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Combining Gprof and Event-Driven Monitoring for Analyzing Distributed Programs:A Rough View of NCSA Mosaic
Peng Chenglian,

计算机科学技术学报 , 1996,
Abstract: There are several purposes of analyzing a program: functional or performance analysis, debugging or, more recently, mapping a program to a new parallel or distributed architecture. In this paper, we introduce an effective method leading to the Execution Graph (EG) from a program. First,the Unix profiling tool Gprof is used to get the Execution Model (EM) of a C-program. Then the event-driven monitoring tool AICOS-SIMPLE is used to get the EG which includes not only the call graph but also the execution time table of the program. This method is suitable for analyzing modern distributed programs. As the example of the analysis, the well known HTTP protocol under the NCSA Mosaic is chosen. An EG of NCSA Mosaic on the routing level is given.
Debrominated and methoxylated polybrominated diphenyl ether metabolites in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) after exposure to decabromodiphenyl ether

Chenglian Feng,Yiping Xu,Yue He,Qian Luo,Jinmiao Zha,Zijian Wang,

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2010,
Abstract: Decabromodiphenyl ether (BDE209) is the primary component in a commonly used flame retardant. Previous studies had proved that BDE209 itself was not toxic, while its metabolites including debrominated diphenyl ethers (De-BDEs) and methoxylated brominated diphenyl ethers (MeO-BDEs) posed a potential threat to organisms. Many studies had indicated that BDE209 could metabolize quickly in mammals, but lacking in the basic data about the metabolism of BDE209 in fish. In the present study, two replicate treatment groups of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) were exposed to BDE209 via a single intraperitoneal injection approximately 100 and 500 ng/g, respectively. Muscle, liver and blood samples were collected to analyze the specific metabolites on day 1 and day 28 post injection. The highest concentration of BDE209 was detected in muscle tissues, from 796.1 ng/g wet weight (day 1) to 687.1 ng/g wet weight (day 28) in high dose group, suggesting that BDE209 could accumulate slightly in muscle tissues. However, BDE209 was not detected in the blood for all treatments. Most congeners of De-BDEs were found in muscle and liver tissues, with the highest concentration in the liver. The main De-BDEs were nona-, octa-, hepta- and penta-De-BDEs. A total of seven MeO-BDE metabolites were observed among di erent fish tissues. Blood had the highest contribution of the MeO-BDE metabolites. Each MeO-BDE congener increased over the 28 days. These results in contrast to other studies suggested possible species-specific di erences in metabolic abilities.
Distribution and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the Wuhan section of the Yangtze River

FENG Chenglian,XIA Xinghui,ZHOU Zhui,HU Lijuan,

环境科学学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 对长江武汉段干流7个站点、支流和湖泊23个站点的水相、悬浮颗粒相和沉积相样品中的多环芳烃进行了分析测定.结果表明,水相中多环芳烃总量的变化范围为0.242~6.235μg·L-1沉积相中的变化范围为31-4812μg·L-1悬浮颗粒相中多环芳烃含量的平均值为4677μg·L-1,含量高于沉积物.长江武汉段与国内其它河流多环芳烃污染水平相当,比国外一些河流多环芳烃的污染水平要高.沉积相中多环芳烃的含量与颗粒物中总有机碳(TOC)含量呈显著正相关.污染来源分析表明,多环芳烃主要由化石燃料、木材等的燃烧所引起,污染来源为燃烧源.在干流白沙洲和支流墨水湖的水相中检出了苯并(a)芘,且含量超出了国家饮用水标准.沉积物中PAHs对周围生物存在潜在的毒性效应,但不会引起急性毒性效应.
Deriving aquatic water quality criteria for inorganic mercury in China by species sensitivity distributions

ZHANG Ruiqing,WU Fengchang,LI Huixian,FENG Chenglian,GUO Guanghui,

环境科学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: According to the characteristics of aquatic biota composition in China,a total of 90 acute toxicity data of aquatic organism were screened including plants,invertebrates,and vertebrates.The sensitivity of various organisms was discussed using the approach of species sensitivity distribution,and then the aquatic water quality criteria of inorganic mercury in China were derived.Those results showed that crustacean was the most sensitive organism for inorganic mercury,and the log-Slogistic3 model provided the best fit for various sets of data.The acute water quality criteria and chronic water quality criteria for inorganic mercury were 1.743 and 0.467 μg · L-1,respectively,which were comparable to that of other countries.However,detail analysis indicated that there were slightly differences among water quality criteria in different countries due to the variability in species composition of different regions.Therefore,the aquatic water quality criteria of inorganic mercury might be used as a candidate guideline to protect aquatic organisms of surface water ecosystems in China against toxic effects of inorganic mercury owing to the high concentration in a short-term exposure and the low concentration in a long-term exposure.Compared with mercury concentration of natural surface water in Southwest China,active inorganic mercury in surface water might be little potential adverse effects to aquatic organisms except for Jialing River.
Comparison of mercury species sensitivity distributions of freshwater biota in China and the United States

