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Factors influencing the length of the incision and the operating time for total thyroidectomy
Fabrizio Consorti, Francesca Milazzo, Mariagiovanna Notarangelo, Laura Scardella, Alfredo Antonaci
BMC Surgery , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2482-12-15
Abstract: The aim of the study was to assess the correlation between incision length and operation duration with a set of biometric and clinical factors and establish a rationale for the decision on the length of incision in open surgery.Ninety-seven consecutive patients scheduled for total thyroidectomy were prospectively evaluated. All operations were performed by the same team and the surgeon decided the length of the incision according to his personal judgement. Patients who had previously undergone neck surgery were excluded.The length of the incision was strongly correlated with gender, thyroid volume, neck circumference and clinical diagnosis and weakly correlated with the body mass index. Operation duration was only weakly correlated with gender and neck circumference. Multiple linear regression revealed that the set of factors assessed explained almost 60?% of the variance in incision length but only 20?% of the variance in operation duration. When patients were classified according to the distribution of their thyroid volume, cases within one standard deviation of the mean did not show a significant difference in terms of operation duration with incisions of various lengths.Although thyroid volume was a major factor in driving the decision with respect to the length of the incision, our study shows that it had only minor effect on the duration of the operation. Many more open thyroidectomies could therefore be safely performed with shorter incisions, especially in women. Duration of the operation is probably more closely linked to the inherent technical difficulty of each case.The classical Kocher incision for thyroid surgery, which is approximately 10?cm long, has been the gold standard for more than a century. Since the introduction of Minimally Invasive (MI) surgery of the neck in the second half of the 1990s [1], several different techniques have been proposed, which have been classified as pure endoscopic techniques, video-assisted techniques and minimally inva
Nulliparity enhances the risk of second primary malignancy of the breast in a cohort of women treated for thyroid cancer
Fabrizio Consorti, Gianluca Di Tanna, Francesca Milazzo, Alfredo Antonaci
World Journal of Surgical Oncology , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1477-7819-9-88
Abstract: A total of 101 women surgically treated for papillary thyroid cancer from 1996 to 2009 with subsequent follow-up were interviewed by phone regarding personal risk factors and lifestyle habits. Only 75 questionnaires could be evaluated due to a 25.7% rate of patients not retrieved or refusing the interview. Data analysis was performed using a multivariate logistic model.The standardised incidence ratio (SIR) for breast cancer was 3.58 (95% IC 1.14 - 8.37). Our data suggest a protective effect of multiparity on the development of a SPM of the breast (O.R. 0.15; 95% IC 0.25 - 0.86). Significant associations were not found with other known risk factors including Body Mass Index (BMI), age at first tumour, concurrent metabolic diseases, smoking, physical activity and familiarity.This study confirms that a higher incidence of SPM of the breast is observed in women treated for papillary thyroid cancer. Additionally, this risk is increased by nulliparity, thus a strict breast screening program for nulliparous women treated for thyroid cancer may be advisable.Papillary thyroid cancer is the most commonly observed endocrine neoplasm. Its overall age standardised rate in Italy is 9.1 cases/100.000 persons/year, even if its incidence is higher in women (14.3). The mortality rate is much lower, accounting 0.4 death/100.000 [1]. Because thyroid cancer survivors may live for several decades following diagnosis, they may develop a second primary malignancy (SPM). In a meta-analysis conducted by Subramanian et al., 1409 publications were reviewed, and they found that breast carcinoma is the most frequent SPM in women treated for thyroid carcinoma [2]. Several large studies analysed the incidence of SPM of the breast using cancer registries [3-5], but these studies did not focus on possible risk co-factors, such as the lifestyle or family and past medical history of the women. The present study examined common risk factors for breast carcinoma in a cohort of women surgically treated
Quality of Scar after Total Thyroidectomy: A Single Blinded Randomized Trial Comparing Octyl-Cyanoacrylate and Subcuticular Absorbable Suture
Fabrizio Consorti,Rosaria Mancuso,Annalisa Piccolo,Eugenio Pretore,Alfredo Antonaci
ISRN Surgery , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/270953
Abstract: Objective. To compare the quality of resulting scar at 6 weeks after total thyroidectomy with the use of the tissue adhesive octyl-cyanoacrylate or subcuticular absorbable suture for the closure of cervicotomy. Material and Methods. There are 50 patients undergoing a cervicotomy for total thyroidectomy. Twenty-five patients were randomly assigned to closure with tissue adhesive and 25 with subcuticular absorbable suture. At week 6 the scar was evaluated by blinded assessors with the Italian version of POSAS questionnaire, a validated wound scale composed of an observer’s and a patient’s subscale. Results. Assessment of scar appearance showed a statistically significant difference ( ) in favor of subcuticular suture with respect to tissue adhesive on observer’s assessment. The difference on patients’ self-assessment was not significant. A multivariate analysis of six qualitative features of scars showed a significant influence on assessment for hyperpigmentation and relief of scar. The Italian version of POSAS proved to be reliable. Conclusion. Though tissue adhesive represents a valid method of skin closure, subcuticular absorbable suture provides a better aesthetic outcome in small cervical incisions in the early phase after thyroid surgery. 