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New Resveratrol Oligomer Derivatives from the Roots of Rheum lhasaense
Wen-Bo Liu,Lin Hu,Qun Hu,Na-Na Chen,Qing-Song Yang,Fang-Fang Wang
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules18067093
Abstract: Two new resveratrol trimer derivatives, named rheumlhasol A ( 1) and rheumlhasol B ( 2) were isolated from the methanolic extract of roots of Rheum lhasaense A. J. Li et P. K. Hsiao together with four known resveratrol dimer derivatives, including maximol A ( 3), gnetin C ( 4), e-viniferin ( 5), and pallidol ( 6). The structures were determined by combined spectroscopic methods and by comparison of their spectral data with those reported in the literature. All the compounds isolated from R. lhasaense were tested for their ability to scavenge1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical.
The Applying of Grey System Theory in the Market Demand Prediction of T-501

SONG Guo-fang,WANG Jian-hui,CHEN Qing-song,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2000,
Abstract: 对 T-50 1市场需求的预测 ,以前一直是在市场分析的基础上 ,采用经理评判法、专家预测法、市场调查法等定性方法进行预测 .本文尝试采用灰色系统的理论 ,建立 GM( 1 ,1 )预测模型 ,并用残差检验、关联度检验、后验差检验等方法验证了模型的正确性 ,对 T-50 1今后几年市场需求量作出了合理预测.
Ultrahigh-pressure Minerals and New Minerals from the Luobusa Ophiolitic Chromitites in Tibet:A Review

YANG Jing-sui,BAI Wen-ji,FANG Qing-song,RONG He,

地球学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 近十余年来的研究,在西藏雅鲁藏布江缝合带中的罗布莎蛇绿岩型铬铁矿中,发现可能来自深部(>300km深度)异常地幔矿物群.该矿物群中具有深部成因指示意义的矿物有:①呈斯石英假象的柯石英;②微粒金刚石和产在锇铱矿中的原位金刚石;③铬铁矿和饿铱矿巾发现硅尖晶石;④铬铁矿中发现硅金红石;⑤呈八面体假象的蛇纹石和绿泥石,并具有清晰的爆炸结构;⑥方铁矿和自然铁矿物组合.此外,罗布莎铬铁矿中有4个新矿物获批准,并在极地乌拉尔蛇绿岩铬铁矿中也发现了大最微粒金刚石和碳硅石等地幔超高压矿物.蛇绿岩铬铁矿中发现来自地幔深部的超高压矿物,提供了铬铁矿可能深部成因的重要信息,该发现有可能改变传统的蛇绿岩铬铁矿的形成于俯冲带上的浅部环境(<50 km深度)的认识以及蛇绿岩成因的概念.
Overview on the Pareto Optimal-based Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms

TANG Yun-lan,ZHAO Qing-song GAO Yan-fang CHEN Ying-wu,

计算机科学 , 2008,
Abstract: The strategy of community searches and the exchange of information between the individual are the superiority of evolution algorithm in solving the multi-objective optimization question.The pareto optimal-based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm which was used to deal with multi-objective optimization problems has become a hot research topic.In this paper,some state-of-the-art algorithms in this research field were described firstly.Then,strategies adopted by various kinds of algorithms about finding th...
Analysis the Effects of Vegetables Cooperatives’ Collective Action Mechanism on Farmer’s Quality Control Behavior
Qing-song Wang,Li Qin
Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: In view of the government and market mechanisms are likely to failure in the vegetable quality and safety governance, as the third sector, vegetable cooperatives involvement provides a new way to solve the problem of the quality and safety of vegetables. This study proposes five assumptions that vegetable professional cooperatives’ collective action mechanism affect of the farmers quality control behavior, select five dimensions such as trust, collaboration, commitment, adaptability and investment specificity to measure the collaborative relationship between the vegetable cooperatives and farmers. This study analysis with structural equation modeling, the results show that collective action of vegetable cooperatives has a significant positive effect on vegetables quality control standards, farmers trading environment and farmers factors endowments, vegetable trading environment has a significant positive effect on the level of vegetable quality control; factors endowments has a positive effect on farmers level of quality control, but the effect is not significant.
Ultra-High Pressure Minerals: FeO, Fe, FeSi, Si and SiO2 Assemblage from Ophiolite in Tibet and Its Earth Dynamic Significance

