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Indoor Human Detection Based on Thermal Array Sensor Data and Adaptive Background Estimation  [PDF]
Anna A. Trofimova, Andrea Masciadri, Fabio Veronese, Fabio Salice
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2017.54002
Abstract: Low Resolution Thermal Array Sensors are widely used in several applications in indoor environments. In particular, one of these cheap, small and unobtrusive sensors provides a low-resolution thermal image of the environment and, unlike cameras; it is capable to detect human heat emission even in dark rooms. The obtained thermal data can be used to monitor older seniors while they are performing daily activities at home, to detect critical situations such as falls. Most of the studies in activity recognition using Thermal Array Sensors require human detection techniques to recognize humans passing in the sensor field of view. This paper aims to improve the accuracy of the algorithms used so far by considering the temperature environment variation. This method leverages an adaptive background estimation and a noise removal technique based on Kalman Filter. In order to properly validate the system, a novel installation of a single sensor has been implemented in a smart environment: the obtained results show an improvement in human detection accuracy with respect to the state of the art, especially in case of disturbed environments.
Observaciones ecológicas sobre los peces Bocachico real (Prochilodus mariae eigenmann 1922) y el Bocachico cardumero (Suprasinelepichthys laticeps valenciennes 1849) del sistema del rio metica y algunos datos comparativos del Bocachico (Prochilodus r
Flórez A. Fabio
Acta Biológica Colombiana , 1986,
Abstract: In this investigation, comparative ecological data of three species of freshwater fish is presented. Two of them belong to the Metica river system, the Bocachico Real (Prochilodus mariae Eigenmann 1922) and the Bocachico Cardumero (Suprasinelepichthys laticeps Valenciennes 1849). The Prochilodus reticulatus magdalenae Steindachner 1818, Bocachico to the Magdalena river system. lt was observed that the spawning period coincides with periud of greatest rainfall. A decrease of the water superficial temperature is produced when the Metica's river meanders rains increase, such as it is sustained by Geisler, et al. (1973), for the genus Prochllodus in the Amazon river system. Differential distribution is given for species of Prochilodus as observed by Dahl, et al. (1963;, for Prochilodus r. magdalenae, and by Goulding, (1979)for Prochilodus nigricans in Brazil. Induced reproduction of Prochilodus mariae was obtained, and its reproductive behaviour very similar ro the Prochllodus r. magdalenae (Solano, 1973). The ratios of lenght and weight of the two Metica river species are compared, and there is a significant correlation in the ratio of the gonad's weight to the lenght, weight of the gonad and rnaturlty index of Supraslnelepichthys latlceps. The greatest fertility average corresponds to Prochilodus r. magdalenae with 355.535 ovum, followed by Prochilodus mariae with 215.111 and Suprasinelepichlhys laticeps with 158.667. The condition factor was determined for males and females, as well as the gonad index, maturity index and ovum diameter for the female. Datos ecológicos comparativos de tres especies de peces de agua dulce se presentan en la investigación, el bocachico real (Prochilodus marlae Eigenmann 1922), el bocachico cardumero (Suprasinelepichthys laticeps Valenciennes 1849) que pertenecen al sistema del alto río Metica y el bocachico (Prochilodus reticulatus magdalanea Steindachner 1878) del río Cauca, afluente del río Magdalena. En las lagunas de meandros, la máxima temperatura promedio superficial del agua se registra para la hora 12 en 32.6° C. con un valor máximo absoluto de 37° C y un mlnimo de 30.2° C, siendo la temperatura mlnima promedio de 26.2° C a la hora 6 con un valor mlnimo absoluto de 25° C y máximo de 29° C. Para el P. mariae la temperatura superficial del agua a 37° C, resulta ser letal, en condiciones de cautividad. El periodo de predesove coincide con la época de mayor precipitación y un descenso de la temperatura superficial del agua que se da al aumentar las lluvias en las partes alta y media y lagunas de meandros del rlo Metica, c
Métodos apropiados de análisis estadistico subsiguientes alánalisis de varianza (ANDEVA)
Fabio A. Blanco
Agronomía Costarricense , 2001,
Nonlinear Inequalities and Entropy-Concurrence Plane
Fabio A. Bovino
Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1007/s10773-007-9574-0
Abstract: Nonlinear inequalities based on the quadratic Renyi entropy for mixed two-qubit states are characterized on the Entropy-Concurrence plane. This class of inequalities is stronger than Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt (CHSH) inequalities and, in particular, are violated "in toto" by the set of Type I Maximally-Entangled-Mixture States (MEMS I).
Optimización de dise?o de llantas de aluminio a flexión mediante el método de elementos finitos
Pe?a Bustos,Fabio Marcelo;
Revista Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad de Antioquia , 2010,
Abstract: this paper shows the process for optimization of structural design to fatigue bending aluminum wheels in a company located in the city of manizales, colombia. the process was conducted relating the finite element analysis with fatigue bending tests results, demonstrating that the design of aluminum wheels can be optimized by reducing the development time of each model, getting lighter wheels, which means savings cost of development and manufacturing of the product with consequent improvements in efficiency and performance of vehicles. furthermore, if the simulation is performed early in the product development process, designs can be optimized prior to manufacture and testing of physical prototypes. the work presented shows how the finite element analysis has successfully incorporated as part of the wheels normal design process in the company, with consequent benefits in terms of reliability and productivity.
