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LI Jie,ZHAO Chun-Hui,MEI Feng,

红外与毫米波学报 , 2010,
Abstract: In order to overcome the serious background interferences for small target detection of hyperspectral imagery,a nonlinear anomaly detection algorithm based on background residual error data was proposed.After the background endmembers were extracted,spectral unmixing technique was applied to all mixed spectral pixels to separate target information from complicated background clutter.Then,the unmixing residual error data that included abundant target information was mapped into a high-dimensional feature spa...
Prestack time migration including surface topography

DONG Chun-Hui,ZHANG Jian-Feng,

地球物理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 提出了一种新的叠前时间偏移方法和流程,可不必应用野外静校正.直接对起伏地表采集的地震数据进行叠前时间偏移.本文采用输入道成像方式,通过基于稳相点原理给出单道数据的走时和振幅计算方法,发展了一个表驱动的叠前时间偏移算法.偏移方法可依据同相轴是否被拉平确定叠加速度和修正近地表速度模型,也可依据拟成像的构造倾角,自适应地确定偏移孔径;后者既减少了偏移计算量,也压制了偏移噪声.文中用二维起伏地表的断陷盆地模型的理沦数据验证了所发展方法的成像效果.
Spatio-temporal changes of NDVI and their relations with precipitation and runoff in the Yellow River Basin

LI Chun-hui,YANG Zhi-feng,

地理研究 , 2004,
Abstract: NDVI is an important index denoting a region's vegetation cover. In this paper, the Yellow River Basin is divided into 16 sub-regions and their NDVI series of 1982-1998 are obtained from AVHRR-NDVI of Pathfinder. The spatio-temporal changes of NDVI in the Yellow River Basin are analyzed. The results show that:(1) In general, NDVI in all sub-regions reaches peak value in July or August within a year in the Yellow River Basin. In average in the 17 years, the NDVI values show the increasing trends in August and in annual average in other sub-regions except that they show the downward trends in the Sanhua and the above Longyang gorge sub-regions in August. These imply that the coverage percentage of the vegetation presents a rising trend and the ecological quality is being improved on the whole in the Yellow River Basin, but there is some deteriorating trend in some sub-regions in August. (2) With obvious differences in the 16 sub-regions, the higher annual values of NDVI occur in the Taohe, Yiluohe and Weihe sub-regions, while the lower in the indraft area and the Lanhe sub-regions. The spatial changes of NDVI are unanimous with precipitation in most part of the Yellow River Basin, and the average changing rates of NDVI in different sub-regions are different. Finally, the relations of NDVI between precipitation, runoff and runoff coefficient in every sub-region are researched. The results show that NDVI has some apparent positive correlations with precipitation and natural runoff within a year, and furthermore, NDVI has some time lags behind precipitation. From the perspective of inter-annual changes, NDVI has some positive correlations with precipitation, but has complex relations with natural runoff and runoff coefficient variability. There is no, if any, obscure correlations between them.

ZHAO Chun-Hui,LI Jie,MEI Feng,

红外与毫米波学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 提出了一种新的基于混合核函数的加权RX算法,用于高光谱图像异常检测.在将原始高光谱数据非线性映射到高维特征空间以挖掘高光谱图像波段间蕴含的非线性信息后,自适应地赋予特征空间RX算子中采样协方差矩阵各光谱向量相应的权值.权值的大小与光谱向量到质心的距离成反比,从而削减了协方差矩阵中异常数据比重,使加权协方差矩阵更好地表征背景数据分布.最后利用核函数性质将高维特征空间的内积运算转化为低维输入空间的核函数计算,并根据高光谱数据特点线性组合新型光谱核函数和径向基核函数以改善算法性能.为验证算法的有效性,利用真实的高光谱数据进行了仿真实验,结果表明该算法优于特征空间的RX算法,能检测到更多的异常目标.
Database System Design of Warehouse Management Based on UML

ZHANG Yi-zhi,FENG Chun-hui,

计算机科学 , 2008,
Abstract: In this paper the database system analysis method of warehouse management based on UML is discussed. On the platform of object oriented UML,demand model and design model as a whole have been analyzed and designed. With the assistance of Power Designer,which serves as a tool of CASE based on UML,database system design is realized.
Poly[[[μ-1,1′-(butane-1,4-diyl)diimidazole-κ2N3:N3′](μ-cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylato-κ4O1,O1′:O4,O4′)nickel(II)] 0.25-hydrate]
Chun-Hui Yang,Guang Yang,Zhen-Wu Du,Jun-Feng Lv
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809004024
Abstract: In the title coordination polymer, {[Ni(C8H10O4)(C10H14N4)]·0.25H2O}n, the coordination of the NiII ion is distorted octahedral. The 1,1′-(butane-1,4-diyl)diimidazole ligand and the cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylate dianion bridge metal centres, forming a two-dimensional (4,4) network. The network is consolidated by O—H...O hydrogen bonds between the statistically occupied water molecules and O atoms of the two carboxylate groups.
Tetraaqua(1,10-phenanthroline)zinc(II) 3,6-dicarboxybicyclo[2.2.2]oct-7-ene-2,5-dicarboxylate
Chun-Hui Yu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808025622
Abstract: In the title compound, [Zn(C12H8N2)(H2O)4](C12H10O8), each ZnII atom is six-coordinated by two N atoms from one phenanthroline molecule and by four O atoms from four water molecules in a distorted octahedral environment. In the crystal structure, ions are linked by O—H...O hydrogen bonds.
Chun-Hui Yu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808023982
Abstract: In the title compound, [Zn(C14H8O5)(C14H14N4)]n, the coordination polyhedron around each ZnII atom is a distorted tetrahedron. The ligands bridge the Zn atoms to form a two-dimensional (4,4)-network.
Chun-Hui Yu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808011355
Abstract: In the title compound, [Tb2(C4H4O4)(C8H4O4)2]n, the coordination around each Tb atom is distorted square-antiprismatic. The benzene-1,4-dicarboxylate and succinate anions bridge the antiprisms, forming a three-dimensional network. The succinate anion is located on a centre of inversion. The structure is isomorphous with the Dy, Gd, Er and Nd complexes.
On a question of Drinfeld on the Weil representation I: the finite field case
Chun-Hui Wang
Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.optcom.2012.10.047
Abstract: Let F be a finite field of odd cardinality, and let G= GL2(F). The group G \times G \times G acts on F^2 \otimes F^2 \otimes F^2 via symplectic similitudes, and has a natural Weil representation. Answering a question rasised by V. Drinfeld, we decompose that representation into irreducibles. We also decompose the analogous representation of GL2(A), where A is a cubic algebra over F.
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