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Phase and Polarization State of High-Frequency Relic Gravitational Waves

LI Fang-Yu,YANG Nan,

中国物理快报 , 2009,
Abstract: The displaying condition of strength, phase and polarization states of high-frequency relic gravitational waves (HFRGWs) in electromagnetic (EM) detecting systems is studied. It is shown that the displaying condition depends not only on the sensitivity of EM detecting systems and the amplitudes of HFRGWs, but also on the phase, the polarization states of HFRGWs and their matching to the EM detecting systems. In order to display simultaneously the strength, phase and polarization states of the resonant ``monochromatic component' of HFRGWs, an important necessary condition is the utilization of two or more different EM detectors.
Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling reaction of 1-aryltriazenes with arylboronic acids catalyzed by a recyclable polymer-supported N-heterocyclic carbene–palladium complex catalyst
Guangming Nan,Fang Ren,Meiming Luo
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry , 2010, DOI: 10.3762/bjoc.6.70
Abstract: The Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling reaction of 1-aryltriazenes with arylboronic acids catalyzed by a recyclable polymer-supported Pd–NHC complex catalyst has been realized for the first time. The polymer-supported catalyst can be re-used several times still retaining high activity for this transformation. Various aryltriazenes were investigated as electrophilic substrates at room temperature to give biaryls in good to excellent yields and showed good chemoselectivity over aryl halides in the reactions.
Experimental and Numerical Study on the Thermal Performance of a Water/Steam Cavity Receiver
Nan Tu,Jinjia Wei,Jiabin Fang
Energies , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/en6031198
Abstract: An experimental platform was designed and built for testing the thermal performance of a water/steam cavity receiver. The experimental platform was utilized to investigate the start-up performance and operation characteristics of the receiver. The electrical heating mode was chosen to simulate the non-uniform distribution of heat flux on the surface of absorber tubes inside the cavity. During start-up the temperature rise rate and the mass flow rate are considered as control variables. A couple of start-up curves under different working pressures were finally obtained. The results showed that the receiver performed at relatively low thermal efficiencies. The main reason for the low thermal efficiency was attributed to the low steam mass flow rate, which causes a high proportional heat loss. In order to study the relationship between thermal efficiency and mass flow rate, a computational model for evaluating the thermal performance of a cavity receiver was built and verified. This model couples three aspects of heat transfer: the radiative heat transfer inside the receiver, the flow boiling heat transfer inside the absorber tubes and the convection heat transfer around the receiver. The water/steam cavity receiver of the experimental platform was studied numerically. The curve of thermal efficiency versus mass flow rate was obtained to show that the thermal efficiency increases with increasing mass flow rate within a certain range, and the increase is more remarkable at low mass flow rates. The purpose of the present study was to determine an appropriate mass flow rate for the receiver of the experimental platform to ensure its efficient operation.
Resonant Interaction Between a Weak Gravitational Wave and a Microwave Beam in the Double Polarized States Through a Static Magnetic Field
Fang-Yu Li,Nan Yang
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1088/0256-307X/21/11/011
Abstract: We investigate the resonant interaction to the weak gravitational waves in a coupling electromagnetic system, which consists of a Gaussian beam with the double polarized transverse electric modes, a static magnetic field and the fractal membranes. We find that under the syncroresonance condition a high-frequency GW (HFGW) of h=10^-30,v_g=3GHz may produce the perturbative photon flux (PPF) of 2.15*10/s in a surface of 0.01m^2. The PPF can be pumped out from the background photon fluxes and one might obtain the amplified signal photon flux of 2.15*10^4s^-1 by cascade fractal membranes. It appears to be worthwhile to study this effect for the detection of the high-frequency relic GWs in quintessential inflationary models and the HFGWs expected by possible laboratory schemes.
Baryon Asymmetries in the Natural Inflation Model
Nan Li,Ding-fang Zeng
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.90.123542
Abstract: A variation of Affleck-Dine mechanism was proposed to generate the observed baryon asymmetry in [1], in which the inflaton was assumed to be a complex scalar field with a weakly broken $U(1)$ symmetry, and the baryon asymmetry generation was easily unified with the stage of inflation and reheating. We adapt this mechanism to natural inflation scenarios and compare the results with those in chaotic inflation models. We compute the net particle number obtained at the end of inflation and transform it into net baryon number after reheatings. We observed that in natural inflation models, the desired baryon-to-photon ratio can be achieved equally well as in chaotic models.
Anomaly Sequences Detection from Logs Based on Compression
Nan Wang,Jizhong Han,Jinyun Fang
Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: Mining information from logs is an old and still active research topic. In recent years, with the rapid emerging of cloud computing, log mining becomes increasingly important to industry. This paper focus on one major mission of log mining: anomaly detection, and proposes a novel method for mining abnormal sequences from large logs. Different from previous anomaly detection systems which based on statistics, probabilities and Markov assumption, our approach measures the strangeness of a sequence using compression. It first trains a grammar about normal behaviors using grammar-based compression, then measures the information quantities and densities of questionable sequences according to incrementation of grammar length. We have applied our approach on mining some real bugs from fine grained execution logs. We have also tested its ability on intrusion detection using some publicity available system call traces. The experiments show that our method successfully selects the strange sequences which related to bugs or attacking.
