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Assessment of genetic diversity in the Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) based on ISSR genetic markers
Asadiar, Leila Sadat;Rahmani, Fatemeh;Siami, Abbas;
Revista Ciência Agron?mica , 2013, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-66902013000200013
Abstract: elaeagnus is a eurasian tree with 77 species worldwide. in this study, issr markers were used to establish the level of genetic relationships and polymorphism across nine genotypes of elaeagnus angustifolia collected from 9 different regions of west azarbaijan province. the issr analysis with 11 anchored primers also generated 116 scorable loci, of which 92 were polymorphic (79.3%). the estimated jaccard similarity coefficient ranged from 0.44 to 0.76 for the issr markers. cluster analysis was carried out, based on the unweighted pair group method with arithmetic averages (upgma) and the dendrogram drawn with the help of the ntsyspc 2.02 software. the analysis revealed 5 main clusters for the issr data. according to our results, there is a relatively high genetic distance across e. angustifolia genotypes in the west azarbaijan province of iran. furthermore, it could be inferred that issr markers are suitable tools for the evaluation of genetic diversity and relationships within the elaeagnus genus.
Assessment of genetic diversity in the Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) based on ISSR genetic markers Avalia o da diversidade genética em Oliva Russa (Elaeagnus angustifolia) com base em marcadores genéticos ISSR
Leila Sadat Asadiar,Fatemeh Rahmani,Abbas Siami
Revista Ciência Agron?mica , 2013,
Abstract: Elaeagnus is a Eurasian tree with 77 species worldwide. In this study, ISSR markers were used to establish the level of genetic relationships and polymorphism across nine genotypes of Elaeagnus angustifolia collected from 9 different regions of West Azarbaijan province. The ISSR analysis with 11 anchored primers also generated 116 scorable loci, of which 92 were polymorphic (79.3%). The estimated Jaccard similarity coefficient ranged from 0.44 to 0.76 for the ISSR markers. Cluster analysis was carried out, based on the Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Averages (UPGMA) and the dendrogram drawn with the help of the NTSYSpc 2.02 software. The analysis revealed 5 main clusters for the ISSR data. According to our results, there is a relatively high genetic distance across E. angustifolia genotypes in the West Azarbaijan province of Iran. Furthermore, it could be inferred that ISSR markers are suitable tools for the evaluation of genetic diversity and relationships within the Elaeagnus genus. A Elaeagnus é uma árvore da Eurásia com 77 espécies em todo o mundo. Neste estudo, marcadores ISSR foram usados para estabelecer o nível de rela es genéticas e polimorfismo entre nove genótipos de Elaeagnus angustifolia, coletados em 9 diferentes regi es da província do Azerbaij o Ocidental. A análise ISSR, com 11 primers ancorados, também gerou 116 loci contáveis, dos quais 92 polimórficos (79,3%). O coeficiente de similaridade de Jaccard estimado, variou de 0,44 a 0,76 para os marcadores ISSR. A análise de agrupamento foi realizada com base no Método n o-ponderado de pares n o-agrupados, com médias aritméticas (UPGMA), e a dendrograma elaborada com a ajuda do software NTSYSpc 2.02. A análise revelou cinco grupos principais para os dados ISSR. De acordo com nossos resultados, há uma distancia genética relativamente alta entre genótipos de E. angustifolia na província de Azarbaijan Ocidental no Iran. Além disso, pode-se inferir que os marcadores ISSR s o ferramentas adequadas para a avalia o da diversidade genética e as rela es dentro do gênero Elaeagnus.
Effect of Abiotic Stresses on Histidine kinases Gene Expression in Zea mays L. cv. SC. 704
Javadmanesh, Susan,Rahmani, Fatemeh,Pourakbar, Latifeh
Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry , 2013,
Abstract: UV-B radiation and osmotic stress (like drought and salinity) have a significant effect on physiology, morphology, biochemistry and molecular biology. To cope with such stimuli, plants must be able to effectively sense, respond to and adapt to changes in their biological activities. Hence, signal transduction pathways play important role in response to environmental stimuli. In this study, the expression of three Histidine Kinases including ZmHK1, ZmHK2 and ZmHK3a was studied in maize plants exposed to 8 days drought, salinity and UV-B stresses applying transcript approach. The semi-quantitative RT-PCR analyses of ZmHKs showed up-regulation of ZmHK1 and ZmHK3 agenes after 8 days exposure to applied stresses except salinity in leaves, although, their regulation was more prominent during drought stress. Astonishingly, exposure to these stresses showed down-regulation of all genes in maize roots. However, the ZmHK1 behavior was quite different from two other homologues and showed up-regulation in combined stresses. We suggest that ZmHK1 and ZmHK3a, as cytokinin transmembrane receptors, sense osmolarity changes in cells caused by dehydration. Our data supports the involvement of ZmHK homologues under these stresses in maize and provides a gene expression dynamics during the stress which will be valuable for further studies of the molecular mechanisms of stress tolerance in maize.
