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Spectral and Finite Difference Solutions of the Hyperbolic Heat Transport Equation for Thermoelectric Thin Films  [PDF]
Aldo Figueroa, Federico Vázquez
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/am.2013.410A3004

This paper presents the numerical comparison in the solution of the hyperbolic transport Equation that models the heat flux in thermoelectric materials at nanometric length scales when the wave propagation of heat dominates the diffusive transport described by Fourier’s law. The widely used standard finite difference method fails in well-reproducing some of the physics presented in such systems at that length scale level. As an alternative, the spectral methods assure a well representation of wave behavior of heat given their spectral convergence.

Transporte urbano y globalización: Políticas y efectos en América Latina
EURE (Santiago) , 2005, DOI: 10.4067/S0250-71612005009400003
Abstract: globalization and liberal policies that have affected city functioning have also affected the behavior of urban transports. urban expansion and new economic insertion processes, and their expression in cities, have been fully accompanied by a transport system that has assumed a functional role to this development. new urban transports organization and functioning trends reveal precisely an institutional, politic and operative transformation that serves as a functional support to urban demands and urban developments trends. processes like systems' disaggregation, the generation of supply special segments oriented to population solvent demands, as well as the generation of conditions for supporting urban expansion, are all new features that transport system has been able to assume, according to the new general trends of latin american economies and cities
A generalized labor market theory: inequality as labor discipline device
Figueroa, Adolfo;
Investigación económica , 2011,
Abstract: the standard microeconomic theory of labor market assumes that unemployment operates as the labor discipline device in advanced countries. what is this device in developing countries? this paper seeks to give an answer to this question by constructing a new theoretical model and by confronting its predictions against a set of empirical regularities that characterize the functioning of labor markets in developing countries. in comparing the two models, the paper shows the existence of a generalized labor market theory in which inequality among workers constitutes the common labor discipline device, which just takes different forms in advanced and developing countries.
La evaluación: del pasado al presente
Educere , 2007,
Abstract: la educación venezolana ha sufrido transformaciones profundas. en el pasado, predominó la ense?anza teológica y el aprendizaje memorístico y repetitivo. el maestro era considerado un experto que emitía juicios a partir de pruebas orales, escritas o experimentales. hoy, gracias a los paradigmas cualitativo y cuantitativo de la evaluación y al marco legal actual, la educación venezolana ha evolucionado a partir del desarrollo de nuevos tipos, formas y estrategias de evaluación
La ética médica a comienzos del siglo XX: "La Monta?a Mágica" de Thomas Mann
Acta bioethica , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S1726-569X2011000200007
Abstract: bioethics has deeply transformed medical ethics, appealing to other principles and practices. the present work tries to understand traditional western medical ethics by recurring to its description in artistic narrative, because this describes with special quality and rigor the way it was understood and practiced before the bioethics turn. the work of thomas mann "the magic mountain" was chosen because, besides its intrinsic value, its point of view clears other moral foundations which could have been mal interpreted, disqualified or lost in the last years. thus, the ethics of goodness predominated over the ethics of duty, the good life over obligation, self esteem over respect for the other, maximum achieved over minimum required. the acid critiques expressed by the omniscient narrator insinuate that this way of understanding moral behavior in medicine needs to complement other ethical views.
La escritura de la ciudad para el establecimiento de la nación, y la generación de mitos históricos en El Movimiento Literario de 1842: Bello, Lastarria, Sarmiento
Estudios filológicos , 2002, DOI: 10.4067/S0071-17132002003700013
Abstract: in 1840, chilean intellectuals began to develop and consolidate ways of thinking about themselves as important and key players in the organization of the state because they have the possibility of create an imaginary community. thanks to the presence of andrés bello, domingo faustino sarmiento and josé mora. these writers came to chile after escaping dictatorships in their own countries, so they attempted to create a state based on models which reflect their conception of power. it is a process of modernity that tries to generate a language which reflects the ideals of citizenship, homeland, nation and writing. in this work i would like to examine just how the discursive project of the intellectual of 1842 worked.