BAI Wen-ji,YANG Jing-rui,FANG Qing-song,YAN Bing-gang,ZHANG Zhong-ming,

地球学报 , 2002,
Abstract: 在西藏雅鲁藏布江蛇绿岩带的东段,出露罗布莎蛇绿岩块和豆荚状铬铁矿床。从豆荚状铬铁矿石中查明60-70种伴生矿物,其中包含FeO、Fe、FeSi、Si和SiO2组合。根据超高压-高温实验,该组合应形成于地球外核与下地幔之间的D“层,是地球外核的液态铁与镁硅酸盐钙钛矿(MgSiO3)相互化学反应的产物。西藏该超高压矿物组合揭示了蛇绿岩地幔活动可能深达地球外核。罗布莎蛇绿岩的该矿物组合可能是地幔-外地核之间的产物,或者是被对流作用,亦是被起源于D“层的地幔柱活动带到上地幔的。铬铁矿在地幔中结晶,并捕获了该矿物组合。
The Native Iron and Wustite Assemblage: Records of Oxygen Element from the Mantle

BAI Wen-ji,REN Yu-feng,YANG Jing-sui,FANG Qing-song,YAN Bing-gang,RONG He,

地球学报 , 2006,
Abstract: A very complicated mantle mineral group including the native iron and wustite assemblage was recently discovered in chromitites from the mantle harzburgite of Luobusa ophiolite, Tibet. It is considered that this group was probably derived from the lower mantle and outer core, and then transported to the upper mantle by mantle plume. The assemblage structure shows that the liquid iron from the outer core dissolved some oxygen. When the liquid iron droplets spurted from the outer core into the mantle, they were decomposed into oxygen and iron in the form of immiscibility. Following decompression and ascent of the droplets, wustite (or NiAs structure) was produced by the chemical reaction between the liquid iron and liquid oxygen. When the oxygen was consumed up by the wustite, some holes remained and showed eyeball structures. The eyeball structures might have recorded the history of oxygen activity in the mantle and the Earth's core.
Explosion of Ultrahigh Pressure Minerals in the Mantle

BAI Wen-ji,YANG Jing-rui,FANG Qing-song,YAN Bing-gang,ZHANG Zhong-ming,

地球学报 , 2001,
Abstract: The microexplosion structure (cobweb structure) of ultrahigh pressure minerals was found for the first time in podiform chromitites within the mantle peridotite facies of Luobusa ophiolite along the Yarlung Zangbo suture zone. The explosion structures of high-energy silicate inclusions are commonly seen in thin sections. In explosion structure, chrome-spinel fragments are irregularly scattered in silicate minerals. With sharp edges and highly varied sizes, they are very unevenly distributed, showing distinct extention micro-brecciated structure. In addition, there are many tensional microfractures around the explosion silicate inclusions. It is inferred that, before explosion, the primary mantle minerals were hydrous magnesium silicate or magnesium-aluminium silicates. When such high-energy phase rose and passed the "water line" as a result of the action of mantle plume, explosion took place, accompanied by the release of water. The upward migration of large-sized high energy hydrous minerals may lead to deep-focus earthequakes.
An optimizing parameter selection method of neural network based on small sample

WU Gui-fang,LIN Qing-song,SUN Xiu-ming,XU Jin-wu,XU Ke,

计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: An optimized parameter selection method of neural network based on small sample was presented, and it was applied to online surface defect inspection system of cold rolled strips. Small sample of the method was utilized to train and test neural network by every possible combination of parameters to get a group of neural network parameters by plotting histogram of recognition rate under different parameter combinations. Experiments show that optimum recognition of surface defect of cold rolled strips can be accomplished by the parameters that are selected by the optimizing parameter selection method.
Design and Implementation of a Security Label Common Framework

LIANG Hong-Liang,SUN Yu-Fang,ZHAO Qing-Song,ZHANG Xiang-Feng,SUN Bo,

软件学报 , 2003,
Abstract: Labels are the foundation for implementing multilevel systems and the prerequisite of enforcing mandatory access control in secure systems. How to define and enforce label functions which support multiple security policies is the focus here. A security label common framework (SLCF) based on static object label and dynamic subject label is put forward. SLCF introduces the notation of access history and provides a complete label funtions set. Based on SLCF, both multilevel confidential policy and multilevel integrity policy can be expressed and enforced. SLCF is implemented in a secure operating system based on Linux, the experimental results show that the system based on SLCF is flexible and practicable.
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