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Enfermedad hemolítica perinatal: manejo de la embarazada RhD negativo
Insunza F,Alvaro; Behnke G,Ernesto; Carrillo T,Jorge;
Revista chilena de obstetricia y ginecología , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-75262011000300010
Abstract: in just 50 years the perinatal hemolytic disease due to rhd isoimmunization went from being a disease without known etiology, untreatable and not preventable to the current situation in which the prevention techniques, opportune diagnosis and specialized treatment has low its incidence and has an expected high survival even in the more severe cases. this article describes the history, prevention techniques, diagnosis, management and treatment of the disease.
Enfermedad hemolítica perinatal: manejo de la embarazada RhD negativo
Alvaro Insunza F,Ernesto Behnke G,Jorge Carrillo T
Revista Chilena de Obstetricia y Ginecología , 2011,
Abstract: En solo 50 a os la enfermedad hemolítica perinatal por isoinmunización anti D pasó de ser una enfermedad sin etiología conocida, incurable y no prevenible, a la situación actual en que por las técnicas de prevención, diagnóstico oportuno y tratamiento especializado tiene baja incidencia y altas expectativas de sobrevida, incluso en los casos más severos. Se describe la historia, las técnicas de prevención, diagnóstico, manejo y tratamiento de la enfermedad. In just 50 years the perinatal hemolytic disease due to RhD isoimmunization went from being a disease without known etiology, untreatable and not preventable to the current situation in which the prevention techniques, opportune diagnosis and specialized treatment has low its incidence and has an expected high survival even in the more severe cases. This article describes the history, prevention techniques, diagnosis, management and treatment of the disease.
La nacionalización de la política local
Ernesto Carrillo
Política y Sociedad , 1989, DOI: -
Abstract: Sin resumen
La Agenda Pública en Espa a
Tamayo, Manuel,Carrillo, Ernesto
Revista Internacional de Sociologia , 2004,
Abstract: The main goal of this paper is to describe the evolution of the Spanish public agenda between 1985 and 2004. The agenda-building studies are the main reference for our research. The empirical data used to analyze this topic are time-series about what are, for the Spanish citizens, the main problems in Spain. This time series has been elaborated by the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas. The description is organized in two parts. First, we analyze the evolution of the different issues that conform the agenda, then, we study the agenda as a whole. The theory about the issue attention-cycle, is used to understand the issue evolution question. The behavior of the agenda over time, is explained through the cultural change theory. El objeto de este trabajo es describir la evolución de la agenda pública en Espa a, desde 1985 a 2004. La investigación se encuadra dentro de los estudios sobre la construcción de la agenda. El material empírico del que se parte son las series temporales del CIS sobre cuáles son ajuicio de los ciudadanos los principales problemas de Espa a. La descripción se ha organizado en dos partes: una, en la que se analiza la evolución de los temas de la agenda; y otra, en la que se considera la agenda en su conjunto. Las teorías empleadas para interpretar la evolución de la agenda han sido, en el caso de los temas, el ciclo de atención de los temas públicos, y en lo que se refiere a la agenda en su conjunto, las relativas al cambio cultural y al surgimiento de la nueva agenda política.
La formación de las preferencias de gasto público: Un análisis comparado por políticas públicas
Carrillo Barroso, Ernesto;Tamayo Sáez, Manuel;
Frontera norte , 2011,
Abstract: the aim of this article is to study public preferences regarding government spending in spain and other oecd countries. in order to identify some of the factors that contribute to the formation of public preferences on this topic, we have selected four different theories: free and cantrils' ambivalence theory, inglehart's theory of the marginal utility of the welfare state; wlezien's conception of the public as a thermostat, and birsdall's theory of individuals as personal utility maximizers. different policy areas are analyzed, since they are one of the most interesting results of the study, with results showing that the explanatory capacity of each theory varies according to the nature of the policies. the methodological design of the study is based on a triangulation study, using aggregated and individual data as empirical data, time series and cross-sectional analysis for different population groups, national and international data, as well as a combination of opinion studies with objective spending variables and comparative national data.
La formación de las preferencias de gasto público: Un análisis comparado por políticas públicas
Ernesto Carrillo Barroso,Manuel Tamayo Sáez
Frontera norte , 2011,
Abstract: El propósito de este artículo es analizar las preferencias colectivas de gasto público en Espa a y en otros países de la Organización para la Cooperación y Desarrollo Económico (ocde). Para ello, se ha recurrido a diversas teorías: de la ambivalencia de Free y Cantril; de la utilidad marginal del Estado del bienestar de Inglehart; del público como un termostato de Wlezien, y la consideración del individuo como maximizador de utilidades personales de Birsdall, que nos permita identificar algunos de los factores que contribuyen a la formación de las preferencias de gasto. Así mismo, se estudian diferentes áreas de política pública, pues éstas son uno de los resultados interesantes de la investigación; la capacidad explicativa de cada teoría varía en cierta medida con la propia naturaleza de las políticas. El dise o metodológico de la investigación se basa en una estrategia de triangulación, utilizando como material empírico datos agregados y microdatos, análisis longitudinales mediante series temporales y transversales por segmentos de población, así como la combinación de estudios de opinión con variables objetivas de gasto y datos nacionales con comparados.
