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Supporting the Teaching Researcher
Esat Alpay
REDU : Revista de Docencia Universitaria , 2012,
Abstract: ABSTRACT Tensions between the research and teaching roles in university are well recognised. Past teacher training practices have only partially considered such issues and indeed the motivations, bias and priorities of the teaching researcher. This paper provides an overview of teacher training (content and process) that is suited for the research-focused environment. Particular attention is given to a training approach that has been recently adopted at Imperial College London. The approach involves practice-based and experiential learning, support and input from a broad community (e.g. peers, senior peers and education experts), clear discipline contextualisation and ownership, and emphasis on the potential parallels between teaching and research and the value of teaching to research. Furthermore, teaching practices that capitalise on researcher and institutional strengths are encouraged, and exemplified through the notion of research-supporting teaching. RESUMEN Respaldo al investigador que es también docente Las tensiones entre los roles investigadores y docentes en la universidad son de sobras conocidas. Hasta la fecha, la formación del profesorado sólo ha tenido en cuenta de forma parcial esta problemática, así como las motivaciones, predisposición y prioridades del investigador que es a la vez profesor. Este artículo ofrece una descripción general de la formación del profesorado (en cuanto a contenido y a proceso) adecuada a un entorno enfocado a la investigación. Concretamente se da información sobre el planteamiento de la formación adoptado recientemente por la universidad Imperial College London. Este enfoque incluye aprendizaje experiencial basado en la práctica, apoyo e input de una amplia comunidad (por ejemplo pares, pares sénior y expertos en educación), clara contextualización respecto a la disciplina y propiedad/interiorización, y énfasis en los potenciales paralelismos entre docencia e investigación así como el valor de la docencia para la investigación. Además, se promueven aquellas prácticas docentes que aprovechan el rol investigador y el potencial institucional, y se ejemplifican mediante la noción de docencia que respalda la investigación.
kibinbir Y l nda Türkiye Ekonomisinin Genel G rünümü = An Outlook of Turkish Economy in 2001
Esat ?ELEB?
Dogus University Journal , 2001,
Abstract: Data of Turkish economy of the current years are explained in detail. Especially the economy crises of the last years are explained. Finally important sources of the Turkish economy, hardworking of the Turkish people and required precautions are summarized.
Yat r m Analizlerinin ülke Yat r mlar na Etkinli i ve 1999 Türkiye Ekonomisinin G rünümü = The Effect of Investment Analysis on Domestic Investments and the Outlook of Turkish Economy in 1999
Esat ?ELEB?
Dogus University Journal , 2000,
Abstract: This paper presents the annual increase in the Gross National Product (GNP), which makes countries powerful, provides the social and ecenomic welfare of a country's people and enables the economic development by means of a continuous increase in production each year, over consumption. It also explains the topic of investment analyses which includes stages of preparation of investment projects considering domestic and international markets; examples from Turkey and from various other countries are given. It is also stated in this paper that the most important reason for the economic and the social bottleneck thatTurkey has been going through today is the extravagancy and the expenses made for years without any detailed investment analyses or any kind of plans or programs. In addition to these, an overview of the Turkish economy and its bottlenecks in 1999 have been given in this paper.
Türkiye’de Devalüasyon Uygulamalar (1923-2000) = Devaluation Experiences in Turkey (1923-2000)
Esat ?ELEB?
Dogus University Journal , 2001,
Abstract: Devaluation, has been examined in details in terms of its applications in Turkey. Firstly, the content and application of devaluation have been explained. After these explanations have been clarified in details and these applications of the devaluation has been stated between 1923-2000.
Atatürk'ün Ekonomik Reformlar ve Türkiye Ekonomisine Etkileri (1923-2002) = Economic Reforms of Ataturk and Their Effects on Turkish Economy (1923-2002)
Esat ?ELEB?
Dogus University Journal , 2002,
Abstract: At the end of I. World War, the economy of the Ottoman Empire was at the point of bankruptcy, just as were her educational and social institutes From the very first day of new Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Turkish Republic launched new economical reforms, along with reshaping the social and educational institutes. The present study focuses in detail on the cited reforms. Moreover, Atatürk's new economical models, and strategies were also presented. Some important economical figures for the years from 1923 to 1938 along with their impact on the Turkish economy for the years 1938-2002, are also given. To comprehand and appreciate the meaning and importance of economical reforms to the country and people, todays, general economical picture, supported with some important data, are presented, emphasising the most recent bottlenecks of the Turkish economy.
Increasing Readiness to Learn: Benefits of Executive Function Training in Kindergarten Carry over to First Grade  [PDF]
Ahmet Esat Imal, Bruce E. Wexler
Creative Education (CE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2018.916201
Executive Function skills such as focused attention, inhibition or self-control, and working memory in preschool and kindergarten predict reading and math achievement in elementary school and beyond. A growing body of research indicates that these skills can be improved by repetitive practice of progressively more difficult tasks that require Executive Function. We report that children who participated in an integrated program of computer presented and physical exercises to improve Executive Function when in kindergarten then entered first grade with greater attention and self-control skills than their first grade classmates who had not participated in the program.
