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Effective Elastic Properties of Honeycomb Core with Fiber-Reinforced Composite Cells  [PDF]
F. Ernesto Penado
Open Journal of Composite Materials (OJCM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojcm.2013.34009

Sandwich construction incorporating a honeycomb cellular core offers the attainment of structures that are very stiff and strong in bending while the weight is kept at a minimum. Generally, an aluminum or Nomex honeycomb core is used in applications requiring sandwich construction with fiber-reinforced composite facesheets. However, the use of a fiber-reinforced composite core offers the potential for even lower weight, increased stiffness and strength, low thermal distortion compatible with that of the facesheets, the absence of galvanic corrosion and the ability to readily modify the core properties to suit specialized needs. Furthermore, the material of the core itself will exhibit anisotropic material properties in this case. In order to design, analyze and optimize these structures, knowledge of the effective mechanical properties of the core is essential. In this paper, the effective three-dimensional mechanical properties of a composite hexagonal cell core are determined using a numerical method based on a finite element analysis of a representative unit cell. In particular, the geometry of the simplest repeating unit of the core as well as the appropriate loading and boundary conditions that must be applied is presented.

Higher Education Policies and Employment in Mexico  [PDF]
Ernesto Rangel, Antonina Ivanova
Modern Economy (ME) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/me.2014.57075

The paper shows the situation on higher education and employment policies in Mexico based on the opinion of key persons related to the issue. Scholars, government officers and entrepreneurs participated with their opinions in a survey designed for collecting information. It is very important to know not only from the society but also from the specific policy makers that what is going vs official version in order to get some more objective information about this interesting topic. In conclusion, Mexico’s higher education policies must provide a strategic vision based on the development of a coordinated industrial policy. It is imperative to improve the balance between supply and demand for professionals, whose studies are based on policies designed to improve Mexico’s productive structure and its integration into the international economy.

