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Post-metabolic response to passive normobaric hypoxic exposure in sedendary overweight males: a pilot study
Workman Chad,Basset Fabien A
Nutrition & Metabolism , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1743-7075-9-103
Abstract: Background The present pilot study was designed to test the impact of passive acute normobaric hypoxic exposure (PAH) and passive short-term normobaric hypoxic exposure (PSH) conditions on energy expenditure (EE) and substrates utilisation (glucose and lipid oxidation). Methods Eleven participants have completed the PAH session while the control group (CG) underwent a simulated experimental condition in normobaric normoxic condition. A subset of 6 participants underwent an additional six 3-hour sessions on consecutive days. Metabolic rates were obtained pre- and post-treatments on the morning following an overnight (12 hours) fast in PAH, PSH, and CG groups. Results The statistical outcomes showed a significant increase in EE for PAH, control, and PSH while a shift in substrate utilization towards lipid sources was only detected for PAH and PSH, respectively. Conclusion This pilot study showed that passive acute normobaric hypoxic exposure did affect EE and fuel utilization in sedentary overweight males and that further passive normobaric hypoxic exposures (PSH) magnified these metabolic adjustments. These outcomes provide valuable information for further research in the area of hypoxia as a new therapeutic strategy to improve the management of weight loss.
Fabien A. Basset,Marcel R. Boulay
Journal of Sports Science and Medicine , 2003,
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to verify the use of a single test to obtain annual training guidelines applicable to multiple modes of training. Eight triathletes (4 females, 4 males) were tested 3 times during their training year (Phase I; Phase II; Phase III) on a treadmill and cycle ergometer. Cardio-respiratory variables were calculated at standardized percentages of maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max; 50-100%). VO2max differences between tests reached 6% in every testing session (p 0.01). VO2max was stable for both tests throughout the season. The ANOVA (3 phases x 2 tests x 6 intensities) demonstrated that there was a significant difference for heart rate (HRs; p 0.05) between tests in Phase I only. However, the nonparametric sign test did not show any significant differences in any phase. These results demonstrated that triathletes could use the relationship between HR and % VO2max collected during a treadmill or a cycle ergometer test to obtain interchangeable reference HRs for monitoring their running and cycling training bouts in high volume and/or high intensity phases of their training year.
Sylvie Fortier,Fabien A. Basset,Ginette A. Mbourou,Jér?me Favérial
Journal of Sports Science and Medicine , 2005,
Abstract: The purpose of this study was twofold: (a) to examine if kinetic and kinematic parameters of the sprint start could differentiate elite from sub-elite sprinters and, (b) to investigate whether providing feedback (FB) about selected parameters could improve starting block performance of intermediate sprinters over a 6-week training period. Twelve male sprinters, assigned to an elite or a sub-elite group, participated in Experiment 1. Eight intermediate sprinters participated in Experiment 2. All athletes were required to perform three sprint starts at maximum intensity followed by a 10-m run. To detect differences between elite and sub-elite groups, comparisons were made using t-tests for independent samples. Parameters reaching a significant group difference were retained for the linear discriminant analysis (LDA). The LDA yielded four discriminative kinetic parameters. Feedback about these selected parameters was given to sprinters in Experiment 2. For this experiment, data acquisition was divided into three periods. The first six sessions were without specific FB, whereas the following six sessions were enriched by kinetic FB. Finally, athletes underwent a retention session (without FB) 4 weeks after the twelfth session. Even though differences were found in the time to front peak force, the time to rear peak force, and the front peak force in the retention session, the results of the present study showed that providing FB about selected kinetic parameters differentiating elite from sub-elite sprinters did not improve the starting block performance of intermediate sprinters
Diagnostic Study of a Severe Thunderstorm over Jeddah  [PDF]
A. K. ALKhalaf, H. Abdel Basset
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2013.31017

Several aspects of the interaction between midlatitude and subtropical systems are investigated using a case study and a potential vorticity (PV) framework. Our case study occurred on 25 November 2009; Jeddah and other regions in Western Saudi Arabia were hit by heavy rainstorms. The analysis of absolute, relative, and potential vorticity implies the significance of the lower level dynamics in the initiation of this case of cyclogenesis. The impact of the severe convective weather process caused more than 90 millimeters of rain to fall in Jeddah in just four hours. The analysis indicates that the heavy rainfall was due to the existence of an upper level cold trough in the Eastern Mediterranean and a warm blocking high situated over southeasternSaudi Arabiaand theArabian Sea. In addition, an evident low level shear line set up in the northwest of Jeddah, and the southeast movement of the shear line caused dynamic lifting and unstable energy release over Jeddah. The water vapor transport occurred primarily below 700 hPa, and a low level jet transported the water vapor from the Red Sea to centralSaudi Arabia. Furthermore, the blocking high in southernSaudi Arabiawas favorable for maintaining water vapor passage for a long time. The topography of Jeddah also played a role in the enhancement of convection.