Influencia de la arborización en estructuras de Santa Fe de Bogotá
Acu?a C. John Fabio
Ingeniería e Investigación , 1999,
Abstract: Los árboles son vitales para cualquier ciudad, pues constituyen un referente fundamental para el adecuado uso de los sentidos debido a que comportan formas, olores, colores y sabores naturales en un medio donde el resto del paisaje es artificial. Contribuyen con la salud al purificar el aire; con la ecología y medio ambiente porque son anfitriones de muchas otras formas de vida, son fuente de belleza, recreación y armonía, dando además un sello de identidad a la urbe. Sin embargo, su implantación y manejo exige conocimientos y cuidados, para asegurar una armoniosa y perdurable integración con la ciudad.
Modeling self-assembly of diblock copolymer-nanoparticle composites
Fabio D. A. Aarao Reis
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1021/ma801592b
Abstract: A cell dynamics method for domain separation of diblock copolymers (DBCPs) interacting with nanoparticles (NPs) whose diffusion coefficients depend on chain configuration is proposed for self-assembly of DBCP/NP composites. Increasing NP concentration slows down domain separation, but matching NP diffusion lengths and lamellar size of DBCPs reduces this effect. The model also explains features of different nanocomposites, such as morphological transitions induced by NPs, the coexistence of lamellar and hexagonal patterns in a single sample and peaked NP density profiles across the parallel domains.
Roughness fluctuations, roughness exponents and the universality class of ballistic deposition
Fabio D. A. Aarao Reis
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1016/j.physa.2005.09.052
Abstract: In order to estimate roughness exponents of interface growth models, we propose the calculation of effective exponents from the roughness fluctuation (sigma) in the steady state. We compare the finite-size behavior of these exponents and the ones calculated from the average roughness for two models in the 2+1-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) class and for a model in the 1+1-dimensional Villain-Lai-Das Sarma (VLDS) class. The values obtained from sigma provide consistent asymptotic estimates, eventually with smaller finite-size corrections. For the VLDS (nonlinear molecular beam epitaxy) class, we obtain alpha=0.93+-0.01, improving previous estimates. We also apply this method to two versions of the ballistic deposition model in two-dimensional substrates, in order to clarify the controversy on its universality class raised by numerical results and a recent derivation of its continuous equation. Effective exponents calculated from sigma suggest that both versions are in the KPZ class. Additional support to this conclusion is obtained by a comparison of the full roughness distributions of those models and the distribution of other discrete KPZ models.
Anomalous roughening in competitive growth models with time-decreasing rates of correlated dynamics
Fabio D. A. Aarao Reis
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.84.031604
Abstract: Lattice growth models where uncorrelated random deposition competes with some aggregation dynamics that generates correlations are studied with rates of the correlated component decreasing as a power law. These models have anomalous roughening, with anomalous exponents related to the normal exponents of the correlated dynamics, to an exponent characterizing the aggregation mechanism and to that power law exponent. This is shown by a scaling approach extending the Family-Vicsek relation previously derived for the models with time-independent rates, thus providing a connection of normal and anomalous growth models. Simulation results for several models support those conclusions. Remarkable anomalous effects are observed even for slowly decreasing rates of the correlated component, which may correspond to feasible temperature changes in systems with activated dynamics. The scaling exponents of the correlated component can be obtained only from the estimates of three anomalous exponents, without knowledge of the aggregation mechanism, and a possible application is discussed. For some models, the corresponding Edwards-Wilkinson and Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equations are also discussed.
Statistical models of diffusion and aggregation for coke formation in a catalyst pore
Fabio D. A. Aarao Reis
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1016/j.physa.2004.11.047
Abstract: We simulated models of diffusion and aggregation in long pores of small widths in order to represent the basic mechanisms of coke deposition in catalysts' pores. Coke precursors are represented by particles injected at the pore entrance. Knudsen diffusion, which is usually expected inside the pores, is modeled by ballistic motion of those particles. The regime of molecular diffusion is also analyzed via models of lattice random walks biased along the pores. The aggregation at the surface or near previously aggregated particles was modeled by different probabilistic rules, accounting for the possibilities of more compact or more ramified deposits. In the model of Knudsen diffusion and in some cases of molecular diffusion, there is an initial regime of uniform deposition along the pore, after which the deposits acquire an approximately wedge shape, with the pore plugging near its entrance. After the regime of uniform deposition and before that of critical pore plugging, the average aggregation position slowly decreases with the number N of deposited particles approximately as N^{-0.25}. The apparently universal features of deposits generated by microscopic models are compared with those currently adopted in continuum models.
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