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H-infinity state-feedback controller design for networked control systems

GUO Ya-feng,LI Shao-yuan,

控制理论与应用 , 2008,
Abstract: The H-infinity state-feedback controller design for networked control systems (NCSs) with uncertain network-induced delay and data packet dropout is studied.Given the bound of data packet losses and the bound of network- induced delays,the NCS can be modeled as a system with time-varying input delay.Based on the Lyapunov- Krasovskii functional,the sufficient conditions for asymptotic stability of the NCS are derived.These sufficient conditions are trans- formed into LMIs with equation constraints,and the H-infinity controller can be constructed by iteratively solving these LMIs.Compared with the existing results,tighter bounding of the cross terms is employed in deriving stability conditions; moreover,the knowledge of tuning parameters is not required in designing the controller.Therefore,the proposed method is less conservative in design.Simulation example shows the validity and feasibility of the results.
Decentralized robust nonlinear control for six-degrees-of-freedom parallel robots

ZHAO Dong-y,LI Shao-yuan,GAO Feng,
,李少远,高 峰

控制理论与应用 , 2008,
Abstract: A new decentralized robust nonlinear control approach is proposed for the six-degrees-of-freedom parallel robot. In comparison with the propotional-differential (PD) and existing robust nonlinear control schemes, the proposed approach shows the strong terminal convergence ability in addition to the advantages of the existing robust nonlinear control scheme. This approach guarantees faster convergence and higher tracking precision than the existing ones. By selecting appropriate parameters of the controller, the residual set will approach to zero. The stabilized conditions and corresponding proof are also presented. Simulation results are demonstrated in support of the proposed control scheme.
Maximum Cadmium Adsorption Capacities of Three Sewage-Irrigating Soil Types in Beijing

FENG Shao-yuan,MA Su-ying,YANG Hua-feng,

生态毒理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 土壤对重金属的吸附容量是土壤重金属污染风险评价的一项重要指标,研究土壤对重金属的最大吸附容量对加强土壤环境的科学管理具有重要意义.采用阳离子交换量、平衡吸附方程和实验实测法推求了北京地区3种污灌土壤对重金属镉的最大吸附容量.由阳离子交换量(CEC)推求的北野厂、衙门口和永乐店3种污灌土壤对镉的最大吸附容量分别为:4822、4148和4721mg·kg-1;由单表面Langmuir方程推求的3种污灌土壤对镉的最大吸附容量均为5000mg·kg-1,由传统双表面Langmuir方程推求的3种土壤对镉的最大吸附容量分别为7040、6950和6994mg·kg-1,由双表面Langmuir方程的Sposito方法推求的3种污灌土壤对镉的最大吸附容量均为6200mg·kg-1;恒温25℃条件下,上述3种污灌土壤对镉的单分子层最大吸附容量实测值分别为5700、5600和5600mg·kg-1,多分子层最大吸附容量实测值分别为9000、8000和8120mg·kg-1.比较而言,双表面Langmuir方程是目前推求污灌土壤对镉最大吸附容量的较好方法.
Effects of non-sufficient irrigation with saline water on soil water-salt distribution and spring corn yield.

JIANG Jing,FENG Shao-yuan,SUN Zhen-hua,HUO Zai-lin,

应用生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted to study the effects of sufficient and non-sufficient irrigation with saline water on the soil water-salt distribution and spring corn yield in the middle reach of Shiyanghe River Basin. The results showed that under both sufficient and non-sufficient irrigation, the peak value of soil water content all appeared during irrigation period, and the variation range of the water content was higher under sufficient than under non-sufficient irrigation. Soil salinity was positively correlated with the salinity of irrigation water. At the same salinity of irrigation water, the soil salinity under non-sufficient irrigation was lower than that under sufficient irrigation. Under non-sufficient irrigation, the soil layer with salt accumulation was moved up, but the water and salt contents in 80-100 cm soil layer were less affected by the amount and salinity of irrigation water. Comparing with that under fresh water irrigation, the spring corn yield under saline water irrigation was decreased by 15%-22%. Under non-sufficient irrigation with 9 g·L-1, 6 g·L-1, and 3 g·L-1 of saline water, the average salt content in 1 m soil layer after harvest was decreased by 8.1%, 12.4%, and 18.4%, and the corn yield was only decreased by 3.4%, 6.8%, and 3.0%, respectively, compared with those under sufficient irrigation.
Multi-Label Active Learning from Crowds
Shao-Yuan Li,Yuan Jiang,Zhi-Hua Zhou
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Multi-label active learning is a hot topic in reducing the label cost by optimally choosing the most valuable instance to query its label from an oracle. In this paper, we consider the poolbased multi-label active learning under the crowdsourcing setting, where during the active query process, instead of resorting to a high cost oracle for the ground-truth, multiple low cost imperfect annotators with various expertise are available for labeling. To deal with this problem, we propose the MAC (Multi-label Active learning from Crowds) approach which incorporate the local influence of label correlations to build a probabilistic model over the multi-label classifier and annotators. Based on this model, we can estimate the labels for instances as well as the expertise of each annotator. Then we propose the instance selection and annotator selection criteria that consider the uncertainty/diversity of instances and the reliability of annotators, such that the most reliable annotator will be queried for the most valuable instances. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
Study of the Effects of Monacolin K and Other Constituents of Red Yeast Rice on Obesity, Insulin-Resistance, Hyperlipidemia, and Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis Using a Mouse Model of Metabolic Syndrome
Makoto Fujimoto,Koichi Tsuneyama,Shao-Yuan Chen,Takeshi Nishida
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/892697
Dissolved Silicon,Inorganic Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the Stream Water of Two Small Watersheds in Three Gorges Area

