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Meson Exchange Currents in (\vec{e},e'\vec{p}) observables
Fariba Kazemi Tabatabaei,J. E. Amaro,J. A. Caballero,M. B. Barbaro
Physics , 2003,
Abstract: Our main aim in this work is to study the effects of meson-exchange currents (MEC) over asymmetries and recoil polarization observables in A(e,e'p)B reactions. This DWIA+MEC model takes care of relativistic degrees of freedom by using semi-relativistic operators for the one-body current as well as for the two-body MEC. These SR currents are obtained by a direct Pauli reduction of the corresponding relativistic operators by an expansion in terms of missing momentum over the nucleon mass, while the current dependence on the transferred energy and momentum is treated exactly. Also some comparisons with experimental data are made.
Static Parameters of Hadrons and Quantum Groups
F. Kazemi Tabatabaei
Physics , 1995,
Abstract: We study the static properties of hadrons, assuming quantum group symmetry. We calculate the magnetic moment, axial form factor and A-symmetry, using $SU_q(2)$ and $SU_q(3)$ quantum groups. The results are fitted with experimental data, giving an interval of $0.9
Comparison of the effect of low-glycemic index versus low-Fat diet on the body weight and plasma lipid profile in obeses women
Zohreh Mazloom,Fatemeh Kazemi,Seyed Hamid Reza Tabatabaei
Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: (Received 15 Jun, 2008; Accepted 14 Feb, 2009)AbstractBackground and purpose: The rate of carbohydrate absorption after a meal, as quantified by glycemic index, has an effect on postprandial hormonal and metabolic response.The aim of the present study is to determine the effects of low-glycemic index diet, versus low-fat diet on the body weight, BMI, WHR (waist/hip ratio) and plasma lipid profile of obese patients.Materials and methods: A randomized controlled trial compared the effect of two dietary treatments (low glycemic index & low fat) in 46 adults, ages 18 to 55 years old, BMI >27, who proceeded to Motahary Clinic in Shiraz, Iran. Body weight, BMI, WHR (waist/hip ratio), fast and post-prandial Plasma lipid profile (Triacylglycerol, total Cholesterol, LDL-C, HDL-C concentration) level of obese women were measured at the beginning and end of 6 weeks.Results: Changes in Body weight, BMI, WHR (waist/hip ratio) and Plasma lipid profile (Triacylglycerol, total Cholesterol, LDL-C, HDL-C concentration) were significant in both dietary groups. But no significant differences were observed in any parameter measured between two groups, except for the post-prandial HDL-C in which significant difference were observed.Conclusion: From these findings, it can be concluded that the isolated bacterial strain can utilize Organ phosphorus pesticides as a source of carbon and phosphorus. Utilization of these compounds by soil microorganisms is a crucial phenomenon by which these compounds are removed from the environment, thus, preventing environmental pollution.Both diets can equally be effective in decreasing the body weight and Plasma lipid profile.J Mazand Univ Med Sci 2009; 19(68):40-47 (Persian)
Induced Nucleon Polarization and Meson-Exchange Currents in (e,e'p) Reactions
F. Kazemi Tabatabaei,J. E. Amaro,J. A. Caballero
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.69.064607
Abstract: Nucleon recoil polarization observables in $(e,e'\vec{p})$ reactions are investigated using a semi-relativistic distorted-wave model which includes one- and two-body currents with relativistic corrections. Results for the induced polarization asymmetry are shown for closed-shell nuclei and a comparison with available experimental data for $^{12}$C is provided. A careful analysis of meson exchange currents shows that they may affect significantly the induced polarization for high missing momentum.
Meson Exchange Currents in (e,e'p) recoil polarization observables
F. Kazemi Tabatabaei,J. E. Amaro,J. A. Caballero
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.68.034611
Abstract: A study of the effects of meson-exchange currents and isobar configurations in $A(\vec{e},e'\vec{p})B$ reactions is presented. We use a distorted wave impulse approximation (DWIA) model where final-state interactions are treated through a phenomenological optical potential. The model includes relativistic corrections in the kinematics and in the electromagnetic one- and two-body currents. The full set of polarized response functions is analyzed, as well as the transferred polarization asymmetry. Results are presented for proton knock-out from closed-shell nuclei, for moderate to high momentum transfer.
Semi-relativistic meson exchange currents in (e,e') and (e,e'p) reactions
J. E. Amaro,M. B. Barbaro,J. A. Caballero,F. Kazemi Tabatabaei
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.68.014604
Abstract: Electron-induced one-nucleon knock-out observables are computed for moderate to high momentum transfer making use of semi-relativistic expressions for the one-body and two-body meson-exchange current matrix elements. Emphasis is placed on the semi-relativistic form of the $\Delta$-isobar exchange current and several prescriptions for the dynamical-equivalent form of the $\Delta$-propagator are analyzed. To this end, the inclusive transverse response function, evaluated within the context of the semi-relativistic approach and using different prescriptions for the $\Delta$-propagator, is compared with the fully relativistic calculation performed within the scheme of the relativistic Fermi gas model. It is found that the best approximation corresponds to using the traditional static $\Delta$-propagator. These semi-relativistic approaches, which contain important aspects of relativity, are implemented in a distorted wave analysis of quasielastic $(e,e'p)$ reactions. Final state interactions are incorporated through a phenomenological optical potential model and relativistic kinematics is assumed when calculating the energy of the ejected nucleon. The results indicate that meson exchange currents may modify substantially the $TL$ asymmetry for high missing momentum.
