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In-Vitro Differentiation Of Human Embryonic Stem Cells Into Hemangioblasts
F Ganji,S Abruon,H Baharvand,M Ebrahimi
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) are capable of self-renewal and large-scale expansion. They also have the capacity to differentiate into a variety of cell types including liver, cardiac and neuron cells. However, it is not yet clear whether hESCs can differentiate to hemangioblasts under in-vitro conditions. Hemangioblasts are bipotential progenitors that can generate hematopoietic lineages and endothelial cells. The aim of this study was to identify the potential of human Royan H5 embryonic stem cells in differentiating into hemangioblast cells. Methods: HESCs were cultured at suspension system in DMEM/F12 supplemented with bFGF. 7-day old cells differentiated into blast cells under defined condition consisting of hematopoietic cytokines including BMP4, VEGF, etc. Blast cell markers kinase insert domain receptor (KDR), CD31, and CD34 were evaluated by flow cytometry and blast gene expressions (TAL-1, Runx-1 and CD34) were detected by qRT-PCR. Clonogenic assays were performed in semisolid medium by colony forming unit-assays. Results: The hESCs (Royan H5) had the capacity of differentiating into hemangioblast cells. We could detect colonies that expressed 79%±12.5 KDR+, 5.6%±2.8 CD31+-CD34+ and 6%±2.12 KDR+-CD31+ on day 8 in the hESCs. Up-regulation of TAL-1, Runx-1 and CD34 occurred during hemangioblast commitment (P≤0.05 and P≤0.01, respectively). Moreover, hemangioblast cells generated mixed-type and endothelial-like colonies in semi-solid media. Conclusion: Our results showed that hESCs (Royan H5) were able to differentiate into hemangioblasts under in-vitro conditions. The hemangioblasts had the potential to generate two non-adherent (Mixed-type) and adherent (endothelial-like) cell populations.
The effects of T-cell conditioned media on the induction of dendritic cell (DC1) maturation for effective tumor immunotherapy
Asadi M,Farokhi F,Ganji Bakhsh M,Delirezh N
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2011,
Abstract: "n 800x600 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";} Background: Nowadays, dendritic cells (DC) are used for tumor immunotherapy as they can induce immune responses against tumor cells. In this research, we comprehensively studied the maturation stimulus addition, PHA-activated T-cell (PHA-TCM) conditioned medium, autologous monocyte-conditioned medium (MCM) and TNF-α for their ability to promote uniformly mature dendritic cells that elicit T-cell responses."n"nMethods: Plastic adherent monocytes were cultured with granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) and interleukin-4 (IL-4) for five days and two days with monocyte-conditioned medium (MCM), tumor necrotizing factor-α (TNF-α) without TCM (PHA-activated T-cell conditioned medium). Phenotypic and functional analyses were carried out using anti-CD14, anti-CD80, anti-CD86, anti-CD83 monoclonal antibodies. Phagocytic activity, mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) and cytokine production were also evaluated."n"nResults: The generated dendritic cells had high expression of surface molecules i.e. CD80, CD83, CD86 and HLA-DR. Moreover, the cells had low phagocytic and high T-lymphocyte stimulating activities. Measurement of the produced cytokines showed the generation of type-1 dendritic cells (DC1) in the study."n"nConclusion: The findings indicated that more efficient maturation of dendritic cells could be achieved by the use of PHA-activated T-lymphocyte conditioned medium in the culture medium. The aforesaid supernatant can be used as a maturation factor for the production of efficient dendritic cells with the ability to be used for tumor immunotherapy. This conditioned medium can provide new strategies and evolve into more advance tools for the generation of dendritic cells in vitro for tumor immunotherapy.
BCG Vaccination and Incidence of Tuberculosis
K Moaven Saeidi,F Ashraf Zadeh,I Ganji
Iranian Journal of Pediatrics , 1992,
"Peripheral blood Microchimerism in female renal recipients from male donors "
"Hakemi M,Najafi I,Ganji MR,Khosravi F
Acta Medica Iranica , 2001,
Abstract: The relation between microchimerism and allograft tolerance is still a mystery. In this study we determined the presence of peripheral blood microchimerism (PBMC) in female renal transplant recipients from living male donors with second round polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Second round PCR was used to find Y chromocome products. The degree of PBMC in renal transplant recipinents must be below the rate of 1.104 and second round PCR provides the deterction of PBMC at the rate of 1.106. we divided our patients into two groups according to allograft function. Group 1 (16 patients) and normal allograft function. Group 2 (6 patients) had chronic allograft dysfunction. First PCR didn’t show PBMC. Second round PCR with SRY primers of Y chromosome showed PBMC in 13.22 (59%) of patients. PMBC was positive in 10.016 (62%) of patients in-group 1 and 3.6 (50%) of patients in group 2. There was acute rejection in 4.13 (30.7%) and 2.9 (22.2%) of patients with positive and negative PBMC, respectively, in our study, there was no significant correlation between the presence of PBMC and allograft function and the frequency or severity of rejection episodes.
