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Contribution of Radiocarbon Dating to the Chronology of Eneolithic in Campania (Italy)
I. Passariello, P. Talamo, A. D'Onofrio, P. Barta, C. Lubritto, F. Terrasi
Geochronometria , 2010, DOI: 10.2478/v10003-010-0008-2
Abstract: The paper presents new and important 14C data from eight Eneolithic sites in Campania measured at the Centre for Isotopic Research of Cultural and Environmental Heritage (CIRCE) AMS laboratory in Caserta (Italy). Twenty-four 14C determinations on bone and charcoal are used here for chronological reconstruction of human habitation and dating of some volcanic eruptions affecting the settlement activity. Our research has shed new light on absolute chronology of the whole Campanian Eneolithic, a period of profound cultural transformations triggered by introduction and use of metals, in particular copper.
Prefabricated Thin-walled Structural Elements Made from High Performance Concrete Prestressed with CFRP Wires
Giovanni Pietro Terrasi
Journal of Materials Science Research , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/jmsr.v2n1p1
Abstract: The innovative combination of prestressed carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) wires and high performance concrete (HPC) opens up promising possibilities in the design of structural elements and load-bearing structures. This enables manufacturing of thin-walled, lightweight, filigree, fatigue resistant and very durable concrete elements with very low raw-material consumption for use in several market niches of the construction industry. Two or more of these advantages should simultaneously apply to the intended application for justifying the higher material costs of prestressing and passive CFRP reinforcements in comparison to prestressing and reinforcing steel. Significant economic benefits are to be found in the areas of maintenance of the load-bearing elements as well as their transport and installation. Recently, a first commercial breakthrough of this novel technique was achieved in the structural and architectural field with the realisation of two large building fa ades in Zurich, Switzerland using a total of 3000 m prestressed self compacting concrete profiles. In this paper design and experimental validation details as well as several field projects are described.
Assessment of the radiological impact of a decommissioning nuclear power plant in Italy
A. Petraglia,C. Sabbarese,M. De Cesare,N. De Cesare,F. Quinto,F. Terrasi,A. D'Onofrio,P. Steier,L. K. Fifield,A. M. Esposito
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1051/radiopro/2012010
Abstract: The assessment of the radiological impact of a decommissioning Nuclear Power Plant is presented here through the results of an environmental monitoring survey carried out in the area surrounding the Garigliano Power Plant. The levels of radioactivity in soil, water, air and other environmental matrices are shown, in which {\alpha}, {\beta} and {\gamma} activity and {\gamma} equivalent dose rate are measured. Radioactivity levels of the samples from the Garigliano area are analyzed and then compared to those from a control zone situated more than 100 km away. Moreover, a comparison is made with a previous survey held in 2001. The analyses and comparisons show no significant alteration in the radiological characteristics of the area surroundings the plant, with an overall radioactivity depending mainly from the global fallout and natural sources.
同位素 , 2011,
Abstract: 为了评估位于意大利南部的Garigliano核电站对周边环境的影响,利用超灵敏的加速器质谱技术对核电站周围环境表层土壤中236U和钚同位素的含量进行了测定。测量结果表明,每克表层土壤中含236U、239Pu和240Pu的原子数分别为106~107、107~108和106~107。其中,240Pu与239Pu的原子数之比为0.17~0.22,表明环境表层土壤中的锕系元素主要来源于大气沉降,核电站对周围环境的影响可以忽略。
First direct measurement of the total cross section of 12C(alpha,gamma)16O
D. Schuermann,A. Di Leva,L. Gialanella,D. Rogalla,F. Strieder,N. De Cesare,A. D'Onofrio,G. Imbriani,R. Kunz,C. Lubritto,A. Ordine,V. Roca,C. Rolfs,M. Romano,F. Schuemann,F. Terrasi,H. -P. Trautvetter
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2005-10175-2
Abstract: The total cross section of 12C(alpha,gamma)16O was measured for the first time by a direct and ungated detection of the 16O recoils. This measurement in inverse kinematics using the recoil mass separator ERNA in combination with a windowless He gas target allowed to collect data with high precision in the energy range E=1.9 to 4.9 MeV. The data represent new information for the determination of the astrophysical S(E) factor.
Comparison of the LUNA 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be activation results with earlier measurements and model calculations
Gy. Gyurky,D. Bemmerer,F. Confortola,H. Costantini,A. Formicola,R. Bonetti,C. Broggini,P. Corvisiero,Z. Elekes,Zs. Fulop,G. Gervino,A. Guglielmetti,C. Gustavino,G. Imbriani,M. Junker,M. Laubenstein,A. Lemut,B. Limata,V. Lozza,M. Marta,R. Menegazzo,P. Prati,V. Roca,C. Rolfs,C. Rossi Alvarez,E. Somorjai,O. Straniero,F. Strieder,F. Terrasi,H. P. Trautvetter
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1088/0954-3899/35/1/014002
Abstract: Recently, the LUNA collaboration has carried out a high precision measurement on the 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be reaction cross section with both activation and on-line gamma-detection methods at unprecedented low energies. In this paper the results obtained with the activation method are summarized. The results are compared with previous activation experiments and the zero energy extrapolated astrophysical S factor is determined using different theoretical models.
