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Mechanism Study on Flocculating Organnic Pollutants By Chitosan with Different Molecular In Wastewater
Zeng De-fang
American Journal of Engineering Research , 2013,
Abstract: This paper presents the effect of the molecular weight of chitosan on flocculation of simulation sewage. The flocculation process of different chitosan samples were analyzed in different deacetylation degree, dosage and pH. The different molecular weight of chitosan samples and simulation sewage were all laboratories homemade. The flocculating effects of chitosan increases with the increase of deacetylation degree; the flocculating effects of chitosan decreases with the increase of viscosity-average molecular weight,the viscosity-average molecular weight in 8.5~68×104range. Some conclusions were different from classical theory, the higher molecular weight of chitosan, the better its precipitation effect is. This discovery of the phenomenon is important to perfect the existing polymer flocculation theory
Dissipation of chlorpyrifos on pakchoi inside and outside greenhouse
YU Yun-long,FANG Hu,WANG Xiao,YU Jing-quan,FAN De-fang,
YU Yun-long
,FANG Hu,WANG Xiao,YU Jing-quan,FAN De-fang

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2005,
Abstract: The dissipation of chlorpyrifos on pakchoi inside and outside greenhouse was studied. The decline curve of chlorpyrifos on pakchoi could be described as first-order kinetic. The experimental data showed that both the hermetic environment of greenhouse and season affected dissipation rates of chlorpyrifos on pakchoi. Chlorpyrifos declined faster outside greenhouse than inside greenhouse. Chlorpyrifos residues at pre-harvest time were below the maximum residue limits(MRLs) fixed in China, whereas the values inside greenhouse were higher than those outside greenhouse by almost 50%. The recommended pre-harvest time established under conditions of open field might not always fit to greenhouse production.
Biodegradation of imazapyr in typical soils in Zhejiang Province, China
WANG Xue-dong,ZHOU Su-mei,WANG Hui-li,FAN De-fang,
WANG Xue-dong
,ZHOU Su-mei,WANG Hui-li,FAN De-fang

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2005,
Abstract: The degradation of imazapyr in non-sterile and sterile soils from four sampling sites in Zhejiang, China was studied. The results showed that the half-lives of imazapyr in non-sterile soils were in the range of 30 to 45 d, while 81 to 133 d in sterile (by autoclaving) soils. It means the rate constants of imazapyr under non-sterile conditions were 2.3-4.4 times faster than that under sterile (by autoclaving) conditions, evidently indicating that the indigenous microorganisms in soil play an important role in the degradation of imazapyr. The different sterilization methods could result in different degradation rates of imazapyr. The heat of sterilization of soil largely decreased the degradation. However, the sterile treatment of soil by sodium azide had a different effect from that by autoclaving. Further more, the mechanism was also discussed. Biodegradation in four non-sterile soils accounted for 62% to 78% of imazapyr degradation. In contrast, less than 39% of imazapyr degradation was associated with chemical mechanisms. Therefore, the degradation mechanism was predominantly involved in biology including organisms and microorganisms in soil. Two imazapyr-degrading bacterial strains were isolated in enrichment culture technique and they were identified as Pseudomonas fluorescenes biotype II (ZJX-5) and Bacillus cereus (ZJX-9), respectively. When added at a concentration of 50 microg/g in mineral salts medium (MSM), ZJX-5 and ZJX-9 could degrade 81% and 87% imazapyr after 48 h of incubation. For the treatment of incorporation of ZJX-5 or ZJX-9 into soil, the degradation rate enhanced 3-4 fold faster than that for control samples, which showed an important value in quick decontamination of imazapyr in soil.
Dynamics of novel insecticide HNPC-A9908 residue in vegetable-field ecosystem
OU Xiao-ming,YU Shu-ying,FAN De-fang,WANG Xiao-guang,
OU Xiao-ming
,YU Shu-ying,FAN De-fang,WANG Xiao-guang

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2006,
Abstract: HNPC-A9908 (o-(3-phenoxybenzyl)-2-methylthio-1-(4-chlorophenyl) propyl ketone oxime), a novel oxime insecticide, is a highly effective and broad-spectrum insecticide which can be widely used to control many species of foliar insects on various crops. A study was conducted to evaluate the fate of HNPC-A9908 and study the degradation dynamics of HNPC-A9908 residue in vegetable field ecosystem. The results showed that degradation of HNPC-A9908 was much faster in vegetable pakchoi than in soil, and its half-life in pakchoi and soil was 1.32 and 3.75 d, respectively. The final residue of HNPC-A9908 in pakchoi was at the undetectable level to 0.122 mg/kg. As a conclusion, a dosage of 90 g/hm2 was suggested and considered to be safe to human beings and animals.
斑点叉尾(鱼回)(Ictalunes punctatus)源鲁氏耶尔森氏菌的分离鉴定及系统发育分析

