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Feuerbach : from criticism of religion to the defense of human dignity Feuerbach: da crítica da religi o à defesa da dignidade humana
Arlei Espindola
Semina : Ciências Sociais e Humanas , 2011,
Abstract: The article aims at discussing the current trend of considering Feuerbach a minor author, which would place him as a crossing point between Hegel and Marx. It points out that the German philosopher needs to be read with the intent to comprehend first rather than through a negative and critical perspective. Only then it is possible to identify the humanistic aspects of his thinking and acknowledge that his purpose consists in safeguarding religion in its human essence. O artigo tenta problematizar a tendência (existente ainda hoje) de julgar-se Feuerbach um autor menor, que serviria de ponto de passagem entre Hegel e Marx. Salienta que o filósofo alem o precisa ser lido antes com a pretens o compreensiva, e n o de forma negativa e crítica. Só assim é possível identificar o caráter humanista de sua reflex o e reconhecer que seu propósito consiste em salvaguardar a religi o em sua essencialidade humana.
Examining the Role of Brazilian Navy before Alcohol Intake in the Workplace  [PDF]
Elizabeth Espindola Halpern, Ligia Costa Leite
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.52016

This article presents some of the results of a qualitative research conducted at the Center for Chemical Dependency (CEDEQ) of Brazilian Navy, a specialized outpatient clinic for substance abuse, in order to investigate the role of this institution in the construction of the military patients’ alcoholism. A participant observation was carried out in two treatment groups, during 24 sessions, in 2010. In addition, individual open-ended interviews with 13 patients were carried out after each group session. According to their narratives they tend to believe that the institution both stimulates and prohibits the consumption of alcohol on board, an ambivalent position that contributes to the production of alcohol addiction in these individuals. As a result, the incorporation of standards of conduct related to alcohol consumption throughout their military career was observed, creating drinking patterns, especially drinking with colleagues of their military units, which we named alcoholic habitus.

