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Higher Education Policies and Employment in Mexico  [PDF]
Ernesto Rangel, Antonina Ivanova
Modern Economy (ME) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/me.2014.57075

The paper shows the situation on higher education and employment policies in Mexico based on the opinion of key persons related to the issue. Scholars, government officers and entrepreneurs participated with their opinions in a survey designed for collecting information. It is very important to know not only from the society but also from the specific policy makers that what is going vs official version in order to get some more objective information about this interesting topic. In conclusion, Mexico’s higher education policies must provide a strategic vision based on the development of a coordinated industrial policy. It is imperative to improve the balance between supply and demand for professionals, whose studies are based on policies designed to improve Mexico’s productive structure and its integration into the international economy.

Pacific Alliance and the Challenge of the Green Economy  [PDF]
Ernesto Rangel, Angel Licona
Modern Economy (ME) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/me.2015.61008
Abstract: The Pacific Alliance (PA) was constituted on April 28, 2011 by Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru. It represents a market of 209 million people with a GDP of over 2 billion USD. It has more than 35 percent of GDP in Latin America and concentrates 50 percent of Latin American exports to the world. PA as regional integration instance that moves progressively to the openness of the movement of goods, services and investments and, shows even more the importance of the Asia Pacific region, whose economic dynamics and competitiveness achieved in the XXI century, presents a greater challenge to Latin American economies. With the integration process that keeps the four countries of the PA, it is necessary to extend cooperation with APEC, particularly in green economy area as an alternative to the challenge of the problems of climate change, the Kyoto protocol and technological change, among others issues, being an alternative to address the deterioration of renewable and nonrenewable resources in the various PEC economies. The authors present the PA as a promising regional integration initiative that should use the experience of APEC to open a field of collaboration that allows the rapprochement between these two regions, in order to promote friendly competition with the environment. The experiences followed by each of the member economies of the PA are presented as a suitable platform to search for mechanisms intra and interregional collaboration that enable green economy that should be aspirated.
?le De La Passion in the Transpacific Framework  [PDF]
José Ernesto Rangel Delgado
Advances in Historical Studies (AHS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ahs.2019.82006
Transpacific relations (RT, for its acronym in Spanish) as a construct for the analysis of the most active economic region of the 21st century, represent an analytical instrument that has been shaped to improve knowledge of the Pacific Basin. In the present article, geo-economics as well as geopolitical aspects of insular order are incorporated. Neocolonialism, national security, exploitation of natural resources with respect for the environment, supported in historical facts, are concepts that are added to strengthen the knowledge of RT in general by taking as a reference the multi-named Medanos Island-Clipperton Island-Ile de la Passion, located to 10o17'38''N/109o13'02''W, geographically belonging to the Revillagigedo Islands, Colima, Mexico, but under French ownership.
Persistent Non-ergodic Fluctuations in Mesoscopic Insulators
Rafael Rangel,Ernesto Medina
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: We give a detailed and rigorous picture of the mesoscopic conductance fluctuations in the deep insulating regime (DIR) within the Nguyen, Spivak and Shklovskii model including spin-orbit coupling (SO). Without SO, we find that fluctuations of the log-conductance are persistent above a saturation field $% B_s$, where one has that the log-conductance is approximately a stationary random process. In contrast, in the SO case the saturation field $B_s$ is negligible and the stationarity is well realized. We find non-vanishing disorder fluctuations of the field average of the log-conductance as a quantitative measure of the lack of ergodicity in the mean square sense. As a consequence the commonly used criterion to test the ergodicity based on the equivalence of the variance in disorder and the variance in the field is not fulfilled. Using the replica approach, we derive the weak localization analogs of the `cooperon and diffuson.
Magneto-Conductance Anisotropy and Interference Effects in Variable Range Hopping
Ernesto Medina,Mehran Kardar,Rafael Rangel
Physics , 1995, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.53.7663
Abstract: We investigate the magneto-conductance (MC) anisotropy in the variable range hopping regime, caused by quantum interference effects in three dimensions. When no spin-orbit scattering is included, there is an increase in the localization length (as in two dimensions), producing a large positive MC. By contrast, with spin-orbit scattering present, there is no change in the localization length, and only a small increase in the overall tunneling amplitude. The numerical data for small magnetic fields $B$, and hopping lengths $t$, can be collapsed by using scaling variables $B_\perp t^{3/2}$, and $B_\parallel t$ in the perpendicular and parallel field orientations respectively. This is in agreement with the flux through a `cigar'--shaped region with a diffusive transverse dimension proportional to $\sqrt{t}$. If a single hop dominates the conductivity of the sample, this leads to a characteristic orientational `finger print' for the MC anisotropy. However, we estimate that many hops contribute to conductivity of typical samples, and thus averaging over critical hop orientations renders the bulk sample isotropic, as seen experimentally. Anisotropy appears for thin films, when the length of the hop is comparable to the thickness. The hops are then restricted to align with the sample plane, leading to different MC behaviors parallel and perpendicular to it, even after averaging over many hops. We predict the variations of such anisotropy with both the hop size and the magnetic field strength. An orientational bias produced by strong electric fields will also lead to MC anisotropy.
