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Econographication  [PDF]
Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada
Modern Economy (ME) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/me.2013.45036

The rationale of Econographication revolves around the efficacy of multidimensional graphs as the most effective visual tool to understand any economic phenomenon from a multidimensional view. The main motivation behind the creation of Econographication is to evaluate multidimensional graphs evolved so far in economics and to develop new type of multidimensional graphs to facilitate the study of economics, as well as finance and business. Thereby, the mission of Econographication is to offer academics, researchers and policy maker’s an alternative multidimensional graphical modeling approach to the research and teaching-learning process of economics, finance and business from a multidimensional perspective. Hence, this alternative multidimensional graphical modeling approach is offering a set of multidimensional coordinate spaces to build different types of multidimensional graphs to study any economic phenomenon. The following new types of multi-dimensional coordinate spaces are presented: the pyramid coordinate space (five axes and infinite axes); the diamond coordinate space(ten axes and infinite axes); the 4-dimensional coordinate space (vertical position and horizontal position); the 5-dimensional coordinate space (vertical position and horizontal position); the infinity-dimensional coordinate space (general approach and specific approach); the inter-linkage coordinate space; the cube-wrap coordinate space; the mega-surface coordinate space. All these multi-dimensional coordinate spaces mentioned previously, they are available to represent graphically 4-dimensions, 5-dimensions, 8-dimensions, 9-dimensions until infinity-dimensions.

The Global Dimension of the Regional Integration Model (GDRI-Model)  [PDF]
Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada
Modern Economy (ME) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/me.2013.45037

This research paper presents a new model of analysis to study the trend of regional integration from a global perspective. This new model is called the Global Dimension of Regional Integration Model (GDRI-Model). The rationale for the creation of this model is the necessity to study regional integration from political, social, economic, and technological perspectives simultaneously. There are four basic phases in the implementation of the GDRI-Model. The first phase is the design of the multi-input database table. The second phase is the measurement of individual Regional Global Development Indexes (Xi), which include the Regional Global Political Development Index (X1), Regional Global Social Development Index (X2), Regional Global Economic Development Index (X3) and Regional Global Technological Development Index (X4). The third phase is the measurement of the Regional Global Development (RGD) index. The last phase is the measurement of Regional Integration Stage (RIS) index. The general objective of the GDRI-Model is to offer policy-makers and researchers a new analytical tool to study the evolution and stages of any regional integration process from a global perspective—based on a group of indexes and graphs. The GDRI-Model is not intended to be a forecasting model in any case. However, its application is not limited to the study of a special group of countries or regions. It is not constrained by issues about the region or the development stages of any member in a region that is interested in integrating into a single regional trade bloc. The GDRI-Model, in effect, is a simple and flexible scheme, which can be applied to any case of regional integration.

Gayana (Concepción) , 2005, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-65382005000200005
Abstract: a new species of the genus arthrobrachus solier, 1849 is described, a. aruma n.sp. the apomorphies of the new sepecies are pectinate antenna and scarcely defined lateral ridge of pronoto unique characters in the group. the species is registred from do?a ana's range, iv region, chile
Historia (Santiago) , 2002, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-71942002003500005
Abstract: in chile, european migration did not occur on the massive scale observed in american countries on the atlantic coast. the migrants in our country did not resolve the need for cheap manpower as they did in other places. the majority of migrants arrived in chile in a spontaneous way, without any contribution from the government. spaniards formed the most numerous community of europeans at the beginning of the twentieth century and they kept this status through the years. we know normally, about those immigrants that have had a successful experience as migrants, that means people that come to chile as a young poor boys and finally they become rich men. but, we want to study the situation of all those immigrants that had to affront adversity and discover some of the problems that they had suffered as foreigners in our country.
Las pruebas rápidas en la promoción, prevención y diagnóstico de la sífilis
Infectio , 2008,
Abstract: a short review about the potential impact of rapid tests in the diagnosis, promotion and prevention of syphilis is presented. some clinical and laboratory aspects of postnatal and congenital syphilis are mentioned as well.
La Información Y El Rumor En Zonas De Conflicto
Análisis Político , 2007,
Abstract: information sources, creation of informant networks and labors of local intelligence have become very important goals in political power calculations of the paramilitary and insurgents. phenomena of information and rumor can disclose central aspects to understand the direction of events yet to be seen in local politics. the text presents a phenomenological analysis of information (and its deviations) to understand the dynamics of armed conflict at a local level.
Estrategia y geografía política del conflicto armado en el Valle del Cauca
Análisis Político , 2010,
Abstract: hereby we present an explanation of the causes that have determined geopolitical changes derived from the armed confrontation between the state force and paraestatal groupings in valle del cauca (colombia). this paper is the first part of a project encompassing three central components of the armed conflict and its regional impact: (a) the relevance of geography to understand political and economic transformations arising from local war; (b) the economic and financial structure supporting the formation and survival of irregular armies within a determined geographic region; (c) the strategic correlations that differentiate and assimilate the groups fighting for predominance in the regional geography. we restricted the research to the first of the three components. a later work should show us the correlations between paraestatal associations, their new identities and geopolitical impact within the whole colombian geography.
Economía y racionalidad de las organizaciones: Los aportes de Herbert A. Simón*
Revista de Estudios Sociales , 2008,
Abstract: this article evaluates herbert a. simon?s contribution to organization theory, placing special emphasis on the idea of bounded rationality. it interprets simon?s criticism of the orthodox version of organizational bureaucracy and extends his analysis to the institutional economics. one of simon?s main achievements in organizational theory was analytically evaluating individual and collective behavior, clearing the way for the future studies of d. kahneman and t. schelling.
Boundary values of analytic functions without distributional point values
Ricardo Estrada
Tamkang Journal of Mathematics , 2004, DOI: 10.5556/j.tkjm.35.2004.53-60
Abstract: We give a method to construct distributions that are boundary values of analytic functions which have non-tangential limits at points where the distributional point value does not exist.
Regularization and asymptotic expansion of certain distributions defined by divergent series
Ricardo Estrada
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 1995, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171295000949
Abstract: The regularization of the distribution ¢ ‘n= ¢ ’ ¢ ¢ ′(x ¢ ’pn). which gives a regularized value to the divergent series ¢ ‘n= ¢ ’ ¢ ¢ (pn) is obtained in several spaces of test functions. The asymptotic expansion as μ ¢ ’0+of series of the type ¢ ‘n=0 ¢ ( μ ¢ € ‰pn) is also obtained.

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