Non-Target Effects of Dalaca pallens Blanchard Control Examined Through Principal Response Curves: A Guild Approach in Southern Chile
Devotto,Luis; Cisternas,Ernesto; Carrillo,Roberto; Gerding,Marcos;
Chilean journal of agricultural research , 2008, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-58392008000300002
Abstract: the non-target effects of biological control are a complex matter requiring a multi-approach analysis. a fungal biopesticide is under research to control the larval stages of the ghost moth dalaca pallens blanchard (lepidoptera: hepialidae) in southern chile. a field experiment was conducted to compare the effects of the biological control agent beauveria bassiana (balsamo) vuillemin (1012 spores ha-1) and the insecticide lambda-cyhalothrin (7.5 g active ingredient ha-1) on non-target invertebrate species belonging to different guilds. the soil invertebrates were collected by using pitfall trapping and soil coring before and after spraying the biocontrol agent or the insecticide. caught individuals were assigned to predator, herbivore or decomposer guilds and then a relatively new multivariate technique called principal response curves (prc) was adopted to track the potential treatment effects over time in the abundance or activity of the non-target guilds. the products targeting d. pallens caused different effects on guilds: lambda-cyhalothrin decreased the activity-density of the predator guild but not herbivore or decomposer guilds, while the biological control agent caused no reduction in the activity-density of the three examined guilds. the negative effects of the insecticide were present from 1 to 60 days after treatment.
Concepciones de los estudiantes para profesor de Matemáticas sobre las competencias profesionales implicadas en la ense?anza de la Estadística
Friz Carrillo, Miguel;Sanhueza Henríquez, Susan;Figueroa Manzi, Ernesto;
Revista electrónica de investigación educativa , 2011,
Abstract: in this study, we designed an instrument with a series of competences that had to be evaluated by student teachers enrolled in a course in statistics education at a public university in chile (n=81). the questionnaire was administered at the beginning and end of the program in order to assess and compare the students' a) reflection on practice in a collaborative learning environment, b) the competencies relating to the design of learning tasks, and c) the use of educational technology. the results show that the assessment initially made by students is determined by what they already know about statistics (intuitive knowledge. however, their concepts of professional skills related to the nature of statistics (mathematical competency), and their pedagogical knowledge needed for teaching and learning of statistics in secondary education (professional competency), undergo positive modification as the course goes on.
De la administración de personal a la gestión de capital humano
José Constantino Nalda,Ernesto Carrillo,José Constantino Nalda
Política y Sociedad , 1993, DOI: -
Abstract: Sin resumen
Physical and Chemical Components of Cuba’s Rain: Effects on Air Quality
Margarita Préndez,Rosemary López,Ernesto Carrillo
International Journal of Atmospheric Sciences , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/680735
Abstract: The objective of this study was to analyze the influence of the physical and chemical components of rain affecting air quality in Cuba. Samples were obtained from pollution monitoring stations throughout Cuba. Different chemical analyses including elements and ions were conducted. Meteorological data was also included for the analysis. Results show that the pH was slightly basic for most stations, except those of the eastern region which exhibit pH values below 5.6. The major anthropogenic sources of ions are the burning of fossil fuel by power plants, cement factories, and nickel-processing industries and the burning of biomass through poor agricultural practices. The western region exhibited increased concentrations of and during the dry season, most likely due to the long-range transport of pollutants from the northeastern United States as well as local pollutants. Marine aerosols clearly influence Cuba’s rain. Only a small fraction of the potentially acidic ions contributes to the free acidity of Cuba’s rainwater, mainly due to the neutralizing capacity of some ions such as Cl-, Na+, Ca+2, and . The implementation of abatement techniques for SO2 and NOX and some elements emissions from major stationary sources will be an effective measure to improve air quality in Cuba. 1. Introduction The fall of rain, snow, fog, and dew is the mechanism that permanently removes gases and particles from the atmosphere [1], an important role, especially in countries with a humid climate. The acidity and the concentration of ions in rainwater depend on the type and magnitude of its sources, its physical incorporation into the water system, and the chemical transformation during the formation of clouds and drag below them [2]. Acid rain is any form of wet precipitation of pH < 5.6 [2]. Acid rain is a major environmental problem, especially across national boundaries in the Northern Hemisphere due to the movement of air masses over long distances [2]. In recent years such movement has spread to other parts of the world, especially Asia and tropical countries, becoming a problem for the tropics due to its abundant precipitation [3]. Acid rain reduces growth in trees and increases their vulnerability to pathogens and pests and causes leaching of nutrients, acidification of soils, and modification to the ecology of lakes. Acid rain also causes the dissolution of CaCO3 in the monuments and buildings of limestone or marble [4]. Rainwater contains elements in the range of μg/L, some of which dissolve at acid pH, affecting human health and the ecosystem. The presence of those
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