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LIA SCHWARTZ LERNER. Metáfora y sátira en la obra de Quevedo, Madrid (Taurus Ediciones) 1984, 201 pp.
Eleonora Falco
Lexis , 1985,
Abstract: El libro que publica Lía Schwartz Lerner posee importancia fundamental en el marco de los estudios quevedianos y constituye, igualmente, un aporte a la moderna crítica del discurso retórico. En éL' la autora da a conocer los resultacios de una inquisición profunda en la obra total de Quevedo y en la crítica surgida en torno, de ésta, así como en la teoría literaria que elabora propuestas sobre los fenómenos del discurso retórico y su funcionamiento.
Methoden und Verfahrensweisen der verdeckten Enteignung selbst ndiger Produzenten, Gewerbetreibender, Bauern und Grundstücks-/ Hauseigentümer in der Geschichte der SBZ/DDR
Falco Werkentin
Forum Historiae Iuris , 1998,
The Painting of the Urban Dreamscape in Patrick McGrath’s Port Mungo
Magali FALCO
E-rea : Revue électronique d’études sur le Monde Anglophone , 2007, DOI: 10.4000/erea.168
Abstract: “Black is the silence of the body after death, the close of life” (Wassily Kandisky, 1911) In Patrick McGrath’s latest novel, Port Mungo, the artist’s journey through various urban landscapes definitely gives shape to the maturing textual dreamscape that characterizes McGrath’s fiction. In his first novel, The Grotesque, he explored the “Gothicism” of the English countryside, then dug into ideas of the London urban landscape as a reflective setting for his characters’ madness, in Spider and A...
Sustainable biomass-derived hydrothermal carbons for energy applications
C. Falco
Boletin del Grupo Espa?ol del Carbon , 2012,
Abstract: The hydrothermal carbonisation of carbohydrate and protein-rich biomass was systematically investigated, in order to obtain more insights on the potentials of this thermochemical processing technique in relation to the production of functional carbon materials from crude biomass.
Vector and Axial anomaly in the Thirring-Wess model
Pierluigi Falco
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1063/1.3475536
Abstract: We study the 2D Vector Meson model introduced by Thirring and Wess, that is to say the Schwinger model with massive photon and massless fermion. We prove, with a renormalization group approach, that the vector and axial Ward identities are broken by the Adler-Bell-Jackiw anomaly; and we rigorously establish three widely believed consequences: a) the interacting meson-meson correlation equals a free boson propagator, though the mass is additively renormalized by the anomaly; b) the anomaly is quadratic in the charge, in agreement with the Adler-Bardeen formula; c) the fermion-fermion correlation has an anomalous long-distance decay.
Rigorous construction of the Thirring model: Ward-Takahashi Identities, Schwinger-Dyson Equations and New Anomalies
Pierluigi Falco
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: We provide a rigorous construction of the Schwinger functions for the massive and massless Thirring models. We use the renormalization group approach, controlling its flow through the Ward-Takahashi identities combined with the Schwinger-Dyson equation. The role of the anomalies is discussed.
Two-dimensional Quantum Field Models (with applications to Statistical Mechanics)
Pierluigi Falco
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: Two dimensional toy models display, in a gentler setting, manysalient aspects of Quantum Field Theory. Here I discuss a concrete two dimensional case, the Thirring model, which illustrates several important concepts of this theory: the anomalous dimension of the fields; the exact solvability; the anomalies of the Ward-Takahashi identities. Besides, I give a glimpse of the decisive role that this model plays in the study of an apparently unrelated topic: correlation critical exponents of two dimensional lattice systems of Statistical Mechanics.
Interacting Fermions Picture for Dimer Models
Pierluigi Falco
Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.87.060101
Abstract: Recent numerical results on classical dimers with weak aligning interactions have been theoretically justified via a Coulomb Gas representation of the height random variable. Here we propose a completely different representation, the Interacting Fermions Picture, which avoids some difficulties of the Coulomb Gas approach and provides a better account of the numerical findings. Besides, we observe that Peierls' argument explains the behavior of the system in the strong interaction case.
Critical exponents of the two dimensional Coulomb gas at the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition
Pierluigi Falco
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: The two dimensional Coulomb gas is the prototypical model of statistical mechanics displaying a special kind of phase transition, named after Berezinskii, Kosterlitz and Thouless. Physicists and mathematicians proposed several predictions about this system. Two of them, valid along the phase transition curve and for small activity, are: a) the long-distance decay of the "fractional charge" correlation is power law, with a multiplicative logarithmic correction; b) in such a decay, the exponent of the power law, as well as the exponent of the logarithmic correction, have a certain precise dependence upon the charge value. In this paper we provide a proof of these two long standing conjectures.
Correlation Critical Exponents for the Six-Vertex Model
Pierluigi Falco
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: The six-vertex model on a square lattice is "exactly solvable" because an exact formula for the free energy can be obtained by Bethe Ansatz. However, exact formulas for the correlations of local bulk observables, such as the orientation of the arrow at a given edge, are in general not available. In this paper we consider the isotropic "zero-field" six-vertex model at small |\Delta|. We derive the large-distance asymptotic formula of the arrow-arrow correlation, which displays a power law decay and an anomalous exponent. Our method is based on an interacting fermions representation of the six-vertex model and does not use any information obtained from the exact solution.

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