LI Huixian,ZHANG Ruiqing,WU Fengchang,GUO Guanghui,FENG Chenglian,

环境科学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Based on single-species freshwater acute toxicity data in China and the United states, species sensitivity distributions (SSDs) of vertebrates (including fish) and invertebrates (including arthropods and non-arthropod invertebrates) to mercury were constructed, and species sensitivity to mercury in these two countries were compared. The results of this study indicated that there was no significant difference between sensitivity distributions of the Chinese and American taxa. However, the hazardous concentration for 5% of the species (HC5) range of Chinese species to short-term mercury exposure was lower than that of the American species, especially for non-arthropod invertebrates. HC5 for American non-arthropod invertebrates to mercury was 7.4 times larger than that for the corresponding Chinese species. Under the 95% protection level and including all the species, the tested invertebrates were more sensitive to mercury than the vertebrates in both China and the United States. However, in the lower taxonomic classification level, the sensitivity decreased in the order of arthropod > non-arthropod invertebrates > fish in China, but the order was arthropods > fish > non-arthropod invertebrates in the United States. Therefore, in determining the water quality criteria based on the sensitivity of all the species, we should also consider the influence of SSD of individual groups. The water quality criteria derived from the species sensitivity distribution of American species may make the aquatic species in China out of protection.
Desorption and biodegradation of attached phenanthrene in sediments

LI Yiran,XIA Xinghui,FENG Chenglian,HU Lijuan,ZHANG Ping,

环境科学学报 , 2009,
Abstract: The desorption and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) biodegradation processes in Yangtze River sediments was studied. Sediment samples were collected from four sites of the Wuhan reaches of the Yangtze River; then spiked with phenanthrene.The abiotic desorption process of attached phenanthrene was studied using Amberlite XAD-2. PAH-degrading strains were isolated from the natural water of the Yangtze River, then enriched in laboratory conditions before being introduced into the experimental system. The ...
Research of CWS’ Particle Size Distribution based on Ultrasonic Attenuation Theory
WANG Weidong,ZHANG Chenglian,CHU Fengge
International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science , 2010,
Abstract: the key to reduce coal pollution is the development of clean coal technology and the improvement of the backward coal-burning technology. The coal water slurry (CWS) is the first substitute of the oil. The particle size distribution of CWS plays an important role in the quality control of CWS. Now there are three methods that are used to analysis the particle size distribution of CWS, screening method, settlement method, laser method. These methods produce some disadvantages when be used to forecast the distribution of CWS. Thus, this article proposes an ultrasonic method with effective medium theory model which can be accurately reflected in the acoustic attenuation characteristics of coal-water slurry based on structural average. Experimental simulation proved that effective medium model is fully capable of achieving on-line detection of coal-water slurry particle size, for detection of fine-and coarse-sized particle size distribution. Non-linear relationship between attenuation and particle size, the three-frequency method can be used to inverse calculation of its. Which we can achieve CWS granularity on-line, and continuously control the quality of CWS.
Security Analysis of Practical Anonymous User Authentication Scheme with Security Proof
Chenglian Liu,Changlu Lin,Shuliang Sun
Information Technology Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Chien proposed a practical anonymous user authentication scheme with security proof in 2008. Even he used bitwise exclusive-or to against multiplicative attack and the exclusive-or implants easier and faster. But he may have misused order of operation in mathematical precedence. In this article, we would like to point out these errors in the related work and scheme.
Toxicity Characteristic of Zinc to Freshwater Biota and Its Water Quality Criteria

Wu Fengchang,Feng Chenglian,Cao Yujing,Zhang Ruiqing,Li Huixian,Liao Haiqing,Zhao Xiaoli,

生态毒理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Zinc (Zn) is an essential trace element in life bodies. When the dose of zinc exceeds a certain content, it may cause adverse effects to the organisms. In order to investigate the toxic effects that Zn might bring to aquatic life in Chinese fresh waters, it is urgent to derive water quality criteria of Zn for freshwater biota. In this study, the toxicity characteristic of zinc to freshwater biota was extensively discussed using species sensitivity distribution method. Moreover, three common methods for deri...
Aquatic Life Ambient Freshwater Quality Criteria for Copper in China

Wu Fengchang,Feng Chenglian,Cao Yujing,Zhang Ruiqing,Li Huixian,Zhao Xiaoli,

生态毒理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Copper(Cu) is an essential trace element in life bodies.When the dose of Cu exceeds a certain content,it may cause adverse effects on the organisms.In order to effectively control the adverse effects of Cu on aquatic life in Chinese freshwaters,it is urgent to derive aquatic life freshwater quality criteria of Cu.For the purpose of protection of freshwater ecosystem in China,the freshwater species and the relative toxicity data were collected and screened.Then three common methods including assessment facto...
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