La estructura de la vegetación en Colombia: una síntesis preliminar
Cantillo Higuera édgard Ernesto,Rangel Churio Jesús Orlando
Acta Biológica Colombiana , 2007,
Abstract: Este estudio permitió definir la estructura de la vegetación boscosa de Colombia de manera preliminar. Un total de 56.559 registros de datos fueron considerados en 285 levantamientos, para un área total de 447.420 m2, correspondientes al transecto del macizo del Tatamá, en la cordillera Occidental, el transecto Parque Los Nevados en la cordillera Central, el transecto Sumapaz y la serranía del Perijá en la cordillera Oriental, el bajo río San Juan (región Pacífica), el departamento de Córdoba (región Caribe), el Trapecio Amazónico (región Amazónica) y la sierra de la Macarena (región de la Orinoquia), incluyendo otros estudios de caso más locales. Los resultados de los análisis determinan que existe variabilidad en los paráme tros estructurales de los componentes vertical (altura del dosel) y horizontal (densidad, área basal, cobertura y riqueza) entre las regiones naturales y sus comunidades vegetales con iguales límites altitudinales, (región de vida tropical <1.000 m) de las regiones estudiadas (Caribe, Pacífico, Orinoquia, Amazonas y valles interandinos), estando esta variación relacionada con la variación de la precipitación y la disponibilidad de agua en el suelo. La cobertura relativa promedio en individuos con DAP 10 cm en el estrato Arbóreo Superior no se registró en la vertiente occidental en los transectos Sumapaz y TPN, mientras que el valor mayor se encontró en la serranía del Perijá; en el Arbóreo Inferior es menor en la v. oriental, cordillera Central (TPN) y muy dominante en la serranía de la Macarena; el Subarbóreo es más bajo en la serranía de la Macarena y la v. occidental, cordillera Occidental (T. Tatamá) y más alto en la serranía del Perijá. La variación en la altura promedio del dosel de los grupos florísticos es más bajas en la región Caribe y mayor en los valles interandinos. El número promedio de individuos con DAP 10 cm en 0,1 ha es menor en la región Caribe (departamento de Córdoba) y mayor en los valles interandinos (v. occidental., cordillera Central TPN); los grupos florísticos presentan valores más bajos en las regiones Caribe (Córdoba) y Pacífico (bajo San Juan), y mayores en la vertiente oriental de la cordillera Central (TPN). El área basal promedio es menor en el Pacífico (bajo San Juan) y mayor en la v. occidental, cordillera Oriental (serranía del Perijá); por grupo florístico el valor más bajo se presenta en la región Caribe (Córdoba) y el mayor también en la serranía del Perijá. La riqueza y diversidad de los grupos florísticos en las regiones naturales tropicales muestran los siguientes patrones: el número de espe
El Consenso de Washington: la instauración de las políticas neoliberales en América Latina
Rubí Martínez Rangel,Ernesto Soto Reyes Garmendia
Política y cultura , 2012,
Abstract: El propósito de este trabajo es dar a conocer las principales características del Consenso de Washington y las medidas de política económica que lo acompa an, para explicar como éstas fueron instaurándose en la vida económica de América Latina. En primer lugar, se aporta una visión histórica que vincula los Acuerdos de Bretton Woods con los del Consenso de Washington, así como el papel que desempe an los organismos internacionales para el desarrollo económico en la región latinoamericana. Además, se describen la situación y las condiciones económicas en las que se encontraba la región antes y después del Consenso de Washington; se pretende demostrar que a 21 a os del Consenso de Washington, sus políticas siguen vigentes y son las más influyentes en las economías de muchos países de América Latina, gracias a que éstas forman parte de las condiciones que los organismos internacionales imponen a sus países miembros, principalmente cuando éstos necesitan prestamos. Finalmente, se estudia cómo dichas políticas económicas han provocado una "rebelión económica" por parte de varios países de América Latina, los que han generado un influyente bloque contra el Consenso de Washington.