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: As in Europe in the eighteenth century socio-political organization in the modernization of Turkish-style construction of the state played an important role in the construction of national culture. Literature in this process, because they were the vehicle of a culture and society due to the conversion of the national culture, and of course, sees the function was in a relationship. After the Empire, a nationalist government has been recognized as a doctrine of the necessity of a national culture. As a priority, the authors of the history of culture took part in this configuration. With this perspective, political considerations of Ottoman history and literature of the continued impact for a long period. Unfortunately, self-confidence by winning the modernization of Turkish culture to that area to this day failed to neutral and cold-blooded reviews yet. After the Republic, at the beginning of the founders of the national culture in the classifications put forward by the authors of literary history has been the impact of the changing conjuncture, but still. For today we have to accept that culture is a whole, throughout history as a requirement of being a nation protects its dynamism and after the processes of institutionalization that creates its own aesthetic world. In this article, the main task of the literary products in the formation of collective identity as a political tool used by the conjecture is explained. On sekizinci yüzy l Avrupas nda oldu u gibi Türk modernle mesinde de sosyo-politik bir rgütlenme tarz olan devlet yap lanmas nda mill kültür in as nemli bir rol oynar. Bu süre te edebiyat, bir kültür arac olmas dolay s yla ve toplumlar n d nü türülmesinde g rdü ü i lev sebebiyle mill kültür ile do al bir ili ki i inde olur. mparatorluk sonras nda milli bir devlet i in milli bir kültür gereklili i bir doktrin halinde kabul g rür. Bu yap lanmada ncelikli g revi de kültür tarihi yazarlar al r. Bu bak a s ile de Osmanl tarihi ve edebiyat na y nelik politik de erlendirmeler uzunca süre etkisini sürdürür. Türk modernle mesi bir türlü zgüven kazan p kültür alan na y nelik tarafs z ve so ukkanl de erlendirmeleri henüz ba aramaz. Cumhuriyet sonras ulusal kültür in ac lar n n ba nda yer alan edebiyat tarihi yazarlar n n ortaya koydu u s n fland rmalar de i en konjonktüre ra men hala etkisini sürdürmektedir. Gelinen noktada, kültürün bir bütün oldu unu, millet olman n bir gere i olarak tarih boyunca dinamizmini korudu unu, kurumsalla ma süre lerinden sonra kendi estetik dünyas n olu turdu unu kabullenme gere i ka n lmaz olmu tur. B
Flora of Boncuk Mountains (Burdur-Mugla, Turkey)**
Esat Cetin,Ozcan Secmen
International Journal of Botany , 2008,
Abstract: This study deals with the flora of Boncuk Mountains (2340 m) which lies between ren-MuIla in southwest and Altinyayla (Dirmil)-Burdur in southeast in Southwestern Anatolia. The investigation was carried out between 1999-2002 and 858 taxa belonging to 83 families and 340 genera was identified. One hundred and eighty of identified taxa were endemic and the ratio to total flora was 21%. The number of nonflowering vascular plants (of Pteridophyta) was 9. 7 taxa belonged to Gymnospermae while the remaining 842 were Angiospermae. 130 taxa were Monocotylodonae, 712 of these were Dicotolodonae. The studied area is a typical transition area and east part of this area is one of the Important Plant Areas under name of East Boncuk Mountains in Turkey. IPA No. 55.
A measure of graph vulnerability: scattering number
Alpay Kirlangi
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2002, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171202012607
Abstract: The scattering number of a graph G, denoted sc(G), is defined by sc(G)=max{c(G−S)−|S|:S⫅V(G)    and   c(G−S)≠1} where c(G−S) denotes the number of components in G−S. It is one measure of graph vulnerability. In this paper, general results on the scattering number of a graph are considered. Firstly, some bounds on the scattering number are given. Further, scattering number of a binomial tree is calculated. Also several results are given about binomial trees and graph operations.
Alpay ?GC?
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: In written language of Turkey Turkish sample “anlat-” is “anlat r-” in Western Rumeli dialects. This different voice is formed with -(I4)t- and -(I4)r- suffixes. As a result of dialect scans, this type voice is being used in Western Rumeli dialects area. Area of this different voice contains Mitrovica, Vucitrn, Pristina, Mamusa, Prizren, Gnjilane in Kosova; Tetovo, Gostivar, Vrapciste, Skopje, Kumanovo, Konce, Bitola, Resen, Ohrid, Struga in Macedonia; Kostendil in Bulgaria. Türkiye Türk esi yaz dilinde “anlat-” rne indeki fiil at s Bat Rumeli a zlar nda “anlat r-” eklindedir. Farkl olan bu fiil at s , -(I4)t- ekinin yan na katmerli bir kullan m olarak -(I4)r- ekinin getirilmesiyle olu mu tur. Yap lan a z taramalar sonucunda, Balkanlardaki baz Türk a zlar nda g rülen farkl fiil at s n n Bat Rumeli a zlar b lgesinde topland g rülmü tür. Kosova’da Mitrovi a, V t r n, Pri tine, Mamu a, Prizren, Gilan; Makedonya’da Kalkandelen, Gostivar, Vrap i te, üsküp, Kumanova, Kon e, Manast r, Resne, Ohri, Struga; Bulgaristan’da K stendil, bu zelli in g rüldü ü b lge i indedir.
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