Diagnostic of cyclogenesis using potential vorticity
Atmósfera , 2006,
Abstract: cyclones and anticyclones are the dominant synoptic scale meteorological systems in midlatitudes. an attractive way to study dynamical aspects of these structures is provided by the use of potential vorticity (pv) framework. in this paper several aspects of midlatitude cyclogenesis are investigated within this pv framework using a case study analysis. the analysis of absolute, relative and potential vorticity implies the significance of the upper level dynamics in the initiation of this case of cyclogenesis. on one hand, the isobaric vorticity analysis appears to be informative, accurate and easy to use as a method for describing the upper-level dynamics. on the other hand the pv analysis provided a summarized picture of the development and the evolution at upper and lower levels, which is directly visible, on the basis of a smaller number of plots compared with the isobaric vorticity analysis. the display of the time sequence of the pv on the appropriate isentropic surface helped in easily understanding the dynamics of the three-dimensional upper level development.
Diabatic Processes and the Generation of the Low-Level Potential Vorticity Anomaly of a Rainstorm in Saudi Arabia  [PDF]
H. Abdel-Basset, A. K. AL-Khalaf, A. Albar
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2015.53021
Abstract: The diabatic heating is calculated, using the thermodynamic equation in isobaric coordinates, of a heavy rainstorm that developed over Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on 25 November 2009. Throughout the period of study, the horizontal heat advection is the dominant term and the vertical advection term is opposed by the adiabatic one. The contribution of the local temperature term to the change in diabatic heating is relatively very minimal. The presence of the Red Sea and its adjacent mountains suggest that the diabatic heating in the lower atmosphere on that rainy day is primarily due to the latent heat released by convection. The dynamics of the studied case is also investigated in terms of isobaric Potential Vorticity (PV). The results show that the heating region coincides with the location of the low-level PV anomaly. Ertel’s Potential Vorticity (EPV) generation estimates imply that condensation supplies a large enough source of moisture to account for the presence of the low-level EPV anomaly. The low-level diabatic heating-produced PV assisted in amplifying the surface thermal wave early in the rainstorm development and in the upper-level wave during the later stages of the system’s growth.
The global and UV-B radiation over Egypt
Atmósfera , 2007,
Abstract: this work studies the relation between uv-b radiation and global radiation over egypt. the relationships between the global solar radiation and uv-b radiation at four stations in egypt have been studied, and linear empirical formulas for estimating uv-b from global radiation at these stations has been deduced. the deduced equations were applied to calculate the uv-b radiation for other stations where measurements were unavailable, using records of global radiation at these stations. because of the periodicity of variations in solar radiation, global and uv-b radiation, the non-dimensional values are expanded in fourier series. fourier coefficients were determined by using measured global solar radiation data of the selected stations. these coefficients were used to calculate uv-b radiation based on global solar radiation for the same stations. a comparison between observed and calculated uv-b radiation arising from the two methods of estimation is presented. the comparison showed a good agreement between the observed and estimated uv-b radiation. the application of linear regression method to calculate solar radiation for other stations where uv-b radiation measurements were unavailable was better than fourier coefficients method.
