir y ntemin er evesini nerir.
Interaction between cultures via art review: Understanding multiculturalism
Nuray Mamur
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Today, modern societies have different expectations from education. An educated individual is expected to interact with different cultural groups and develop positive attitudes in those interactions. Art education- as known as a branch of cultural education- is aware of that responsibility. It evaluates the reviews towards works of art or visuals as a component that helps to understand culture in detail. At this point, how an individual comments on) are quite important. The purpose of the study is to emphasize the importance of examining works of art and evaluate their effects between cultures and on multi cultural education. The study was conducted at an elementary school in 2010-2011 education period. During three weeks practice, 12 students and a teacher had participated in the study. In this qualitative study data was gathered through articles that involves open ended questions and interview forms. The data was analyzed by using content analysis. At the end of the study, students have examined cultural life styles by using Works of art and have stated the differentiation capability of geographic factors climate, and religion in terms of cultural structure. Examining the art of different cultures has been considered as an important factor that has great contributions to their experience. Through these methods, they have questioned their cultural values in terms of understanding and interpreting. Experiences gained via artistic and cultural studies have been effective in terms of internalizing the topic.
On the Shahbuz Accents of the Azerbaijani Language
Nuray Aliyeva
Asian Social Science , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v7n12p192
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the investigation of Shahbuz accents of the Azerbaijani language. The questions connected with the phonetics and morphology of the Shahbuz accents are investigated. It is determined that the syntactical differences show itself in the comparison with the literary language. The minority of these differences arise from the stability of the syntactic structure of the Azerbaijani language and its unity. The other reason is correct establishment of the Azerbaijani literary language on the basis of the national language. The author shows that there are few radical differences between the syntactic structure of the dialects and syntactic structure of the Azerbaijani literary language, but existing ones are not belong to one dialect and accent, belong either to dialect group or to the general dialects and accents of the Azerbaijani language. It is clear that Shahbuz accents are rich on both phonetic and grammatical aspects and is the product of long centuries. Here one can come across with many old words and expressions related to the growth way, life, welfare of the Azerbaijani language, these reflect the history of the Azerbaijani language. From this point of view, the study of the dialects and accents of the Azerbaijani language has a great significance. There are many similar and different aspects in relation with the literary language and other group of dialects or accents in Shahbuz accents.
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