1. Background Aesthetic outcome is particularly relevant in thyroid surgery since patients are mostly women and young adults and since the incision is in a highly sensitive and visible anatomic location. Cosmetic concern about the final scar appearance contributed to motivate the development of minimally invasive approaches for thyroid surgery and parathyroid surgery over the last decade [1–3]. Minimally invasive thyroid surgery techniques (MIT) are different but all share the same goals: reduction of tissue trauma, early hospital discharge, and better neck wound cosmetic appearance, while maintaining the same surgical outcome as traditional thyroidectomy [4]. In addition to MIT, methods of skin closure contribute to the overall aesthetic outcome and patient’s satisfaction. Methods of skin closure vary in published series and are largely the results of surgeon’s choice based upon the need for a rapid, economic, and reproducible technique [5]. Skin closure techniques include the use of the tissue adhesive octyl-cyanoacrylate, introduced 15 years ago in clinical practice as an ideal system of wound closure [6]. Many studies showed that tissue adhesive is an acceptable alternative to standard wound closure since it yields similar clinical and aesthetic results, even if early wound dehiscence occurs in the 1% to 5% of
Pacchetto sicurezza e fattore religioso
Pierluigi Consorti
Stato, Chiese e Pluralismo Confessionale , 2011,
Abstract: SOMMARIO: 1. Cos’è il pacchetto sicurezza - 2. Alcune considerazioni preliminari - 3. Il visto per “motivi religiosi” - 4. I Centri di identificazione ed espulsione ed i CARA -5. Il matrimonio degli stranieri.
La nuova disciplina del matrimonio degli stranieri alla luce del pacchetto sicurezza. I suoi riflessi sul matrimonio concordatario
Pierluigi Consorti
Stato, Chiese e Pluralismo Confessionale , 2011,
Abstract: SOMMARIO: 1. La capacità matrimoniale dello straniero prima del pacchetto sicurezza - 2. La novella dell’art. 116 c.c. - 3. Il diritto al matrimonio nel pacchetto sicurezza - 4. Art. 116 c.c. e matrimonio concordatario - 5. Pubblicazioni civili e matrimonio concordatario - 6. Trascrivibilità del matrimonio concordatario di cittadino straniero che non documenta la regolarità del soggiorno - 7. Matrimonio concordatario degli stranieri non cattolici - 8. Conclusione
Globalizzazione della democrazia, laicità e religioni
Pierluigi Consorti
Stato, Chiese e Pluralismo Confessionale , 2011,
Abstract: SOMMARIO: 1. Globalizzazione della democrazia e delocalizzazione delle identità - 2. Globalizzazione: valori universali e identità particolari - 3. Identità democratica v. identità democratiche - 4. Globalizzazione ed esportazione della democrazia - 5. Globalizzazione e secolarizzazione - 6. Globalizzazione e riconoscimento delle identità particolari - 7. Democrazie e religioni - 8. Legge morale, legge civile, laicità - 9. Valori v. “valori laici” e “valori religiosi” - 10. Globalizzazione della democrazia e laicità dello Stato.
Inter-religious dialogue: a secular challenge
Pierluigi Consorti
Stato, Chiese e Pluralismo Confessionale , 2011,
Abstract: Testo rivisto dell’intervento svolto a Torino il 23 maggio 2007 in occasione del Corso – organizzato dalla Fondazione “La Gregoriana” e dall’Istituto internazionale Maritain – per Diplomatici dei Paesi del Mediterraneo e del Medio Oriente su “The Catholic Church and the International Policy of the Holy See” [Rome (May 7-20, 2007) – Turin (May 21-27, 2007)], destinato alla pubblicazione negli Atti del Corso.
Pluralismo religioso: reazione giuridica multiculturalista e proposta interculturale
Pierluigi Consorti
Stato, Chiese e Pluralismo Confessionale , 2011,
Abstract: Versione definitiva della relazione tenuta al Convegno Multireligiosità e reazione giuridica tenutosi a Santa Maria Capua Vetere, 9-10 marzo 2007, e destinata alla pubblicazione negli Atti.
Accurate Tools for Analyzing the Behavior of Impulse Noise Reduction Filters in Color Images  [PDF]
Fabrizio Russo
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2013.41005

Effective cancellation of noise and preservation of color/structural information are features of paramount importance for any filter devoted to impulse noise removal in color images. In this paper novel full-reference tools for analyzing the behavior of this family of filters are presented. The proposed approach is based on the classification of color errors into two main classes that separately take into account the inaccuracy in removing noise pulses and the filtering distortion. The distortion errors are then classified into two subclasses for a deeper analysis of the filtering behavior. Computer simulations show that the proposed method gives more accurate results than using other measures of filtering performance in the literature. Furthermore, the method can easily yield the spatial location of the different filtering features in the image.

Relativistic Derivations of de Broglie and Planck-Einstein Equations  [PDF]
Fabrizio Logiurato
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2014.51001

Special Relativity sets tight constraints on the form of the possible relations between the four-momentum of a particle and the wave four-vector. In fact, we demonstrate that there is just one way, according to Special Relativity, to relate the energy and the momentum of a corpuscle with the characteristics of a plane wave, frequency and wave vector, if the momentum has to flow in the same direction of the wave propagation: the laws must be of direct proportionality like de Broglie \"\" and Planck-Einstein \"\" equations.

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