Effect of Thymoquinone on Ethylene Glycol-Induced Kidney Calculi in Rats
Mousa-Al-Reza Hadjzadeh,Nama Mohammadian,Zeynab Rahmani,Fatemeh Behnam Rassouli
Urology Journal , 2008,
Abstract: Introduction: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of thymoquinone, a major component of Nigella Sativa seeds on ethylene glycol-induced kidney calculi in rats. Materials and Methods: Sixty male Wistar rats were randomly divided into 6 groups (intact control, ethylene glycol control, and 4 experimental groups) and treated for 28 days according to the protocol of the study. The rats in experimental groups received ethylene glycol and intraperitoneal injection of thymoquinone either from the first day of the study or the 15th day, with either doses of 5 mg/kg or 10 mg/kg. Blood and 24-hour urine samples were collected at baseline and on day 28. Urine oxalate and citrate and serum electrolytes were also measured. On day 29, all rats were decapitated and their kidney specimens were studied. Results: On day 28, urine oxalate concentration significantly decreased in the experimental groups compared to the ethylene glycol group (P < .001). Also, serum calcium levels were significantly higher in the experimental groups (P = .001). Calcium oxalate deposits were smaller in the experimental groups than the ethylene glycol group. The mean number of deposits was lower in these groups, too (P < .001). Treatment with the lower dose of thymoquinone was associated with fewer deposits.Conclusion: Thymoquinone significantly decreased the number and size of calcium oxalate deposits in the renal tubules. The dose and duration of treatment, however, does not have a linear relation with the outcomes. Further studies on thymoquinone as a preventive and therapeutic drug for kidney calculi are suggested.
Robab Abbasi,Khalil Farhadi,Sepideh Banisaeid,Nader Nowroozi Pesyan,Arezu Jamali,Fatemeh Rahmani
催化学报 , 2014, DOI: 10.1016/S1872-2067(14)60049-8
Abstract: ?Apolytyramine-copperoxalatenanocompositemodifiedcopper(PTCOxNMC)electrodepreparedbyelectropolymerizationwasexaminedforelectrocatalyticactivitytowardstheoxidationofmethanolinalkalinesolutionusingcyclicvoltammetryandimpedancespectroscopy.ThepreparedPTCOxNMCelectrodeshowedasignificantlyhighresponseforadsorbedmethanoloxidation.TheeffectsofvariousparameterssuchaspotentialscanrateandmethanolconcentrationontheelectrocatalyticoxidationatthesurfaceofthePTCOxNMCelectrodewereinvestigated.SpectrometrytechniquessuchasFouriertransforminfraredspectroscopyandscanningelectronmicroscopywereusedtodeterminethesurfacephysicalcharacteristicsofthemodifiedelectrodeandrevealedthatthepolytyramine-copperoxalatenanocompositeparticleswerehighlydispersedonthesurfaceofthecopperelectrodewithanarrowsizeupto40nm.Theveryhighcurrentdensityobtainedforthecatalyticoxidationmayhaveresultedfromthehighelectrodesurfaceareacausedbymodificationwiththepoly-tyramine-copperoxalatenanocomposite.
Element Free Gelerkin Method for 2-D Potential Problems  [PDF]
Ali Rahmani Firoozjaee
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/am.2015.61015
Abstract: A meshfree method namely, element free Gelerkin (EFG) method, is presented in this paper for the solution of governing equations of 2-D potential problems. The EFG method is a numerical method which uses nodal points in order to discretize the computational domain, but where the use of connectivity is absent. The unknowns in the problems are approximated by means of connectivity-free technique known as moving least squares (MLS) approximation. The effect of irregular distribution of nodal points on the accuracy of the EFG method is the main goal of this paper as a complement to the precedent researches investigated by proposing an irregularity index (II) in order to analyze some 2-D benchmark examples and the results of sensitivity analysis on the parameters of the method are presented.
Physical versus Synthetic Exchange Traded Funds. Which One Replicates Better?  [PDF]
Cesario Mateus, Yana Rahmani
Journal of Mathematical Finance (JMF) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jmf.2017.74054
Abstract: This paper investigates the tracking performance of physical and synthetic equity exchange traded funds listed (ETFs) on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) during the period 2008 to 2013. We examine the ETFs accuracy in replicating their benchmark returns, with different geographical focus, applying several tracking metrics and including the financial crisis period. First, we did not find evidence that synthetic ETFs outperformed physical ETFs in terms of lower daily tracking performance. Second, the results show that the ability of ETFs to replicate its benchmark index’s returns depends on characteristics of the securities composing the index. Third, we provide evidence that the 2008-2009 financial crises had negative impact on daily tracking performance for all ETFs. Fourth, the method to estimate the tracking error impacts the results.
Stability of a Delayed SIQRS Model with Temporary Immunity  [PDF]
Laid Chahrazed, Rahmani Fouad Lazhar
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2013.32034

This paper addresses a time-delayed SIQRS model with a linear incidence rate. Immunity gained by experiencing the disease is temporary; whenever infected, the disease individuals will return to the susceptible class after a fixed period of time. First, the local and global stabilities of the infection-free equilibrium are analyzed, respectively. Second, the endemic equilibrium is formulated in terms of the incidence rate, and locally asymptotic stability. Finally we use the adomian decomposition method is applied to the system epidemiologic. This method yields an analytical solution in terms of convergent infinite power series.

Mohammed RAHMANI
Technologies de Laboratoire , 2007,
Abstract: Les oxydations représentent les principales altérations des matières grasses insaturées, aboutissant à leur rancissement oxydatif. Selon les mécanismes réactionnels mis en uvre, les oxydations sont subdivisées en autoxydation, photooxydation et oxydation enzymatique.Les méthodes utilisées pour évaluer la stabilité oxydative des lipides, vis-à-vis de l’autoxydation prise comme exemple des altérations d’oxydation, sont passées en revue.
Early Model of Traffic Sign Reminder Based on Neural Network
Budi Rahmani
TELKOMNIKA : Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.11591/telkomnika.v10i4.861
Abstract: Recognizing the traffic signs installed on the streets is one of the requirements of driving on the road. Laxity in driving may result in traffic accident. This paper describes a real-time reminder model, by utilizing a camera that can be installed in a car to capture image of traffic signs, and is processed and later to inform the driver. The extracting feature harnessing the morphological elements (strel) is used in this paper. Artificial Neural Networks is used to train the system and to produce a final decision. The result shows that the accuracy in detecting and recognizing the ten types of traffic signs in real-time is 80%.
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