ZHANG Shao-yuan,FENG Ming-lei,LIN Shan,QIN De-fu,HU Rong-gui,YANG Xiao-wen,JIANG Chen,

环境科学 , 2008,
Abstract: 利用定点监测的方法对三峡库区2个小流域水体中可溶性硅(DSi)、可溶性无机氮(DIN)和可溶性磷(DP)含量及其变化规律进行了研究,分析了三者之间的比例关系及可能引起的环境问题.结果表明,2006年宝塔河流域和曲溪流域Dsi含量在0.18~19.89 mg·L-1之间,DIN含量在0.39~6.85 mg·L-1之间,枯水季节含量高于丰水季节;DP含量在0.01~0.08 mg·L-1之间,无明显的季节性变化.曲溪流域水体中DSi、DIN的含量明显高于宝塔河,这可能与当地的农户活动、土地利用类型、施肥量等因素有关;而DP含量在两流域间无明显差异,具体影响因素还有待探索.两流域水体中DSi、DIN含量均高于库区水体,DP含量低于库区.宝塔河流域水体中的DSi、DIN和DP的含量比例为138:81:1,而曲溪流域为500:350:1,从水体营养学角度来看,两流域营养物质含量比均达到发生"水华"现象的程度,其水环境问题的潜在威胁值得关注.
Screening for low bone mass with quantitative ultrasonography in a community without dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry: population-based survey
Nan-Ping Yang, Ian Jen, Shao-Yuan Chuang, Shui-Hu Chen, Pesus Chou
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2474-7-24
Abstract: We enrolled 6493 residents of Kinmen, Taiwan, and a reference group (96 men and 70 women aged 20–29 years) for this cross-sectional, community-based study. All participants completed a questionnaire and underwent ultrasonographic measurements. Reliability and validity of QUS measurements were evaluated. Broadband ultrasound attenuation (BUA) values were obtained and statistically analyzed by age, sex and weight. Annual loss of BUA was determined. Trends in the prevalence of QUS scores were evaluated.Two QUS were used and had a correlation coefficient of 0.90 (p < 0.001). Calcaneal BUA was significantly correlated with BMD in the femoral neck (r = 0.67, p < 0.001) and BMD of the total lumbar spine (r = 0.59, p < 0.001). BUAs in the reference group were 92.72 ± 13.36 and 87.90 ± 10.68 dB/MHz for men and women, respectively. Estimated annual losses of calcaneal BUA were 0.83% per year for women, 0.27% per year for men, and 0.51% per year for the total population. The prevalence of severely low QUS values (T-score = -2.5) tended to increase with aging in both sexes (p < 0.001). Across age strata, moderately low QUS values (-2.5 < T-score < -1.0) were 31.6–41.0% in men and 23.7–38.1% in women; a significant trend with age was observed in men (p < 0.001).Age-related decreases in calcaneal ultrasonometry, which reflected the prevalence of low bone mass, were more obvious in women than in men.Osteoporosis is an epidemiologic disorder that frequently results in fractures, psychological problems, social consequences, functional limitations and poor quality of life [1,2]. To reduce the incidence of osteoporotic fractures, individuals, especially postmenopausal women, who are at high risk for osteoporosis must be identified [3,4]. Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) is the most accurate clinical method to identify low bone mineral density (BMD) [4,5]. However, in some areas of the world, access to axial DXA is limited, or screening for low BMD with DXA is not cost effective

LI Shao-Yuan,XI Yu-Geng,

自动化学报 , 2002,
Abstract: This paper investigates the use of fuzzy decision making in predictive control. The use of fuzzy goals and fuzzy constraints in predictive control allows of a more flexible aggregation of the control objectives than the usual weighting sum of squared errors. Compared to the standard quadratic objective function, with the fuzzy decision making approach, the designer has more freedom in specifying the desired process behavior.
Closed-loop Subspace Identification Based on Augmented Input with Consistency Analysis

YANG Hua,LI Shao-Yuan,

自动化学报 , 2007,
Abstract: For the basic problem of closed-loop identification, a new closed-loop identification algorithm is proposed in the framework of subspace method combined with linear algebra and geometry. In order to implement a new reconstruction of the state sequence, the output and input error sequences are included in the input subspace based on the augmented input. The estimation error, which is produced by open-loop algorithm when it is applied in the existence of feedback, is eliminated. The consistency estimate of system state-space matrices is implemented and the consistency property is proven in theory. Finally, the efficiency of this method is illustrated with a simulation example.
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