Measurement of 25Mg(p; gamma)26Al resonance strengths via gamma spectrometry
A. Formicola,A. Best,G. Imbriani,M. Junker,D. Bemmerer,R. Bonetti,C. Broggini,A. Caciolli,F. Confortola,P. Corvisiero,H. Costantini,Z. Elekes,Zs Fulop,G. Gervino,A. Guglielmetti,Gy Gyurky,C. Gustavino,A. Lemut,B. Limata,M. Marta,C. Mazzocchi,R. Menegazzo,P. Prati,V. Roca,C. Rolfs,C. Rossi Alvarez,E. Somorjai,O. Straniero,F. Strieder,F. Terrasi,H. P. Trautvetter
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1088/0954-3899/35/1/014013
Abstract: The COMPTEL instrument performed the first mapping of the 1.809 MeV photons in the Galaxy, triggering considerable interest in determing the sources of interstellar 26Al. The predicted 26Al is too low compared to the observation, for a better understanding more accurate rates for the 25Mg(p; gamma)26Al reaction are required. The 25Mg(p;gamma)26Al reaction has been investigated at the resonances at Er= 745; 418; 374; 304 keV at Ruhr-Universitat-Bochum using a Tandem accelerator and a 4piNaI detector. In addition the resonance at Er = 189 keV has been measured deep underground laboratory at Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, exploiting the strong suppression of cosmic background. This low resonance has been studied with the 400 kV LUNA accelerator and a HPGe detector. The preliminary results of the resonance strengths will be reported.
An actively vetoed Clover gamma-detector for nuclear astrophysics at LUNA
LUNA collaboration,T. Szucs,D. Bemmerer,C. Broggini,A. Caciolli,F. Confortola,P. Corvisiero,Z. Elekes,A. Formicola,Zs. Fulop,G. Gervino,A. Guglielmetti,C. Gustavino,Gy. Gyurky,G. Imbriani,M. Junker,A. Lemut,M. Marta,C. Mazzocchi,R. Menegazzo,P. Prati,V. Roca,C. Rolfs,C. Rossi Alvarez,E. Somorjai,O. Straniero,F. Strieder,F. Terrasi,H. P. Trautvetter
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2010-10967-1
Abstract: An escape-suppressed, composite high-purity germanium detector of the Clover type has been installed at the Laboratory for Underground Nuclear Astrophysics (LUNA) facility, deep underground in the Gran Sasso Laboratory, Italy. The laboratory gamma-ray background of the Clover detector has been studied underground at LUNA and, for comparison, also in an overground laboratory. Spectra have been recorded both for the single segments and for the virtual detector formed by online addition of all four segments. The effect of the escape-suppression shield has been studied as well. Despite their generally higher intrinsic background, escape-suppressed detectors are found to be well suited for underground nuclear astrophysics studies. As an example for the advantage of using a composite detector deep underground, the weak ground state branching of the Ep = 223 keV resonance in the 24Mg(p,gamma)25Al reaction is determined with improved precision.
First Measurement of the He3+He3-->He4+2p Cross Section down to the Lower Edge of the Solar Gamow Peak
The LUNA Collaboration,R. Bonetti,C. Broggini,L. Campajola,P. Corvisiero,A. D'Alessandro,M. Dessalvi,A. D'Onofrio,A. Fubini,G. Gervino,L. Gialanella,U. Greife,A. Guglielmetti,C. Gustavino,G. Imbriani,M. Junker,P. Prati,V. Roca,C. Rolfs,M. Romano,F. Schuemann,F. Strieder,F. Terrasi,H. P. Trautvetter,S. Zavatarelli
Physics , 1999, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.82.5205
Abstract: We give the LUNA results on the cross section measurement of a key reaction of the proton-proton chain strongly affecting the calculated neutrino luminosity from the Sun: He3+He3-->He4+2p. Due to the cosmic ray suppression provided by the Gran Sasso underground laboratory it has been possible to measure the cross section down to the lower edge of the solar Gamow peak, i.e. as low as 16.5 keV centre of mass energy. The data clearly show the cross section increase due to the electron screening effect but they do not exhibit any evidence for a narrow resonance suggested to explain the observed solar neutrino flux.
Activation measurement of the 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be cross section at low energy
D. Bemmerer,F. Confortola,H. Costantini,A. Formicola,Gy. Gyurky,R. Bonetti,C. Broggini,P. Corvisiero,Z. Elekes,Zs. Fulop,G. Gervino,A. Guglielmetti,C. Gustavino,G. Imbriani,M. Junker,M. Laubenstein,A. Lemut,B. Limata,V. Lozza,M. Marta,R. Menegazzo,P. Prati,V. Roca,C. Rolfs,C. Rossi Alvarez,E. Somorjai,O. Straniero,F. Strieder,F. Terrasi,H. P. Trautvetter
Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.97.122502
Abstract: The nuclear physics input from the 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be cross section is a major uncertainty in the fluxes of 7Be and 8B neutrinos from the Sun predicted by solar models and in the 7Li abundance obtained in big-bang nucleosynthesis calculations. The present work reports on a new precision experiment using the activation technique at energies directly relevant to big-bang nucleosynthesis. Previously such low energies had been reached experimentally only by the prompt-gamma technique and with inferior precision. Using a windowless gas target, high beam intensity and low background gamma-counting facilities, the 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be cross section has been determined at 127, 148 and 169 keV center-of-mass energy with a total uncertainty of 4%. The sources of systematic uncertainty are discussed in detail. The present data can be used in big-bang nucleosynthesis calculations and to constrain the extrapolation of the 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be astrophysical S-factor to solar energies.
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