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Substation Earthing Grid Safety Analysis
E.U. Ubeku,F. Odiase
International Journal of Electrical and Power Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: This study presents a user interactive computer program for the design and configuration arrangement of a 33/11 kV substation earthing grid system within restricted areas such as the cases of Benin city injection substations. The study is aimed at the creation of awareness on safe substation earthing grid system design. The provision of earthing systems is not only for the protection and proper functioning of substation equipments, but also for the safety of personnel during earth faults and lightning strikes. Standard expressions taken from IEEE 80 and 2000 are used in writing an interactive programme for the simulation of touch, step and mesh potentials of substation earthing grid, which are the most important factors for personnel safety in and around substations. The interactive program follows an algorithm that gives the final design configuration and the total required conductor length that satisfied the criterion for safety.
Electric Energy Pricing in a Deregulated Economy: A Case Study of Delta Thermal Power Plant, Delta State, Nigeria
S.O. Igbinovia,F.O. Odiase
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Unit electric energy pricing in a deregulated economy: a case study of delta thermal power plant in Nigeria is presented in this research. The research became necessary because of the clamour in the need to attain sustainable development without considering the indices that play vital role in nations development politically, socially, infrastructuraly and economically. Thus, for a country not to continuously have depreciated currency one of the parameters that must seriously be guided are the GDP/GNP indices and for the GDP to raise the earned foreign reserve that guarantees imports power, the local resources must be adequately harnessed and sustained, hence the importance of a vibrant power sector that ensures stable unit electric energy cost. The research reviewed, the way forward for power industries in Nigeria in a deregulated economy, the analytical principles guiding GDP/GNP estimations, cost components of electricity generation and tariff were extensively looked at. Findings revealed that index values for the Nigeria GDP/GNP are not encouraging when compared with nations of the world that are not endowed with the natural resources the country is blessed with. The cost of generating electricity in the thermal station for the period presented, considering locational marginal pricing in a competitive market forces, for power industries in Nigeria that generates <2800 MW on daily basis as at June, 2009 to survive in the present day deregulation and provide power in acceptable availability standard close to 99.8% the current subsidy by the Federal Government of Nigeria demands for urgent review with the enacted regulatory bodies in order to improve on the position she currently occupies in the survey conducted by Finfacts Ireland. This stand is important because the station with utilization factor of 62.48:1 in 2006, which has not improved in 2009, if not for government funding the station ought to be bought over by striving power utilities in developed nations. The research also, revealed an average annual unitcost for the period reviewed to be #30.73 K kWh-1, while Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) PLC current electricity tariff range from #6.00/-12.00 kWh-1 depending on the type of load and demand level.
Analysis of Call Performance in Zoom Mobile Network in Agege Area of Lagos Nigeria
P.O. Otasowie,F.O. Odiase
Journal of Mobile Communication , 2012,
Abstract: This research is an analysis of call performance in zoom mobile network in Agege area of Lagos, Nigeria. Zoom mobile network operate on a Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network. In this research, the call performance in Zoom mobile network for the months of January, February and March, 2008 were analysed using the data obtained from the Huawei customised mobile network integrated management system 2000, which is a centralised monitoring and control equipment for the entire zoom mobile network. The analysis of data revealed that call successful ratios are high >98% and call drop ratios are low <2.0%. Suggestions were proposed to further reduce call drop ratio if properly implemented.
Rank range test for equality of dispersion
JI Odiase
Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana) , 2009,
Abstract: This paper exploits the computational simplicity of the range of a set of data to formulate a twosample scale test called the Rank Range test. The performance of the test statistic is compared with other tests of scale. The exact distribution of the Rank Range test statistic is generated empirically through the unconditional permutation approach by actually obtaining all the distinct permutations of the ranks of the variates in an experiment; this exposes the trimodal nature of its probability distribution. The tables of exact critical values are produced.
Influence of media composition on the production of alkaline α-amylase from Bacillus subtilis CB-18
Nwokoro Ogbonnaya,Anthonia Odiase
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum : Technologia Alimentaria , 2012,
Abstract: Background. Starch, a homopolysaccharide is an important and an abundant food reserve and energy source. Starches are processed to yield different products which find many industrial applications. Alpha-amylases hydrolyze starch by cleaving α-1,4-glucosidic bonds and have been used in food, textile and pharmaceutical industries [Sun et al. 2010]. Enzymatic conversion of starch with amylase presents an economically superior alternative to the conventional method of starch gelatinization. Alkaline α-amylase has an important position in the global enzyme market as a constituent of detergent. In this paper, we screened soil bacteria and an isolate, alkalophilic Bacillus subtilis CB-18 was found to produce an alkaline α-amylase in different media. Material and methods. Screening of the isolates for amylolytic activity was carried out by growing bacteria isolated from the soil in starch agar plates and subsequently staining the plates with iodine solution to reveal zones of hydrolysis of starch. The selected isolate, Bacillus subtlis CB-18 was grown in different media at alkaline pH to evaluate the influence of media composition on alkaline α-amylase production. Enzyme assay was carried out by growing the culture in a broth medium and obtaining cell – free culture supernatant after centrifugation at 2515 × g for 15 minutes Amylase activity was determined by incubating 0.5 ml of crude enzyme solution in 0.1M Tris/HCl buffer (pH 8.5) with 0.5 ml of 1% soluble starch solution. The reaction was terminated by the addition of DNS reagent and reducing sugar produced from the amylolytic reaction was determined. Results. Bacillus subtilis CB-18 used for this work was selected because it produced 7 mm zone diameter on starch agar plate. This organism was cultured in different alkaline broth media containing 2% soluble starch as inducer carbohydrate for α-amylase production. Among the carbon sources used for enzyme production, sorbitol was the best to stimulate enzyme production with α-amylase activity of 758 U/mL after 48 h. Peptone was the best nitrogen source for enzyme production with α-amylase activity of 680 U/mL after 48 h. Metal ions including Ca 2+, Mn2+ and Mg2+ stimulated enzyme production while Hg2+ and Ag+ repressed enzyme production. The best enzyme yields were observed in basal media containing agro-based substrates. Conclusion. This work reports the production of alkaline α-amylase by Bacillus subtlis CB-18 in different media. Enzyme production was highest when agro-based media were used to formulate the media.