"Results of 1020 renal transplants: Single center experience "
Porooshani A,Ganji M,Porooshani F,Ghods AJ
Acta Medica Iranica , 2001,
Abstract: From 1986 to 1996, 1020 renal transplants were performed at our center. The purposes of this study were. 1) to evaluate the patient and graft survival rates and 2) to see if some donors and recipient characteristics such as age, sex and relationship had any effects on graft survivals. 571 transplants were from living related donors (LRD) and 446 from living unrelated donors (LUD). 65.9% of recipients wee males and 34.1% females, with the age range of 8-66 years. 72.5% of donors were males and 27.5% females with age range of 17-69 years. 91.3% of unrelated donors were males with a mean age of 28.8±5.6 years.From 1020 recipients 737 (72.2%) wee alive with a functioning groft. 211 (20.2%) were alive with a functioning groft. 211 (20.7%) had returned to dialysis and 72 (7.1%) had died with a functioning graft. 02 211 recipients who returned to dialysis, 171 were still alive and 40 had died. The overall patient survival was 98% and graft survival 72.7%. 726 patients who had transplant before October 1993 (at least 3 yars post transplant) were selected for this study. 388 transplant were from LRD and 338 and from LUD. In 388 LRD transplant patients, survival was 96.1%, and 95% and graft survival was 92.1% 87.6% and 811.9% in 1, 2 and 3 years respectively. Graft survivals in 1, 2 and 3 years were significantly better in LRD transplants as compared to LUD transplants (P<0.05 , P<0.005, P<0.005) but there was no significant correlation in patient survivals. By performing log-rank test in Kaplan-Meier analysis there was also a significant correlation between graft suvival and patient age group (P<0.002) and donor recipient relation (P<0.02) but not with donor recipient sex. No correlation was also found when the graft survival of femae patients with history of pregnancy was compared with those who had to pregnancy.
The Effects on Reading Comprehension of Lexical Collocation Instruction, Subject Matter Knowledge, and Cultural Schema
Mansoor Ganji
Theory and Practice in Language Studies , 2012, DOI: 10.4304/tpls.2.1.105-112
Abstract: This study investigated the effects of lexical collocation, topic and cultural familiarity on Iranian EFL learners’ reading comprehension. There were thirty-eight English Translation students in Chabahar Maritime University participating in the present study, 15 freshmen and 23 sophomores. They were chosen from among 45 students based on their scores in the reading comprehension tests. In the treatment period, all the students received three different types of instruction in three consecutive weeks, and took a reading comprehension test after each type of instruction. . In the first week, they received a text that was culturally familiar to them; it was about the origin and development of banks and corporations in Iran. In the second week, they were taught the difficult lexical collocations of the reading text along with their Farsi equivalents before taking the test. And finally in the third week, the students read a reading passage which had the same topic as the reading test before; it was about the communication and behavior of ants. All the students were requested to complete a reading comprehension test, adopted from the paper-based TOEFL tests, after each type of instruction. According to the results demonstrated by the statistical program, a significant difference was found in reading comprehension among the participants based on the type of instruction they received. The highest mean belonged to the third week, when the students read a passage with the same topic before the test as the treatment, followed by the collocation instruction. However, there was no significant difference between boys and girls, and freshmen and sophomores as a result of different types of instruction.
The Best Way to Teach Phrasal Verbs: Translation, Sentential Contextualization or Metaphorical Conceptualization?