Pacific Alliance and the Challenge of the Green Economy  [PDF]
Ernesto Rangel, Angel Licona
Modern Economy (ME) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/me.2015.61008
Abstract: The Pacific Alliance (PA) was constituted on April 28, 2011 by Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru. It represents a market of 209 million people with a GDP of over 2 billion USD. It has more than 35 percent of GDP in Latin America and concentrates 50 percent of Latin American exports to the world. PA as regional integration instance that moves progressively to the openness of the movement of goods, services and investments and, shows even more the importance of the Asia Pacific region, whose economic dynamics and competitiveness achieved in the XXI century, presents a greater challenge to Latin American economies. With the integration process that keeps the four countries of the PA, it is necessary to extend cooperation with APEC, particularly in green economy area as an alternative to the challenge of the problems of climate change, the Kyoto protocol and technological change, among others issues, being an alternative to address the deterioration of renewable and nonrenewable resources in the various PEC economies. The authors present the PA as a promising regional integration initiative that should use the experience of APEC to open a field of collaboration that allows the rapprochement between these two regions, in order to promote friendly competition with the environment. The experiences followed by each of the member economies of the PA are presented as a suitable platform to search for mechanisms intra and interregional collaboration that enable green economy that should be aspirated.
Agent-Based Synthesis of Distributed Controllers for Discrete Manufacturing Systems  [PDF]
Ernesto López-Mellado
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2011.43015
Abstract: A method for designing real-time distributed controllers of discrete manufacturing systems is presented. The approach held is agent based; the controller strategy is distributed into several interacting agents that operate each one on a part of the manufacturing process; these agents may be distributed into several interconnected processors. The proposed method consists of a modelling methodology and software development framework that provides a generic agent architecture and communication facilities supporting the interaction among agents.
A stitch in time saves nine: closing the hole after removal of the aortic root cannula
Ernesto Tappainer
Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1749-8090-4-2
Abstract: Two simple square stitches orthogonal to each other could be a very useful suture combining simplicity with effectiveness. To do this, two 4-0 polypropylene half-threads are put obliquely through the full thickness of the aortic wall, to and fro with inverse obliquities. Each of them draws a cross inside the aortic wall and two sides of a square outside. As a result a little square is drawn by the threads around the hole.For years we have never needed to reinforce the closure by supplemental stitches with hundreds of patients.This type of closure has some advantages. In contrast to common stitches the aortic wall is not bent, crumpled or deformed, bites pass all aortic layers and the crossing of the threads covers the hole from inside rather than outside. Moreover, each thread can be tied with half of the tension required by other sutures because the two stitches act together but in the opposite direction. Finally, the technique is speedy and it requires only two half-threads. Most importantly, there is no need for teflon-felt pledgets. As a result, we have no longer seen any type of chronic infection or fistula.After removal of the aortic root cannula (ARC), the closure of the site of insertion sometimes requires stitches reinforced with teflon-felt pledgets for haemostasis (Fig. 1). Unfortunately, sensitivity to bacterial implantation and the proximity to the sternotomy line could make the foreign material of the pledgets responsible for chronic infections and fistulas. With the aim of avoiding bleeding and particularly the use of prosthetic material like teflon-felt pledgets, we propose a different method of stitching the aortic hole.We found that two simple square stitches orthogonal to each other (Fig. 2) could be a very useful suture combining simplicity with effectiveness. To do it, when the ARC is pulled out at the end of the main procedure, we plug the hole with a finger and pull the tourniquet to stop bleeding. Then, a 4-0 polypropylene thread, with half-c
New device for saphenous vein-to-aorta proximal anastomosis without side-clamping
Ernesto Tappainer
Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1749-8090-2-22
Abstract: We developed a simple object that helps to perform a manual proximal anastomosis without the need to clamp the side of the aorta. This device is a steel bar which blocks the aortic hole and simultaneously it provides a slit to receive the needle. Through the slit comes out a thin, sharp, straight, but also well directed and predictable jet of blood which could be easily controlled during the suture.The function of the object is quite different from other devices. Nothing is deployed in the aorta. The object is only placed on the aorta with the small appendage slipped into the hole. The main advantage of the device is that while manipulation of the aorta is avoided no foreign bodies are incorporated in the suture and – most importantly – the aortic intima is not touched at all. The main drawback of the device is the blood jet coming from the slit so that the blood pressure has to be lowered by vasodilators during the anastomosis. Moreover, the suture has to change direction and the needle has to enter the aortic wall first to slip out through the slit.The object was named "Slit Device" and is not a routine instrument. It would be only an alternative to other anastomotic devices with the same surgical indications. In the case of ascending aortic disease and saphenous vein grafting, the Slit Device avoids aortic clamping thereby preventing atheroembolism and also avoiding the need for hypothermic circulatory arrest in patients with unclampable aorta.Coronary artery revascularization is the most important treatment of coronary artery disease. Coronary artery bypass grafting is the surgical way to accomplish this. Revascularization by arterial grafts – i.e. bilateral internal mammary arteries – is the gold standard surgical technique and it is performed more often today than in the past [1-3]. Nevertheless, for many reasons, saphenous vein grafting is still the norm and is a widespread technique in elderly patients or in emergency situations. Thus, even though total arte
Conexión mente-cuerpo, fenómenos parapsicológicos y curación espiritual: Revisión
Investigación Clínica , 2010,
Abstract: evidence regarding the influence of the mind on the body is abundant. several mind-body healing procedures are currently being used, among them hypnosis, biofeedback, meditation, visualizations, management of emotions and prayer. since the big bang, we are entangled with everything. this interaction would let individuals to communicate with the minds and bodies of others. the field of parapsychological research has provided a lot of information about significant events, including apparitions, communications with the dead, near-death experiences and out of the body experiences. it looks apparently evident, that consciousness can persist in the absence of brain function. according to the model that assumes that it is consciousness and not matter, the base of everything that exists, what survives after death is the “quantum monad” or spirit. it is said that spiritual cures are practiced by discarnate physicians who diagnose and prescribe conventional treatments, but very often they use unknown procedures based on the management of energy fields that are currently being studied by many physicists. representative examples of the practice of spiritual medicine were the mediums ze arigo, george chapman, barbara guerrero (pachita) and presently the brazilian medium john of god. case reports of paranormal phenomena observed and studied by honest and serious scientists are very important for the advancement of parapsychology, because it has not been clearly established which approach, the qualitative or the quantitative, is more useful for the development of this field.
Evidencias sobre el poder de la intención
Investigación Clínica , 2008,
Abstract: intention is defined as a directed thought to perform a determined action. thoughts targeted to an end can affect inanimate objects and practically all living things from unicelular organisms to human beings.the emission of light particles (biophotons) seems to be the mechanism through which an intention produces its effects. all living organisms emit a constant current of photons as a mean to direct instantaneous nonlocal signals from one part of the body to another and to the outside world. biophotons are stored in the intracelular dna. when the organism is sick changes in biophotons emissions are produced.direct intention manifests itself as an electric and magnetic energy producing an ordered flux of photons. our intentions seem to operate as highly coherent frequencies capable of changing the molecular structure of matter. for the intention to be effective it is necessary to choose the appropriate time. in fact, living beings are mutually synchronized and to the earth and its constant changes of magnetic energy. it has been shown that the energy of thought can also alter the environment. hypnosis, stigmata phenomena and the placebo effect can also be considered as types of intention, as instructions to the brain during a particular state of consciousness. cases of spontaneous cures or of remote healing of extremely ill patients represent instances of an exceedingly great intention to control diseases menacing our lives. the intention to heal as well as the beliefs of the sick person on the efficacy of the healing influences promote his healing. in conclusion, studies on thought and consciousness are emerging as fundamental aspects and not as mere epiphenomena that are rapidly leading to a profound change in the paradigms of biology and medicine.
A cidade dos outros
Venturini, Ernesto;
Fractal : Revista de Psicologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-02922009000200002
Abstract: in the city where we live each one of us usually goes to those places that have a special meaning. all these places describe one's map of the city. but the use of the city depends above of all on the social standing of a person.before, it was considered the city map of patients discharged from psychiatric hospitals to understand the impact of deinstitutionalization . today , it is necessary to consider the underground life of "illegal" immigrants in italian cities. their maps describe the social mechanism of refusal or acceptance. this helps us understand how people refuse to budge from their respective standpoints or on the contrary how the identities interact with each other and change. the choice results from the individual receptivity, but above all from human rights policies.
O caminho dos cantos: morar e intersetorialidade na sáude mental
Venturini, Ernesto;
Fractal : Revista de Psicologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-02922010000900002
Abstract: they are two kinds of mental health services. the first tends to focus on geographic areas: it's called "passive administration". the second tends to focus on functional method: it's called "active socialization". his activities strengthen the integration between different sections of the institutions and between institutions and social networks, develop human resources, stimulate social cohesion. the objective of this process is to make the community competent and protagonist of own health. supported housing could represent one of the example of this process: they remove institutional processes that may create dependency and, through reciprocal relationships and mutual support networks, can be of more value to self-esteem and recovery

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