Norte a F2007, nueva variedad de trigo para siembras de riego en la región norte y El Bajío de México Norte a F2007, new variety of wheat for irrigated fields in the northern region of Mexico and El Bajío
Héctor Eduardo Villase?or Mir,Julio Huerta Espino,Ernesto Solís Moya,Eduardo Espitia Rangel
Revista mexicana de ciencias agrícolas , 2012,
Abstract: Norte a F2007 fue desarrollada por el programa de mejoramiento genético de trigo del INIFAP en colaboración con CIMMYT. Esta variedad es de hábito de crecimiento de primavera, semienana con 86 cm de altura y de 130 días a madurez; produce 7%, 8% y 12% más rendimiento que Tacupeto F2001, Kronstad F2004 y Bárcenas S2002, respectivamente. En promedio superó en rendimiento a otras variedades testigo como Saturno S86, Cortazar S96, Rayón F89 y Tarachi F2000, entre otras, en las regiones productoras de El Bajío y norte del país. Norte a F2007 es resistente a moderadamente susceptible a la roya de la hoja, y resistente a moderadamente resistente a la roya amarilla; su contenido de proteína de grano es de 11.5%a 13%, con peso hectolítrico de 77 kg hL-1 y una fuerza de gluten de 510* 10-4 J, que la hacen adecuada para la elaboración de pan en la industria mecanizada y como mejoradora de harinas de gluten suave. Se recomienda para las áreas trigueras de El Bajío y norte de México, bajo condiciones de siembra de riego normal y riego limitado. Norte a F2007 was developed by the INIFAP' s breeding program of wheat in collaboration with CIMMYT. This variety is of spring-growth habit, semi-dwarf with 86 cm high and 130 days to maturity; producing 7%, 8% and 12% more than Tacupeto F2001, Kronstad F2004 and Bárcenas S2002, respectively. On average, it outperformed other control varieties such as Saturno S86, Cortazar S96, Rayón F89 and Tarachi F2000, among others, in the regions of El Bajío and northern Mexico. Norte a F2007 is resistant to moderately susceptible to leaf rust and moderately resistant to stripe rust; its grain protein content is 11.5% to 13% and test weight of 77 kg hL-1 and a gluten force 510* 10-4 J, which makes it suitable for making bread in the machine industry and as improved smooth gluten flour. It is recommended for wheat areas of El Bajío and northern Mexico, under regular watering planting and limited irrigation.
Robust Soil Quality Index for Tropical Soils Influenced by Agricultural Activities  [PDF]
Jesus Gabriel Rangel-Peraza, Edith Padilla-Gasca, Rosalía López-Corrales, Jaime Rochín Medina, Yaneth Bustos-Terrones, Leonel Ernesto Amabilis-Sosa, Abraham Efraim Rodríguez-Mata, Tomás Osuna-Enciso
Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment (JACEN) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jacen.2017.64014
Abstract: The knowledge of the soil quality plays a vital role in the agricultural sector. Despite its importance, there is scarce scientific information concerning this regard. The objective of this research is to develop a methodology to identify and select the most appropriate indicators of Soil Quality Index (SQI) in a region with high agricultural activity. For its conformation, a descriptive statistical analysis and a Pearson correlation matrix were performed and the indicators that showed greater variation were identified using a Principal Components Analysis (PCA). A sensitivity analysis was carried out and the most sensible soil indicators of?SQI?were identified. This statistical procedure was also used to specify the weights of the indicators in?SQI. The variables resulting from the multiparametric statistical analysis were pH, organic matter, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, cation exchange capacity and electrical conductivity. The robustness of the?SQI?obtained in this study was demonstrated through simulations carried out by the numerical optimization through simplex method. The Soil Quality Index range obtained (0.54 - 0.75) locates Culiacan Valley soils as moderate/high quality.
Topological crossovers in the forced folding of self-avoiding matter
Alexander S. Balankin,Daniel Morales Matamoros,Ernesto Pineda Leon,Antonio Horta Rangel,Miguel Angel Martinez Cruz,Didier Samayoa Ochoa
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.physa.2009.01.021
Abstract: We study the scaling properties of forced folding of thin materials of different geometry. The scaling relations implying the topological crossovers from the folding of threedimensional plates to the folding of two-dimensional sheets, and further to the packing of one-dimensional strings, are derived for elastic and plastic manifolds. These topological crossovers in the folding of plastic manifolds were observed in experiments with predominantly plastic aluminum strips of different geometry. Elasto-plastic materials, such as paper sheets during the (fast) folding under increasing confinement force, are expected to obey the scaling force-diameter relation derived for elastic manifolds. However, in experiments with paper strips of different geometry, we observed the crossover from packing of one-dimensional strings to folding two dimensional sheets only, because the fractal dimension of the set of folded elasto-plastic sheets is the thickness dependent due to the strain relaxation after a confinement force is withdrawn.
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