Diabetic cardiomyopathy: effects of fenofibrate and metformin in an experimental model – the Zucker diabetic rat
Fabien Forcheron, Alexandra Basset, Pauline Abdallah, Peggy Del Carmine, Nicolas Gadot, Michel Beylot
Cardiovascular Diabetology , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1475-2840-8-16
Abstract: ZDF and controls (C) rats were studied at 7, 14 and 21 weeks. After an initial study at 7 weeks, ZDF rats received no treatment, metformin or fenofibrate until final studies (at 14 or 21 weeks). C rats received no treatment. Each study comprised measurements of metabolic parameters (plasma glucose, TAG, insulin levels) and sampling of heart for histology and measurements of TAG content and relevant mRNA concentration.ZDF rats were insulin-resistant at 7 weeks, type 2 diabetic at 14 weeks and diabetic with insulin deficiency at 21 weeks. Their plasma TAG levels were increased. ZDF rats had at 7 weeks an increased LV TAG content with some fibrosis. LV TAG content increased in untreated ZDF rats at 14 and 21 weeks and was always higher than in C. Fibrosis increased also moderately in untreated ZDF rats. Metformin and fenofibrate decreased plasma TAG concentrations. LV TAG content was decreased by metformin (14 and 21 weeks) and by fenofibrate (14 weeks). Fibrosis was reduced by fenofibrate only and was increased by metformin. Among the mRNA measured, fenofibrate increased Acyl-CoA Oxidase mRNA level, metformin decreased Acyl-CoA Synthase and increased AdipoR1 and pro-inflammatory mRNA levels.Fenofibrate had favourable actions on DCM. Metformin had beneficial effect on TAG content but not on fibrosis. PPARα agonists could be useful for the prevention and treatment of DCM.Diabetes mellitus increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the incidence of heart failure [1,2]. This heart failure may result from hypertension and/or from accelerated development of coronary atherosclerosis [3]. Diabetic patients can also develop a specific cardiomyopathy called diabetic cardiomyopathy (DCM) [4,5]. Mechanisms responsible for DCM are still poorly understood but abnormalities in lipid metabolism with increased accumulation in left ventricle (LV) of intra-cellular lipids, demonstrated by the increase in triglycerides (TAG) content [6,7], play an important role [3,8-13]. These ab
Disposición a Pagar por la Mejora del Servicio de Recolección de los Residuos Sólidos Domiciliaros en la Ciudad de Talca
Olivier Basset,Axel Leclerc,Arcadio Cerda,Leidy García
Panorama Socioeconómico , 2009,
Abstract: Se determinó la Disposición a Pagar (DAP) por una mejora del servicio de recolección de los Residuos Sólidos Domiciliaros (RSD) en la ciudad de Talca. Se utilizó el método de valoración contingente en su formato dicotómico simple, asumiendo una función lineal y una distribución logística. Se observó una correlación positiva entre nivel socioeconómico, conocimiento, disposición a clasificar los RSD y la DAP por un servicio de reciclaje, el cual se relaciona negativamente con las respuestas de protesta el mercado contingente. La principal conclusión sugiere que se puede inducir un comportamiento favorable de las personas a través del conocimiento que poseen. El valor de la DAP por el proyecto se estimó en $203,7 millones mensuales, valor superior al costo mensual de $9,5 millones y al costo de inversión de $42 millones.
Yann Basset
Análisis Político , 2011,
Abstract: El artículo parte de una doble constatación empírica: en primer lugar, las circunscripciones especiales vuelven el proceso electoral colombiano en general cada vez más difícil de entender para los electores y complicado de manejar para las autoridades. En segundo lugar, los resultados que arrojaran ya no favorecen tanto a los movimientos sociales indígena y afrocolombiano como se supone que lo hacen, en particular desde la reforma política de 2003. Se analizan las razones de esta situación, y se propone un debate al respecto. El autor considera que si se adaptan correctamente los mecanismos de discriminación positiva, los movimientos indígenas y afrocolombiano ganarían en competir en circunscripción nacional en el marco de un partido único para cada uno, en el cual las diferencias internas se resolverían a través del voto preferente. De esta manera, si abandonan las circunscripciones especiales, estas minorías podrían aprovechar los mecanismos de la reforma política en vez de sufrir sus efectos como pasa actualmente. Esto no solo mejoraría sus representaciones políticas, sino que además, les permitiría consolidarse como movimientos de cara a la opinión pública. The article is based on a double empirical finding: firstly, special constituencies make the colombian electoral process in general increasingly difficult to understand for voters and hard to manage for the authorities. Secondly, the results they get do not help indigenous and afrocolombian social movements as they are supposed to do, especially since the political reform of 2003. The paper discusses the reasons for this situation and proposes a debate on it. The author considers that if the mechanisms of positive discrimination are correctly adapted, the indigenous and afrocolombian movements would gain competing in national constituency within the framework of a single party for each one, in which internal differences would be resolved by preferential vote. In this way, if they leave the special constituencies, these minorities could benefit political reform rather than suffer its effects, which is what happens now. This would not only improve their political representations, but also allows them to consolidate as movements towards public opinion.
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