FAN Fang-Ling,WANG Kai-Yu,GENG Yi,HUANG Xiao-Li,CHEN De-Fang,

海洋与湖沼 , 2010,
Abstract: A bacterial strain named FF003 was isolated from the liver and kindey of the diseased channel catfish Ictalunes punctatus. FF003 had apparent pathogenicity to channel catfish. Symptoms in FF003-infected fish included punctate haemorrhaging on the body surface, especially on the submaxilla, abdominal wall and the side of the body. All visceral organs had different degree of hemorrhages; in particular peritoneum and the endomembrane of swim bladder showed punctate hemorrhage. The isolated strain was an aerobic, non-fermentative bacterium. FF003 cells were rod-shaped, Gram negative, Methyl red positive, oxidase negative, and arginine dihydrilase, rnithine decarboxylase and lysine decarboxylase positive. Many carbohydrates could not be utilized by FF003 for acid production, expect maltose, mannose, fructose, trehalose, and D- mannitol. A phylogenetic tree was constructed by comparing with the 16S rDNA sequence of the strain FF003 (GenBank accession number FJ908709) and other relative bacteria species in the GenBank. In the phylogenetic tree FF003 and Yersinia ruckeri constituted a branch. According to morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics and phylogentic analysis, strain FF003 was identified as Y. ruckeri. Antibiotic sensitivity testing showed that FF003 was very sensitive to norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin, doxycycline and chloramphenicol, but not sensitive to cefradin, clarithromycin, sulfamethoxazole, gentamicin and midecamycin.


物理学报 , 1991,
Abstract: By means of some limiting procedures, the solutions of a complex nonlinear equation with many parameters could degenerate into the solutions of a simple equation with less parameters. In this paper, taking KdV equation and high order KdV equations as example, we analyse the possibility of the inverse procedure of the limiting process mentioned above. The results show that deforming a solution of a simple equation into that of the. complex equations is possible. However, this inverse procedure is not unique in general.
A Study of Inorganic Material-AgOx as Storage Media for Recordable-CD

HUANG Xiu-Guang,SHEN De-Fang,

无机材料学报 , 1998,
Abstract: 本文研究了AgOx薄膜的光学性能、分解过程和记录特性.研究表明,在氩气分压为0.67Pa和氧气分压为2.0Pa的条件下,反应溅射制备的AgOx薄膜是非晶态的,在400℃热处理时,完全分解为Ag;本文成功地对AgOx薄膜进行了静态写入实验,AgOx有望成为一种新的CD-R存储介质.
Stable Isotope Evidence of Deep Source Ore-forming Fluid in the Dalucao REE Deposit of the Panxi Rift

WAN De-fang,TIAN Shi-hong,

地球学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 通过对大陆槽矿床的成矿流体稳定同位素研究表明,矿体石英中流体包裹体的δD、δ^18O和δ^13C值分别为-87‰、 6.0‰和-8.4‰,矿石(氟碳铈矿)的δ^13C为-8.0‰,矿体萤石中流体包裹体的δD和δ^18O分别为-99‰和-11.6‰。研究表明,矿床的成矿流体应为少量大气降水混合的深源成矿流体,流体包体中和矿石中的碳则可能源自较深的壳幔混熔源区。
A Study on Multi-scale Analysis in NOAA/AVHRR Image Using 2D CWT

CHEN Jian-yu,GUO De-fang,

中国图象图形学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 小波变换具有数学显微镜特点和频域带通特性,可用于对遥感图像进行分析,为了探索更好的遥感图像尺度分析方法,提出利用二维连续小波变换(墨西哥帽小波)结合地物类型分布图来对NOAA/AVHRR影像的4波段数据进行尺度分析。结果表明,在小尺度下连续小波变换系数可显示不同地物类型、相对差异、位置及形状等信息,可用作细致分析;而在大尺度下该系数则主要表现了由水陆、地貌导致的地域差异,可用于概貌观察。另外,不同时相数据的大尺度分析对比,还体现了空间格局和变化趋势。通常小波变换系数确定的不同地物类型的尺度曲线反映了不同地物的影像信号强度和相互影响,而过零点位置的变化则反映了信号的突变。
Type Selection of Gating System Based on Bayesian Reasoning
Wang Bin,Tan Gui-Qin,Liu De-Fang,Chen Xin-Bo
Information Technology Journal , 2013,
Abstract: To improve the design efficiency of casting die, a Bayesian-based reasoning theory was introduced. The framework of the reasoning mechanism of gating system was established based on the comparison of Bayesian reasoning and other traditional reasoning methods. Some key techniques such as the establishment of standard type model set and posterior information processing were described in detail. Finally, an application case was employed to testify the efficiency of the Bayesian reasoning mechanism of intelligent design system for gating system design of casting dies.
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