Mansoor Ganji
Theory and Practice in Language Studies , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/tpls.1.11.1497-1506
Abstract: This study investigates the metaphor’s central position in the memorization, retention and prediction of the meaning of phrasal verbs. To this end, 45 Iranian EFL learners from Chabahar Maritime University were divided into three groups. In control group, the phrasal verbs were presented with their Farsi (students' mother tongue) equivalents and students were asked to memorize them on their own as it is the traditional method of teaching phrasal verbs. Experimental group I received the phrasal verbs in the context of a sentence, and students were asked to make new sentences with them in the class. And the experimental group II received the orientational metaphors underlying the meaning of the particles of phrasal verbs. All the three groups took three tests in which the correct particles of the phrasal verbs had to be provided. The first test, carried out just two hours after the instructions, dealt with the taught phrasal verbs. The same test was conducted five weeks later to measure the long term retention of phrasal verbs' meaning. But the third test dealt with 20 untaught phrasal verbs which had the same particles as the taught ones. One-way ANOVA results revealed that the difference between the groups’ performances on the immediate test was not statistically significant, while the efficiency of metaphorical conceptualization, and sentential contextualization on the delayed test, and untaught test was considerable. There was a slight difference between the two experimental groups, but it was not statistically significant. The study ends with some suggestions for the teaching of phrasal verbs and the possible factors contributing to their difficulty.
The Incidence of Co-occurrence of Chlamydial Cervicitis with Bacterial Vaginosis
L Ganji
Qom University of Medical Sciences Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Background and Objectives: Bacterial vaginosis is caused by an imbalance in normal vaginal bacterial flora mainly caused by the introduction of pathogenic bacteria. Failure to properly treat this condition can not only induce abortion but also increase the chance of acquiring other serious infections such as AIDS, gonorrhea and chlamydiosis. Chlamydia trchomatis is one of the causative agents of cervicitis of which 70% is totally asymptomatic. Untreated cases can lead to salpengititis, pelvic inflammatory diseases, infertility, pelvic area pains and other complications. The purpose of this study was to determine the co-occurrence of these two conditions. Methods: A total of 137 patients were examined for both Chlamydial cervicitis and for bacterial vaginosis. Gram stain was used to detect bacterial vaginosis and anti-chlamydial antibodies were titered by microimmunofluoresence (MIF) assay. Results: According to the MIF results, 10 patients(7.3%) had elevated anti-chlamydial IgG and 3 patients (2.2%) showed high IgM titers. Gardnerella vaginalis was detected in 6 patients(4.7%) as the causative agent of vaginosis. There were 3 cases of co-occurrence of chlamydial cervicitis and bacterial vaginosis (30%). Conclusion: Due to the fact that bacterial vaginosis can provide the pre-disposing conditions for cervicitis and its chronicity and the similarity of the cilinical singns of these two conditions, Infections with Chlamydia are often overlooked. It therefore seems necessary to check any patient with bacterial vaginosis for chlamydial co-infection.
On the Effect of Gender and Years of Instruction on Iranian EFL Learners' Collocational Competence
Mansoor Ganji
English Language Teaching , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/elt.v5n2p123
Abstract: This study investigates the Iranian EFL learners' Knowledge of Lexical Collocation at three academic levels: freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The participants were forty three English majors doing their B.A. in English Translation studies in Chabahar Maritime University. They took a 50-item fill-in-the-blank test of lexical collocations. The test included five types of collocations: verb-noun, adjective-noun, noun-verb, adverb-adjective, and verb-adverb. Descriptive statistics, t-test, and One-way ANOVA were employed in the data analysis. According to the results, Iranian English majors are weak in lexical collocations, answering just more than 50% of the questions. A significant difference was found among the performance of the students at three academic levels, but there was no significant difference between boys and girls in their knowledge of lexical collocations. While noun-verb collocation was revealed to be the easiest type of collocation, adverb-adjective collocation proved to be the most difficult type. These findings have immediate implications for language learners, EFL teachers, and material designers.
Variational Iteration Method and Homotopy-Perturbation Method for Solving Different Types of Wave Equations
A. Barari,Abdoul R. Ghotbi,F. Farrokhzad,D.D. Ganji
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: Due to wide range of interest in use of wave equations to gain insight in to vibrating problems, Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM) and Variational Iteration Method (VIM) are employed to approximate the solution of the three types of wave equations including one-dimensional wave equation, kinematic wave equation and non-linear homogeneous wave equation. The final results obtained by HPM and VIM are compared with those results obtained from the exact solution. The comparison shows a precise agreement between the results and introduces these new methods as the applicable methods which they need less computations and are much easier and more convenient than other approximate methods, so they can be widely used in engineering.

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