Human Face Super-Resolution Based on Hybrid Algorithm  [PDF]
Jinfeng Xia, Zhizheng Yang, Fang Li, Yuanda Xu, Nan Ma, Chunxing Wang
Advances in Molecular Imaging (AMI) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ami.2018.84004
Abstract: Aiming at the problems of image super-resolution algorithm with many convolutional neural networks, such as large parameters, large computational complexity and blurred image texture, we propose a new algorithm model. The classical convolutional neural network is improved, the convolution kernel size is adjusted, and the parameters are reduced; the pooling layer is added to reduce the dimension. Reduced computational complexity, increased learning rate, and reduced training time. The iterative back-projection algorithm is combined with the convolutional neural network to create a new algorithm model. The experimental results show that compared with the traditional facial illusion method, the proposed method can obtain better performance.
Impacts of Atmospheric Conditions on Influenza in Southern China. Part I. Taking Shenzhen City for Example  [PDF]
Jun Qin, Hong Fang, Zheng-hong Chen, Hong-nan Zhai, Li Zhang, Xiao-wen Chen
Open Journal of Air Pollution (OJAP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojap.2012.13008
Abstract: In this study, we analyse the relationship between the occurrences of influenza in Shenzhen, a rapid developing city in subtropic regions of southern China with over 10 million populations, and the vapor pressure (VP), the concentrations of atmospheric pollutants (SO2, NO2, PM10) for the period of 2003 - 2008. Using the data such as the rate of Influ- en-za-Like-Illness (ILI (%)), the concentrations of pollutants and vapor pressure, we show quite different results from pre-vious research conducted in other regions in China which are dominated by temperate climate and with influenza out-break in Winter and Autumn. Our results show that the rate of ILI in Shenzhen reaches its maximum in Summer and minimum in Winter and the concentrations of pollutants were significantly correlated with ILI (%), there are significant positive correlations between ILI (%) and VP which can explain over 25% the variance of ILI (%) variations. Quite surprisingly, both atmospheric SO2 and PM10 concentrations are negatively correlated with ILI (%), this is because acid deposition may limit the spread of disease, the seasonal variations of acid rain in Shenzhen could contribute to the sea-sonality of its influenza. Furthermore, there are some significant correlations between preceding VP and SO2 and PM10 concentrations to ILI occurrence and such connections can be used for ILI predictions.
Enhanced Biodegradability, Lubricity and Corrosiveness of Lubricating Oil by Oleic Acid Diethanolamide Phosphate
Chen Boshui,Zhang Nan,Liang Kai,Fang Jianhua
Tribology in Industry , 2012,
Abstract: Impacts of oleic acid diethanolamide phosphate (abbreviated as ODAP) as an additive on biodegradability, anti-wear capacity, friction-reducing ability and corrosiveness of an unreadily biodegradable HVI 350 mineral lubricating oil was studied. The biodegradabilities of neat lubricating oil and its formulations with ODAP were evaluated on a biodegradation tester. Furthermore, the anti-wear and friction-reducing abilities and the corrosiveness of neat oil and the formulated oils were determined on a four-ball tribotester and a copper strip corrosion tester, respectively. The results indicated that ODAP markedly enhanced biodegradability as well as anti-wear and friction-reducing abilities of the lubricating oil. On the other hand, excellent color ratings of copper strips for both neat oil and the ODAP-doped oil were obtained in the corrosion tests, demonstrating that the corrosiveness of neat oil and the doped oil was negligible, although the latter seemed to provide slightly better anti-corrosion ability.
The F-G Generalized Convex and F quasi Convex Functions
HUANG Jin-ying,ZHAO Yu,FANG Xiu-nan
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2011,
Abstract: In the real word, the processing time of a job may be dependent of its starting time in a schedule and the later a job starts, the longer it takes to process, this phenomenon is called "deteriorateing effect". Aiming at the sigle-machine scheduling model, which is the integration of scheduling models with deterioratering effect and scheduling models with a rate-modifying activity(RMA), we explore a sequence-independent, signgle processor makespan problem with position-dependent processing times and several rate-modifying activities. In the model, the machine deteriorates during the processing procedure making the efficiency of processing jobs lower. However, the rate-modifying activity restores the processing efficiency of the machine so that the processing times of the jobs scheduled after the RMAs is shortened. After the analysis of this problem model and appropriate assumptions, we prove that when determining the number of rate-modifying activities, the optimal scheduling to meet the group balance principle. Finally, we resolve the question of whether to arrange RMA the times of RMAs, and the position of RMA in the scheduling in order to minimize the makespan under certain conditions and provide a polynomial-time optimal algorithm. The results of this paper generalize and improve the conclusions of the existing reference.
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