Direct Hamiltonization for Nambu Systems
Maria Lewtchuk Espindola
Physics , 2008,
Abstract: The direct hamiltonization procedure applied to Nambu mechanical systems proves that the Nambu mechanics is an usual mechanics described by only one Hamiltonian. Thus a particular case of Hamiltonian mechanics. It is also proved that any mechanical system described by the equation d{\bf r}/dt={\bf A(r)} is a Nambu system.
General Solution to Unidimensional Hamilton-Jacobi Equation
Maria Lewtchuk Espindola
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: A method for finding the general solution to the partial differential equations: \ $F(u_x,u_y)=0$; \ $F(f(x)\:u_x,u_y)=0$ \ (or \ $F(u_x,h(y)\:u_y)=0$) \ is presented, founded on a Legendre like transformation and a theorem for Pfaffian differential forms. As the solution obtained depends on an arbitrary function, then it is a general solution. As an extension of the method it is obtained a general solution to PDE: \ $F(f(x)\:u_x,u_y)=G(x)$, and then applied to unidimensional Hamilton-Jacobi equation.
Sobre la idea de ciudadanía
Saltor,Carlos Eduardo; Espindola,Alfredo;
Cuadernos de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales. Universidad Nacional de Jujuy , 2008,
Abstract: this work searches into j. s. mill and t.h. marshall's contributions to the definition of contemporary citizenship profiles. it analyses the statements that feature the corresponding pairs republican citizenship/ liberal citizenship and direct democracy/ representative democracy. next it focuses on mill's work "representative government" and "citizenship and social class" by marshall. the starting point in examining both authors' thought is the resemblance that can be observed in their shared concern to articulate an idea of citizenship with the representative forms of a representative government. in "representative government" the way in which mill manages to deal with a citizenship conception similar to the ancient one in the context of the representative government is specially taken into account. as regards marshall's "citizenship and social class" this work analyses the concept of citizenship as a manifestation of equality in front of the tributary inequality of the different social classes in the frame of modern capitalist societies. this work encourages us to think that marshallian citizenship, even when it belongs to the liberal citizenship tradition with its stress on equality, acts as the foundation to develop a republican citizenship. however, this work does not ignore that both models of citizenship respond to completely different values and traditions.
Estudio de utilización de antihipertensivos en el embarazo en el hospital materno neonatal de posadas
Dubois,Laura M; Espindola,Mónica R;
Revista de ciencia y tecnolog?-a , 2012,
Abstract: hypertensive disorders during pregnancy are a major health problem worldwide, being the leading cause of morbidity and perinatal and maternal mortality. a retrospective study of medical records of patients hospitalized with hypertension during pregnancy was conducted to determine the treatments carried out. twenty one hospitalized patients were analyzed, out of a total of 2,910 during the period under study, who were entered for suffering a hypertensive disorder with an incidence of 0.72%. considering the patients studied, 8 had sympons of eclampsysm. blood pressure on admission was greater than or equal to 140/90 mmhg in 12 patients. the most frequent sign / symptom was the presence of cephalea with some hours of evolution (9 patients) and in all cases hypertension was present. evaluating the treatments used, their dosage and frequency, intravenous magnesium sulfate was the most used (14 cases studied). as far as the oral via is concerned, alpha-methyldopa 500 mg tablets were prescribed to 7 patients. the treatment consisted in the oral prescription of alpha-methyldopa and magnesium sulfate for signs of preeclampsya. the prescription of metalpha-methyldopa as first-choice oral medication was carried out this is not the case for parenteral use in hypertensive emergencies, when the drug of choice is labetalol.
Representa??es de adoecimento e cura de pacientes do Centro de Dependência Química do Hospital Central da Marinha
Halpern,Elizabeth Espindola; Leite,Ligia Maria Costa;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232012000400029
Abstract: this article presents one of the segments of ethnographic research which was conducted over a two-year period, by means of participant observation, at the chemical dependency center of the brazilian navy. patients of 2 treatment groups were observed during 24 sessions of group therapy. among the 22 existing patients of the two groups, 13 patients were randomly selected for individual interviews. their illness and healing representations related to mental and behavioral disorders caused by drugs were examined, and also the influence of the work environment on patient involvement with drugs was investigated. results show that patients believe that they are responsible for their illness and for their alcoholic sobriety and they also believe they will never be cured. furthermore, they do not usually accept the on-going medical discourse or the alcoholics anonymous belief that they are recovering alcoholics; they build their own views about their diagnoses, prognoses, and treatments. there are cultural traits particular to the naval life that indicate that the categories analyzed are mainly social, and that certain work-related conditions lead to the emergence of alcoholism in many patients, despite the fact that drugs are commonly tackled from the administrative perspective.
SIAT - Sistema de Avalia??o de Terras
Garcia, Gilberto J.;Espindola, Carlos R.;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662001000200008
Abstract: the purpose of this work was to adapt the microleis - land evaluation information system developed in spain to the brazilian southeast conditions. twelve (12) variables were considered, as follows: a - relief factor: 1) slope; b - soil factor: 2) effective depth, 3) texture, 4) stoniness, 5) drainage, 6) salinity; c - erosion factor: 7) erodibility, 8) slope, 9) vegetation density, 10) rainfall erosivity; d - bioclimatic deficiency factor: 11) frost, 12) available water. for each of them, the control parameters were changed, according to conditions of the soils of the state of s?o paulo. in this case, salinity was substituted by the ph. as a second step, the siat was interfaced with the gis - geographic information system - idrisi, to facilitate the data input, processing and spatialization of the results. the program structure was changed from basic to c, and a database (clipper) and routines were introduced so as to make the system more friendly. the modified system was tested in the leme - sp region, showing good results in larger scale, although it is more indicated for regional evaluations at scales between 1:100,000 and 1:50,000.
Fannia flavicincta Stein (Diptera, Fanniidae): a new vector of Dermatobia hominis (Linnaeus Jr.) (Diptera, Cuterebridae)
Espindola, Cleber Barreto;Couri, Márcia Souto;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81752004000100018
Abstract: fannia flavicincta stein, 1904 (diptera, fannidae) is first recorded as a vector of dermatobia hominis (linnaeus jr., 1781). the material was collected in paracambi, rio de janeiro, brazil in september, 2002.
Elementos biológicos na configura??o do território do rio Doce
Espindola, Haruf Salmen;Wendling, Ivan Jannotti;
Varia Historia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-87752008000100009
Abstract: at the middle doce river , between 1930 and 1960, the forest lands had been occupied by agriculture and cattle raising. first, the agricultural cultures had found favorable conditions to enlargement, but not enough for consolidating itself, before giving place to cattle, as it is common in the history of brazilian agriculture. the lands covered by the forest had been invaded by the capim-coloni?o (panicum maximum jacq. var. maximum) in a bigger rhythm than the advance of the human activity. the african grassy found very good conditions to spreading (the relief, the climate and the practices of the farmers. its biological characteristics had favored the advance of the grass. the capim-coloni?o does not diminished the force of the socioeconomics elements, marked for power relations where the farmer took clear advantage, but understand its biological aspects contributes for the understanding of the configuration of the territory of the river doce.

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