La Psicopatología general de K. Jaspers en la actualidad: fenomenología, comprensión y los fundamentos del conocimiento psiquiátrico
Revista chilena de neuro-psiquiatría , 2000, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-92272000000300005
Abstract: background: the disciplines of psychiatry, medicine and philosophy are combined in jaspers' "general psychopathology", a book that deals with the crucial issue of the science of psychopathology with unparalleled seriousness, depth and sensitivity. objective: the purpose of this article is to review the development of concepts regarding present-day psychopathology. k. jaspers' standard work can help to clarify the situation for further advances to be made in the field of psychopathology. method: this review covers a general movement of thought comprising various themes in the philosophy of the mind, cognitive science, phenomenology and hermeneutics. the science of psychopathology is the subject of a broad, comprehensive study by jaspers. results: a new discipline (with ancient roots) is developing which, nevertheless, has its internal problems. psychopathology is itself in a pluralistic phase, and we are seeing an unprecedented willingness among different schools of thought to work together in applying philosophy and neurosciences to the realm of psychopathology. conclusions: there is a recent movement toward a reassessment of the position of, and increased interest in, the german tradition. an entire tradition of psychiatric thought and research has been based on jaspers' work. in his search for the foundations of psychopathology as a science, jaspers himself went through several phases; in the final one, he turned to philosophy to study levels of structured meaning in psychopathology.
Psicoterapia y farmacoterapia en el tratamiento de la depresión mayor
Revista chilena de neuro-psiquiatría , 2002, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-92272002000500006
Abstract: background. psychiatry is the medical specialty that integrates the biological and the psychosocial perspectives in both diagnosis and treatment. the provision of optimal clinical care requires avoiding biological or psychological reductionism. aims. to determine the relative efficacy of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy, singly or in combination, for the treatment of major depressive disorder. method. to review and summarize quantitative evidence on factors associated with the treatment of depression concerning psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. results. although most psychiatrists prefer to treat major depressive disorder with both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy, the combined strategy is clearly the most labor-intensive and expensive approach. whereas combined therapy was not significantly more effective than psychotherapy alone in milder depressions, a highly significant advantage was observed in more severe, recurrent depressions. conclusions. recent practice guidelines for the treatment of major depressive disorder emphasize the importance of symptom severity in determining the strategy to be observed
La terapia cognitiva en el tratamiento de la depresión mayor
Revista chilena de neuro-psiquiatría , 2002, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-92272002000500004
Abstract: background. cognitive theory conceptualized depression as associated with negative thought patterns, specific distorted schemas, and cognitive errors or faulty information processing. aims. to review the theoretical concepts and quantitative evidence of cognitive therapy for the treatment of major depressive disorder. method. to summarize the cognitive model of depression and consistent evidence of the effects of this treatment alone or in combination. results. cognitive therapy is a short-term, structured therapy that involves active collaboration between the patient and the therapist in achieving set goals. it is oriented toward symptoms, depressive information processing, current problems and their resolution. conclusions. since the introduction of cognitive therapy almost 3 decades ago, its efficacy has been demonstrated in numerous treatment-outcome studies that compared ct to no treatment, wait-list control, formal psychotherapies, or antidepressant pharmacotherapy
Un marco de referencia nuevo para la psiquiatría: la mente encuentra al cerebro. I. Los fundamentos científicos y humanos
Revista chilena de neuro-psiquiatría , 2002, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-92272002000400003
Abstract: background. eric kandel′s "a new intellectual framework for psychiatry" and "biology and the future of psychoanalysis: a new intellectual framework for psychiatry revisited" are attempts to place psychiatry into the context of modern biology concerning the relationship of mind and brain. objective. in a two-part series, kandel′s interpretations of the nature of man and the academic psychiatry are reviewed. method. to inquire into the realm in which "mind and brain" originates, i.e., the project conceived beforehand that allows to take beings as objects for science. results. psychiatry encounters only what its kind of representation has admitted in advance as a possible object, i.e., i, subject, person, consciousness, man. even the metaphysical conception of man as a rational animal fails to take into account the relationship of man′s essence to being. it is this comprehension of being that most profoundly characterizes man for heidegger: the dasein (there-being). the essence of dasein lies in its existence. conclusions. psychiatry as a science always starts from presuppositions which psychiatry itself can never justify scientifically. psychiatry makes man appear only in that kind of objectivity which is constituted and maintained by the various scientific objectivations.
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