Final-state interaction and recoil polarization in (e,e'p) reactions: comparison with the polarized target case
J. E. Amaro,J. A. Caballero,T. W. Donnelly,F. Kazemi Tabatabaei
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2005.02.077
Abstract: A study of the total cross section for polarized proton knockout in $(e,e'{\vec p})$ reactions is carried out for the closed-shell nucleus $^{40}$Ca. The dependence of FSI effects on polarization observables viewed as functions of the nucleon polarization angles is analyzed and interpreted within the basis of a semi-classical model for the orbit of the struck nucleon and trajectory of the ejected nucleon. A comparison with the case of a $^{39}$K polarized target and unpolarized protons is performed.
Royana: Successful Experience in Cloning the Sheep
Saeed Kazemi Ashtiani,Mohammad Hossein Nasr-Esfahani,Sayyed Mortaza Hosseini,Fariba Moulavi
Cell Journal , 2008,
Abstract: Objective: This study describes our experiences in reproductive cloning using two differentprocedures resulting in birth of the first successfully cloned sheep in Iran and theMiddle-East, nick-named "Royana".Materials and Methods: Abattoir-derived sheep oocytes were enucleated after in vitromaturation for 18-20hrs and then reconstructed by ear-derived sheep somatic cells usingtwo different procedures of renucleation (subzonary, intracytoplasmic), embryo culture (coculture,sequential medium) and embryo transfer (intra fallopian, intra uterine). Pregnancystatus and fetal development were followed regularly and elective cesarean was inductedon day 145 of pregnancy. Histopathological and genetical examinations were performedon either aborted and delivered clones for confirmation different aspects of cloning.Results: The two procedures were both efficient in producing early and/or advancedcloned embryos, establishing early and/or advanced stages of pregnancy till delivery. Fourpregnancies were detected; one were failed at early pregnancy, one aborted on day 90,one was still born and the fourth delivered to a healthy male lamb nick named "Royana".Conclusion: Many different approaches have been developed for mammalian cloningwhich all are judged by their ultimate potency for establishment of successful pregnanciesterminated to healthy/viable clones. As a preliminary study toward establishment ofthe technology, this study also successfully examined the competency of two proceduresof somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). However, the overall low efficiency of SCNT indicatesthat many different aspects of the technology remain to be dissolved.
Potential Evaluation and Basin Modeling of the Pabdeh Formation in Zagros Basin: A Case Study  [PDF]
Hossein Tabatabaei
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2017.74035
Abstract: Pabdeh Formation is one of the most important source rocks in Zagros basin. In this study, thermal modeling and comparing of hydrocarbon potential evaluation of Pabdeh Formation in Mish Anticline and Gachsaran oil field have been investigated. For this reason, Rock-Eval pyrolysis was carried out on 21 cuttings samples collected from 2 boreholes (Well No. 55 and 83) of Gachsaran oil field and outcrop of Mish anticline. Accordingly, the Kerogen types of Pabdeh Formation in Gachsaran oil field are II, but in Mish anticline are type II and III. The amount of inert organic carbon determined for the Pabdeh Formation in Mish anticline is about 4.879 wt%, while for Gachsaran oil field, it is estimated at 0.153 (Well. No. 55) and 1.156 (Well. No. 83) wt%. Absorption of hydrocarbon by rock matrix was also determined. The amount of absorption in Mish anticline is more than that of Gachsaran oil field. This is mostly due to the presence of argillaceous matrix in this area, but the clays have not been successful in absorbing organic matter; this is due to the result obtained from small amount of organic matter in the basin. The Rock-Eval data revealed that the sedimentary paleo-environment strongly affected the source potential of this formation as it changed from the continental and Deltaic in the Mish anticline to deeper marine in Gachsaran oil field. In addition, curves of Burial history were drawn for Gachsaran well No. 55, in order to assess the thermal maturity of the Pabdeh formation. The results of the methods indicated that Pabdeh formation in Gachsaran oil field had a good to very good hydrocarbon potential and had entered to oil window.
Dynamics of Income Distribution — A Diffusion Analysis  [PDF]
Fariba Hashemi
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2011.12008
Abstract: The study is motivated by the observation that the distribution of income across countries varies as a function of time. It would not be unreasonable to assume that there exists a statistical equilibrium distribution of income with a certain mean and variance, towards which the ensemble of countries considered tend to converge, and there is a speed of adjustment towards this said equilibrium. In order to quantify this process, the evolution through time of income around its trend is modeled using a classic stochastic differential equation. The model describes the diffusion of shocks across space, via an income adjustment process with noise. The dynamics rely on two opposing flows: (i) a factor equalization process, and (ii) a counteracting diffusion process. It is hypothesized that these flows follow simple evolutionary laws that can be described with five parameters — parameters that can be estimated from historical data with some accuracy. The dynamic behavior of the model is analytically derived. Both the extent and speed of adjustment of income are analyzed. An empirical application of the proposed model to the evolution of the distribution of income for 25 countries in the European Union tests the validity of the proposed method and suggests that diffusion may be a preferable technique for the analysis of income dynamics.
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