Omorogiuwa Eseosa,Friday Osasere Odiase
International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: This work studied the impact of different FACTS devices (UPFC, TCSC and STATCOM) on voltage improvement and transmission loss reduction in the Nigeria 330KV transmission line network and GA approach for loss optimization. This network consist of 9 generating stations, 28 buses and 29 transmission lines was modeled and simulated using ETAP 4.0 and Matlab Version 7.5.Power losses without FACTS device are 62.90MW and 95.80MVar and weak buses per unit values are: Gombe (0.8909pu), Jos (0.9118pu), Kaduna (0.9178pu), Kano (0.9031) and New Haven(0.9287pu). Incorporating TCSC on the weak lines, an improved per unit bus values ranging from 0.9872pu-0.9997pu was obtained as well as loss reduction of (44.3MW and 78.30MVAR). Incorporating UPFC improved the per unit values within the range of 0.9768pu-0.9978pu. STATCOM gave values between 0.9741pu-1.013pu and reduced line losses to51.8MW and 85.60MVAR.Comparing among the three FACTS devices, UPFC gave a better loss reduction of 48.64% and 27.14%.
Exact p-values of savage testing statistics.
J O Odiase, S M Ogbonmwam
Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana) , 2007,
Abstract: In recent years, the use of software for the calculation of statistical tests has become widespread. For many nonparametric tests, a number of statistical programs calculate significance levels based on algorithms appropriate for large samples only. In scientific experiments, small samples are common. This requires the use of the exact statistical test. This paper presents a simple but logical method of obtaining unconditional exact permutation distribution for test statistics involving small samples. The exact critical values for the savage test statistic are generated and the probability of a type I error is exactly α. Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana) Vol. 27 (2) 2007: pp. 80-88
Improving the choice of higer order univariate kernels throught bias reduction technique
J E Osemwenkhae, J I Odiase
Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana) , 2006,
Abstract: Within the last two decades, higher order univariate kernels have been under focus with respect to its importance in examining the concept of curve fitting. This paper has taken this direction by examining some basic properties of the univariate kernels in assessing and improving the choice of kernels. The minimum efficiency of the selected kernels is 82% at order 6. The global error diminishes as the order of h increases, and it is highest between orders 2 and 6, and beyond order 12 the global error seems to level off. Depending on the tolerance limit specified for the MISE and the percentage efficiency permitted, the extent of bias reduction required, can be monitored. Journal of Science and Technology Vol. 26 (3) 2003: pp. 19-23
Left Atrial Myxoma Mimicking Mitral Stenosis
Dike B Ojji,Manmak H Mamven,Odiase Omonua,Zaiyad Habib
Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports , 2012,
Determinants of exclusive breastfeeding in Nigeria
Kingsley E Agho, Michael J Dibley, Justice I Odiase, Sunday M Ogbonmwan
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2393-11-2
Abstract: Data on 658 children less than 6 months of age were obtained from the Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) 2003. The 2003 NDHS was a multi-stage cluster sample survey of 7864 households. EBF rates were examined against a set of individual, household and community level variables using a backward stepwise multilevel logistic regression method.The average EBF rate among infants younger than 6 months of age was 16.4% (95%CI: 12.6%-21.1%) but was only 7.1% in infants in their fifth month of age. After adjusting for potential confounders, multivariate analyses revealed that the odds of EBF were higher in rich (Adjusted Odds Ratios (AOR) = 1.15, CI = 0.28-6.69) and middle level (AOR = 2.45, CI = 1.06-5.68) households than poor households. Increasing infant age was associated with significantly less EBF (AOR = 0.65, 95%CI: 0.51-0.82). Mothers who had four or more antenatal visits were significantly more likely to engage in EBF (AOR = 2.70, 95%CI = 1.04-7.01). Female infants were more likely to be exclusively breastfed than male infants (AOR = 2.13, 95%CI = 1.03-4.39). Mothers who lived in the North Central geopolitical region were significantly more likely to exclusively breastfeed their babies than those mothers who lived in other geopolitical regions.The EBF rate in Nigeria is low and falls well short of the expected levels needed to achieve a substantial reduction in child mortality. Antenatal care was strongly associated with an increased rate of EBF. Appropriate infant feeding practises are needed if Nigeria is to reach the child survival Millennium Development Goal of reducing infant mortality from about 100 deaths per 1000 live births to a target of 35 deaths per 1000 live births by the year 2015.Exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) for the first 6 months of life improves the growth, health and survival status of newborns [1] and is one of the most natural and best forms of preventive medicine [2,3]. EBF plays a pivotal role in determining the optimal health and de
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